Chances are high that abortions after 15 weeks will be banned in the state of Florida under a bill passed by Senators last week. Governor Ron DeSantis has signaled his support for the proposal and is expected to sign it into law.

by Brad Salzberg


March 6, 2022

Canadian media do not speak of the fact that a dozen states have recently passed term-limit abortion laws. How deeply “anti-Canadian” this is. In terms of unrestricted abortion policy in the western world, there isn’t a country that can touch Canada. The American bill arrives at the same time that a pending U.S. Supreme Court decision could limit abortion rights throughout the United States.

Canada maintains the lowest population relative to geographic land mass on earth. Despite cries from government regarding a shrinking and aging population, abortion policy in Canada has for decades remained untouchable.

The reason for this can be traced back to one individual– ex-Liberal Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau. As a result of decades-long media suppression, Canadians remain unaware of critical details surrounding our abortion policies.

It was Pierre Trudeau who empowered a man named Dr. Henry Morgantaler to entrench abortion-on-demand throughout Canada. In 1973, Morgentaler stated that he had personally performed 5,000 abortions. At the time, abortion was illegal under our criminal code. Dr. Morgantaler, who as young boy was confined to the Lodz Ghetto and Dachau prison camp, was eventually awarded the Order of Canada for his “accomplishments.”

Between 1973 and 1975, Dr.Morgentaler was tried in court three times for defying abortion restrictions. Each time, he raised a defence of necessity, and was acquitted. In 1975, as directed by Liberal Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, Parliament changed the law so that an appeals court could not overturn a jury acquittal. This is known as the Morgentaler Amendment to the Criminal Code.

In other words, Pierre Trudeau changed Canadian law to empower Dr. Morgantaler, whose veracity regarding abortion verged on fanatical. Sublimated was the fact that no actual abortion laws have ever existed in Canada. What we have are “professional guidelines.”

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  1. When a society legally allows abortion, that society is on a path to abomination.

    Abortion is an immoral tool used by weak minded women and by women who cannot accept personal responsibility. For a nation to allow it legally, said nation condones lack of personal responsibility.

    “But but but what about incest and rape?”

    Firstly over 97% of all reported abortions in the USA (Canada is likely the same) are out of convenience and not due to incest or rape. So that is a moot point. Next, an immoral society looks to punish the baby and not the rapist or the one practising incest. The baby has no voice here and for our growingly immoral western governments to allow abortion only ends any chance of a voice for the baby in womb.

    “But but but what about the woman’s health? where is having the baby may hurt or kill her?”

    Another moot point. Most women who may have pregnancy issues only find out after the baby is developed enough to have to induce birth or a C-section in order to abort the baby. The VERY rare cases where proceeding with a live birth may kill the mother, is obviously acceptable to save the life that is (the mother) over the baby that may be born.

    I am PRO CHOICE! I support a woman’s right to decide to attempt pregnancy. Ideally it should be with a loving male partner in marriage, but once a woman makes the choice to lead to pregnancy any other choice ENDS!

    OBTW when I was a libtard and virtue signalling twit, I supported abortion because I wanted to back pat myself out of the false virtue. Coming to accept Jesus Christ as My Lord and Saviour CLEARED my mind on abortion and it’s sen as WRONG by me!

    Our western society is under attack by Socialists/Communists and authoritarian liars who dress up as virtue signalling liberal, diversity experts all the while they are undermining our grand western and yes steeped in Christian faith society.

    Beside the vulgarity of abortion,our possibly greatest social /moral threat is unabated and easy to access online pornography.

    Before the internet, pornography was more personal and harder to get. You had to go to Peep shows and other adult movie theaters, or you bought behind the counter skin magazines. All required more effort and for many some levels of shame. Home VCRs and VHS XXX movies took us to a new level of ease of pornography. It still required effort and yes some shame. You had to go behind a main rental space curtain or into an adult video rental space to pick out a pornography XXX tape. Later cable PAY TV offered more access to pornography. All this also saw pornography move from mostly soft porn of 1930’s-40’s-50’s-60’s movie theater peep shows and soft porn skin mags, to more hard core and often violent or other morally depraved pornography through XXX VHS tape rentals or PAY TV!
    But all of this pales in significance to online pornography, amateur and professional. Online meant more easy to hide behind closed doors to let your mind ease in to potentially increasing depravity through easy access to hard core porn and increasingly homosexual and lesbian pornography. This path of social depravity to easy to get now and harder core porn is a big piece of what may be our societal downfall.

    Adding smart phone and tablets through wifi or cell phone network connections to this means we can take our porn anywhere anytime. You are a guy who is on a lunch break you can go to a private place in a toilet or maybe in your car and watch online porn as you get stimulated by it.

    Today pornography from mild to wild to absolutely imorrally depraved and notably the explosion of homosexual and lesbian l porn is 1,2,3 at your finger tips…. The shocker now is how our failing society is seeking to normalize child pornography and child sex as result of this depravity.

    Easy and increasingly hard core and violent pornography is also hurting our natural man /woman relationships and marriage as too much of it desensitizes normalcy in love making and such. THIS IS ALL CONVERGING AT OUR WESTERN WORLD DECAY AND FAILURE! If we so do not curtail (I know we can’t end it and maybe should not want to ??? but curtail/limit it we can) you will see child sex become normal in our society very soon. Once that rubicon has been crossed (if it is done) IT WILL SOON BE GAME OVER MORALY FOR OUR ONCE MORAL AND SOCIALLY LAWFUL SOCIETY!

    I’m not preaching as a puritan. I have in my life viewed pornography from finding my older brothers’ skin mags as a teenager to renting VHS tapes as an adult to yes the one- two- three at your fingertips online pornography. Maybe it serves or served a purpose, but it was still a psychologically affecting tool and not always for the better of my mind/health and of course relationships.