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Open Letter to Dr. Bonnie Henry, Adrian Dix, and Premier John Horgan  

We are a group of extremely concerned health professionals in the Okanagan Valley, B.C. We have some critical questions  regarding COVID-19, specifically about the current reporting of case numbers, statistics, and testing, and the restrictions  imposed by your health orders. While discussion of adjunctive and alternative safe and effective treatments is being stifled, the  policies of mandatory experimental vaccines and vaccine passports are being forced upon our province, our country, and many  other countries worldwide.

Addressing Dr. Henry, Mr. Dix and Mr. Horgan: We—as healthcare practitioners and citizens—expect and deserve answers that  address these concerns directly. Proclaiming that vaccine therapies are “safe and effective” is misleading and sloganistic. The  reports of vaccine injuries are increasing every day, yet are being ignored. We are witnessing an increase in Covid illness  occurring in fully vaccinated individuals and, irrationally, that is being followed by a promise of mandated boosters.1 The lack  of answers and the vague information being provided over the past 18+ months do not instill confidence in British Columbians.

This lack of transparency has resulted in unprecedented divisiveness amongst citizens, families and friends. There are individuals  who are angry that some concerned citizens are not complying and are comparing our current circumstances to the Holocaust.  While this may seem extreme, the Holocaust also began with the small removal of freedoms2, just as we are seeing today. This  historical atrocity started out as a slow and seemingly innocent removal of rights by the government, but quickly morphed into  media control, divisiveness between groups of people, and limitations to what one select section of society could do. In this way,  the ordinary citizen easily became an enemy of the state. Today a one-sided, politically-driven narrative, which is being fuelled  by politicians and the media, is causing a similar divisiveness. When only one side of the story is made available to the public, it  is easy to understand how individuals can become disgruntled toward other citizens who are fighting to maintain their freedom  and bodily autonomy. A political agenda is clearly being pushed here, and the refusal to address questions and concerns of  healthcare practitioners and citizens of B.C. speaks volumes. We hope all of B.C. and Canada will carefully consider the  information included in this document and join us in demanding clear, direct and truthful answers.

You must recognize and acknowledge the problems our country faces with our media and with our supposed leaders. We are on  a dangerous trajectory and we must STOP —NOW! The media’s control of information and the censorship of knowledgeable  and experienced physicians, scientists, and lawyers are preventing access to the two sides of the story. The introduction of “Fact  checkers”—who are wholly owned by Big Tech, Big Pharma, and Big Media — being paid to censor anyone who does not  support the government narrative. The tools of intimidation, coercion, and bribery are being used to divide our society, and all of  this is happening right in front of us. Obviously, this type of behaviour is not a reflection of good people with good ideas; to the  contrary, it is criminal activity.

Groups of doctors are forming international networks to investigate public health measures and to raise questions and concerns.3  We call on all Canadians to join the rapidly growing movement of ordinary citizens who are standing up against tyranny and  violation of our human rights and freedoms!

Please answer the 12 questions below directly, clearly and truthfully, with references to the data from the scientific research on  which you are basing your decisions and policies:

1.) DEATH PERSPECTIVE – There are currently ZERO deaths from COVID-19 for ages 12-19 in B.C., and 12  deaths in ALL children aged 0-19 in ALL of Canada 

Question: Why are you aggressively pressuring 12 through 19-year-old children to get the experimental COVID-19  vaccine when NO DEATHS have occurred in this age group due to COVID-19 in B.C. to date, according to the B.C.  Centre for Disease Control? 4



In general, we have observed extremely low mortality in B.C. and across Canada from COVID-19. As identified in the  preceding link, only two COVID-19-related deaths have occurred in the past 18 months in the 0 to 11 age range in BC.

  1. https://www.timescolonist.com/news/local/booster-shots-for-long-term-care-vaccine-mandate-for-hospital-staff-on-their-way-henry-1.24354874


3. https://www.greenmedinfo.com/blog/130-uk-doctors-failed-covid-policies-caused-massive-harm-especially children?utm_campaign=Daily%20Newsletter%3A%20130%2B%20UK%20Doctors%3A%20Failed%20COVID%20Policies%20Caused%20 %27Massive%27%20Harm%2C%20Especially%20to%20Children%20%28XumiVc%29&utm_medium=email&utm_source=Daily%20Newsl etter&_kx=PGxyCCxqAWnu4Hn6Ma46U0jfSKIocNqXr-YAOgMHa4Csby-Ao46hRNXEjcRJUBbL.K2vXAy

No deaths have occurred in the age range of 12 through 19. In these childhood deaths, the influence of comorbidities  was not revealed.

On the BCCDC website4, in the Situation Report listed below in the footnotes, these statistics can be viewed on page 9.

With only 2 deaths occurring in the 1 million children and adolescents aged 0 to 19 that reside in B.C., why are we  even considering mandating vaccinations, masks, isolation, and restrictions at school?

B.C. has a population of 5.17M people. As of August 21, 2021, there have been a total of 1,804 deaths due to—or  related to—COVID-19. These deaths occurred over the span of 18+ months dealing with COVID-19 in our province.  Further calculation demonstrates that this represents a 0.023% COVID-19 yearly mortality rate for our entire B.C.  population. Does an annual 0.023% risk of death, heavily skewed towards the elderly with comorbidities, justify a mandatory vaccine policy and a vaccine passport?

Moreover, in the age range of 0 to 59, there have been 127 deaths related to or from COVID-19 in the entirety of B.C  across an 18+ month duration. Why is this information not being openly shared? Does this data not represent a very  different reality than we are being led to believe in the media and in your press conferences?

The total number of people that the Government of Canada says died WITH COVID-19 (not necessarily FROM Covid 19) since the beginning of the pandemic, is 26,873 as of September 3, 2021. You can view these numbers directly on  the Government of Canada InfoBase website5, using the link in the footnote (find Figure 7, and change the drop down  to “deceased”). There you will find the breakdown of the 26,873 of total COVID-19 deaths by age group in Canada. To see these numbers here, we show both the BC and CANADA total deaths, said to be WITH Covid-19, broken down  by age, and the percentage of those deaths by age, over the past 18+ months:

  • Age 0-19 = 2 (0%) BC 12 (0%) Canada  
  • Age 20-29 = 0 (0%) BC 68 (0.3%) Canada  
  • Age 30-39 = 2 (0%) BC 152 (0.6%) Canada  
  • Age 40-49 = 16 (0.8%) BC 354 (1.3%) Canada  
  • Age 50-59 = 30 (0.16%)BC 1,033 (3.8%) Canada  
  • Age 60-69 = 77 (0.4%) BC 2,620 (9.7%) Canada  
  • Age 70-79 = 178 (9.8%) BC 5,747 (20.5%) Canada  
  • Age 80+ = 1,117 (62%) BC 17,160 (63.9%) Canada  

 Total Deaths = 1,804 (100%) BC 26,872 (100%) Canada 

 Total Population = 5,145,851 BC 38,067,903 Canada 

It should surprise all Canadians that there has been a total of 12 children between the ages of 0 and 19 across the  entire nation that have died WITH (not necessarily FROM) COVID-19 in 18+ months. Co-morbidities have not  been made public. With this data, it is reasonable to ask why the government seeks to vaccinate all children to “protect”  them? It is obvious that they do not need protection.

If we compare this to the number of 0-19 year olds in Canada who typically die from influenza (the flu) each year, the public health pressure on children to get vaccinated becomes even more troubling. The only breakdown shown for  pediatrics (assuming age 0-16) in Canada showed that 10 children died of the flu in 2018 over a 12 month period.6  Data for deaths of children from the flu between the ages of 0 and 19 was not shown, which makes it difficult to  precisely compare, but the figures are still telling. According to the Government of Canada, ten children 0-16 years old  died from the flu in 12 months versus 12 children who died with COVID-19 over the last 18+ months (proportionately  8 children per 12 months). This means that COVID-19 is less dangerous than the flu for this age group. Why then is the  Government pressuring children to get vaccinated?

Given 84.3% of all people who are said to have died with COVID-19 are age 70 and over, and 94% of all people who  are said to have died with COVID-19 are age 60 and over, how do you justify applying public health restrictions on the  rest of the population?

4. http://www.bccdc.ca/Health-Info-Site/Documents/COVID_sitrep/Week_33_2021_BC_COVID-19_Situation_Report.pdf

2.) PCR TESTING – Invalid test used to create fear based on 90%+ false positives 

Question: Why are we still using polymerase chain reaction (PCR) tests to detect COVID-19 cases in B.C.?  Background:  

The World Health Organization (WHO) originally stated that PCR tests were the “gold standard” for COVID-19 testing,  recommending it as the universal test (as of March 21, 2020 laboratory testing strategy recommendations for COVID-19  interim guidance). Now the WHO admits what scientists have been saying since the beginning of the pandemic, that the

PCR test is not an accurate diagnostic tool, and is in fact recommending a completely different testing protocol7. Also,  the U.S. Centre for Disease Control (CDC) has said that it will ask the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to  withdraw its emergency use authorization (EUA) of the PCR test as of December 31, 20218.

The entire pandemic and associated restrictions are based upon the number of “cases”; however, the number of “cases” is based upon a positive PCR test result. These PCR tests are falsely inflating the “case” numbers of people who are sick  with COVID-19. This creates fear and misleading statistics.

It is important to note that the inventor of the PCR test, Kary Mullis, stated many times that “PCR tests cannot be used  to detect viruses”9. It is now admitted that the PCR cannot tell the difference between a common cold, the flu, or any  virus or variant. Also, the PCR cannot differentiate between live and dead matter meaning whether something is  infectious or not.

Additionally, former Pfizer Vice President and Chief Science Officer, Dr. Michael Yeadon announced “…this is  nothing but fear-mongering based on junk science and fraud.”10 He too claims that “almost all” of the tests being  conducted for the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) are “false positives”, a phenomenon that has been observed in  Florida and around the world. Yet, we still continue to use PCR tests to manufacture fear and compliance.

Since speaking out, Dr. Yeadon has been censored and smeared in order to prevent the distribution of, and to discredit,  the critical information he is sharing. He has risked his reputation, career, and his life to share this information. Dr. Yeadon has joined forces with a group of 160 doctors, who are in agreement with issues of regarding the COVID-19  narrative. 11 Why would these highly credentialed professionals willingly put themselves in this position, where there is  so much to lose, and nothing to gain, other than trying to save people from harm?

