by Cosmin Dzsurdzsa

True North

January 11, 2022

Canada’s privacy commissioner is going to audit the federal government for spying on 33 million devices without Canadians’ consent.

The move was prompted by the revelation that the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) secretly monitored the movements of the public using cell tower data.

As first reported by Blacklock’s Reporter, PHAC claimed that the surveillance was a way to track the success of COVID-19 measures and that the data had been “de-identified” of personal information.

However, in an exclusive interview with True North, Ontario’s former privacy commissioner Ann Cavoukian stated that Canadians should have “zero trust” in the government’s assurances. She had also called for privacy commissioners to probe the government’s activities.

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  1. I don’t expect anything to come from this. Haven’t we had commissioners audit the government before with the end result begin they found absolutely nothing of consequence, especially when it was right in front of their noses?

  2. I agree Kuro-chan,it will never happen because they are all the same,corruption all the way around. The low life’s that are doing all of this will no better off than we are when it’s all sad and done,the ones above them will make sure that when the dirty work is done,ok we don’t need you anymore and off they go. So hats off to all you puppet politicians,you are doing wonderful work for your master.👹👿😷