A dissident joins the exodus

by Ricky Daytona

West Kelowna

March 31, 2022

Meeting Rob:

A firm handshake, not too long or too strong. Eye contact and a smile, but the eye contact pierces deep into my soul as if it were a laser beam scanning my entire being to check for authenticity.

He seems content to proceed. Robert insists on being called Rob, and is affable from the start. His body language is open, relaxed, but his speech is quite guarded, as if he thinks and processes before speaking out loud. A bit Elon Musk, but not as obtuse. There’s no uhms or ahhs. He doesn’t waste words. Each sentence punches hard with the intent of what he’s trying to communicate. And he’s comfortable in the silent spaces between conversation, so in turn, I feel comfortable.

Our server is a somewhat reticent shy lady, presumably of the Islamic faith. He puts her at ease with his mannerisms and her apparent lack of experience and bumbling ineptitude doesn’t seem to bother him. He reassures her and thanks her. She’s then very attentive to us during our time together. During the walk back from the bathroom he’s chatting to an elderly Korean gentleman and bows to him as they part ways. The old man smiles in appreciation. Rob is an interesting chap. Respect garners respect and you give what you get and get what you give.

Rob is joining the great Canadian exodus. He tells me he’s “had a gutful” and “won’t tolerate it any longer”.

I know from my acquaintances that Rob is a millionaire. I gently prod him on the topic. I ask if he’s a big deal. He snorts derisively, then laughs. “God, no. I’m nothing special.”

“A million is nothing these days” he says. “It’s the price of a decent house in most primary real estate markets”.

I ask him about his thoughts on the state of Canada. He tells me he “feels betrayed”. I ask him to expand on his comment.

“Well, Canada once had a reputation for freedom, tolerance, openness and opportunity”. He sighs. “I feel betrayed. I don’t want to live in a mirror image of Communist China. I don’t want a totalitarian invasion of my privacy. I don’t want a bio security surveillance state. I don’t want to feel trapped in the control grid.”

Dystopia and Ukraine:

I ask him about the dystopian threat of bank and crypto seizures. “Exactly. If I have views disagreeable to the vast burgeoning impenetrable state apparatus, my assets are at risk. My assets are the fuel that allows me to live my life. Now, I’m not going to go on a protest, because that’s not my style. I respect those that did. Ballsy. I support democracy and the right of people to gather and articulate their woes and frustrations. Maybe I donate to a fund then Canadian banks freeze my accounts. Then I get an indelible red social credit rating. Who wants to live in a world like that? I’m a dissident. I reject these values.”

Indeed. Rob looks outwardly energetic, talks passionately, but seems quite tired. He wears nice shoes, RayBans, and a subtle looking Swiss Watch. He doesn’t overtly look like a rich poseur but there’s an element of class about him that’s hard to define. He tells me he buys his clothes on sale from eBay or at a discount directly from tailors in Naples, Italy. He actually says “Napoli” and pronounces the name of the tailor in what seems like perfect Italian. I get the impression he’s a man of the world. We talk about Ukraine and in a few short minutes he explains the history of the region and sums up its complex sociopolitical textures quite succinctly. I thought I had done my research, but he spins a web of intrigue and tells me things I didn’t know. We compare notes on the web of corruption.

Oligarchs – the new bogeyman:

He spits fire talking about the demonization of “oligarchs”.  We discuss how Gates, Soros, Zuckerberg and others are strangely not considered oligarchs. “Western bitterness, resentment and jealousy” he says. The words fly from his mouth like he’s spitting bullets. “How dare they seize personal private property? It’s the most sacrosanct of all things in western democracies. But I guess with Trudeau, we could see the precedence being set. Call it a test of the waters. An opinion poll in real time, reset public opinion. First the unvaccinated, now Russians. Who’s next? The Chinese? The vast herd will hate who the government tells them to hate. They’re incapable of independent thought”.

