World Economic Forum

40 members of Canada named as World Economic Forum members. No doubt there may be some surprises in the list HERE






    • Doesn’t it though. I wonder how many are not on that list. I can think of a whole lot more. 40 really isn’t very many for all of Canada. And we already know that close to, if not more of Trudope’s cabinet are part of it, and not many of those listed are on that cabinet. It has been proclaimed that ALL political parties worldwide have be infiltrated. Which makes it more important than ever to not have career politicians in office, we need knowledgeable business people like Trump that love their country and want it to succeed, not those that want to destroy it.

  1. Just to make a point, just because these people are on the WEF, does not mean that they are all on board with its policy ideals. Some could have joined in order to get more in on the inside to see if and what it’s all about and maybe witness some of its evil ideals… If my point is true we just do not know which or if any may have joined just to see some inside bullshit and evil drek the WEF spews.

    The 9/11 terrorists hit the wrong buildings. There is one disgusting post WWII building full of pond scum in NYC they should have looked to hit and the other lies oh somewhere in Switzerland.

  2. Here is a suggestion for a new form of elected government.

    No parties, but individuals run in each riding or precinct. The one with the most votes goes to in our case here using Canada, Ottawa. Along that we also vote for people to run for position of PM and we vote for to which the one with the most votes wins the PM.

    In Ottawa though the elected representatives then run in a dual role for the different cabinet positions to which the Parliament votes to fill these positions (NOT THE PM, though he/she would have some powers to fire incompetent or corrupted/criminal cabinet members). You’d hope these elected parliamentarians would, do due diligence to elect the best cabinet members among them who again we first voted for in the general election.

    This rids of official part politics, allows any citizens to put their names forward to run in any riding for position of MP (using Canada a guide here) . And as such if elected they then can choose to be nominated to run for a cabinet position to which again the Parliamentarians would vote to fill out positions. But also any citizen if they choose can run directly for PM.

    This is sort of like how Chamber of Commerces elect to fill in positions for Chamber duties.

    Just my two cents.