From objective news reporting to media protectionist for the prime minister. This is what $600 Million bought Justin Trudeau for the goal of twisting public perception.

by Brad Salzberg


March 9, 2022

Formerly an exclusive to Canada, the task has broadened in scope. While numerous reports from the United Kingdom are branding Trudeau a fake and fraud, legacy media in Canada continue to believe they can fool our general population.

Mr. Trudeau held a joint press conference with Boris Johnson and Prime Minister of the Netherlands Mark Rutte this week during which the F— expletive was heard coming from the crowd. It has been reported that Trudeau was forced to use a back-door entrance when meeting the  U.K. Prime Minister. While a local market media outlet picked up the story, it has been shunned by mainstream media in Canada.

The U.K. Express tore into Trudeau for not wearing a mask while meeting with Queen Elizabeth. Looking frail at 94 years of age, displaying Covid caution in her presence should be a given. After functioning as pandemic prince for two years, Trudeau did no such thing.

Leaving Canada earlier in the week, Trudeau’s journey was positioned by the press as an attempt to assist with the crisis in Ukraine. An alternate theory exists in the idea that the PM went to Europe to escape the wrath of the Canadian people.

In doing so Trudeau got to exercise his finest– or arguably singular skill– assisting in the improvement of the lives of non-Canadians. Irony borders on absurdity as media omit a fundamental of his leadership: our PM is at his best when he works on behalf of foreign countries.

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  1. His father ??? (Pierre) did a world wide peace tour not long before he took his walk in the snow. Maybe our morally bankrupt, liar and drama queen PM is trying to do something similar. Trying to escape his negative domestic image with a last dash international one where he can try to set up a better legacy as he is EXITED OUT THE PM OFFICE by Liberal backroom boys.

    Trudeau we know hates to work, but likes the image that he is important. HE IS NOT! Most Canadian PM’s are not that important on the global stage. They only hi-lite some importance if they align with a strong and colourful US President. PM Mulroney was with strong and colourful President Reagan. Former Vice President Biden is not one of them though. President Trump was one of them though

    Trudeau seeks a visual importance in his hopefully soon to be post PM future, but not one where he needs to work hard. I have been saying that the backroom boys of the most corrupted Liberal Party of Canada will offer him a position such as Canada’s Ambassador to the UN in NYC or to France. A ceremonial position for the most part, but one where Trudeau can still get some finger wagging, hate Canada, hate the free western world, hate Christian faith and vilify the white man like all good Commies now do, face time and as the late singer Prince sung PARTY LIKE IT WAS 1999.

    Just food for thought folks.

  2. Interesting, when did you say this article was written? As the queen would be just a little over a month away from turning 96.
    As for Turdstool, everyone knows that he cares about nobody but himself. Always has been, always will be. Not even his own family matters to him.
    He, I mean It will always be a drama queen, and a bad one at that.