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At the same time as the Canadian truckers convoy hit the Ontario border, Justin Trudeau goes into isolation due to Covid.

by Brad Salzberg

January 27, 2022

Opening one’s internet browser in Canada today reveals a peculiar coincidence. At the same time media announce a world record-setting truckers convoy has reached the Ontario border, PM Justin Trudeau informs Canadians he has gone into hiding.

“I feel fine and will be working from home,” says Trudeau. “Stay safe, everyone — and please get vaccinated.” Thus saith the robotic one. Any Canuck worth their salt will suspect this to be a lie.

Our PM’s true motivation likely being an unwillingness to face the public at a time of crisis. Indicative of the cowardly this is. One can argue that the Covid pandemic has excused Trudeau from standing face-to-face with the public for the past three years.

In this “coincidence” we discover an issue never addressed by media: Justin Trudeau is an “unmanly” political leader. While his tendencies appeal to some, they are off-putting for the bulk of Canadian males.

We speak not of the “woke” crowd, nor the LGBT faction. The entire rainbow coalition is hereby excluded. The Canadians spoken of fall into the category of Conservatives, heterosexuals, males, patriots, military, law enforcement.  They are male Canadians, “Old Stock” citizens, and the like.

Let us define their position in society. According to the “big three”– government, media and academia– these people are the unwanted. In post-modern Canada, they  function as the nemesis of Canadian society.

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  1. Strange how the libtard followers always criticized Stephen Harper having “coward” in a closet
    (in which his bodyguards placed him) during the most horrendous attack on Parliament Hill in modern history. Yet, the so-called “Leader” (used lightly) of the liberal party is the biggest coward of all not being able to face up to his own follies. Something he has totally brought on himself. Is he hinding in a closet? Nope, he pretending to be infected by a ficticious virus, that he has supposedly been triple vaxxed for.
    So, Canada’s Hero’s of the Country, are coming to face Canada’s Coward of the Country, that is cowarding at home. Cowards should not be Prime Ministers. This just goes to prove that Justin Trudeau is not a legitimate Prime Minister and needs to be removed, imprisoned, tried, and executed. By his side should be each and every one of his political allies, past and present. If they were too weak to stand up against him, then they are too weak to be considered viable Canadians. Immediate trials/tribunals need to be rendered and their sentences carried out.