Sorry for the bad news about 4 “organizers” of the convoy. If you would like to send me a gift of support, please do so here: Thank you! References below:

Raging Dissident rant “Movement Subverted”:…




  1. I feel your emotions too!! You are not only amazingpolly but powerfulpolly. I hope the big guns (Mad Max, Hilliar etc) can have some influence for the good & contact givesendgo to make sure the $ isn’t going like the blm $$. The corruption of this world is overwhelming. As they say you are “over the target”.

  2. This just makes me feel ill…and sad…
    I don’t even know how to respond – with anger? fear? despair? …
    All of the above, really.
    But mostly –
    I hate to have to but this must be shared as widely as possible.
    And how is it possible that only 2 people have commented so far?…have only three of us watched it this far?
    I think not, so, people – SHARE THIS SHARE THIS SHARE THIS!