by Keean Bexte

March 13, 2022

As I told you last week – I went to Jean Charest’s campaign launch to ask him questions in person.

The former Liberal premier of Quebec has a lot to answer for, but most of all he needs to explain why he took money from China’s Huawei.

Huawei is the insidious foreign spy arm of the People’s Liberation Army that pretends to be a simple phone company.

Charest told me that he took money from Huawei and he did it to “free the two Michaels.” He went on to say that he never did anything that wasn’t in the interests of his own country.

Okay, Jean – glad to hear it. Do you believe him?

CBC’s talking heads have already endorsed Charest and I think the reason is obvious. If he wins, Trudeau has no competition.

Keep in mind Charest’s only experience in federal politics was helping Kim Campbell secure the most disastrous election defeat the Conservatives have ever been dealt. It was Jean Charest that gave us Jean Chr├ętien.

We are going to cover this race closely because whoever wins will determine the next decade of freedom in Canada. Whether you support the party or not – and I know many don’t – we hope you find value in our fair and freedom-oriented coverage.
Keep fighting for what is right,

Keean Bexte

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  1. Jean Charest is nothing more than a Trojan Horse who is working as a Federal Liberal financed shill who has the sole purpose of splitting votes among the Conservatives just like Maxine Bernier and his PPC campaign did for the Liberals in the last federal election.
    If you remember, Jean Charest and Kim Campbell literally destroyed the Conservative party in the 1993 federal election. Now he is going to try to do that again.
    Charest is not only a politician but he is a lawyer by profession. As a result, if his lips are moving then you will know he is lying about whatever he is saying.