by Brad Salzberg


March 28, 2022

On a worldwide basis, Canada is on the leading edge of digitizing identification and currency. Several provinces, including Ontario, Saskatchewan and New Brunswick, are planning on launching digital IDs by the end of 2022. The federal government is now partnering with organizations and lobbyist groups to investigate the usefulness of a nationwide Digital ID.

In a statement issued in March, 2022, the Canadian Bankers Association(CBA)  advocated for the creation of a federated digital identity scheme in Canada. Neil Parmenter, CEO of Canadian Bankers Association, says plastic cards are old technology and should be replaced with a new biometric digital ID system.

“The organization is trying to answer the call of the World Economic Forum (WEF), which has previously argued that banks and financial institutions should spearhead digital identity efforts.”

After an increasing number of Canadians and businesses moved online throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, “three-quarters of the population feel it’s important to have a secure and privacy-enhancing digital ID to safely make transactions online.” 

We take a closer look at these developments. While Digital ID is certain to arrive within mainstream society, media have not revealed this reality. Based on those involved– CBA, WEF and the Liberal government, Digital ID implementation in Canada is inevitable.

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  1. These are all globalist control policies being of klaus schwab and the one world government globalists and elites that are the number one enemy of the Western Free World , with treasonous trudeau, freeland , singh and other elected mp’s aligning openly with klaus schwab the enemy of Democracy whose mission statement is global control with a one world government and complete control of humanity through electronic surveillance and monitoring , digital identification , digital banking , guaranteed income with mandatory vaccines and many other heinous globalist control policies . trudeau , freeland , singh ,liberal and ndp cabinet , theresa tam , NACI , Ontario science table and their legacy media propaganda pimps are all traitors to Canadian Democracy . They cannot work or align with People or entities that are distinct enemies of democracy when You are supposed to be advancing the principles of Democracy as expected by Canadians .This is Called Treason .

  2. Yeah that’s right but the people here in parts of Canada do not see what is going on and to be honest I don’t think they want to, because they don’t think that there government would do anything to hurt them. To the people that don’t believe, I think they are all in for a rude awakening