by Keean Bexte 

January 24, 2022

PPC Leader Maxime Bernier is standing with truckers fighting the mandate. Meanwhile, ‘Conservative’ Leader Erin O’Toole refuses to weigh in on the issue, saying it’s not his place to support protesters.

“It’s not for the leader of the opposition or a political party to attend a protest on the hill or a convoy. It’s up to politicians to advocate for solutions in a cost-of-living crisis, in a supply chain crisis in a way that’s responsible and respectful of the public health crisis we’re in,” O’Toole finally said after dodging several other questions about the protest.

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  1. As has been said many times before O’Toole is not a Conservative. In the US he would be classified as a RINO. Of course he won’t stand for the convoy, he is totally in favour of the mandates. He is no better than Trudeau, totally in it for himself and not for the good of the people or country.
    Canada needs a 100% Patriot Party, and that is not the ‘Peoples’ Party, that sounds too, Asian to me. The Peoples Party of Canada, The Peoples Party of China? Hello, it weighs the same significance to me. Something about that party that just doesn’t ring true to me. Gut feelings.

    • Agree with you on #RedErin.
      PPC name has pros and cons.
      Max is the ONLY leader currently standing up for Canada and the people of Canada.
      Do you have a better option?

  2. O’Toole needs to learn to stop being a toole for the pharmacorp and listen to his constituents for a minute. The truckers outright told you how to get the shipments going again so our population is not starving. You have shown you are incapable of listening to the people you claim to work for and through your actions have demonstrated you represent someone else? Who is that? Hmm? Is there someone signing you some extra paycheques to keep the endless lies going. Working for a foreign entity equates to treason.

    The protests are happening in the first case because the needs of the population are being completely ignored.

    As I see, one of three possible outcomes will happen:
    – Canada’s population will be genocided to the point where we have 10% or less of our people left alive at the end of two years, tops.
    – Canada’s current government gets replaced in the coming months, which calls for an end to the madness and while the corrupt system is still somewhat in place, things can return to what passes for normal.
    – A popular revolution finally ends up happening where we see a purge and abolishment of the current corrupt system, being replaced by one of the people, for the people and the rules re-written to get the money (and thus the endless corruption) out of politics.

    95% of my money is on #1 and the remaining 5% is on #3, sadly. Trudeau is quite literally the end of Canada and he stole the last 2 selections to guarantee that.

    As for Maxine Bernier, I will never agree with him 100%, either, but he’s looking to be the ‘literal’ last shot at keeping things going for Canada. All the major parties are too bought and paid for by NGOs (which should be considered treason).