by Brian Peckford


March 22, 2022

Liberals, NDP Agree on Deal to Keep Trudeau Government in Power Until 2025

You could see it all coming. How could either one if these fake leaders face the people after what they have inflicted on the country: freedom crushing mandates , massive debt and a contempt ( some of us are racists , remember , and taking up space ) for the people they are suppose to serve. They condoned the mistreatment of the female Metis leader of the peaceful Trucker Convoy —-forced to appear in court in shackles for an unproven misdemeanour , with the embarrassment of facing a former Liberal candidate as Judge.

And the Country remained silent!

Here is the Press account of the ’devil’s pact’ from Epoch Times.

‘By Noé Chartier

March 22, 2022 Updated: March 22, 2022

The minority Liberal government will be able to remain in power until 2025 thanks to an agreement reached with the NDP.

Announcing the agreement on March 22, Trudeau said the deal will help “not have Parliament be obstructive.”

“When increasing polarization, dysfunction, or obstruction, dominate our Parliament, when toxic partisanship prevents us from agreeing on simple truths and facts, when Parliament doesn’t work properly, progress stalls on the important and urgent issues Canadians expect solutions to,” Trudeau said in a press conference.

This kind of agreement generally involves an opposition party agreeing to support the government on confidence motions and budget or appropriation votes for a certain period of time. The B.C. NDP struck a similar deal with the Greens in that province in 2017.

Trudeau said his government has made commitments on increasing spending on health care, including establishing a national pharmacare and dental plan, in order to secure the NDP support.

The dental care plan will be implemented this year. The program will first be rolled out for low income families and will eventually be expanded, Trudeau said.

The Liberals and the NDP share a number of priorities, such as on housing affordability, climate change policies, and reconciliation with First Nations. While details haven’t been shared on what Liberals have committed to the NDP on these priorities, Trudeau said his government will be “doing more.”

Trudeau said the deal will not prevent his government to make changes in defence spending, as he could seek support from other parties beside NDP on that front.

“The NDP has no veto on what we’re doing. It expects that the things that we agreed to in this agreement will be in the budget,” Trudeau said.

With the war raging in Ukraine and Canada rapidly exhausting the military equipment it could provide Kyiv, the government has been signaling its intent to increase defence spending.

With the Liberals currently holding 159 of the seats in the House of Commons and the NDP 25, the two parties together hold a majority 184 seats out of the total 338.

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh said on Twitter that his party is using “our power to deliver the biggest expansion of health care in a generation–with Dental Care and Pharmacare.”

Interim Conservative Party Leader Candice Bergen strongly denounced the agreement, saying it “is nothing more than a callous attempt by Trudeau to hold on to power.”

“Canadians did not vote for an NDP government. This is little more than backdoor socialism. Trudeau is truly polarizing politics which is what he likes,” Bergen said in a statement.

The Canadian Press contributed to this report. 

Noé Chartie : Noé Chartier is an Epoch Times reporter based in Montreal.



  1. This is no surprise, that said agreements like this are set up to be broken. Liberal backroom boys are not NDP style socialists, sick cronies to an anti-western world they are, but not NDP’er socialists and they will get tired of a Commie symp like Trudeau taking the party into its inevitable ruin if this agreement is to last.

    As to NDP supporters and allies, Singh has already undermined the once ‘blue collar, working man’ party the NDP once was. They will feel betrayed by the overt RACIST, COMMUNIST AND DEGENERATE Singh is. They and their money will go elsewhere, oddly to a potentially remade ‘Conservative’ Party or to alternatives like the PPC.

    Sooner than later Trudeau, yes even as simple minded he is, will see he is more a marionette doll under the fingers of Singh and his Commie allies, and he will grow tired of being the growingly hated face of this woke degenerate and ultimately failed new socialist order.

    Trudeau may not like to work hard, but he wants the adulation of power and this agreement will take it away from him. The backroom Liberal boys will pull him from the other side too…. I see this either speeding up his retirement or him breaking the deal anyways.