Dr. Yeadon’s credentials are impressive and include: BSc (Joint Honours in Biochemistry and Toxicology) PhD  (Pharmacology), Formerly Vice President & Chief Scientific Officer Allergy & Respiratory, Pfizer Global R&D; Co founder & CEO, Ziarco Pharma Ltd.; Independent Consultant (Scientist) (United Kingdom).

It is prohibited under the Genetic Non-Discrimination Act of Canada12 to require someone to take a genetic test such as  the PCR test as a condition of their employment or as condition of providing goods or services to that individual. It is  also prohibited for any person to collect, use or disclose the results of a genetic test of an individual without the  individual’s written consent. Anyone involved in contravening this law is liable to a fine of up to 5 years in jail and up  to a $1,000,000 fine.

We note that all of your health orders contravene this law and that you are encouraging employers and business owners  to do the same. Why aren’t you advising the public of the legal responsibility and consequences under the GNDA?

3.) CASES – An overused term and count that means nothing in the actual diagnosis of disease Question: What actually constitutes a legitimate COVID-19 case?


You state a case is confirmed based on a positive PCR test; however, as per Question #2, we know these tests are shown  to be inaccurate (90% false positives). Moreover, cycling of PCR tests (often in excess of 35+ amplifications) is being

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used incorrectly for the detection of this virus. With the knowledge of these inflated false positives, we absolutely  should not be counting these as “cases”.13

4.) SPREAD – Vaccinated individuals spread COVID-19 just as much—or more—than unvaccinated individuals 

Question: What science or information are you relying upon when you say in your health orders that unvaccinated  individuals are at higher risk than vaccinated persons of being infected with and transmitting COVID-19, or that the  presence of an unvaccinated staff member constitutes a health hazard under the Public Health Act?


Several studies as well as CDC data demonstrate evidence that vaccinated persons have high potential to spread the  COVID-19 Delta variant 14. It has been well documented that vaccinated people can—and do—spread the virus.15

A recently published medical study found that infection from COVID-19 confers considerably longer lasting and  stronger protection against the delta variant than the current vaccines do.16 Vaccinated individuals were found to be 27  times more likely to experience a symptomatic COVID-19 infection than those with natural immunity from COVID 19.17 Why are we discriminating against unvaccinated people, when the spread is clearly happening also amongst  vaccinated individuals. Furthermore, those that have had a natural COVID-19 infection have been proven to have  longer-term and more robust protection compared to those with the vaccine.18

5.) VARIANTS – Vaccines are causing the variants, and the vaccinated are more affected by variant strains than  those with naturally conferred immunity 

Question: What source are you looking at when you declare that the variant(s) are being caused by unvaccinated  individuals?


Dr. Byram W. Bridle (Professor of Viral Immunology at University of Guelph) explains that similarly to antibiotic  resistance, COVID-19 variants are caused by not fully killing the virus, allowing for mutation.19 Therefore, only  individuals who are vaccinated can be creating the variants. As with any variant, as the CDC and WHO also state,  mutations lead to a weaker and more transmittable viral strain. That is why the Delta will not have the same potential  for causing deaths as the original COVID-19 strain. As evidenced by Dr. Bridle, the continual application of COVID 19 vaccinations, and furthermore boosters, will exacerbate the development of more variants. Finally, there is no  current evidence that suggests that unvaccinated individuals are causing a rise in cases. 20

6.) VACCINE EFFECTIVENESS – Exposing the true effectiveness rate of vaccines and approval concerns 

Question: Why is the inflated Relative Risk Reduction (RRR) of 94.0% utilized in reporting of vaccine effectiveness  instead of the Absolute Risk Reduction (ARR) of less than 1.0%? What information are you relying upon when you say  vaccines prevent or reduce the risk of infection with covid-19?


Promoting the RRR instead of the ARR misleads the general population, exacerbating the non-factual concept that  these vaccines prevent getting and spreading COVID-19. The National Library of Medicine website linked below  states “… the absence of the ARR in COVID-19 trials can lead to outcome reporting bias that affects the interpretation

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of vaccine efficacy.”21 Saying that vaccinations are 94.0-95.0% effective is very misleading,22 as people often assume this means they have a 94.0% chance that they will not become sick from COVID-19. This is not true.

To explain how RRR and ARR works in layman’s terms requires much detail. Simplifying this information, RRR  signifies the risk of a health event occurring in a group of vaccinated individuals versus a group of unvaccinated  individuals. This number is incorrectly interpreted to represent that 94 out of every 100 people vaccinated will be  protected from COVID-19. Although this number is compelling, this is an incorrect statement regarding what that 94%  means. This number does not tell you what your chances are of becoming sick if you get vaccinated.

The more valuable and accurate value that needs to be used is that of the ARR. The ARR represents the ACTUAL  likelihood of disease risk between the placebo (non-vaccinated individuals) and treatment (vaccinated individuals)  groups.

The ARR data directly from Pfizer and Moderna was calculated as 0.7% and 1.1% respectively. In contrast, the RRR  calculated as 95.0% and 94.0% for Pfizer and Moderna, respectively. See the Abstract in this NIH document that  presents the vaccine RRR/ARR data direct from Pfizer and Moderna.23

If individuals knew that the current vaccinations only confer a 0.7% to 1.1% reduction in chances of getting ill with  COVID-19, would they have still have taken the vaccine given its risks?

It is imperative to clarify that the COVID-19 vaccines do NOT prevent COVID-19, nor do they stop the transmission  of COVID-19. The vaccines have only been designed to reduce severity of symptoms in the individual who receives  the vaccine. As previously discussed, the virus is still transmissible by both vaccinated and non-vaccinated individuals.  Breakthrough cases are occurring regularly in fully vaccinated individuals at an increasing rate, which is pushing the  requirement for booster vaccinations. The push by Government to require booster vaccinations at this early stage only  serves to confirm that the original vaccine program being pushed is failing.24

7.) VACCINE SAFETY/INJURY STATS – Missing full details of the magnitude of Vaccine injuries and deaths  

Question: Where is the transparency for the current statistics and details regarding counts of B.C. vaccine-related  injuries and deaths?


Adverse reaction statistics and data is imperative to ensure that British Columbians can exercise their constitutional  right to free and voluntary informed consent. This information should be presented daily, alongside the Covid-19 “case” numbers, so people can decide whether they want to freely accept the experimental vaccinations.

The Government of Canada Vaccine Injury website states as of September 3, 2021 that 14,101 adverse reactions have  been reported. Of those 14,101 reports of adverse reactions there are currently 3,768 reported as serious. “Serious”  adverse reactions include death; however, death counts are not separately recorded on this database. 25 Why is there this  lack of transparency?

Specifically, on Sept 3rd, a report quietly released by Public Health Ontario reported 106 youth, under the age of 25,  were hospitalized with heart inflammation following mRNA vaccination. 26

These vaccine injuries and deaths are not just in Canada, but all over the world:

  • (EU Vaccine injury:1.9 Million, Vaccine deaths: 20,595)27
  • (US Vaccine injury reported in VAERS: 650,075, Vaccine deaths: 13,911)28

21 https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC7996517/ 

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yet the true numbers are not being disclosed accurately—if at all. Investigations show that very few vaccine injuries and  deaths are actually approved and reported to government reporting agencies.29 An article from Harvard states  “manufacturers of vaccines must comply with the more expansive requirements of §600.80 of the C.F.R. Because  VAERS is a passive reporting system, many adverse reactions to vaccines may not be reported.” 30

Lastly, the Harvard Pilgrim Study31 states “Likewise, fewer than 1% of vaccine adverse events are reported. Low  reporting rates preclude or slow the identification of “problem” drugs and vaccines that endanger public health.”

Dr. Patrick Phillips, an emergency room physician in Ontario stated that the forms are not easy to fill out, and that they  are very cumbersome. Dr. Phillips also had a few reports returned to him marked as ‘invalid’.32 It is critical to properly  compare the risk of COVID-19 to the risk of vaccine injury knowing they are not fully disclosed. This is even more  important when we see the pharmacies including more warnings on the Vaccines.33

A true clinical trial of this vaccine would include transparency where health officers would clearly provide vaccine  injury details and fully track these occurrences without hesitation. Without this information and data, proper free and  full informed consent cannot occur. The above included links are just some of the reporting systems, but the numbers  are still very high and show much more injury than should be acceptable to any PHO or Government.

8.) PASSPORTS Will NOT be temporary and soon the 2 shots will NOT be sufficient to obtain a valid passport 

Question: You have recently stated that vaccine passports will be temporary, expiring at the end of January 2022.  However, with 1 billion dollars being offered as an incentive by the Government of Canada34 for provinces who  implement this system, it is hard to imagine this system will be scrapped by January 31, 2022, after only 5 months of  use. It is difficult to rely on your statement given what you said on May 25, 2021on television (see 2:52 into the video):

…there is no way that we will recommend inequities be increased by use of things like vaccine passports for  services, for public access here in British Columbia, and that’s my advice and I’ve got support from the  Premier and I have talked about this Minister Dix and others.” 35

Prime Minister Trudeau made a similar commitment to Canadians on January 14, 2021 (see 3:30 into the same video).

Current studies (footnoted earlier) show that vaccinated individuals spread COVID-19 as well. This begs the question,  if all people spread the virus why are we segregating people?

While it is understandable that fully vaccinated individuals are looking forward to getting their passport so life “can go  back to normal” or so they “can travel”, they should be made aware that once a booster is mandated, their passport will  no longer be considered valid until they are post 7 days after receiving a booster. Countries around that world that are

implementing booster programs are already indicating that boosters will be needed to maintain a valid and up-to-date  vaccine passport. 36 The booster system will ensure that this vicious cycle never ends and one will need regular boosters  of the vaccine to keep their passport valid.

9.) TREATMENTS – There are better inpatient and at home treatments that can reduce illness severity and death 

Question: Why are we not using approved and well-researched antivirals like FDA approved Ivermectin? 26 Why are  we providing no out-patient treatment for at home use when other doctors in many countries are successfully doing so?


