by Brad Salzberg


March 25, 2022

With the signing of a new inter-party agreement, the relationship between PM Justin Trudeau and New Democratic Party leader Jagmeet Singh has reached its political nadir. What applied to ideological affinities has crossed over to practical application.

Both men are card-carrying members of Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum. The two share a bottomless-pit philosophy regarding federal deficits. Both are committed to running down Canada’s history, branding society racist, and labelling Anglo-Canadians bigoted and xenophobic.

Their similarities run so deep political observers could believe they are working as a team. With this in mind, we review the latest incarnation of their tacit partnership. A recent CBC News article typifies media’s partnership-endorsing viewpoint.

“I want to go into it with the spirit of hopeful optimism but I will remain critical and we’re going to remain an opposition party,” stated NDP leader Jagmeet Singh.

This and two loonies will get you a cup of Tim Horton’s coffee. Feigning benefit for  society is the oldest trick in the political book. Position a self-serving political schematic as a benefit to the public, and you can get away with anything. Through this method, our PM and his ideological mid-wife have achieved some very specific goals.

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  1. If leaders of government parties in other countries were doing this to the people, Canada and the us would call it war on their own people and for sure send our soldiers down to fight and probably die in the end, but who cares now???? Nobody, because it was never about helping people, it’s all about the two meat heads being good students for klaus scab. We can see what they did and they will have more time now to finish. I can not believe the amount of crimes that Justin no balls and sling has gotten away with. Pathetic scum we have running and ruining our country and freedom

  2. Keep your wits about you and your powder dry. There will be a day of reckoning. Remember, both the French in Canada and the Sikhs in India were defeated by the British. Hopefully history will repeat itself. It is a fact of life and history that when you take everything away from a person and they have nothing left, that is when they are most dangerous towards their would be “rulers”.