by Keean Bexte

May 6, 2022

Last night I was able to ask Jean Charest the question he has been dreading.
How much money did Jean Charest take from Huawei? It is an important question.

What if Trudeau took money from SNC Lavalin? What if Biden took cash from Pfizer?

If you want to be Prime Minister of this country, we have a right to know how much cash you took from the Chinese, and that is why I grilled Charest after the debate – it was truly embarrassing for him.

He needed to come clean, but he couldn’t be bothered.

Here is the video; you can check his answer out for yourself.

On the ground, accountability-style journalism is my absolute favourite thing to do. Asking tough questions isn’t always easy. Sometimes it is incredibly awkward, but we deserve answers, and it is my job to get them. Thanks for following along.
Keep fighting for what is right,

Keean Bexte

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  1. Why are concerned as to how much money Charest got paid for his part in defending the Huawei CEO Meng Wanzhou. Charest is a lawyer and when you are illegally arrested in Canada, you are entitled to hire a lawyer to represent you. We all know that she should never have been arrested in the first place and it was only because of the efforts of our narcissistic and psychopathic Prime Minister sucking on the American tit for favours that she was arrested.

    The question you should be asking Charest is how much money are the Liberals now paying him to act as a Trojan Horse in order to disrupt the Conservative’s leadership race.

    As an example just remember what he did to the Federal Conservatives after Kim Campbell beat him out during the leadership race in June 1993 to take over as the Prime Minister from Mulroney. During the following five months Campbell and Charest did their best to offend everyone and In the November 1993 Fall Federal election only Charest and Campbell were the only Conservative members elected back to Parliament. In 1998 Charest bolted to the Quebec Provincial Liberals and got himself elected as the Liberal Party’s provincial Premier.

    The newly elected Liberal Prime Minister, Chretien then rewarded Campbell for destroying the Conservative party by appointing her as a Canadian Counsel General and she moved to the State of California and didn’t return to Canada until 2000.

    Now Mr. Charest is back pretending to be a Conservative party member again.

  2. His name is “John”. That is the name on his certificate of Baptism. He was baptized in an “English” church, by an “English” priest. But he pretends to be French as it benefits him politically.