    As for Singh he is a grifter, a racist and a Commie. He is subverting the little real support the NDP has and this agreement will not bring him or the NDP more support or money. Traditional NDP money will be taken elsewhere and this will drive the traitor and scum Singh out of the Party, that or will lead to the destruction of the federal NDP.

    Unnatural alliances NEVER work in the end. National Socialist Hitler came into one with the Non-agression Pact with Marxist-Communist Stalin. It lasted less than two years. The Anglo-American alliance during WWII with Stalin only lasted until the end of the war. The USA and west rebuilt Japan after the war and a true western alliance has existed as such for near 80 years now.

    So as troubling as thus defacto Trudeau /Singh alliance appears, IT WILL NOT LAST! Both vile men are narcissists like all socialists and woke liberals/progressives are and they will not like living under each others shadows for long, especially the on paper more powerful Trudeau again as simple minded he is, when he see’s his power is actually in a Singh led NDP vacuum.


    • You seem to fail to realize that the Nazi-Marxist-Communist Alliance still exists, and is what is being fought now. The Nazi’s were not totally anhilated after WW II, they move to North America, Argentina and Australia. It is because of them that the world is in the shape that it is presently in. They are trying the darndest to hang onto their wicked holdings in Ukraine, and now they are trying to do the same in Canada. Desperation is what is taking place right now with Turdstool and Diaperhead trying to join forces. They will be brought down. The one thing we need to hold on hope to are the White Hats and their fight to eliminate the truly evil Satanic Kazarian rulers. We are in the middle nearing the end of a battle of good and evil. God vs Satan. Everything is in God’s control. God Never Loses. WWG1WGA!!!!

      • I get what you say but do not agree that Nazis and Marxists are aligned. They are each others enemies but will use each other if need be in order to subvert what is good in a man made society and that post WWII is a strong America and her at the lead of like minded nations/peoples.

        The USA earned her place after WWII even if flawed. She is a God chosen nation and is different than most any other nation on Earth. The Marxists and other miscreants all want to see her subverted. But little do they know, God has America withstanding it all… She may bend but she will not break. Any likeminded nations to her will be afforded similar protections even if the storm clouds look dark and menacing.

        Canada is today at a crossroads, if we fall away from the good things of America and western values ways, we will suffer God’s wrath.

        But people need to understand that the USA is not an empire and never wants to be one. She is a hegemony and only wants free access in trade and alliances with other willing nations. How do I know the USA is not an Empire? Because Canada and Mexico exist as their own nation states. Surely joined at America’s hip but to our own and it’s a good thing we are close to the USA for we ride on her coattails like many other western nations.

        But YES! God is going to wreak havoc on the Luciferians including the global elites, Marxists, backwards ideological religions that do not accept Jesus Christ and yes those Nazis you note such as we are seeing expose themselves in Ukraine.

        For Canada our future is again at a crossroads. Trudeau and Singh are both traitors, Luciferian dupes or worshippers and enemies of what was once a great country, traditional Canada. If we fall into their trappings we will along with them and theirs suffer God’s wrath.

        Lucifer is a master manipulator and liar, he believes he can turn man against God and win. With his lies he tries to have us fall into his line. But like you said God will not be denied…. If we could ask the God smacked Canaanites of the Old Testament , they’d tell us that of God’s power to take out in his way and his time those who are evil.

        Atheists and Agnostics, IT’S TIME TO UNDERSTAND GOD EXISTS AND SO DOES SATAN! Pick your side. OBTW I use to be a wrank atheist who dabbled in agnostics for many of my adult years. Seeing my life and that of others being manipulated by liberalism and such led me to asking God to open my eyes, mind and heart, which showed me how wrong I was.

  2. This has WEF written all over it. In my opinion, anything to do with Klaus Anal Schwab and the WEF is the very embodiment of sedition.
    It is imperative at all parties of all levels of government weed out and disqualify anyone who has had anything to do with the WEF. The only exception would be for those that have been involved in the past and tell us all the dirty little secrets that goes on within that satanic group.

