(Photo: Castanet Staff)

School District 67 board votes no vaccine mandate for staff

by Chelsea Powrie


March 1, 2022

School District 67 Okanagan-Skaha will not be implementing required proof of COVID-19 vaccination for its staff.

The district’s board voted Monday night on the matter.

“As a board, we continue to be committed to ensuring schools are safe places to learn and work,” says James Palanio, board chair.

“In making this decision, the board carefully considered all implications of a vaccine procedure for staff, including information and guidance from public health officials and the Letters of Agreement with BC Teachers Federation and K-12 Presidents Council.”

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  1. Whether it’s one or 101 teachers affected, may they breathe a huge sigh of relief over the respite from this wicked evil intrusion and bodily attack.

    Now the reality is hitting home about the Pfizer mRNA recombination back into DNA, mutating the host body, and the risk of death or injury, vaccine ineffectiveness, VAIDS, HIV testing for vaccinated 7 year olds, hidden risks found in trials, the mortality rate during the trials 3 month post launch, lack of placebo group in the children trials, and many other things.

    The truth is being revealed.