Regarding Ottawa:

“A total lack of ability to resolve conflicting human relationship and communication issues” is his response when prodded about the Ottawa protests. “Trudeau is a petty dictator whose behavior reveals deep insecurity, immaturity, a total lack of personal confidence, and an arrogance fueled by an allegiance to a mysterious third party who is pulling his strings. He doesn’t have the insight or knowledge to be a global statesman. He’s in over his head as far as Prime Minister is concerned. He has no clue of the financial damage he’s inflicting upon Canadians”. He looks down at the table between us. “I detest the man, his politics, his regime, and what he’s done to the country.” I suggest that Trudeau does actually know the damage he’s causing. “Good point. I think he’s blinded by this psychotic inner dialogue, where he thinks he’s serving a much bigger purpose. I think he just talks from the script book and has no real insight into anything. He’s meaningless, his narratives are without purpose, just airtime for idiocy and programming the masses. Thoughtless noise. Soundbytes for the media. Clickbait”.

Regarding patriotism:

Is Rob a patriot? “Yes, I’m patriotic. But not to an obsolete, parasitic head of state or a government that hates me.” He thinks for a couple of minutes, his eyes cast to one side looking into the distance as he tries to find the right words. “What is a country?” he asks me. “It’s complex”.

“It’s the people and culture” he says after a few seconds. “That’s what I’m loyal to. The nature, the spirit and soul of a place. Beyond the nonsense of a narcissistic egotistical politician boy king who had never held a demanding job. Everything came to Trudeau served on a silver platter. I bet servants dress him in the morning. I’ve met his type and moved in those circles, some are sharp as a die, born and bred to be heirs, winners and leaders. Others are all amorphous clones of the same type. Dumb as stumps. Inbred.”

I almost spit out my beer during this. Rob laughs out loud. “You understand” he says loudly. “You get that this actor, this shell of a human being, this empty vacuous fraud, could never sit here with us and discuss or debate life. I see Pierre Poilievre out meeting people, shaking hands. That’s a real person, a real leader. Same with Max Bernier. They’re not perfect, but they’re real people. I’d rather live my life like that than be a soulless sellout.”

Canadians and Canasheep:

I ask Rob about his political position. “Complex” he says again. “I’m socially quite liberal, I support free choice, yet I’m economically conservative, but none of the political parties really speak to me. They’re just polarized uniparty noise. Apart from the PPC, but in all honesty they’re marginal. They frighten people.”

Frighten them, I ask? “Yep. Because they would demand personal responsibility. And most Canadians want reassurance, comfort, and state sponsored comfort blankets. The herd needs reassurance. They’re normies, they need to fit in, anything outside of that scares them. Must fit in. Canada is populated by 20% Canadians, 80% Canasheep” he says that part loudly and a couple of metrosexual looking guys look over to us and give him the stink eye. He stares back and firmly holds their gaze until they turn away and put their heads down in defeat.

Who are the Canasheep, I ask? “Well, I’ll tell you who they aren’t. Canadians are the hard working, honest, conscientious people who helped build this country. They could be immigrants; they could be old stock. But they work hard, play hard, apply themselves, survive harsh extremes and get ahead by hook or by crook. They’re authentic, funny, genuine people. Non judgmental and the least racist people I’ve ever met. They help their neighbors, and they want small government and less bureaucracy and hassle. Personally responsible and not looking for charity. Coast to coast, they’re good people. And they’re pissed off at what is happening to Canada. They have an inner rage and like me, they feel betrayed because the government doesn’t represent them, at any level. You have people on City Councils who can barely read or write. People sell their souls for favors and appeasement. But government does speak for people who don’t know their own gender, and those who want to promote pedophilia, and people who promote racism through the growth of the racism industry, and those with fingers in the pie of the global NGO refugee industry. The collective mental insanity of wokeism”.

Pierre Poilievre:

Does he think Poilievre can win the next election? “Absolutely. He has time. He needs backing to get out into the public domain. I can’t believe how genuine and authentic he is, and I think there’s more to come as he travels the nation. He has a good PR team and I like where he’s coming from. He’s very strong fiscally, which he should be. I think he’s weaker in terms of the subtler aspects of global geopolitics, as his opinion on Ukraine demonstrated. He took the mainstream construct, but so did Candice Bergen”.

