by Brad Salzberg


March 13, 2022

Throughout the decades, the transformation of Canadian society has received far too little attention. The changes are profound, and more than likely, permanent. Untouched by mainstream media, knowledge of our social trajectory remains poorly understood.

A certain type of citizen can recognize the transition. The Canadian-born retain an ability to see the patterns. Generally, new arrivals haven’t lived here long enough to do so. This being one reason why Prime Minister Justin Trudeau gives preference to 3rd World communities over “traditional” Canadians.

Citizens old enough to recall the Expo 1967 celebration in Montreal will get the picture. In retrospect, we see what a pivotal moment this was. Two nation-changing events occurred. Pierre Trudeau took over from Lester B. Pearson as Liberal prime minister. Secondly, criterion for immigration to Canada shifted to a “points-based” system. In 1971 came another critical change. Pierre Trudeau cancelled Canada’s bi-cultural English-French identity, and replaced it with multiculturalism.

By the time Trudeau Sr. had integrated the Charter of Rights and Freedoms(1982) into the constitution, elements were in place for an axiomatic transition. Though media has never spelled it out, Canada became a “born again” nation.

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  1. They make me sick just to look at a picture of them, they are nothing but liars and thieves and they are the ones who are racist and the way they stirred up the bullshit was to make us Canadians look like the evil ones, because they knew that if they had the people fighting against each other they would have lots of time to do all the criminal stuff they been doing and think nobody would notice. How they are still walking around just blows my mind because they need to be locked up somewhere. CRIMINALS…… you would almost think hitler is still alive and well, Trudeau got that evil hitler look and it makes me want to be evil right back at it. I have never hated anything so bad until now. Yeah don’t that make ya sick to see freeland in the back acting like she as something wrong with her, I know there is something wrong with her but if she don’t give up shaking her head and body something will soon fall off. I’ve heard that her grandfather was a nazi, apple don’t fall far from the tree.

  2. This communist government is what happens when stupid people vote. And the one side pathetic MSM. Or did they get in by fraud like Biden did. I really wonder.