Doctors are avoiding or being prohibited from prescribing pharmaceuticals that are known to help with COVID-19  symptoms that are safe, such as Ivermectin. The negative spin being put on Ivermectin by mainstream media, that it is

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only used in horses, is not true. These statements being made about Ivermectin are malicious and false as it has been  safely and effectively used for years in humans.37 In 2015 William C. Campbell, emeritus research fellow at Drew University in Madison, New Jersey and Satoshi Omura, professor emeritus at Kitasato University in Japan, jointly  received one half of the Nobel Prize for their work with Ivermectin that was discovered in 1975 and approved for safe  use in humans in 1987. In delivering his Nobel Prize lecture on December 7, 2015, Dr. Campbell confirmed the safety  and effectiveness of using Ivermectin in humans, and noted that part of the ground breaking research was done in  partnership with the WHO, the World Bank, and others.38 It was noted that because of its excellent safety profile and  broad spectrum of activity, Ivermectin was catalogued by the World Health Organization as an essential medicine and is  regarded by many as a “magic bullet” for global health. 39

On February 9, 2021, the chairman of the Tokyo Medical Association, Haruo Ozaki, announced that Ivermectin seemed  to be effective at stopping Covid 19 and publicly recommended that all doctors in Japan immediately begin using  Ivermectin to treat Covid 19.40

It is interesting to note that only since the covid-19 pandemic began has the WHO changed its stance on the  effectiveness of Ivermectin. While the WHO still admits that Ivermectin is on its essential medicines list (and therefore  safe), the WHO now simply says that the evidence to support using Ivermectin as an effective treatment for Covid 19 is  inconclusive, and that the guideline development group that they convened did not look at the use of Ivermectin to  prevent Covid 19. One can only speculate as to why this group was not asked to look at that essential question. The  WHO only says that this question was outside the scope of the current guidelines.41 It would seem that these much more  expensive, experimental vaccines that were rushed to market under an emergency use authorization only, without proper  testing and scrutiny, would be at least as inconclusive as the safe, tried and tested Ivermectin.

Additionally, Hydroxychloroquine is an approved and well-known treatment. Medical professionals have been coerced  and forced to prescribe less efficacious, and even harmful, drugs. Deaths associated with adverse drug events (i.e.  related to the use of Remdesivir42) should be considered as a separate count from COVID-19 deaths, as those deaths  could have been avoided if these effective pharmaceuticals were implemented in a timely manner.

Simple home remedies such as zinc, vitamin D, vitamin C, N-acetylcysteine, and quercetin are also well known and  effective at helping COVID-19 patients to recover43. Dr. Vladimir Zev Zelenko has led the way with these treatments.  In contrast, many doctors are still sending patients with COVID-19 home without any of these treatment options.

Why have you not promoted other effective treatment apart from the experimental vaccines, or even healthy lifestyle  choices and vitamin D, since it is clear that obesity, high blood pressure and inactivity were largely responsible for  COVID-19 related deaths? The opposite has happened with your policies of lockdowns, closures of parks, gyms, and  sports programs, and the creation of fear and anxiety through constant media messaging. These all lower the function of  the immune system and increase blood pressure, which are undesirable outcomes.


Question: Why have you made the definition of vaccinated and unvaccinated in your public health orders so misleading  and contrary to common understanding? Why do use different definitions of what it means to be “vaccinated” in your  different health orders that are still in effect?


In your August 20, 2021 provincial health order, which has already gone missing from the B.C. government website,  you define “vaccinated” as any individual who is 14 days post receipt of the full series of a WHO approved vaccine, or  combination of approved WHO vaccines. This means that anyone who is sick or hospitalized with COVID-19 within 13  days of their 2nd shot is considered “unvaccinated”. This is just like people who have had one shot, and are counted in

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the statistics that you put forth. These definitions are very misleading and help promote the false narrative that the  unvaccinated are driving the upward trend of “cases”.

You alluded to the fact that boosters are likely to be required in B.C., at least for certain populations. As we are  witnessing the rollout in other countries, we predict that the plan will be to require everyone to have a booster, or  several boosters, eventually. Once 2 shots are no longer what is recommended as a full series of COVID-19 vaccines  approved by the WHO, then no British Columbian will be considered “vaccinated” until a booster vaccine is taken.

Also, it has been noted that the WHO does not approve of mixing and matching vaccines. This is contrary to your  definition of “vaccinated” in your current health order wherein you do approve of this practice. The WHO says this  should not be done unless supportive evidence is available. What evidence are you relying upon to tell British  Columbians that mixing and matching of COVID-19 vaccines is acceptable or safe? The WHO recommends that if  someone has mixed and matched 2 different vaccines, no additional doses of either vaccine should be administered to  that person.44 Why are you ignoring this advice? What science are you relying upon?

Finally, Dr. Bonnie Henry, you quietly issued an additional health order on August 31, 2021 45, replacing the August 20,  2021 health order. The new order issued on August 31, 2021 removed some terms and added others which included  changing the definition of “vaccinated” from 14 days post a full series of vaccination approved by the WHO, down to 7  days post-vaccination of an approved full series of WHO approved vaccines. Your September 2, 2021 Residential Care  Staff Covid-19 Preventative Measures health order46 uses the same 7 day period. What science are you relying on to  justify this change, as you have previously stated that it requires 14 days for the vaccines to work?

11.) TESTING ONLY UNVACCINATED INDIVIDUALS —August 20, 2021, August 31, 2021 and September 2,  2021 Health Orders  

Question: In your public health order dated August 20, 2021—and now August 31, 2021 and September 2, 2021 —you  are only requiring unvaccinated individuals to undergo rapid antigen testing and PCR testing. In light of the evidence  and scientific research showing that vaccinated individuals are significantly more likely to contract the Delta variant  than unvaccinated individuals47. You also say in your September 2, 2021 health order that you will not allow any staff  member to be hired after October 11, 2021 unless they meet your definition of “vaccinated”. What science are you  relying on to justify this policy of testing and discriminating against unvaccinated citizens?


You continue to state that you are following the science, however, you have yet to provide ANY reference to the  science you are following despite being asked for this information numerous times over the last 18+ months. We  demand that you be transparent and honest with the public you serve by posting the scientific studies and data you are  relying upon to support your policies and health orders on the BC government website alongside your public health  orders so we can review this information.

12.) MASKS – under OATH Dr. Bonnie Henry admitted that there is scant evidence that masks are effective at  preventing spread of the influenza virus but felt that can be an effective coercive tool when staff refuse to accept  a vaccine 

Question: Where is the evidence that your mask mandates in your health orders actually work? You define “face  coverings” in your September 2, 2021 health order48 as including a medical mask, or a non-medical mask, or a tightly  woven fabric but does not include a clear plastic face shield. Where is the evidence that a non-medical mask, or a  piece of tightly woven fabric, is an effective means of preventing the spread of a virus?

44. https://www.who.int/news/item/10-08-2021-interim-statement-on-heterologous-priming-for-covid-19-vaccines

45. https://www2.gov.bc.ca/assets/gov/health/about-bc-s-health-care-system/office-of-the-provincial-health-officer/covid-19/covid-19-pho-order-vaccination-status-information.pdf

46. https://www2.gov.bc.ca/assets/gov/health/about-bc-s-health-care-system/office-of-the-provincial-health-officer/covid-19/covid-19-pho-order-residential-care-staff.pdf

47. https://www.covid-datascience.com/post/israeli-data-how-can-efficacy-vs-severe-disease-be-strong-when-60-of-hospitalized-are-vaccinated

48. https://www2.gov.bc.ca/assets/gov/health/about-bc-s-health-care-system/office-of-the-provincial-health-officer/covid-19/covid-19-pho-order-face-coverings.pdf?bcgovtm=20210311_GCPE_Vizeum_COVID___Google_Search_BCGOV_EN_BC__Text


Dr. Henry’s testimony under oath in 2015 49 in an arbitration hearing in Ontario as an expert witness for the Sault Area  Hospital (SAH) and the Ontario Hospital Association (OHA) against the Ontario Nurses Association (ONA) is  informative. The issue in that arbitration was that the hospital required healthcare workers to wear surgical/procedure  masks each year throughout the 5 to 6 month flu season if they had not received the vaccination for influenza. The  Nurses Union alleged that the policy was an unreasonable exercise of management rights and a breach of employee  privacy rights. At the time that Dr. Henry advocated in favor of the policy, she was the Deputy Provincial Health  Officer for British Columbia.

Dr. Henry’s testimony in that arbitration hearing is eerily similar to the narrative she has been telling British  Columbians about the Covid 19 virus. Dr. Henry was a strong proponent that there was asymptomatic spread, that  unvaccinated nurses and healthcare workers should wear masks, and supported mandating forcing employees to wear  masks as a consequence of choosing not to get the vaccine.

On cross-examination Dr. Henry reluctantly admitted (at paragraph 161 of the arbitration decision) that there was not a  lot of evidence to support the suggestion that asymptomatic shedding actually leads to effective transmission of the  virus.

At paragraph 178 of the arbitration decision, the arbitrator notes that Dr. Henry concluded after admitting that “I am  not a huge fan of the masking piece”, that “there is not a lot of evidence to support mask use…”

At Paragraph 219 Dr. Henry’s evidence is summarized in part as follows:

It is a challenging issue and we have wrestled with it. I am not a huge fan of the masking piece. I think it was  felt to be a reasonable alternative where there was a need to do-to feel that we were doing the best we can to try  and reduce risk. I tried to be quite clear in my report that the evidence to support masking is not as great and it  is certainly not as good a measure.

In the arbitration, the Nurses Union submitted that Dr. Henry was instrumental in the introduction of the “vaccinate or  mask” policy in British Columbia (paragraph 256) and therefore Dr. Henry’s objectivity was suspect. The arbitrator  preferred the evidence of other experts over Dr. Henry and her colleagues’ evidence.

The arbitrator noted that Dr. Henry defended the vaccine or mask policies as a way of preventing transmission from  unvaccinated healthcare workers to their patients before symptom onset, or in cases of asymptomatic infection  (paragraph 287). However, the arbitrator also noted (at paragraph 294) that while Dr. Henry stated there was “some  evidence that people shed prior to being symptomatic and some evidence of transmission” but “there is not a lot of  evidence around these pieces”. Two other experts who testified on behalf of the hospital, one of whom Dr. Henry  acknowledged her expertise, both admitted that the evidence of asymptomatic spread was “scant”.

The arbitrator held (at paragraph 297), while “bearing in mind the concessions made about the quality of the evidence  by Dr. McGeer and Dr. Henry”, that the following opinion of another expert was more accurate:

Although asymptomatic individuals may shed influenza virus, studies have not determined if such people  effectively transmit influenza… Based on the available literature, we found that there is scant, if any, evidence  that asymptomatic or pre-symptomatic individuals play an important role in transmission.”

The arbitrator held that the patient safety purpose and effect of masking was not established on the evidence and that  the “vaccine or mask” requirement was reduced to a “coercive tool”, a situation that would be troubling if made out. The arbitrator also noted (at paragraph 326) Dr. Henry’s recognition that the wearing of a mass could be reasonably  regarded as a “consequence” for failure to consent to vaccination.

