by Etana Hecht

Etana substack

March 22, 2022

In Orange County, Florida there is a brand new policy for the current academic school year relating to student athletics. Starting from September 2021, all student-athletes are required to undergo an electrocardiogram and be cleared by a cardiologist prior to playing on a sports team at any of the county’s schools.

In a phone call with the Director of the Athletics Dept at an Orange County High School, he informed me that the policy was put in place by multiple counties in Florida, and the trend is picking up steam. He revealed that it’s become not uncommon for students to be identified as high risk for cardiac arrest and sudden death via these screenings. This coming May through August, there will be ECG events on campus for the convenience of the students.

Meanwhile, in New Jersey, a family medical practice posted an official notice stating that when signing student athletic health forms, IF a student has been vaccinated, they can ONLY get cleared by the clinic to compete if they undergo an echocardiogram and further lab tests to ensure there are no signs of heart damage. Unvaccinated students need not undergo the extra tests. I personally verified this to be the case.

The horrifying list of damaged and dead athletes from the past year is growing. There are journalists doing constant research and compiling stories so that we have access to this information, and unfortunately from January 3, 2021, through March 19, 2022, which is when they last updated the site, the list is up to 779 athletes. I recommend giving the site a look and reading the description of their research.

This is why Covid craziness isn’t just going away. This is why as responsible adults and parents we have a duty to hold people accountable so that none of our children will ever get government-mandated medical treatments again. Here in Israel, there’s a phrase that’s popped up:

“פושעי הקורונה לדין” (Pronounced: “Posh-ay Ha-Corona La-din”)

It’s a call to bring the Corona Criminals to justice. I’m not a vengeful or angry person by nature. But I AM a mama bear, and just thinking about the extent to which the government inserted themselves directly into family decisions between parents and children makes me see red. I understand that unless the people who forced children to be vaccinated with a leaky and harmful vaccine are brought to justice by the people they damaged with tyranny, it can and will happen again.

Brucha Weisberger is a heroine in NY who’s been working night and day towards protecting the children and the community. Her non-profit organization called Rofim International has just put out a statement that major ground has been broken towards a potential class-action lawsuit towards Pfizer on behalf of vaccine-injured victims. The lawsuit will be based on the discovery of rampant fraud that occurred during the Pfizer clinical data trials, which will dissolve the legal immunity that Pfizer’s been enjoying until now. Share this with anyone who may find it helpful!

Bonus: This is a fascinating article that offers insight into the dynamics of Covidmania in the medical social media world.