by Brian Peckford
April 7, 2022
Maxime Bernier, Leader of the Peoples Party of Canada , in an opinion piece on the website Counter Signal , calls for a National Inquiry.
Will The Other Federal and Provincial Parties support this necessary action?  Note its a National Inquiry thereby involving all the Government mandates in the country —Federal, Provincial and Territorial.
Surely nothing less will get to the bottom of the tragedy that has unfolded in out country over the past two years : blatant violation of our Constitution , individual rights and freedom trampled , delayed surgeries causing death and injuries , delayed specialist appointments causing death and injuries , families divided, jobs lost , businesses closed ——and a moral decay of monumental proportions.

Here is Mr. Bernier’s article:

‘In scarcely two years, the federal and provincial governments irrevocably scarred our society and the economy.
Fear propaganda infected every corner of the country, from our workplace to our dinner table. Canadians were encouraged to be suspicious of each other. The most fanatic restriction adherers were eyeing everybody warily in store aisles and fastidiously following the erratic and arbitrary decrees of unaccountable pharmacrats.
Now they want us to forget about all that.
Maybe you lost your job. Maybe your family split apart. Maybe you lost friends. Maybe you lost your dad because hospital staff decided to delay his cancer screening. Or maybe you couldn’t hold your mom or grandma in her last moments at the nursing home because of the ban on unvaccinated family members.
But forget about all of that stuff! Forget the past two years. Look: there’s war in Ukraine!
Our authoritarian politicians want you to forget their constitutional breaches, draconian decrees, and gross abuses of power. To this end, they’re utilizing new messaging and issues through the corporate media in a desperate attempt to paper over the gigantic divide they ripped in Canadian society.
But we at the People’s Party will not forget COVID. We cannot afford to forget.
The past two years have exposed — for anyone willing to look — how profoundly sick our society has become.
No one thought Canada could become a place where the Prime Minister characterizes millions of his fellow citizens as sexist, racist, dangerous criminals part of a “fringe minority” simply because they value bodily autonomy. A place where the Prime Minister uses emergency powers to crack down on peaceful dissidents. Yet, just a couple of months ago, that’s precisely what he did.
And we cannot forget how our governments colluded with Big Pharma to force an experimental drug on Canadians. This shot — it’s not really a vaccine because it does not immunize you — has a litany of adverse side effects. Yet, the Canadian public was not informed about any of them.
Instead, the political, media and medical establishment coerced and gaslighted Canadians into accepting a shot without informed consent through the use of discriminatory vaccine mandates.
Unfortunately, we will discover what these shots actually do to the human body over the coming years.
We do not know whether SARS-CoV-2 originated from a U.S. lab in China conducting bioweapon research. We may never know. But we all saw the reaction from elites to the virus.
We saw how Klaus Schwab and his globalist followers at the World Economic Forum jumped at the opportunity to push their Great Reset agenda. And we know that governments around the world took advantage of the situation to instill fear, attack our fundamental rights and freedoms, spend trillions on new programs, and print the money to fund them.
Higher taxes, skyrocketing inflation, and projected food shortages will serve as a painful reminder of such money printing in the coming years.
After everything the government has put Canadians through, an independent national inquiry into the events and decisions of the past two years is necessary.
We have to demand accountability from our elected officials, the bureaucracy, and the pharmaceutical corporations involved.
We must compensate Canadians fired from their jobs over vaccine mandates for their lost wages and reinstate them in those positions if they wish to go back.
We must also eliminate all remaining restrictions, such as the federal transportation ban on the unvaccinated.
Finally, we must constantly denounce and counter the influence of organizations such as the WEF, the World Health Organization, and the UN to make sure that decisions are being taken in the interest of Canadians, not unelected globalists. If we don’t do this, they will impose the same destructive measures the next time there is a pandemic or another type of crisis.
We cannot forget 2020-2022. We cannot forget how the checks and balances of our society and democracy were eroded and blown apart. We cannot forget COVID because we cannot let something like this ever happen again.
Maxime Bernier serves as Leader of the People’s Party of Canada, which he founded in 2018. Bernier has relentlessly fought to defend Canadians’ civil liberties throughout the pandemic and is the only federal party leader to condemn discriminatory vaccine passports outright.


  1. I cannot believe our tax payers dollars are being sent to Ukraine to support that globalist hole.
    500 million ??? when Canadians are suffering?

    Putin was right to invade…

    Trudeau better keep his BG’s close…I hate him and that raghead Jasmeet two slimy bastards.

  2. Ottawa ??? is as bad as Washington, Wellington in New Zealand, Canberra in Australia all controlled by these MF bankers who own our governments.

    Trudeau is going to get his I promise a pawn, once his usefulness is over he will be eliminated to avoid naming those above him.