The arbitrator concluded (paragraph 327) that the vaccine or mask policy did not provide a legitimate accommodative  purpose for healthcare workers who conscientiously object to immunization, but rather more closely resembled an  unacceptable Hobson’s choice (free choice). The arbitrator did not accept the argument that requiring unvaccinated  staff to wear a mask may encourage truly voluntary immunization, nor did the arbitrator accept that the continuance of  the minority employee group who choose to mask disproves the effectively coercive aspect of a vaccine or mask  policy. The arbitrator noted that one of the nurses told her managers that “I felt I was being publicly put on display for  choosing not to get the flu shot. I told her I felt I was being bullied into it and harassed.”

49 https://www.canlii.org/en/on/onla/doc/2015/2015canlii62106/2015canlii62106.pdf

The arbitrator concluded that the vaccine or mask policy was unreasonable and contravened KVP principles. Similar  findings were made by another arbitrator in 2018 involving the St. Michael’s Hospital and the Ontario Hospital  Association v. The Ontario Nurses Association.50 51

The vaccine or mask policy in issue in the Ontario Nurses arbitrations is very similar to what is going on in British  Columbia with covid-19. Just as the arbitrator found that a masking policy amounted to a coercive tool that was  troubling, your policies requiring rapid antigen testing, PCR testing, and masking as a condition of employment, is  nothing more than a coercive tool to pressure people to accept the experimental vaccine. As the arbitrator held in 2015,  a policy with this purpose is “troubling”.

You stated numerous times in your television briefings in 2020 that masks were not effective at preventing the spread  of the Covid 19 virus.52 Now you claim that masks do work and that you never said they did not. There is a glaring  discrepancy between the statements that you made under oath in 2015, and in your television briefings in 2020, compared to what you are saying now in your current health orders in 2021.

Please refer to the additional published studies confirming masks are not effective.53 54 Also, Dr. Byram Bridle’s video  also demonstrates that wearing 5 masks do not stop droplets from escaping and certainly do not prevent the Covid-19  virus from passing through a non-medical mask or tightly woven clothing.55

Requiring people to wear masks harms the user by reducing availability of oxygen, increasing bacterial growth within  the fabric of the masks, leads to social issues for individuals that cannot mask for medical reasons, creates waste of  materials and money, and contributes to further pollution and negative environmental impact.

Please provide the evidence you are relying upon that prove masks work.

Call To Action: 

Dr. Henry, Mr. Dix and Mr. Horgan, the citizens of this province call on you to answer to these questions, directly and truthfully.  British Columbians will no longer tolerate the trampling of our rights, segregation, and division amongst neighbors and families.  We respect different perspectives and opinions; however, everyone deserves to see the scientific evidence you are relying upon  to justify your public health orders. All British Columbians thank you in advance for your much-anticipated response.

To our fellow British Columbians, you are our friends and family, and we need you to carefully consider the information above  and be open to what is being said. We urge you to join us in fighting for the restoration of our freedoms and putting an end to the  restrictions that have no basis in science and are designed only to promote fear and division and to give the government control  over our lives.

Now is the time to take a stand, before it is too late.

Please share this with all your friends, family, media and everyone you can think of.



Voices Of Silenced Okanagan Health Professionals 

A concerned group of health professionals who choose to remain anonymous due to threats of discipline and termination, by our own various  professional governing bodies, for all who dare to question the B.C. government narrative on COVID-19 policies.

All of the documentation and websites linked in the footnotes have been archived to preserve their contents.

50. https://www.ona.org/wp-content/uploads/ona_kaplanarbitrationdecision_vaccinateormask_stmichaelsoha_20180906.pdf

52 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-CefaYs_pFs 

53 https://rationalground.com/masks-children-and-covid-19-published-studies/ 

54 https://showmeyoursmile.org 

55 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tIaul0U83d0

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    • I thank you so very much! Sincerely! I am retired, but my better half works in a Windsor Ontario hospital, receiving nothing but wrongful information downloaded from Doug Ford,… oops, I mean Ministry of Wealth for Doug Ford,… oopsy again, I mean Ministry of Health for Ontario. After months of harassment and coercive job threats to ‘enable her’ to keep her fulltime position, she caved. She didn’t discuss it, but cried for days after the jab. She just had the 2nd stab two days ago and is off sick with total body muscle pains and high fever. It started within hours of the stab. Myself?, I will never do it. I saw the whole thing for what it was when it started.

      • Sorry to hear your wife caved to the pressure and coercion… it is tough. We’ve been taught to believe and trust allopathic medical people when in fact they’ve been indoctrinated in school themselves.Like you I’m inclined to trust my God-given Immune System …even against a man-made virus. I appreciate these frontline medical people speaking out. As more vaccinated people start to adversely respond to the various jabs we will see more medical people grow a pair.

      • There were as group of health care professionals in a Southern Ontario Hospital that got together and served the Administration with 300 letters of liabilities. Your wife is not alone in her struggle, and its not just healthcare, but education and anyone working within the government. Its also spread to private sector, but employers are aware its just a policy…not a mandate, which is only a guideline…or lawful. standupcanada.solutions for notices of liability. She should be on a protocol of VC, D3 Quercetin and zinc asap.

      • I read this entire letter and was looking foreword to checking the credentials of the people who wrote it. Then I find the writers wish to remain anonymous so I purged the entire letter from my mind. ANYONE can say ANYTHING and then hide behind anonymity. I’ll take these types of letters seriously when I know who’s actually making these claims.

        Ed Note: I have no doubt the author(s) of the letter will come out soon enough. The main point was to get the Open Letter out there, and Easton Spectator has certainly reached out to the community. To date, this thread has been seen by 420,000, with over 400 comments and those figures grown each and every day. If the commentator did their research, especially with Dr. Charles Hoffe of Lytton, British Columbia, they would understand, that timing is everything. Be patient my friend, this ain’t over until the fat lady sings!

        Michael Easton

        • They don’t need to sign their names to it as they gave a link to back up every fact. Also if you follow your logic why should we even read your comments if you are not really to put your name to them?

        • Thank you for the editors note on this. I too felt that to be signed by the writers would hold more weight, not to me but to those that just don’t get it. I’m just hoping and praying that something will happen soon to stop all this madness.🙏

          I’m extremely saddened by a world that appears to want to only follow one narrative and that these medical professionals who have received their licenses & credentials just same as those that do as they’re told but for some reason nobody seems to see these true facts put right in front of their face.

          • maybe you don’t realize but any health practitioner who speaks against the vaccine narrative is being silenced right now through slander, defamation of character, and being stripped of their license to practise medicine.

    • The Dr’s were given letters months ago to shut up or they would be fired. My brother got one From Alberta. These Dr’s have been silent far to long. They need to speak the truth. There are tons of adverse reactions that re NOT being reported and the patient is told their stroke like symptoms are migraines etc.

        • It is difficult to speak out because of the anticipated backlash from the “vaccinated”, who feel they are “enlightened” and superior to those who choose to just say NO. But we have to be strong and not be intimidated or silenced.

          • There’s a lot more of us that know what’s going on as well that aren’t in the medical field. Don’t worry we will stand with u when the time comes.

          • I think your comments about the vaccinated thinking they are “superior” was not called for. I am vaccinated and have many questions still, and even more after reading this article. However I travel a fair amount and do have medical issues so I took the shots. I now feel very fortunate that I had no adverse effects from it! I did however get mixed vaccines so by the sounds of it that will be useless as far as travel goes?? I also have felt frustrated from the beginning about the inconsistency in the reporting and guidelines. So Marjorie I have never felt like I was any better than any one else, and really how would I know if you were vaccinated or not?? I understand the frustration but lashing out at each other only divides us and causes a lot of unnecessary grief. If you need to vent write to your local MP or your Newspaper. Take care and stay healthy.

    • I read all the comments. This should be OUR letter to Horgan Henry and Dix and we ALL need to hold them accountable, including your MLA and MP. Stop waiting for others to do it for you and look up there emails and forward this along. You will get a form letter repose, but then you ask again, and again, and again. Change starts when you hold their feet to the fire. Each of us have to do our part to make change in this world.

      • Dr.Bonnie Henry,Adrian Dix, and the one in hiding, I believe his name Horgan, should immediately resign, for reasons of witholding important medical information like the vaccine, which is really not a vaccine, but an injection. Not to mention an experimental basis and never used in humans. So as Canadians being the most educated in the world; what are we waiting for? Search your web, you will also find that in “Toronto”, a hospital is overruning with vaccinated side effects patients.
        This is no longer an ordinary case, but requires immediate attention.

        • We are all fucked. This country is nothing more than a bunch of sheep being protected by glass walls with wolves salivating on the outside. While the sheepdogs are being silenced (removed) unable to protect what little integrity remains. Now a country pretending to be a first class nation is crumbling before our children’s eyes (again or another generation) and yet the population who could do something are suppressed with Johnny & Jane Do-Nothing. Governments our a reflection of us all. This tyranny could be stopped if everyone rose and demanded accountability, responsibility & ownership.

          • We ‚Amis‘ have stupidity and ‚sheepleness‘ mastered. That were enough ignorant people to put a traitorous evil creature in the Oval Office says volumes. I do not expect to hear anything close to the truth from this administration nor mainstream media. Most are ignorant of how big pharma and government waltz together. Actually it isn’t odd that flu deaths dropped 97% in the last season. Protocols that should be followed with the presence of flu but rarely are ( hand washing, covering ones mouth whilst coughing/sneezing a few days of isolation) have become mainstream. There are cures and many remedies for various maladies ‚hiding‘ in plain site, but because there is no ‚profit‘ …. I so agree

    • I find it all conclusive but this should have been read over again, spelling and grammar errors throughout, If this is all legal why are we not taking this to the court systems. Why don’t we have lawyers drawing up charges. I am totally on board with all of it. I agree but it will not go anywhere without going to court! This has to be stopped!!! Thanks.

      • The courts are corrupt and will not do anything! Thanks, but the only people who win from the court system are the lawyers. It’s been like that for at least 20 years, if not longer, so this is not a solution!

        • You’re correct though small gains may be made with legal battles, though that may just be as a result of the publicity and motivating the general public to get active and involved.

          For us to win this war we all have to get involved in whatever way.

          We can no longer sit on the sidelines. Even if you’re only writing letters or signing petitions – do something please. Spread the word.