A changing society:

I ask Rob whether he would return if things improve. “Not a chance. I’m done. The trust has gone. Even if moderates put the brakes on Trudeau’s totalitarian agenda, it’s gone too far. And I honestly need a change. I’m tired. I have a place in a world far away where I can find my path in life again. Find my base. I don’t have 3 years to wait.” I ask him what he means by that and he looks away. Finally, he says “this has all taken its toll. When you care like I do, and you’ve seen your friends suffer through the medical apartheid and tyranny…” he drifts and looks away again. And I briefly see the thousand-yard stare. Finally, he says “I’d rather live for another 3 years happily and enjoy the rest of my life even if it’s short than live under this miserable depressing regime.”

We talk a bit about society and how it’s changed. “Look” he says. “I’ve been working since I was ten. As a youth I had three jobs. As a young fella I had more money than my friends’ parents. I had goals, even when I was a kid. I made money from real estate as soon as I could afford my first house. I hustled. I went without sleep to get ahead. I was so cash poor at one point, I could barely afford lunch. But I knew I was getting ahead.”


I ask about work ethic and sacrifices. “Sacrifices for sure. I’ve had some nice cars, but other than some travel I’ve never taken holidays. Holidays are a waste of money. I used time off to make money. Going to Mexico twice a year is pointless. It’s pure escapism. If you like it, find a way to move there. I think global travel will be off the table for many people now.” How so, I ask? “Priced out. Rising cost of living. They’ll have other priorities. Trudeau is already warning about food shortages. But he’s ok to take a substantial pay raise equivalent to 33% of an average salary.” Priorities, I say. It sickens me, I tell him. He nods.

I inquire further. He says “I can’t believe people are so accepting of it all. Decades ago, they’d be on the streets. There’d be riots. It’s the same globally. People are asleep. In a fucking coma. Dead inside. Their minds are poisoned by trash and garbage. Their diets are poor, their heads are crammed full of nonsense and distractions. Some don’t even know what gender they should be. Many are broke and desperate. They look to the government for help, the same government whose policies made them broke. The level of education and financial literacy is appalling. When you’re in that position, you have no power of control over your own life.”

The great dumbing down:

Or just dumb? “Yes. Dumbed down” Rob says. He snorts again. Then he looks angry. “They should be angry. Their future is at stake. These people have kids. What will they do in the future when they are asked what they did to fight this tyranny? They are stupid and uneducated and they make no effort to learn anything”. Then he shrugs. “They’re lost to me. They don’t seem to register anything. Just sacks of meat ambling around looking for entertainment and free stuff. Weaklings. Bred to fail. The perfect fodder for the new world order to take advantage of. Future loyal customers of the Metaverse. They can buy a house in the Metaverse, have nothing and be unhappy. It’s the perfect storm.”

Exit plan:

So, your plan is to exit? “Absolutely”. He ruffles his hair, and looks truly exasperated. He looks like he could tear it out. And for a split second, he looks like he could tear someone’s head off bare handed. I wouldn’t like to cross him. “This isn’t my country any more. I no longer feel wanted here. I don’t fit in with the agenda. And this plan of mine has been 5 years in the making. This isn’t new. I saw all this coming. The last couple of years just expedited things. At warp speed.”

I’m reluctant to ask this question. But Rob has been a class act so far. “Some people would call you a coward for leaving.”


He blinks. Scratches his cheek. I sense, with relief, that I asked the question in the right manner.

“Fuck them. We all have to deal with this our own way. I’ve been to countries that have been through this. It never ends well. I’ve asked people for advice from their own life experiences. I met a lovely lady who escaped the concentration camps and she told me in no uncertain terms to get out of Canada. I meet Polish people who fled communism and they’re returning back home. Countries rarely never recover. Ask people to share their life experience, they’ll tell you. You have to move on. My strategy is to pull my assets and maybe help expedite any chance of a grassroots revolution. Pull the detonator pin.

If everyone did that, at every level, pull your funds, buy crypto, bullion, stop buying crap, avoid mainstream news, turn your FM radio off, cut your spending and your debt, sell all those toys and junk, pay off credit cards and lines of credit, buy and shop local, use cash, we’d bring the system down. Everyone with assets over $1m should already be planning an exit strategy. Bring it down to rebuild it. If you accelerated it the globalist agenda would be behind the 8 ball. And the public would see the damage Trudeau has inflicted for themselves. Right now it’s all hidden by debt and people pretending it’s all ok to dave face. But that won’t be possible soon, when things are being repossessed. We all play a different part in the game. The independent media play their part, which is why the government is so amped up on censorship. Look at how they treated Russia Today. Thou shalt not hear any truth but the government sanitized truth. In New Zealand, Aherne pretty much said the same thing word for word”.


