PM Trudeau meets with Jagmeet Singh in West Block. November 14, 2019.

by Brad Salzberg


March 12, 2022

Balpreet Singh Boparai, of the World Sikh Organization, says Canada is the “top choice” for Sikh immigration. “Our community is like one family. It is a way of life.”

According to Statistics Canada, the Islamic faith is the fastest-growing religion in Canada. Blacklock’s Reporter says the Muslim population as a portion of the entire country has more than tripled in the past 15 years.

As reported by Global News, “these minority religions are at the point of surpassing once major religions in Canada.” The surpassing is oriented toward one religion in particular: Christianity. “Unlike churches nearby that sit nearly empty during weekend services, on a Friday at noon in mid-December 2021, Masjid Toronto is overflowing with people.”

On this basis, the future of the Christian faith is mapped out before us. Within a generation, what was once our country’s dominant religion will transition to a religious relic. All signs point to this inevitability. We drill down on reasons why:

On a pragmatic level, we recognise the impact of immigration policy. The Liberal government is knowingly eroding Anglophone and Christian demography in Canada. Eventually, these communities will be reduced to minorities.

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  1. What is the point of this article? It is poorly expressed. “The system is anti-Christian.” Yes it is & why? The explanation is decades long & began long before high levels of immigration. Debate immigration reform if that is your concern. It’s not because Sikhs & Muslims uphold their faith & family values that the rest of us don’t. People of faith & people of no faith. I often feel relieved when I see different cultures standing up for values that were common in our past. Let’s not be so negative about our plurality. I was moved seeing all stripes of Canadians support the trucker movement. And who was playing the racist card? A legacy white supposedly Catholic Anglo-Franco Canadian.

    • The point is subversion of us as a people and Christianity that was once a foundation of this society being purposely targeted. If they are i9mporting only specific races and denominations it’s important. If only Christians were being brought into an islamic country do you think they would have a valid reason to object? How about if we went to israel for the same reason? Just because they spread it out to be less obvious doesn’t mean they are not actually trying to thin us out both racially and religiously. It’s just like the racial subversion where 80 or so years ago we were an identifiable Canadian people and now we have been culturally appropriated and they say everyone is Canadian. Personally I think the worst part here is that Zionists were the ones to start lobbying the government to open it’s borders back in the 1920’s and then later on it was the UN and Trudeau Sr., now it’s Trudeau Jr and the UN as well as Jewish NGO’s that are doing it today. Thing is that some of these reporters leave the Jewish aspect out of it. Some of the alt news even hides the fact they are funding and lobbying for more people to come and they report about the immigration yet not about their own people’s involvement. As for the convoy, Canadians sell out their own ancestry to get out of a pinch. I think it was a bit of a psy opp in that sense, because alt media was at times even coaching Canadians to make sure to denounce that they are even an identifiable people. Instead of fight WITH us, they expect us to not BE us in order to fight this, as if the only good Canadian is a self destructive one.

  2. Salzberg makes some very solid points, to which I must add my thoughts.

    Canadian and most western nations’ societies have had their Christian fundamentals being at first casually or subversively undermined by Marxist based, leftist ideals dressed as liberalism for over 50 years now. The ‘intellectual class’ made it clear to notably the western world masses that to be of faith … err, Christian faith is akin to being backwards, sheepish, stupid, silly, bigoted and racist. Notice that they do not apply said ideals to any other religion. These intellectuals, many flowed into and came from the flower power, peace and love era to then take over our education systems, media and downstream culture, social issues and politics. They infected our collective minds and have worked hard to break down western world, Euro-centric/ Americana and yes Christian based values. Again they rarely if ever apply such to non Christian religions, most of them if not all are truly backwards, dogmatic in values, bigoted, and racist. BUT! that is ok to these liberal/leftist elites as long as they can subvert our Christian based westerns values. This is Luciferian and yes Satan knows in order to subvert and pervert our grand western world values he must undermine our faith in God and our Saviour Jesus Christ. Marxists, many dressed as liberals and other non Christian people can be and are his foot soldiers.

    We in Canada, the USA and most western nations fell and fall into this trap or alignment against our very core and once grand western world, values and YES! the western world BUILT EVERYTHING we see and take for granted in our modern times world today. We were so good and kind that we had no issues with exporting all of it abroad to any and all who wanted it.

    So FF to today and yes, other non Christian religions are still holding on to their ideals as backwards and even vile most are, yet we in Canada and the western world (Europe is especially going down the crapper) are freely throwing our Christian faith and supported western traditions away because we have been and are told that they are backwards, hateful, bigoted and anti-freedom GO FIGURE, for Christianity is the one notable faith that is built on FREE WILL. God loves us all so much that he does not force us to love him back. YES! consequences will be had for not being of faith to him, but you will not be forced in your mortal life to put faith in him, one can’t say that for other religions.

    I fell out of faith in my 20’s. Liberal ideals and virtue signalling Koolaid was so very desirable for me during this time. I over the last 6-7-8 years began to question everything liberal, socialist and what was being seen as leftist mind control over me and those around me.

    I began to ask God to open my mind and heart, to which he helped me pick up the Bible again after decades of not really reading it, at least not with an open heart. Wanting to re-establish my relationship with Jesus and to truly understand the Bible was EYE OPENING FOR ME! Reading it and bingo, bongo, bango, it all began to fall into place and a premise for understanding it and faith grew for me. I began to search notably online for enlightening pastors and scholars (BTW be careful of some, for Satan has his liars and demons inside the church and faith too) who helped me along with talking with my Christian friends about my re-establishment of faith in God. My journey is still step by step and often I still trip and fall, but thought bubbles fill my head on it and blow my mind as to Christian faith and the love of God and our Saviour Jesus Christ.

    Those who espouse atheism or agnostics (to which I was one for many years) do so out of the lies that to be Christian you can’t be free or you can’t enjoy your life, you are deceitfully led to think you are imprisoned to the faith. That and of course denying God means you can better deny personal responsibility as we do not see inevitable accountability to God.

    Marxists, all socialists, liberal intellectuals hate God and elevate men as deities for they then can set and change laws, responsibilities and accountabilities to their desires and yes inevitable PERVERSIONS! (abortion and easy to get hardcore/ violent pornography including yes sadly child pornography are a few). This is why they want to undermine Christian faith in the western world and break up the nuclear family and all good and western traditions and values. We fall for it for we are told IT WILL MAKE US FREE! BUT THAT IS A LIE!!! Pretty well all liberal, atheistic and socialist values we see are traps and anti-freedom. It took me many years to finally see this.

    If Canada, the USA and western nations keep going down this path and abandon western, Christian based values the our once grand western world will see its demise as a certainty. My lesson learned is to not fear Christian based faith, our God, and our love from Jesus Christ. We must pushback, the Marxists, liberals and sordid intellectuals whom are ALL PERVERTED and against our liberty, freedom, personal responsibility and accountability. They sell such liberal freedom and choice BUT IT’S A LIE! There is nothing liberal and free in liberalism and socialism.

    Ask God to free your mind and and open your heart before you pick up the Bible and read it. If you do not ask for spiritual cleansing you will NEVER understand the Bible. You could read it once, twice a thousand times and yet not get it if you are not wanting to be with God. Then look for others in your life and I found online and Youtube many scholars on Christianity. You may look for a good church too.. But be careful for Satan and his demons have infiltrated many churches and even many biblical scholars.