          To the people who complain about anonymity on the part of the writer/s. Doctors and all others speaking out have been threatened and have lost their livelihood (or worse) for speaking out. The letter is backed up 100% by facts. Anyone with any common sense knows this is not about protecting our health

      • There is a lawyer, a criminal and constitutional lawyer filing a Statement of Claim against the Government of Canada and the B.C. Government..I just watched it and now I’ve forgotten his name and also the woman he is working with…against Forced vaccination and Vaccine Passports…if you Research it, he’s posting all documents online too…wish I could send it to you through messenger…

  1. Wow, what a fantastic read!! Thank you for doing all that resource / reference work. Given 18+ months of propaganda through media / social media (while we were all told to ‘flatten the curve’) it’s great to have all these references in one place. Now to try to have the population that has been misguided with lies to understand the truth…deprogramming is a long process.

  2. The truth has finally been brought out. Now for the masses to learn about it. However, as indicated at the beginning. The media only answers to the governments that are paying them off. And the Big Pharma is not going to allow this to come out.
    This information has confirmed pretty much everything that I have been trying to spout off. Everyone just laughs at me. And, tells me that it is my opinion.
    The way Dr Henry keeps emphasizing that it is the unvaccinated that are filling the hospitals, instead of the vaccinated.
    What about the Alberta court case that brought up the fact that the ‘coronavirus’ has never been isolated. They can not come up with documents that prove isolation. So, are we actually talking COVID, or are we actually talking flu and/or cold. After all, the flu numbers last year literally disappeared. That does not seem very likely.
    Thank-you for this informative well referenced read.

    • The US CDC will be eliminating the RT-PCR test by the end of the year because they admit it can’t differentiate between Covid & Influenza… Now that we know the Anti-Bodies generated because of the Spike Protein created due to the jab effectively reduces our Innate Immune System I predict this winter will see a HUGE INCREASE in respiratory virus infections such as RSV and increased Influenza cases….which might be attributed to Covid….not to mention that they can’t isolate or detect the so-called Delta Variant because it is generated by vaccinated people…so more vaccine related deaths and adverse effects are imminent! More chaos coming … look at Israel…the most vaccinated country in the world and it has the highest Covid rate today.

          • Interesting; that’s the way the pharma-financed ‘fact checkers’ do it – find some little facet of the point that is incorrect, and use that to demonstrate that the entire point is inaccurate. Like the recent UK public-health report which announced the majority of hospitalizations and deaths are among the vaccinated. Some source or other reported that it said you were some enormous percentage – 750% or something like that – more likely to be infected if you were vaccinated, and that’s wrong. So all the vaxxers jumped on that, and used it to pretend this is still a ‘pandemic of the unvaccinated’. I wouldn’t be surprised if the vaxxer media put it out there themselves just so they could discredit it.

            The larger point stands – Israel is majority-vaccinated to a dramatic degree, whether or not it is ‘most vaccinated’ or not, and most of its hospitalizations and deaths are among the fully-vaccinated. So their answer is…another shot. I think you can see where that is going.

            According to Japanese researchers at Osaka University, the Delta Variant is only one mutation away from completely escaping the current spike-protein vaccines.


            The ‘fact checkers’ will shout that it is not peer-reviewed. Uh huh; peer-reviewed by the same people who keep telling you the vaccines they’re trying to make you take are safe and effective.

      • Exactly! Get your vitamin D levels above 50-60 ng/ml by supplementing D3 with a fatty meal. Get your level tested and if supplements aren’t doing the trick your doctor can help. In the US testing for vitamin D levels is not routine. After reading the studies and finding his own level was low, which surprised him, my doctor is now routinely testing for 25-hydroxyvitamin D in his patients.

      • No, you got that wrong. That misinformation is common.

        Today’s PCR test detects covid, only. From Jan 2022, the CDC request is to start using a test that detects both covid and flu.
        If this means they plan to do mass PCR testing as a means to detect a “flu pandemic”, and continue to drive vaccinations and other measures, that I don’t know, but it gives them a possibility to do so.

        • The “tests” only test for a few various markers (many test manufacturers use different markers) of a computer modeled genome sequence (ie. their “isolation” process detected 35-40 base pairs and let a computer generate the remaining 29,960 base pairs from a data bank). If you read the fine print of all the various test manufacturers, all of them state it can give positive results from other viruses. Only tests for covid?….lol…not at all. Truly we have no clue what it is testing for based off of this quack science they are using. It is all a joke and has always been about CONTROL and Money…we are made aware of this more and more as new mandates and measures take hold out of our normal seasonal flu virus….

    • These references and data have been out and available for months. Some almost from day 1. Many of these Q’s are logical ones any well trained medical practitioner should have had from the outset. Some are simply “virology 101” and basic medicine.

  3. comprehensive, well thought out, transparent, detailed and biologically plausible. Therefore the mainstream media will never pick it up. Thank you for this. the USA has completely suppressed any studies or data contrary to what the genius Fauci and CDC spout.

  4. Sorry, but as the authors choose to remain anonymous I struggle with the validity of such opinions and proposed truths!
    Anyone can provide supposed facts and professional output…even myself. I am not qualified to do so and I call on those who feel they are to lend credence to statements such as these.

    • These are not opinions but facts. You can verify them yourself. People need to start being personally accountable for the information they’re believing is truth and actually find facts to support it. These questions are valid and have been asked by many professionals and doctors since this all started. Facts over feelings.

      • Well said! I feel so terribly sad for those that believed the STORY! If I was to have taken the shots I would be enraged and go after the instigators. If I have died or have severe adverse reactions I would hope that my family and friends, vaccinated or not will also go after these instigators. Be warned that they have a plan when all this blows up. Likely in the forms of a high death rate virus of which the golden ticket holders have a vacs for.

        • I am sad to say, I agree. “They” are all in and know that they have committed to something nefarious – there is no “out.” Having said that, I do still pray that good people will speak out against what will surely transform the world for the worst, for their children and grandchildren. As many of us have learned, the degree of bio-terrorism that has been developed is far beyond what any of us knew or could have imagined. At the end of the day, is we are in the final chapter, truth will eventually prevail and those standing on the wrong side of history will answer for their transgressions.

      • Totally agree ! If you can’t destroy the message destroy the messenger! This is what got us here! Facts are what matter and this document is full of them ! The research and documentation is irrefutable!

    • You can leave your head where it is then and do nothing to actually make up your own mind and not that of the one sided media. I wish you well 🙂

    • So, how much money do you have invested in the vaccines Mick. You sound like one of the sellouts. Like the people on the FDA Board whom over half, have investments in Big Pharma meds. FDA serves BIG PHARMA, no one else. Just like the CDC. which has also been created to protect the industries and their poisons, etc.!

      • IT’S ALL ABOUT THE BENJAMINS! DRUG COMPANY PROFITS! If one does the math, and divides the confirmed number of cases for say Manitoba, into the total population, it comes to 1 out of every 24 people has been confirmed with Covid. If, you divide this number by 5 or 10 times, which is the more accurate count for actual infections, which have already occurred, then, the number becomes (5) 1 out of every 4.4 people, (10) 1 out of every 2.2 people, having already contracted and been, either a carrier, or have had the actual virus, affect them more seriously. So, in regards to this, all of us, have already come into contact with hundreds of carriers of the virus. SO, WHY THE BLOODY MASKS! WHY IS THE MEDIA, STILL TRYING TO INSTILL HIGH LEVELS OF FEAR, INTO EVERYONE! IT’S ALL ABOUT CONTROLLING EVERYONE, REMOVING HUMAN RIGHTS, CASHING IN ON THE VACCINES, AND EXPERIMENTING ON THE ENTIRE WORLD’S POPULATION, WITH WHO KNOWS WHAT? WHAT IS REALLY BEING INJECTED INTO US? ARE FUTURE ILLNESSES BEING PLANTED IN EVERYONE, TO BE SET OFF LATER, WITH ADDITIONAL VACCINES. WHICH, IF SO, WOULD AGAIN, CREATE MASSIVE PROFITS FOR BIG PHARMA! NOT TO MENTION, ALL OF THE MENTAL HEALTH PROBLEMS, THAT THE CURRENT MEDICAL SYSTEM’S MONOPOLY, STANDS TO PROFIT FROM! “IT’S ALL ABOUT THE BENJAMINS!” OR IS ABOUT DOWNSIZING THE WORLD! MAYBE, WE’LL ALL FIND OUT, IN ABOUT, 20 YEARS! IF THE EPIDEMIOLOGISTS, DON’T KILL ALL OF US FIRST, PLAYING GOD, WITH GAIN OF FUNCTION RESEARCH, AND DEADLY VIRUSES!

    • You don’t have to be a scientist to read. The evidence is presented to you. They contradict what public health and the government has been telling you. What more evidence do you need? Is your cognitive dissonance so strong that you simply can’t handle the fact that you’ve been lied to for 18 months? What gain would there be to source this information? The fact that they are anonymous means they aren’t trying to gain ‘clout’ or attention…

      • Well said, those brave medical professionals have nothing to gain, but they are willing to risk their career to tell the truth. Use common sense, If only one voice (aka propaganda) allowed is always a lie.

    • And if they lose their livelihood??? Would it REALLY be worth it to them so you feel “more comfortable “? You have a somewhat predictable comment TBH.

    • I am just glad that it is out there…they can’t sign it look what they have done to all the true scientist’s reputation’s, career’s so far that is telling enough. This is the only way that they can have their voice heard and still be able to care for their patients without retribution or attack.
      Once the smoke has cleared I am sure that they will all come forward and there was a hell of a lot of research done and medical terminology so those that penned it obviously know their stuff. We can choose to listen to them and the rest of the immunologist’s, virologists, Scientists and front line Doctor’s and Nurses or we can continue to listen to the B.S. propaganda, fear and lies being spewed by the Gov. My choice is clear.

    • They are asking valid questions. The public deserves to know how Henry and the BC government answer these questions. I would think you would be interested in their answers also. If not, why not? Is your view that governments must never be questioned?

    • If you were in their shoes, would you be willing to lose your income and have your credibility destroyed by the government? Most all of this information has been available from many sources for over a year, should you CHOSE to look.

    • You choose to believe what you want, if you believe this is not written by medical professionals then fine, but the statements are true, the statistics are true, the evidence is there. You can find all of this information from the doctors and medical professionals stated in the references. You are choosing to believe what the main stream media calls “experts, drs and professionals” when quoting studies and recommendations when names are never given. You are choosing to be on the other side the fence because it’s suits your fear and beliefs. Evidence is evidence.