 I ask him about the issue of government control. He replies “that’s it, that’s the big thing. The core of it all. Government telling me what to do, how to live my life, managing my options, restricting possibilities, and micromanaging my life. I pay my taxes so they can get their noses out of my business.”

He’s on a tear now, and I see what drives him. “Petty bureaucrats in a burgeoning government apparatus that add no value. Paper shufflers and taxation thieves. They’ll bleed you dry.” He’s almost spitting with rage.


Talk turns to migration. “I’m not racist, at all. I just hate ignorant people, idiots and peasants of any creed or colour.” I ask him to define peasants. “The stupid underclass. The lazy, the ignorant. People who want handouts. Those unwilling to get ahead. I know Filipinos who come to Canada and work three jobs to get ahead. They ask for nothing. Humble, nice people.” I nod. “Canadians seem content to be overtaxed and bled dry. They seem to take pride in their suffering, like martyrs. I think the government and their media propaganda wing have sold Canadians on this being the best country in the world. So, in their deluded piety, any sacrifice or suffering is automatically worth it. They’re brainwashed. They sink deeper into a pit of debt to stay afloat and can’t see reality. It’s a delusion.”

“There are good decent people all over the world. Chinese people are not the CCP. Russians are not the Russian military. Ukrainians in the Donbass are not Nazis. Canadian immigrants are moving here with the best of intentions and using any options the Feds offer them. But something is wrong. In that mix are people who never get off benefits. Some come here and never escape entry level jobs. We should be attracting the best and the brightest in the world. But Trudeau has an open arms policy for illiterate peasants from all over the world.”



I ask him what immigration to Canada will look like going forward.

“Well, there’s a concept of first tier countries, or legacy brand nations. US, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. With the changes to government regimes, has this deterred people from seeking a new life in those countries?” I say it certainly has. It turns out we both follow Andrew Henderson’s Nomad Capitalist YouTube channel.

Death of democracy:

I tell him I agree with Andrew’s position, that freedom and democracy are dying in the west.


“I don’t know the future” he says. “But I’d rather be happy for a few more years than suffer under the misery of Trudeauism and watch Canada collapse. I’m not sure I could handle seeing the dystopian socioeconomic destruction.“

He finishes his whisky and says “you know what. I love Canada. It will never leave me. But I hate her government. I truly despise it.” I nod.

Rob looks like he’ll do ok. We shake hands again and I thank him for his time, discreetly noting that he left the server a big tip.

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  1. A very good article. I wish I had the age and the money to do the same thing. Alas, now I can only dream about the possibility that every one of the Liberal and NDP politicians, Federal, Provincial, and Municipal, really did get the toxic “purportedly safe” vaccines and that I can live for a few more years. I hope each night that when I wake up in the morning I will learn that these people are, or have, died then I can go to their funerals and piss on their caskets and graves.

    I used to be a “proud” Canadian having served in the Armed Forces and as a Detective in a civilian police department. I subsequently had my own small business and when I traveled to foreign countries I always looked forward to returning to Canada. Now, I am truly disgusted with the “sheep” people who follow these narcissistic psychopathic politicians and the corrupt law enforcement agencies that do their bidding against us who dare to object. As a result, I am no longer a “proud” Canadian.

  2. I was a proud Canadian, but Trudeau took that from me and also the people who do not see what they are doing to our country, very, very sickening to see. I don’t think Trudeau really knows what he is, whatever he is, he’s not matured enough to be a leader of any country, because he acts like a little idiot having big personal issues. I never really knew what it felt like to hate someone until I really realized what our criminal government people is all about, now I know. Piss on them? I can think of something much better. 😁 it always seems like nothing bad ever happens to the wicked, but I know one day it will because I do believe that evil man will only get as far as God will let it.