The lies we’re told and the myths we’re sold.

by Ricky Daytona

West Kelowna

March 13, 2022


Election fraud

Ballot fraud.

Jan 6th.


Sex tapes.

Ukrainian corruption connection.

Basement dummy.

Child sniffing.

Act I:

Masks work.

Vaccines are safe and effective.

Deadly pandemic.

Stay home, save lives.

Follow the Xi-ence.

An airborne virus.

2 weeks to stop the spread.

Wuhan wet market outbreak.

The PCR test fraud

Unacceptable views.

Fringe minority.

These people”.

Bill Gates divorce.

Gates-Epstein relationship.

Maxwell coverup.

Underage sex trafficking.

Lolita flight log.

Boris Johnson partygate.

Pandemic PPE fraud/corruption.

G7 meetings with hugs and no masks

Masked servants, unmasked hoi polloi.


Act II:

It’s Justinflation.

Build back better.

CERB for legitimate recipients.

Federal pandemic payments to legitimate recipients.

UBI is viable.

Racist misogynist truckers.

Honk honk Liberal trauma.

Threat of rape.

Bank account freezing.

Castro Trudeau in hiding.


GoFundMe theft.

Cryptocurrency freezing.

Detention without bail.

The deadly threat of “mischief”.

Horse trampling, for your health.

Mysterious unbadged paramilitary operatives.

Detain the pastors.

Emergency Act and u-turn.

Senate rejects Communism phase one.

Bill S-233

Aquitas shareholding/Trudeau Foundation.

MSM discredited.

Act III:

Russian invasion.

Putin empire expansionism.

Threat of war.

Sanction everything but the gas!

Zelensky in the actor/hero role

Freeland family Nazi history coverup.

Sanctions drama

Political posturing

Freeland Ukraine Nazi scarf airbrushing.

More inflation, because Ukraine.

$2.00/litre gas prices.

Sabre rattling/war mongering.

Stand with Ukraine.

Ukraine flag avatar.

Ban RT/unacceptable views.

Bad actor.

$1.3bn USD in a Costa Rican bank.

$13m USD mansion in Florida.

NATO expansionism.


US-sponsored bioweapon labs in Ukraine.

Bandera movement in Canada.

HIV testing 7 year olds.

mRNA recombination into DNA

Pfizer genetic mutants.

Pfizer data release.

Fraudulent child dosage clinical trials.

Unblinded clinical trials.

1,000+ vaccine deaths in 3 months.

A certain sense of unease.

It begins as an unsettling feeling in the pit of the stomach, then spreads over time to a more embedded uncertainly and sense of ill ease within the soul. It becomes a wholeness of self. The revelation that you cannot trust a single word they say. Your entire construct of reality must be reconfigured. You are now awakened to a point you never knew before. Everything is pure in it’s scale of evil and wickedness, and becomes fully revealed to you.

The questioning.

The further you dig the more enlightened you’ll become, or you’ll go insane once you realize the full scale of the deception. Tread wisely, for this does not sit well with everyone and the burden of the soul is substantial. The psycho-spiritual load is immense. Question everything.

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Ricky Daytona,

West Kelowna.



  1. I know exactly what you are saying. I have never trusted persons in positions of authority, especially politicians, Chief Medical Officers, government funded physicians, and government bureaucrats. However, the downfall of what has happened to our civilization, freedom, and trust here in Canada is due solely to the stupidity of the people (the sheep) who allowed our egotistical and psychopathic PM and his running mate Jag Meat to dictate what we have to do on a day to day basis. A classic example of “you get what you pay for”.
    Until enough Canadians grow up and put their “big boy pants” on, accept their responsibility for what has happened, nothing will change.
    There is a great big recession coming at us and it is just right around the corner. Get ready for a lot of whining, crying and blame shifting when it gets here. The socialistic politicians and government unions drove all of our manufacturing businesses and entrepreneurs away and now we are going to pay for it.

  2. Yeah, if our friends and family would have took notice of what our trusted government criminals were doing instead of blaming the unvaxxed for the plandemic to be continuing. I think it’s about time some of these people need to look at the bigger picture and realize that the government criminals that we pay, do not have our best interest in mind. The wicked and evil Justin Trudeau government are in this for themselves and not at all for the good of our country.

    • Kim, I read an article today where someone was ranting about paying tax on a carbon tax already charged on a hydro bill. Some are waking up, especially as they’re feeling the economic pains of pan Canadian Trudeauism hitting their budgets. But they’re still few and far between. Most just seem to shrug and mumble.

  3. I just went through your long list. Wow! We’re in the middle of a real nightmare … and I don’t see things getting better. We should brace ourselves for more lies, smoke and mirrors and con jobs.

    When our economic system collapses, the sheep will be the first to complain they “didn’t know.” Deep down, they must have known the score … but chose to live in denial. It’s hard to feel sorry for them.

    Trouble is, their ignorance and arrogance have hurt those who stood up for their rights.