    • Suggest you actually read the science papers and true virologists commentary rather than follow the so called officials in BC. They have lied, they know it and they are going to make you pay for it with your health and your liberties being suspended. Everything written in that letter had been available to the public for the last 12-18 months. Like most people, you’re too lazy to actually bother to verify the truth.

    • I agree with you. Who are the “silenced professionals “ I would like to see them come forth and offer who they are, before I would I would there is any validity to what they claim….
      Terri McCannel

      • Get off your ass and do some research. Sounds like you sre a sheeple thats works for govt. Cant be inovative, creative, dont rock the boat, and totally lazy to do some thinking. I assume you are vaxxd, two years is max years before death.
        Also if vaxxd. Get live blood analysis. Look at the blood clotting, all the Graphene tubes. These are programmed to track you. Via. 5g, wifi, blue tooth etc. Can be done via. all hi tech in home. Already done in Russia. Huge vaccine people data base on Dark Web. Also Fauci. Gates. Trudeau have interest in vaxx. Vaxx. Was made possible. by. Fauci, Trudeau and China. Trudeau supplied. Graphene Oxide via. UBC. And a Vancouver company. Financial interest.
        Two. Investment companies. Control 92% of economy. Blackrock and Vanguard.

    • All one needs to know about ivermectin:
      “Statistically significant improvements are seen for mortality, hospitalization, recovery, cases, and viral clearance.”
      “Moderate-certainty evidence finds that large reductions in COVID-19 deaths are possible using ivermectin. Using ivermectin early in the clinical course may reduce numbers progressing to severe disease. The apparent safety and low cost suggest that ivermectin is likely to have a significant impact on the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic globally.”
      Bryant, Andrew MSc1,*; Lawrie, Theresa A. MBBCh, PhD2; Dowswell, Therese PhD2; Fordham, Edmund J. PhD2; Mitchell, Scott MBChB, MRCS3; Hill, Sarah R. PhD1; Tham, Tony C. MD, FRCP4 Ivermectin for Prevention and Treatment of COVID-19 Infection: A Systematic Review, Meta-analysis, and Trial Sequential Analysis to Inform Clinical Guidelines, American Journal of Therapeutics: July/August 2021 – Volume 28 – Issue 4 – p e434-e460 doi: 10.1097/MJT.0000000000001402

    • I agree, I think there is some useful information here but the in the spirit of transparency the authors should have stepped up and included their names. “Medical Professionals” isn’t good enough for me.

      • If you thought you would loose your job, career , and years spent at university just for telling the truth ,, would YOU put your name on it? See what is happening in U.S. to those that dare to put their name on any of this information. THEY ARE FIRED.

    • you struggle with the validity of their opinions & proposed truths ? no need to struggle. that is precisely why the author provided searchable links to support all of their assertions, you fool.

    • Mick, They have provide you with countless links that verify their statements. This is an excellent letter and should be read and reread. We are being forced down a very dark hole! I along with many others have been predicting what was going to happen for well over a year and now it’s happening in real time exactly like we predicted. Bill Gates even talked about a vax pass right at the beginning, 18 months ago. Hundreds of thousands of people all over the world are waking up and they are not happy. I just hope it’s not too late.

    • Check out Dr. Peter McCollough -Full story. If you are looking for someone to tie their name and expertise to confirm what is being said here. Take the time to watch entire video.

    • I completely agree. They should proudly disclose their names, or it’s just another anonymous social media post that could have been written by anyone.

    • A movement opposes science when it doesn’t want assertions tested, challenges arithmetic when its claims don’t add up, ridicules ‘merit’ when it wants to triumph by other means, seeks to censor when it fears discussion.

      Those who coddle such demands sow the seeds of our undoing.
- Bret Weinstein

    • Mr. Mick Webb, you truly have not taken any time to fact check and verify that the evidence and details provided in this letter, are factual, verifiable and not based on opinions, ideas or suggestions. Take your head out of your backside, do some home work before slagging something that you have no knowledge on. Because once you turn of the mainstream media and do some reading and research, I can guarantee that you may be the next person trying to contact Henry with your concerns.

    • They remain anonymous so the y can keep their jobs and not be blacklisted from future research..I thought science evolved with debate and other views…..

    • You are aware that every supporting source they supplied is from a highly qualified professional right ? Perhaps we should wait for your vaunted “trusted authority” verification while our rights are trampled on ?

    • Jesus!!@ How much MORE proof do you need?! Why do you discount the mountain of emerging evidence against faxing, in favour of all the flip flopping, deception and documented coercion?!
      I question either your motives, or your sanity or both.

  5. AWESOME READ THANK YOU TO THE COURAGEOUS DOCTORS NURSES AND OTHER PROFESSIONALS for taking a stand on this insane journey we all have been forced to take. It’s interesting that GLOBAL CTV CBC have not reported this letter to which I’m sure they got a copy of. Thank you Easton Spectator for reporting this important letter.

  6. Who wrote this letter? What are thier names? Where is the original source of this letter? Why can I not verify the existence of this letter?
    Believe me I would love for it to be a real thing. How can you ask real people be accountable to anonymous “physicians”.
    Let’s fight this the right way. Not with BS. If it is not BS then source your document.

    • If a medical practitioner speaks out against COVID vaccines The college of physicians and surgeons will terminate there license. So they are in tough position

      • Yup good idea to loose all 160 health providers here…there are some absolute nuts here to think there wouldn’t be reprisals to those who openly sign this online.. the idiot maskers would hunt them down like they offered to do to others

      • Even with the anonymity it would be nice to have answers to these questions from our health professionals. I come from a family where there are some vaccinated and some are not. I am not in a medical field but the whole vaccine thing has me uneasy. A vaccine that still allows us to catch and spread the disease does not seem like a good vaccine. What is being done to improve on this vaccine so we don’t have the worry of spreading to our children and grandchildren, so it can be beaten. What about the alternative medications and supplements that are being used in other countries. It seems like they are quick to deny that they are at all helpful or effective. Why are other countries having success with them. Are we even looking into other options?I have family with Covid, some with stay at home sickness, some that have been hospitalized and currently a family spread that looks like it may result in death of a perfectly healthy vibrant woman. For something that this letter makes sound like it is not as serious as the media is making it, there is too much in my family alone. No one that has been effected by Covid wants to see anyone suffer like these people have/are. I think the letter is well written and documented and I too would like to see these questions answered in the hope that we can all come together to find a way through this.

      • Well, then I guess they are in the same boat as other health care practitioners then who don’t or won’t get the vaccine and stand to lose their job. They don’t want to lose their licenses to practice if they state their names… no different than the people on healthcare getting the jab to keep their jobs.

      • So what all these very valid points and questions are not valid because it is anonymous?
        How about all the research and backup. Far more than you will ever get from the fakenews.
        When something is real, it does not matter who brings it to light.

      • This fact is not publicly known … the publication of THIS fact alone might go a long way to both changing many people’s minds and certainly change who they trust.

    • Have you even looked at the sources quoted? There is more than ample proof for what they’re claiming. For anyone even vaguely interested in the actual truth, this is a powerful article that provides solid evidence. Try and actually prove that what they’re saying is BS. Who cares who wrote it if it’s waking people up to the truth? Check out the Great Barrington Declaration. Well over 1,000 lawyers and 10,000 plus medical professionals are openly suing governments around the world for this fake pandemic. Look it up – it includes all the names and professional status of all signatories.

    • They’ve shared the information for you to verify yourself. Very simple to read. Maybe you should be asking the powers that be that run mainstream media why they haven’t been more balanced in their information sharing. Anything promoting the vaccine, fear and division — aired. Anything contradicting any of that — censored. Is that fair and ethical journalism? Isn’t scientific discourse a necessary part of the scientific practice?

    • The College of Surgeons has written a letter to all doctors demanding they do not question the rulings regarding Covid or risk the cancellation of their licenses. That is why they are not revealing their names.

    • Hey Wcoaster you have no idea the pressure being put on professionals who are actually looking at the data and peer reviewed studies. I wish someone would have signed their name as well but I also understand. Put that aside and read the article, to the end. And then read the links.. all credible like CDC and peer reviewed

    • If you read the letter, then it must exist. It is not necessary to know who was involved in writing it to assess its validity. I think your focus should be on whether or not the questions raised are valid. The background for each question is well documented.

    • Do you understand CENSORSHIP, MUZZLING and CANCEL CULTURE?
      Clearly not!
      Again, do your homework, be curious, research, be a critical thinker instead.
      The Talking Head Mediots on the big screen LIE, constantly.
      If our medical system adopted the widespread use of Ivermectin, this plandemic is OVER!
      Bonnie Henry is either grossly incompetent, or evil beyond words.
      Dix and Horgan are just typical sociopathic narcissists, disguised as politicians

    • I don’t know who wrote this letter but if you need corroborating evidence go look at this link https://worlddoctorsalliance.com/ and this one https://www.bitchute.com/video/NGTmdKRmNM2O/ Check out sites like https://www.stopworldcontrol.com/ and listen to the videos of Drs, lawyers, scientists, nurses, etc. If you’re not convinced after that then I don’t know what it would take to convince you that the globalists are calling the shots as you can see when you check out the World Economic Forum and Klaus Schwab’s Great Reset book, etc. There is a mountain of evidence to these facts for anyone who will do their own research.

    • You’re blowing in the wind WCoaster…like flatulence… Doctors and nurses in Canada are paid by the government…which is why they can be threatened by their various colleges to ‘say nothing’…most have families to feed but lately I have watched and/or read many testimonies from frontline workers fed up with lies. 40% of healthcare workers resisting the vaccine now and many will lose their jobs resulting in full capacity hospitals… not because of Covid…rather because of staff shortages…it’s only going to get worse. Stop spinning your wheels and wake up…you’ve had 18 months.

    • I am a physician in Calgary, and I will remain anonymous. I am in trouble with my own College, the CPSA, for writing a mask exemption letter for a patient of mine last summer. We were tasked with the responsibility of making judgment on these situations, and providing a letter if felt valid. Evidently, I was reprimanded as my critically appraised decision did not align with the narrative.

      I urge all to look up Lancet – Elephant Not in the Room.
      As physicians, we are taught not to fall for relative risk reduction on medical school. This paper does an excellent job in evaluating absolute risk reduction. Do you know that at best (Astra Zeneca), you need to vaccinate 78 people to prevent one additional case of Covid-19? This could mean preventing a child with sniffles.

      Canadian Family Physician published an article on the three vaccines in the spring of 2021. It was astonishing to read that there was no reduction in mortality across any of the three vaccines.

