(Constitutional lawyer Keith Wilson responded to the call to help the Freedom Convoy.)

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April 7, 2022

Farmers Forum Staff

MONTREAL — The Canadian government trampled on fundamental human rights with its COVID restrictions, then overreached on dealing with the Freedom Convoy and must now answer to numerous lawsuits, including one by a former premier, says a well-respected constitutional lawyer.

Speaking on Montreal lawyer Viva Frei’s Youtube channel on March 25, Keith Wilson noted that the mischief charges against his client and convoy leader Tamara Lich, will not be successful. She counselled truckers to move in order to comply with police demands, not to block emergency lanes, he said.

Wilson is also a lawyer for former Newfoundland Premier Brian Peckford, who is suing the federal government for breaching the charter of rights by preventing unvaccinated people from leaving the country or getting on a bus, train or ship.
“Obviously we are going to be able to establish Charter breaches,” Wilson said, adding that the government restricted mobility, security of the person and freedom of conscience.”

Wilson said he would not be able to live with himself if he hadn’t helped the Freedom Convoy when he got the call for help from the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms on Feb. 1.

“I have been so concerned about the direction of our country,” he said. “I have been so fundamentally concerned about the trampling of civil liberties and the lost of rights and the overreacting to COVID. I have been so concerned about the future for my children, deeply, deeply concerned, and was inspired by what the truckers were doing.”

Wilson also clarified that the Freedom Convoy protest was not illegal at any point, even though Prime Minister Trudeau called it illegal, and big media went along with it.

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  1. Step one Ottawa has once again been caught in a lie. Now, for the lawsuits to begin. Take each and every defendents personally to the cleaners. DO NOT allow them to try using government coffers, that is taxpayer money, and should not be allowed to be used for that purpose.
    Each and every MP and MPP, police officer and anyone else that stood behind the PM in this illegal act need to be sued, and charged to the full extent of the law.

  2. The perils of living in the swamp.

    I don’t feel sorry for these bottom feeders. Look at the harm they caused.

  3. Ottawa ??? is as bad as Washington, Wellington in New Zealand, Canberra in Australia all controlled by these MF bankers who own our governments.

    Trudeau is going to get his I promise a pawn, once his usefulness is over he will be eliminated to avoid naming those above him.

  4. Again I make note to you all this saying:

    Lies have speed but the truth has endurance.

    No matter how hard these miscreants try to hide their lies they will be exposed by the truth and it will be in many ways including them actually turning on each other to try to save each’s his or her own necks.

  5. Now that they have declared this, I figure the next course of action will be for our dictatorship to send the RCMP to arrest the whole lot of them and leave em in jail to rot (with bail conditions being even more absurd that Tamara Lich’s) before any lawsuit can happen. Since the RCMP chief is (almost as literally as you can get) in bed with Trudeau given her association with Morneau…

    Also, friendly reminder: RCMP already whitewashed all their crimes, including all the evidence that showed that they damn well knew everything they did was wrong. They will not serve the public in any way, for or shape to undermine this dictatorship. On the plus side, applications to the RCMP have dropped by over 50%. We need to keep that sort of good news coming.

  6. Sorry, I forgot to point out one other thing: This is not the first judge to rule that the protest is 100% lawful. The judge who ruled against the horn blowing in Ottawa also ruled this was 100% lawful, but that part didn’t get anywhere near as much coverage (seeing as it went against the state-controlled narrative).