by Harvey Oberfeld

Keeping it Real…

March 28, 2022

What this province desperately needs is a provincial political party truly dedicated to supporting/helping/serving BC’s working/middle classes.

That became ever so evident Friday when Premier John Horgan looked the working people of the province squarely in the eye and promised them a one-time pittance …. his government’s response to those who have struggled so long and so hard to support their families in the face of BC having the HIGHEST GASOLINE TAXES IN NORTH AMERICA … thanks to Horgan and his NDP government.

After OVER-CHARGING and OVER-COLLECTING from BC motorists more than $3.4 BILLION in excess ICBC premiums/taxes/fees over a two year period … largely under the province’s MANDATORY No Fault Insurance scheme … the NDP will give back 10 per cent of that amount … a one-time “rebate” of $110 per motorist ($165 for each Commercial licence holder.)

Not even a Mafia crew of extortionists would have the gall to expect gratitude from their victims if they handed back such a tiny amount of their shakedown loot after two years of excessive extortion.

And yet, there was the Premier … apparently not only completely un-embarrassed by his pitiful “refund” announcement … but also revealing the one-time pittances won’t even be mailed out until May or even June.

How could anyone possibly think the Horgan NDP government has the working people of the province … you know those who actually do the work and PAY the taxes … as their priority …or even minor focus anymore?

That myth died years ago … as the BC NDP began increasingly to turn away from its traditional working class base.

Today, the BC NDP is increasingly the party of the intellectual elites dedicated to those who do not work; militant activists; environmental extremists (Greens); those who come to Vancouver from all across BC and even the rest of Canada to demand free housing; welcoming and catering to those who want or even demand free/cheap illicit drugs/supplies; even pandering to the shoplifters, vandals and just plain crazies now given free reign over what used to be Vancouver’s prime shopping/dining/entertainment core.

While local businesses struggle to survive …or have already closed … and working individuals/families now live in fear of just strolling downtown city streets or parks … any time of the day.

Almost all of causes of their angst funded, encouraged by the BC NDP government programs, in concert with their radical Vancouver City Hall extremist allies and the city’s spineless NDP mayor … who also have literally turned against and abandoned working taxpayers to favour their new political base: the “gimme, gimme, gimme” crowd.

Without ANY of these politicians doing almost anything to help working young families afford/buy starter homes, save for a down payment, or even struggle with ever-increasing rents. (Anyone seen that repeatedly promised $400 renter’s grant yet?)

But there is NOTHING that exposes today’s NDP disdain for working British Columbians more than all the various taxes, fees, levies that Horgan’s government has allowed to be piled on the province’s working/middle class day after day, week after week, month after month … until WE pay the HIGHEST PRICE for gasoline in all of North America!!

How could ANY government even claim to care about the taxpaying working population when it has allowed them to be so over-taxed and ripped off so consistently for so long?

In an entire continent populated by 380 million people … BC motorists have long paid the MOST for fuel just to run their family car!

A ripoff of taxpayers under a monopoly setup largely controlled and manipulated by the BC government and its ICBC and Translink agencies.

And announcing that piddly onetime $110 “rebate” … somewhere months down the road .. . just adds insult to the wounds and injuries already inflicted so often and in so many ways by the BC NDP.

Yes, it’s clear what BC really needs is a provincial party that puts working people at the CENTER of their focus … not just a source to be constantly abused, exploited and over-taxed to cater to those continually with their hands out!

And that certainly is NOT today’s BC NDP.

Harv Oberfeld






  1. The provincial parties are exactly like the federal ones. They are only in it for themselves. They are all part of the globalists that are out to KILL the people, one way or another. I would like to know how many of the provincial leaders are also with the WEF. Klaus Schwab probabaly announced that the WEF has infilterated EVERY political party worldwide. Which just goes to proves that we cannot trust any politician. Why else would they decide to become a career politician except to be able to extort from the public. It is time for British Columbians as well as all Canadians to start taking back out province and country. We need to show them that WE THE PEOPLE are the bosses. They are only employees, and THEY ARE FIRED. Reasons for firing, extortion, lying, swindling, cheating, Crimes Against Humanity. Any of which would get anyone of us fired at any othery workplace. It is time we weed out the chaff from amongst the grain.

  2. $110 of virtue signalling is what we all will take and we each will cash it. BTW so should we even if we are against it as we will still pay for it tomorrow even if we choose not to cash it. So why not just cash the $110?

    The problem is THE GOVERNMENT, Provincially, Federally, in the USA with Former Vice President Biden at the helm as senile as he is, in other nations governments too, who all can’t seem to stop sending money they don’t have and must create through borrowing.

    FFS people LISTEN! EVERY GOVERNMENT IS FLAT BROKE! They produce no wealth and must confiscate it all, via taxation today and by inflation with ‘irresponsible’ borrowing of money tomorrow.

  3. RLJ,👍 I know everything you said is true, but we should have gotten the dirty criminals out long ago. They all made sure they got what they wanted before we true Canadians could see what was really happening. The price of everything is going so high that we won’t afford to eat or buy gas to get anywhere and next they are coming for our guns, but don’t give them up cause ya will be sorry for that. Do you people listen to what is put on the tv,they are coming out to your face and telling you exactly what they are doing and you still can’t see it, so I don’t know what else to do or say. God bless 🙏