by Keean Bexte

April 28, 2022

Just days after winning the federal election, President Emmanuel Macron authorized the creation of a digital ID for France.
The “Digital ID Guarantee Service” (SGIN) was signed into decree following his victory over Marine Le Pen, which will allow France to be ‘compliant’ with the European Union’s digital ID.

“Just after the election, the government announces the launch of a digital identity application!” said Les Patriots leader Florian Philippot.

“The goal: to put social credit in the Chinese way. Control and surveillance company!”

Macron’s election victory has set off massive protests, wherein Macron has been pelted with tomatoes. Sounds like a really popular fellow.

It makes you wonder if this election was fair and square – or are the days of free and fair elections behind us.

How long until these Digital ID programs become mandatory in Canada?

Thanks for following along, Michael.
Keep fighting for what is right,

Keean Bexte