Vaccine passports/certificates are a nuanced proposition. PHOTO BY GETTY

The Vax Divide: ‘We are starting to look at our fellow citizens in a way that they are not equal citizens to us…. And I think that’s a very dangerous thing to do’

by Sharon Kirkey

National Post

January 14, 2022

Psychologist and McMaster University professor emeritus David Streiner is of two minds on vaccine passports.

He’s willing to consider just about anything to convince people to get COVID shots, even charging the unvaccinated for hospital stays.

“But the passports? They may be a good stick,” he said, “but I’m not sure how effective they are for slowing transmission.” He worries, too, that passports are creating a “me-them” environment that could only grow worse if the pandemic persists. “We’ve seen it affecting families, splitting families apart.” Once vaccines became polarized, “all reason went out the window.”

The power of the vaccines always lay in the ability to prevent severe disease, hospitalization and death in vulnerable adults. The debate was, do they reduce the risk of transmission?

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  1. Vax Passports should all be destroyed. And, everything associated to them. Programs, memory cards, software, every remaining vial of “Vaxxine”, perhaps even the computers they were created on. Total destruction is a must. Without this destruction everyone everywhere will be susceptible to any contaminants that they may throw off.

  2. National Post really seems to be straying from the narrative. I was surprised to see the number of article links and headers that don’t support the agenda.

    While there is plenty the article gets spot-on, there are other things it does not get ‘quite’ right.

    – This (p)assport is not a stick. It’s a club, and they use it to beat everyone over the head with, jabbed or not. They are right about the segregation attempts the (p)assports are designed to do to our society, but they fail to mention it is a deliberate tool used to keep everyone divided and at each other’s throats while our usual handlers continue to plunder everything in sight.

    – The (p)assport was never about controlling the spread. It was about espionage and controlling you. The PHAC(k) proudly admitted it was conducting espionage on 33 million spyphones. There has to be a serious charter of rights violation in there, somewhere, but darn it, don’t wave that piece of paper in Trudeau’s face: We’re in Libertopia world, where the only thing that matters of how big the paycheques are from the foreign NGOs. It is why you should never EVER have one of those spyphones anywhere near you when you want to have a proper conversation with anyone. Google and Apple are among the notorious privacy violators out there and I believe it’s a safe assumption of mine to make that those damn things are recording you 24/7. After all, they have a mic and speaker. If you can talk to someone over to them, they can easily record you, permission or not.

    – They listed percentages of those who remain unjabbed. Frankly, there is no reason to assume/believe any of those numbers of correct. In the UK they were claiming the jab rate was in the low 90s, however it got leaked the real numbers are around 60% (meaning a large portion of their population will still survive this). They will lie, cheat, manipulate, do whatever they want and have to to help this along and make sure they stuff full of these toxic compounds.