      Do the vaccines reduce severity of illness? Possibly according to the literature. Does it validate the societal pressures to mandate vaccines? In my opinion, it is a resounding NO.

      Lastly, I urge all readers here to review the Canadian Covid Care Alliance website. Many of the contributors to this website chose to remain anonymous.

      • Contact the justice center for constitutional freedom. Take the CPSA to court. They represent clients for free. http://www.jccf.ca.

        They are representing a surgeon from Saskatoon who was terminated for saying in a lecture that he was not convinced vaccinating children was a good idea. And he was not against vaccines. Still was terminated.

    • There is absolutely no mention of this being written by Dr’s and Nurses. Sorry, add your names or you are just another in the long list of nameless protestors.

    • There is enough content in this letter for you to verify. Too many doctors have faced retribution and loss of reputation & income for speaking out. These are extraordinary times. Allow this exception, and examine the material as if it was presented to you by a witness who wishes to remain anonymous.

  7. Suggestion for spreading this truth:
    – send a copy to your local MLA
    – send a copy to Horgan, Henry, and Dix
    – send a copy to the BC College of Physicians & Surgeons – ask them why they’re not supporting this truth that’s being spoken by these members of your own college. And if they don’t support this open letter, then ask them to make a statement, including evidence, that shows the Okanogan doctors are wrong.
    – post to Facebook
    – post to Twitter
    -send to everyone you know – vaxxed or unvaxxed. If they disagree, ask for evidence supporting their position.
    Use your imagination. Spread the word. We are in the middle of an information war…. and the bad guys are winning so far. If we all act, we can and will turn this around.

    • Facebook and Twitter will remove this. I have tried. Sent to my MP, MLA and provincial Chief Medical Office (in NB). All attempts were summarily dismissed.

    • I would suggest sending it to your company’s Chief Medical Officer too. I did today.

      Would have been more helpful HAD it been signed, but I understand the cone of silence that Canadian medical professionals are under.

  8. How liberal are you? Maybe you should watch real news instead of fake cbc, cbs, global, etc. People can`t leave their names ,they will get dismissed,My daughter inlaw just got the e-mail, if you don`t get the jab you won`t have a job, she is a dr. NOW WAKE UP.

  9. Unfortunately I have shared this letter with family and friends and received backlash because they discredit anything that is not signed. I understand why it would be a risk for those who wrote this and I am still glad they published it.

    • Challenge them to disregard the letter but to read all of the linked and referenced material not written by them to come to their own conclusions.

    • I wish more Dr’s would stand up to this and say more!! I understand the position you are in, but the bad position it has put many citizens in is not right..

    • Where are you based out of? Are you a GP? I could use a GP that doesn’t just tell me “If you just get vaccinated it will be better for everyone. Why don”t you just make it easy on yourself?” I need a real DR.

    • Dr…. You ‘don’t have time’? Make the time like so many of your peers have done. These liars need to be exposed…. Esp. Doctors who refuse early TREATMENT to people who tested positive… treatments like Dr.Peter McCullough has published in many medical journals…Sure, some of these doctors are paying a hefty price but they’re heroes and will be rewarded later.

  10. Thank you, from another health professional, for such an intelligent, comprehensive, factual and well researched “letter.” I would consider it to be one of the best evidence based written pieces I have found. Very clear and concise and the information flows well. Proud to be standing alongside your group in the search for truthful, factual answers from our BC Government. Do I think we will receive them? No. But I commend you for your document demanding them!!!!
    Blessings on all of you! 🙏

  11. This letter is amazing. I agree with all of this. There is a problem though: More than half the links are broken (they can go a random irrelevant site or it says “sorry the page you’re looking for cannot be found”), and this discredits everything these physicians are saying.
    How can we find the links elsewhere? Nobody will take this article seriously if we cannot actually fact check it!

    • This often happens. The cited source moves the materials or deletes them. However, the authors of the letter say that they have archived copies of the cited materials and associated web pages. Get in touch with them and I expect they would be happy to provide alternate links to the citations.

    • Don’t you think Google would have destroyed these links. They have burned the midnight oil to make sure there is little evidence and more distrust for truth…

    • It seems that some of the links are erroneously grouped together as a single hyperlink, so then they don’t work! There are also a few that just don’t work at all; I agree. Hopefully they can fix these issues!

    • Can you give an example of a link that was not working for you.

      Ed Note: Regarding dead links… In our original post the links were working, however the next day the links were compromised of deleted.
      We spend a few hours yesterday restoring the links… If you can’t connect with any link, please let us know

  12. I have read, followed a lot of diiferent articles and this sums it up in a very powerful letter.
    Thankyou Very Much.
    I have posted this wherever I can.
    This is a must read for everyone.

  13. Thank you so much for putting this letter out there!!! I pray that the truth is revealed and that she is held to account for her actions and the ruin she has exacted on this province!

  14. Thank you for bringing 18+ months worth of counter-narrative information together so succinctly. I know nurses and doctors who share these opinions and understand the threats to your professional standing.

  15. This was a very good read. I love all the resources.
    How do we get this out to the masses?
    Why are not thousands of lawyers also jumping on board Pro Bono? Filing for injunctions in courts across this land, and the world for the matter?
    Injunctions would put an immediate stop to these tyrannical mandates, and force the governments to produce scientific proof, as it is the PCR tests that the government has based all its mandates on.
    Please this is a call out to all lawyers, your lives are at stake, as well as the rest of us.

  16. OMG about time!!! now will they listen!?? The sooner they are behind bars the sooner I can stop crying for the people who are in the dark!!!

    • No – they don’t listen to the highly published, experienced and educated “Specialists” in their fields, some who are even nobel prize nominees for their work, such as the inventor of mRNA who states they should never give the shot to humans. These “real experts” have a lot to lose by going against the agenda ( it’s no longer a narrative ), to destroy our world and bring in a new globalist society.

      Compared to these people, Tam and Henry are nothing but witch doctors.

      Why don’t they divulge the risks? ( as they are legally obligated to do ), Why don’t they divulge the ingredients (as they are legally obligated to do ).

      We have come to the point in our society where the only people that need to obey the law are the people – the politicians are clearly above it.

      Remember this phrase by Benjamin Franklin – “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”

      Apartheid and government sanctioned “Discrimination” is NOT FREEDOM!!

    • Thank you! People are deaf and blind to anything that contradicts the narrative.
      Thank you!
      Wish there was an Ontario parallel letter. The mandate press conference Christine Elliott today made me literally nauseous.
      I am likely to be unemployed and banned from life, destroyed retirement as I will not get jabbed by government policy.

  17. Thank you! Beautifully written and incredibly specific! We support our nurses and doctors who are defending all of us by speaking out against these media fuelled lies!

  18. Without any names provided this letter holds no weight. This makes me sad, because our government will just toss it aside. I believe in what is said here but without people standing behind what they are saying it is impossible to share this. Hearts are in the right place, but fear prevails over standing up for our rights.

    • Government will probably toss it aside, but if fnough citizens read it, they may start asking quedtions. I understand the reluctance of the authors to identify themselves. Medical people resisting the government narrative or asking awkward questions are getting fired.

      • Its actually a weak excuse. If this really comes from 160 professionals from the Okanagan, OK health could quite literally not afford to fire them all. The system would collapse.

        People need to gain the courage to call the system’s bluff. Because if enough stand up in concert, that’s exactly what it is.

    • Which parts of this information do you disagree with and why? The who is not relevant in science. Only the what matters. I am a UBC graduate and have the word science in every one of my university degrees. I encourage you to discuss the what.

      In reply to Bobbie-Anne McFee.
      Ask them which parts of this information they disagree with and why.

  19. A lengthy read, but oh, so important. While I hope people will realize the threat represented by the propaganda we have been spoon fed for so many months, I won’t be holding my breath. Having said that, I fully expect to end my days in a Covid Camp somewhere.

  20. Awesome, this open letter is very crafted. I would say most people in BC are vert concerned and have many questions about this situation we find ourselves in and many of them are covered in this letter. This is an unprecedented time in the history of the world in so many ways. The mandates that are rolling out across countless countries are very suspect, and as we all know, very little information, other than “These vaccines have been proven safe and effective” and “For the good of us all, please get vaccinated. Its our only way to get back to normal”. Anyone with a functioning mind can see that this is and will not be the case. If these so called leaders cannot answer these questions in a logical and believable fashion (I’m quite skeptical they can at this point) if at all, I think there will certainly be great resistance to any further recommendations from them to say the least.

  21. Great Questions and Research with Facts. We salute you and each and
    every Professional, Front Line Worker,
    Citizens young and older for standing up for our God given Rights and Freedoms against what seems to be The One World Order.

  22. The fact that this group of medical professionals is under threat of their livelihood and professional standing for the sin of speaking out tells you all you need to know. We are presently suffering a tyrannical State acting in compliance to their masters. Nothing safe or kind about it.

  23. How does all this information stop the virus infecting people? Our health care workers are overworked. I have heard nurses are retiring due long stressful hours. Some hospitals are filled with COVID patient and those requiring operations are being delayed. To stop the virus everyone should take the shot to prove the shot works and we can all get back to normal. I learned a long time ago not believe everything you hear, read or see especially governments. Do what is best for Canadians and that is take the shot.

    • In the natural world, you cannot effectively stop a virus from transmitting. When healthy individuals get the virus, it typically is not serious. They develop antibodies, and the virus eventually wears itself out. Subsequent variants can be more transmitable, but less lethal. There is eviddnce tgat the vax is actually interfering with this process. We also do not know the ultimate impact if the vax, so advising prople to just take it to ” prove that it works” is completely irrational. Here is how viruses work:

    • Why take the shot? Hospitals are full, and have been full since the end of last fall because governments at all level across Canada refuse to provide proven treatments. The shots will never matter because we can never reach herd immunity when animals are also viable hosts.

      On the comment by @MaryLS. A biology professor in Canada explained to me that the word variant is used on purpose; that these slightly different molecules are not as dangerous as the original (as you stated). If they were more dangerous they would be called strains.

    • Len, the shot has proven not to work and this is why you will need a booster. Life will never get back to normal and you will have to come to realize this. Nurses are retiring and quitting because they do not want to be force to take a shot they do not want, I know many nurse say the majority of sick patients have been double jabbed. I also leant a long time ago not to believe everything you hear, read and especially government.

