The government is trying to stop the convoy by spreading fake news about weather conditions. Police have recommended the convoy “split up.”

by Keean Bexte


January 27, 2022

It is a very fluid situation with this convoy. I am traveling an hour ahead of it now to investigate a government-mandated road closure. They say that it is because of treacherous weather, but visibility is at 100% and roads are clear.
I have spoken with police they have told me that they are expecting the convoy to split in two – which would be a complete disaster. (Exactly what Justin Trudeau and his comrades would want).

This is Goebbels level disinformation, obfuscation, and manipulation.

Mainstream media reports are conflicted on the status of the convoy, but we will keep you posted with the truth while we are physically on location. Trudeau’s allies simply cannot be trusted to report the truth.

As soon as the internet is reliable, I will be hosting a live chat with my friend and old colleague Sheila Gunn Reid from Rebel News, as well as the always interesting Aaron Gunn. Click here to set a reminder to tune in. We are aiming for 3PM ET.

Yesterday this type of live stream on Twitter was wildly successful. Please alert me if you notice any issues with censorship.

We have a lot of coverage at, including analysis on Trudeau’s positive diagnosis of COWARD-19. Be sure to check that out.
Keep fighting for what is right,

Keean Bexte