by Brad Salzberg


March 21, 2022

A new analysis from mainstream media sets the tone for serious discussion on the topic of racism: “Why aren’t more hate crime charges being laid in Canada? A Globe and Mail analysis examines police performance across the country.”

“Police forces that devoted more resources – full-time investigators and community liaison officers – still solved fewer than 30 per cent of cases; others solved fewer than 10 per cent.”

Translation: the fault is found in law enforcement. At least it’s a change-up. Consistently and without fail, media hold the public responsible for increases in racism. More specifically, the fault lies with a certain type of citizen– what ex-Conservative Party leader Stephen Harper referred to as “Old Stock” Canadians.

One has to wonder about these circumstances. Astute observers may conclude all is not what it seems. Indeed, when it comes to PM Justin Trudeau’s “no core identity” Canada, nothing ever is.

Racial tension comes from the placing together of disparate ethnic groups within a geographic area. The speed at which integration occurs is fundamental to the problem. There is nothing unique about this concerning Canada. Conflicts of this nature are as old as civilization itself.

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  1. The way I look at it Turdstool isn’t a Liberal either. He or should I say It is a communist dictator hiding behind the Liberal label just so he can declare everyone that doesn’t agree with his ideology or is it idiotology as being a racist.
    The word racist has become a term that has absolutely nothing to do with race. And, everything to do with hate. The Turd HATES everyone and everything, quite frankly I don’t think he as capable of anything else. He claims to deplore hate speech, yet uses it himself on one continuous basis. I have never heard a single ‘speech’ that he has given where he isn’t spouting out something or other about racism.
    He hates Old Stock Canadians, which means one of two things.1) If he is Pierre’s son, then he hates his father, and grandparents and those before them, as they were Old Stock Canadians, or, 2) He really is a Canadian and is in fact Castro’s son, and should not be allowed to hold the title of PM of Canada.

  2. No, RLJ. The “Groper” is just plain and naturally stupid. In addition he is nothing more than a narcissistic and socialistic psychopath with a serious bi-polar condition that he seems to be unable to control. He is simply incapable of understanding the truth of anything. He is the perfect example of the fact that you don’t have to be actually intelligent or capable of anything useful to be a politician and/or Prime Minister. Because he is supposedly “good looking” and wears “nice socks”, a large number of female and trans-gender people voted him is as the Prime Minister of our Country. Now, he is being led around by his “NDP friend” Jag Meat who is a card carrying member of an identified “terrorist group” in his Sikh homeland and completely supported by the bureaucrats in the Prime Minster’s Office because they are not going to do anything to interfere with their over valued pay cheques and allowances. Surely this should serve to illustrate that most Canadians are not “racist” simply because we actually tolerate these two clowns and their stupidity. His mother was sleeping with, and having sexual encounters with, so many different male and female people that it would be virtually impossible to determine who his “father” might be even with a DNA analysis. Unfortunately for Canada and Canadians, in politics you get only what you vote for.