  3. My own theory on why these 2 evil Disciples of Klaus Schwab did this:

    the whole country is completely disgusted with the NDP and the Liberals before this happened. I believe their internal polling showed that both parties together could not form a majority if the election were held today. They knew they were both walking on very thin ice.

    So this is a desperate bid to stay in power and push forward the New World Order agenda of Klaus Schwab and the great reset.

    The roots of the great reset are the eugenics principles of Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab. Additionally communist Style control using a social credit score system is a big part of it.
    You will not be a citizen you will be government property. That is their goal and they saw with the deadly covid injections that most people are extremely compliant and submissive to government dictates.

    You can’t “build back better” unless you kill almost everybody and tear everything down first.

    The worst is yet to come. Stay strong in the Lord. Pray daily. Pray every hour. Thank God for every tiny little good thing in your life. All good things come from God. And it will be those who are strong in their Christian faith that will survive what is coming.

    Jesus said fear not those who can only destroy the physical body. For they cannot do any harm to your soul and your eternal spirit.

  4. More thoughts on God, Satan and atheists and agnostics.

    As I noted earlier I too was once an atheist, fell out of faith in my 20’s as I drank liberal Koolaid. I’d dabble with agnostics as well. It felt better to be a likeminded liberal and my virtue signalling was grand even if I did not see it as such virtue signalling but saw it as being correct on issues at hand. Boy was I wrong, at least say 80% of the time I see now.

    FF to the last 7-8 years and I began to look at my liberal loving and atheistic life to see that it was not being made better for such and neither were the lives of my family, friends and even the greater nation. I began to ask God to help me see things better and the way of his word. He drew me to the Bible and for the first time in my adult life reading it with a desire to have a relationship with God and an open mind and heart it began to make sense. To any persons who read the Bible without faith or want to have a relationship with Jesus Christ and God, YOU WILL NEVER UNDERSTAND THE BIBLE! Only of faith and open mind and heart will it all begin to fall into place… IT WILL BLOW YOUR MIND! THE BIBLE IN YOUIR NEW UNDERSTANDING OF IT!

    So here is what I say about atheism. “I do not have enough faith to be an atheist.”

    You may ask what do I mean here?

    If one does not have faith in a higher power, THAT IS OF GOD! Nor a desire to understand it all, then one will only begin to put inevitable faith or trust in mankind, men, women of power and influence who are all FALLIBLE! To be an atheist YOU will knowingly or maybe not knowingly put all your faith or trust in mankind and our vagaries, failings, degeneracy and ill will.

    What will come to an atheist or even agnostic post mortem is only built on your trust or faith in man and what his simple understanding of life and death is. SO DO YOU WANT TO PUT YOUR FAITH ONLY IN MANKIND!?! You as atheists laugh or disregard what we know and accept as faith in God, but you are quick to trust in mankind, flawed as mankind is. THINK ABOUT IT!

    Again I say, “I do not have enough faith to be an atheist.” Though my journey back to Jesus and God is one of new adult discovery and yes I still stumble and fall. BUT! I do so knowing with each step forward and picking up of myself after each stumble or fall that I get closer to God and my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. WHAT DO YOU AS ATHEISTS HAVE TO LOOK FORWARD TOO!?! Man’s word, man’s flaws and a sad belief that in your end you will lie dead and rotting in the earth… BIG EFFING DEAL!!!

    The Bible is the one Holy book of truth and history. God and through his life, death and resurrection Jesus is the one true God and Lord Saviour. Living in our flawed world, it is true that we must live to work as best we can with our brothers an sisters and we must HOLD THOSE WHO FAIL AND WHO SUBVERT OR PERVERT OUR LIVES AND FREEDOMS TO ACCOUNT! It is the only way to achieve general peace on earth. Living as close to and by the words in the Holy Bible that we can, would make us live better, happier or more satisfied lives and yes more freedom in our collective lives. But Lucifer, his demons and useful human stooges like Trudeau and Singh to name but two do not want you to know this.