from G. Edward Griffin    2022 March 16
Proof of COVID Criminality
(& Prevention) Is Mounting
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The trail of forensic evidence is rapidly coming to light that the COV!D pandemic, not only is a fraud, but those who created the fraud had criminal intent. But that is our secondary topic. The main topic is the illness itself.

Today, the word “chimera” is used to describe any organism made from parts from two or more species. In ancient times, the chimera was thought to be a fearful monster composed of different animal parts. C0V!D may not be visualized as a monster with legs and arms, but it certainly has become a monster. Most of that impression is created by fraudulent death statistics from the WHO and CDC but, for some, it is very real. To understand why this is so, we must know a bit about something called the endothelium.

The European Heart Journal says the endothelium is “the communication interface organ.” It is the smooth tissue lining of all your cells, blood vessels, capillaries and microcapillaries. The health of your endothelium can determine a lot about the state of your overall health. It can make the difference between contracting a disease or rejecting it.

In March 2020, European doctors discovered that COV!D targets and damages the inner lining of your blood vessels … your endothelial cells!  That’s why their autopsies of COV!D patients revealed blood clots in every organ. Blood vessels were “littered with dead cells and with tiny blood clots”.

A month later, the New England Journal of Medicine published a study finding that COV!D victims had 9 times as many blood clots as those who died of the H1N1 flu.

Here’s what going on: By attacking your endothelial cells, COV!D makes your blood vessels leak, causing the blood to clot to prevent you from bleeding to death … ant that sparks massive inflammation throughout your body. What does this mean to you? 


If you suffer with any inflammatory condition, like obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular conditions, arthritis … or any disorder ending with  “-itis” – AND you are over the age of 35, it is almost certain that your blood vessels are already compromised. 

Read this quote carefully! It contains the answer to what can be done to prevent all of this. This is straight from the C0VID autopsy research: 

“In healthy individuals, endothelial cells help regulate blood pressure, prevent inflammation, and inhibit clotting, in part through the continual production of nitric oxide.” 

Now you know. As usual, the real cure and prevention come, not from man-made chemicals called medicines, but from nature – in this case, a gas called nitric oxide produced by our own bodies. The problem is that production falls off as we age – which could be the reason that most genuine COV!D victims are over the age of 35.

The Key Question is this:  How do we move from the contagion-and-treatment mindset to a mindset that includes prevention as well? In short, how can we assist our bodies to produce more nitric oxide as we age. Yes, it can be done – without meds.

That’s what will be covered in my upcoming webinar. Register now We will explain why nitric oxide is critically important to blood-vessel protection. We also will look at the US patent history of COV!D and the jab.  You will be shocked to learn that both were patented before the disease appeared.

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Put this on your calendar … and do yourself, and those you love, a massive favor. Get the facts so you can make informed health decisions.

G. Edward Griffin


  1. its all about ur pension … the elites had ur pension funds dissapear … now they want u dead before u r up for ur pension ….

    that wasnt difficult to figure out ?? in england in 1975 they already knew pensions will be a problem and in europe 1980 it started to be clear that it would become a problem ..

    so now YOU must die at 65 …. thats why the jab is there … u ll get trombosis becouse of the spikes in ur vains and on ur bloodcells acting like velcro , clogging up ur cardio vascular system ..