by Brad Salzberg


January 26, 2022

Transport Minister Omar Alghabra says he is concerned “about the small number of far-right, vocal opposition that is polluting the political debate sparked by a vaccine mandate for Canadian truckers.

Mr. Alghabra, half-citizen of Syria, is attempting to transform the image of the convoy truckers into that of a racist contingent. He is in good company. Ever since Justin Trudeau came to power, the “race card” has been a primary tool to quell opposition to Liberal Party policy.

Time and again, it has served as a silver bullet for rescuing Justin Trudeau from the brink. This occurred against ex-Conservative PM Stephen Harper during the 2015 election. Same pattern for Andrew Scheer in 2019. It was back in place during Justin Trudeau’s disaster of an in-person promotional campaign for the 2021 election.

Of course, the branding of Liberal government dissenters couldn’t be effective without media disseminating the message. This has been done with aplomb, and it’s back in action with Cabinet Member MP Omar Alghabra’s attempt to diffuse the power of the trucker protest.

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  1. Comments from yet another “real” Canadian who grew up in the GTA and took advantage of our hospitality and freedoms. Maybe if the Canadian Truckers were wearing a THAWB (robe) and a KEFFIYEH (scarf and headband), riding camels and herding sheep, he might be a little more tolerant.

  2. The depths of authoritarian evil by the Liberal Party under pinko loving Trudeau is simply unbelievable. I mean other countries are even more screwed up right now, but for any persons who voted for this Liberal POS, I SAY FOR SHAME!

    Constitutional rights are always to be supreme over any issues seen in daily life. Medical or health issues and mandates must still fall inside our Charter, if not then the Charter is not worth more than T.P.

    For this vile (step ???) son of Pierre Trudeau along with his corrupted Cabinet and political Party who brought us the Charter, to now do all this abuse and trash is UN-CONSTITUTIONAL, UN-CANADIAN and EVIL!