White, bald, conservative– Conservative Party leader Erin O’Toole has all the “qualities” to land him in the Canadian media doghouse.

by Brad Salzberg

Western News Watch

January 13, 2022

“With this one astonishing claim, Erin O’Toole let us all down.”

Such goes the bi-line from an article in the Toronto Star. In case readers are not aware, the Toronto Star hates Erin O’Toole. What his claim is doesn’t matter, nor does the fact that he didn’t let all Canadians down.

What really matters is that media battering ram TorStar despise the Conservative Party, as well as “small-c” conservatives in general. The same applies to all mainstream media outlets in our country.

It has been the state of affairs since the day Justin Trudeau ascended to the throne of Canada. Blatant and obvious it is. Yet, because media control the narrative, this reality is not properly understood.

While article after article rip Erin O’Toole to shreds, NDP Party Leader Jagmeet Singh has transitioned to “Mr. Untouchable.” There hasn’t been a negative word from the press on this guy since the Komagata Maru was refused to land on Canadian soil.

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  1. The mainstream media may be partly to blame, but O’Toole has been doing more damage than anyone. He has no spine, he can not hold his own. He parrots everything that the Liberals want, throwing in something of his own once in while, only to cancel that out later.
    Canada needs a true leader and presently there is nobody that fills that agenda. Once you go back on one platform item, you have lost your strength.
    CANADA needs a True Patriotic Canadian Party. Not a wimpy, conservative one that makes promises not kept. Not a stealing, thieving liberal party, that say one thing and does the opposite.
    A True Canadian Patriotic Party, listens to the people, works For the People, and does the pushing for the people, never allowing others to walk all over them.

  2. Congratulations, Mr. Salzberg. You have stated what people in Canada have known for decades on-end: The Conservatives, both federally and provincially, have been getting the short-end of the media stick for a VERY long time. This should be nothing new. Typically, our ‘Ministry of Truth’ have obsessively demonized our blue governments. Just to note a couple examples:

    – CBC’s polling showed Mulroney was going to wipe the floor with John Turner, yet they continued to (lie) report that Turner was going to be our next prime minister, even after being completely destroyed by Mulroney’s, “You could have said no” statement at the debate. Well, despite CBC’s lies, Mulroney had a huge win.

    – They claimed Mike Harris (Ontario) didn’t have a true mandate to govern because he took in 49% of the vote back in ’95. They never said that about McGuinty, despite taking in only 39% of the vote. Amazing how the crickets can heard when Liberals are involved. And you have have obscenities like Trudeau who have taken even much lower numbers. Again, where is this ‘no mandate to govern’ nonsense?