by Erika Ibrahim The Canadian Press

The Standard

March 9, 2022

OTTAWA – Lawyers for a proposed class-action lawsuit against the convoy protest in Ottawa argued in court Wednesday that GiveSendGo may be in breach of a freezing order on funds raised for the convoy on the website.

Monique Jilesen, a lawyer representing the proposed class and who obtained an injunction that froze convoy funds, said the order is meant to secure funds so the legal issue of how they should be used can be dealt with in court.

Parties in the case have agreed to move some donated funds and cryptocurrency into escrow, which could be redistributed to affected Ottawa residents and business owners should the class action succeed.

Jacob Wells, co-founder of American crowdfunding site GiveSendGo, told an Ontario Superior Court judge that the platform’s terms of service give it the discretion to return funds to donors.

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  1. Ottawa should get absolutely ZERO for this. All damages, and unnecessary manpower was at their discretion and their expense. They did all of this the appease Trudope and his handlers. I do believe however, that Ottawa should be counter-sued for all the charges, damages, and injuries sustained by the protesters, and their vehicles along with the thefts. Added to those charges should be slander, violation of rights and freedoms as per the Canadian Charter.

    Ottawa, particularly the so-called PM refused to listen, and if fact ran away for several days due to his insecurity. If he had actually listened and granted the demands of the truckers they would have just continued on there way. In fact, he knew what they were coming for before they even set out. He could have announced the elimination of all mandates and rights and freedoms before they even set out, and the convoy would never have taken place.

    The onus is completely on Justin Trudeau, and he should have to pay out all damages from his own pocket, including all the unnecessary expenses the city spent.

    Also, if Ottawa cannot handle a peaceful protest then perhaps they should not be the capital of Canada. The Capital should be moved to a different location outside of the most populous province.