by Gabriel Sinduda

May 9, 2022

The Canadian Society for the Advancement of Science and Public Policy is taking Bonnie Henry and her mandates to a court in British Columbia. There have already been seven hearings of this case, all under the radar of the corporate mainstream media (MSM). Most recently, a court judge rejected a late bid by the BC government to throw out the case.

So now the trial date is confirmed!

The trial date is set for April 17, 2023 and it is expected to be a 40 day trial. Bonnie Henry is expected to be on the stand for seven hours, in her desperate bid to draw science out of her ruinous rampage of public health policies.

The certification hearing date is set for June 20, 2022.

Read More HERE discusses their upcoming court case where Reiner Fuellmich will be present.


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  1. A damned YEAR from now, FFS really? What other manipulated distractions will be hoisted upon society between now an April 2023?

    That said I hope Dr. (evil wannabe) Bonny Henry gets what is due to her from said upcoming trial. NEVER FORGET FLOKS that during 2020 phase of the Covid 19 Kung Flu, Henry was able to find time to write a book about herself and the so named pandemic. She was so busy trying to protect and save us all in B.C. from the ‘overhyped and manipulated ‘ so named pandemic that she had time to write a book… NEVER FORGET THAT FOLKS AND NEVER LET THE B**^H FORGET THAT!

  2. Not only did Bonnie Henry find time to write a self-serving piece of garbage that obviously didn’t sell very well because it did not go to a 2nd printing, but she found time to write and issue approximately 260 confusing “Orders” (an average of 1 every 3rd day with no holiday period in between).
    In fact there was a Court decision in December 2020 by a Justice Kent in the B.C. Supreme Court where part of his decision was that the various “Orders” issued by Bonnie Henry were poorly written, confusing, and couldn’t be relied upon.
    Also, the B.C. government paid out more than $149,000 over a period of approximately 12 months (at $250.00 per hour) for a PR specialist to teach Bonnie Henry how to conduct herself when doing her “wash your hands boys and girls” commercials for the Ministry of Health regarding the false covid-19 testing, treatments, hospitalizations, and deaths.
    Further, in Bonnie Henry’s attempt to show us she was a medical “expert”, she somehow forgot to learn that as early as May 2020 that the countries of Spain, Germany, Italy, India, and Pakistan had actually done forensic autopsies on person who had died. They discovered that the covid-19 flu was not pneumonia but a pneumonia like illness and the use of oxygen respirators in hospitals was actually killing patients.
    The Forensic Autopsy Association of Pakistan issued a Report dated 04 May 2020, advising of that fact and in fact included a list of already approved for human use, a number of prescription medications that could be used to cure the covid-19 flu. That report was not only circulated on a world wide basis to all medical health agencies, but it was also posted on the internet.
    Yet, in spite of that information being available, Bonnie Henry and her cadre of so called medical “experts” wouldn’t allow, physicians, nurses and other health care personnel to use and follow that advice and information to save patients lives in B.C. Why not?
    As someone once said, “Follow the money”.