by Brian Peckford


April 3, 202

One of the leading candidates for the leadership of Canada’s Conservative Party, Pierre Poilievre , is making a lot of promises . Can he deliver?

Three really stand out at this point:  : Defunding CBC , doubling Newfoundland and Labrador’s oil production, and pushing the now shelved east west oil pipeline.

The Windsor Star newspaper says Poilievre said : ‘Poilievre has vowed to defund the CBC——.’ Looking up the Conservative Policy on the Party’s website it talks of reforming not defunding the CBC. I quote: : ‘ The CBC/SRC is an important part of the broadcasting system in Canada. It must be a true public service broadcaster, relevant to Canadians.’

Seems Poilievre may have some of his own party to deal with on this one, not to mention all those progressives who falsely believe that without CBC the nation would fall a part.

Saying that he would double the oil production sounds like something over which he has no control . The oil companies will decide that . CBC reports on March 25 in a headline : ‘

‘Poilievre vows to ban oil from ‘polluting dictatorships,’ double production in


Its one thing for Newfoundland and Labrador political leaders to want such increases to occur and for Poilievre to support it , its another thing for it to become a reality.  And if this candidate thinks revenues from extra oil production will help that Province he just has to look at how the recent leadership has poorly managed  the $30 billion already received and spent from offshore oil revenues.

The energy east pipeline is needed but is this a false promise because Poilievre knows that Quebec is opposed and Conservatives need a breakthrough in Quebec.

The now disgraced former leader Erin O’Toole came on with a bang in his leadership race and won. But his promises soon faded as he was morphed into the Ottawa swamp.

Is this then just another O’Toole with a more articulate style , and with the disastrous Liberal/NDP as a convenient foil.

Is his party still controlled by all the same un named players who are more interested in a  global world consistent with the vision of the World Economic Forum where we loose over time more and more of our sovereignty?

by The Honourable Brian Peckford




  1. If Poilievre, keeps to his words and promises, he is the best hope for a Conservative PM and I do not think he is a marshmallow, liberal (Trudeau) light like all too many Party Conservatives (such as that effin old man Charest to name one is) and conservatives/republicans in the western world look as such today.

    I’m right sick and tired of conservatives and republicans being spineless dweebs, who spout conservative words but only display liberal/socialist light actions. When we hear in our western world often the saying that Conservative and Republican politicians are in 5 years where Liberals and Democrats are today, IT SHOULD BE A DAMNED CONCERN!!!


    Stop pandering to the mentally ill liberals and woke socialists. THEY WON’T VOTE FOR YOU ANYWAYS!!! How do I know this. BECAUSE I WAS AS AN IDIOT LIBTARD FOR TOO MANY OF MY YOUNGER ADULT YEARS! I know how the liberal and woke mind does not properly work. I’m amazed looking back that I survived those years and I had to swallow a series my red pills (it took me more than one) to begin a journey back to truth and sensibilities as well as a want for actual freedom and not the woke BULLSHIT of liberalism and social (in)justice crap we se and endure today!

    If Poilievre wins the Conservative Leadership and he stays true to his words, I will vote for the Conservatives in the next election. If he is not the next leader and it will be because idiot woke spineless Conservatives harpooned him out of fear if him actually having some true conservative values, I WILL THEN VOTE A PROTEST VOTE FOR MAX BERNIER AND THE PPC!

  2. According to Theory Flurry, he hasn’t been at the receiving end of any grilling by our state-controlled media. That alone should be of some concern if he is the ‘real deal’ or not. If he is indeed ‘controlled opposition’, that is certainly one telling sign.

  3. Right now Poilievre is in damage control, since it has come out that he has been associated with the WEF. Any association of this sort is total bad news for Canada no matter what, as this can come back to haunt anyone that has had any kind of contact.
    Canada DOES NOT need a leader, Canada needs a Representative. That is someone that will represent the country, not make all the decisions and expecting the people to follow their orders. We, The People are the employers, and we should be the ones making the decisions. Not the one “Hired” (through a vote) to represent us. This is one of the first issues that needs to be addressed. It should not be the PM & MP’s that make the decision to give themselves raises, in fact they should all only be in place for a short term with just a stipend for filling the position. In other words, they should not be making careers out of these positions. There should not be any 6 figure salaries, no pensions and no overwhelming expense accounts. They should be looking at doing a duty for the country, and then returning to their respectivie careers after fulfilling a term. Wages are what has been set by the voting public with no increases without an authorized referendum. Also, there needs to be financial audits done on every incoming and outgoing representive.
    These are all things that should be changed, for any and all future governments.

  4. RLJ,

    We have to be careful to assume nefarious actions if one attended WEF. President Trump attended a WEF and I don’t think he subscribes to the scum like Schwab.

    Maybe some politicians and the likes attend WEF to get an inside picture of these scumbags without having to get it from 3rd. party filters.

    Poilievre has not been talking like a WEF stooge since he tossed his hat into the ring and even before such he was one of the chief big dogs pushing back against that idiot Trudeau… I guess we will just have to wait and see.

    The fact that the backroomers of the CPC seem to be putting up disgusting washout men like old man Charest and that idiot from Ontario not very conservative hypocrite Brown says maybe they are worried about a populist type conservative as Poilievre appears to be. (???)