    • REALLY LEN? I’m supposed to risk my intestines, and all other organs blowing up with blood clots just for YOU and the rest of Canada? I’m supposed to risk permanent paralysis, the onset of MS and Parkinson’s, myocarditis, stroke, or premature death just for YOU and the rest of Canada? I’ve read every link in this letter because I researched and discovered all this info over the last 18 months myself, so it’s all true! Did you read Klaus Schwab’s GREAT COVID RESET? Do you know what’s happening in Australia right now? COMMUNISM taking over that’s what! So before you preach to me or anyone else to take a toxic mixture of shite brought to you by BILL GATES and his gang of BIG PHARMA who are making TRILLIONS by committing worldwide genocide so the billionaire elites can create their dystopian world, mind you’re own goddamn business and DO THE RESEARCH! History IS repeating itself right before our eyes and it’s sheeple like you who would clearly be the first to sell out your neighbour to save yourself from AUSCHWITZ! Got news for you, the snitching neighbours all ended up there too!

      • Thank you EN. I so agree with you. Auschwitz looming and scarry because my grandmother was there. The brainwashing that is going on has already made two different points of view. And those that are not vaxxed are being treated like Jews — wear a band on your sleeve AKA vaxx passport.

    • Yeah, and when we all comply the trap will snap. I only hope Klaus Schwab and friends go down in their suicide vests. This has been planned for decades while some of us have been asleep at the wheel. What do we all think the World Wide Web means??

    • wow, you managed to contradict yourself 3X in a single post. What the letter asks for is the data support your claim that “taking the shot is the best thing for all Canadians”.

      BTW: If you think everyone taking the jab is going to get us back to normal … I have swamp land in FLA I’d like to sell you.

  24. Some great questions here. All of which have answers readily available to anyone capable of reading.

    The general public is incapable of reading peer reviewed studies. Hence the reason for irrelevant excitement for a letter they themselves have not read in its entirety.

    Good luck with your letter

  25. Thank you for sharing all these since many of us know some of these informations already but no one has directly asked those in power to answer for them in such simple yet logical way as you did! Kudos and now lets see if the officials will have guts to admit they are serving us lies for last 18 months and narrative which allows them to control this vaccination propaganda which deserves criminal investigation for discrimination human rights in Canada! Sad is none of the top parties in next elections have leader with a backbone to deal with corrupted billionaires who have all of them in pockets so deep the core of this planet would not be far enough to go to look for it! Shame people are being boiled like frogs and despite traumatized families , friendships and society in general not so many actually think and pay attention to what is in reality going on!

    • Well said! My hubby has been forced by his Employer to get the jab and had a really bad reaction…in order to keep his job…and now they insist everyone get both before Nov. 1…this is in Alberta and a University! Where is the justice against humanity…how can they have this power over us along with the ridiculous Vaccination Passports…I’m so worried as he is a cancer survivor after many years and 36 radiation treatments..I don’t know what the second jab will do to him..and I feel helpless…I purposely retired from my gov. Job so I wouldn’t have to go through this as I have severe allergies/sensitivities to medications/ preservatives and am terrified to get this experimental jab!

  26. The first question they should be compelled to answer should be:

    Have the SARS-CoV-2 virus ever been isolated in a purified form?

    Hundreds of FOI (freedom of information) requests have been submitted to health/science institutions worldwide to provide proof this has been done, and no record of SARS-COV-2 isolation/purification exist anywhere, ever. Without that evidence:

    – the structure and composition of something not shown to exist can’t be known, including the presence, structure, and function of any hypothetical spike or other proteins;
    – the genetic sequence of something that has never been found can’t be known;
    “variants” of something that hasn’t been shown to exist can’t be known;
    – it’s impossible to demonstrate that SARS-CoV-2 causes a disease called Covid-19.

    (Here is an excellent explanation for isolating a virus; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=huEaH-boaoY.)

    Quite simply, the lockdowns and the rush to implement dangerous experimental vaccines were groundless. Our economy was crippled for no reason. People’s health, livelihoods and rights have been compromised based on something that does not exist, which to me is immoral, illegal and corrupt.

  27. I have been a serious advocate for exactly what is spelled out here, and have suffered some serious critisism form my friends for doing so. Thier critisisms have not detered me however and I am very pleased to have some information from such a credable sourse to show what is really going and being done to our people who blindly trust and believe our politicains, which they should be able to do anyway in a just society.
    Bless you for this document, I hope it goes to every person who can read.

  28. Thank you!
    The Gov’t has so many brainwashed already, there has to be something
    done Canada wide or North America wide to draw attention to this truth.
    The media has to get on board and report truth.

  29. I have friends who pester me about getting the jab. I tell them I’m in no rush until the science is settled. They claim it settled, but clearly it is not. They want me to believe in scientists, yes the same people who said said that tobacco was good for us (1960s Big Tobacco paying for study results), that drug injection sites were fantastic (but the Centre for Excrements refuses to release the raw data), that marijuana is a medicine (for votes and money).

    Big Pharma has so much money to buy their “science” and silence. This madness of blind obeisance must stop now! Wake up and use critical thinking!

  30. What an amazing read! Even if the links get taken down, the questions are what are important! If they can’t be answered to our satisfaction then we cannot be forced to take substances into our bodies where “informed consent” is required.

  31. Can you set up a system or app that will display the number of doctors and health professionals in the province that can continue to sign this document in support anonymously of course

    • Great idea but someone could just take names out of a phone book,l would think.
      Our Dr. Is a great humble person but really afraid of losing his job so he refused to give my grandchild who has asthma a mask exemption for school.
      Has anyone suggested praying? This is certainly a war between good and evil.

  32. Thank you all for being brave enough to do this! I hope & pray that this will be taken seriously & that those concerned remove their ‘blinkers’ We desperatly need to get these facts out there & for medical professionals to stand together on this before it’s too late! Meanwhile vaccine injuries’continue.
    So many people are resorting to buying vetinary Invermectin as it’s not being prescribed!! It’s scandalous that this drug could save life’s but is being restricted.
    Also the matter of these so called safe vaccines that are still in an experimental stage being mandated for all even our children is utter madness & tiranicle! We have to have the right to choose!!

  33. Keep in mind who the politicians have taken their oath to, not the people, their oath is to the QUEEN, I am sure everyone can connect the dots.

    Who wrote this letter, does not matter as they are legitimate questions that need to be answered by these gangsters? If they don’t answer they need to be brought to a common law court before their peers for questioning and sentencing – IMMEDIALTY.

    We know this is a WORLD-WIDE AGENDA, HORRIBLE HORBAN and GANGSTERS are MURDERING people on a daily basis in the name of money. We need to insist on opening the books, follow the money.

  34. Wow thank you! I’ve been wondering how they continue to push a “vaccine” on young healthy people which in not effective in stopping the spread and how they continue to use the PCR tests when it’s is well know that give false positives. WAKE UP CANADA, this is not about your health, this is all political

    • I read last week that Trudeau owns a share in a fairly new pharmaceutical company in Vancouver called Arbutas. They have been quietly getting very rich as they are involved in this poisonous vaccine. I consider this to be treason if not a massive conflict of interest.
      As if that’s not bad enough O’Toole promised in the debate to make vaccine passports a top priority if he is elected.
      I can’t tell anyone else how to vote but my conscience tells me that it has to be Maxime Bernier

  35. I’m a Functional Medicine Practitioner in N.S. May I use this amazing article as a template to draw from to send to our health minister and Premier here in our province?

    This would be greatly appreciated! 🙏

  36. Yes these so called authorities have been lying to us — the media has pushed their lyes—we are not a communistic country—your control shows all you want is control over the people—look at the facts —and go straight to hell you need to be fired

  37. I agree with the content of this article and would like to see a response. As of October 12, 2021 I will be terminated from my job because of my refusal to take the vaccine. Business are closing due to staff shortages and there will be more and not because of illness but because of mandates.
    Rod Johnson

  38. Excellent letter! Factually documented with Scientific Resources! You’ve stated what I’ve written to these politicians in far more detail. I never received a reply other than they acknowledged my letter.

  39. I’m grateful for this group and organization as I’m concerned about getting kicked out of nursing school. Please fix the broken links or offer other links as this compromises credibility.

  40. Many who consider ourselves critical thinkers have been immensely troubled by the lack of transparency concerning the COVID-19 response from the beginning. The reticence to identify the source, the wholly illogical responses by Health Services/Government and the deliberate misrepresentation or suppression of MEANINGFUL statistical outcomes speaks to a hidden agenda that must be brought to light.

    The cost of the government overreaches is destroying careers, lives, families and our economy. The blatant disregard for Charter protected, Constitutional inalienable rights and freedoms is a massive, unacceptable Orwellian elimination of civil liberties. There must be a restoration of the Rule of Law, including prosecution under Canadian Law and the Nuremberg Code including prosecuting the failed legal requirement of Informed Consent.. How soon we forget the lessons of history.

  41. I am not able to access all the references, claiming the don’t exist or have been moved or deleted. We can I find the archived ones to make this credible.

  42. Thank you! I haven’t finished reading the article, yet. But I did notice a typo, just after the breakdown of the numbers of deaths per age group. In a paragraph, it states the percent of people around the age of 70 who have die with covid, and then it mentions 60 and over is 94%, but I believe it’s supposed to say ’80 years old and over has died with covid’.
    Thank you, again. These are all questions I’ve been wanting answers to as well!
    Praying for everything to be set straight 💕

    • I don’t believe it is a typo, but maybe I just read it differently:
      “Given 84.3% of all people who are said to have died with COVID-19 are age 70 and over, and 94% of all people who are said to have died with COVID-19 are age 60 and over, how do you justify applying public health restrictions on the rest of the population?”

      I think it means that 84.3% were 70 or older, then adding in the additional 9.7% of people who were between 60 and 70, 94% of people were 60 or older…

  43. Thank you so much for writing this very informative letter. One should print this out multiple times and go and do a flyer drop at shopping centers. People need to read this!

    • Nice thought, but people won’t believe.
      The public has been indoctrinated by the daily FEAR and propaganda campaign by government and their media henchmen. Look at Keith Baldrey from GlowBull. Is he a paid member of the BC Government? Sure seems that way.
      The public as a whole is in a state of irrational fear and paranoia, their critical thinking brain has shut down as a result. There is no convincing them, that their chances of death are far higher from a car accident, a fall, or a sharp object. The public thinks there’s a 50% chance of death if they get the Wuhoo Flu. This is how misinformed and irrational they are, thanks to BigScreen Jabbering Heads.
      The media is EVIL.
      I fear the only way the tide will turn, is due to disaster, or an approaching one. We see what’s happen8ng in other highly jabbed countries, Israel, UK, and the like. The rise of Vid in the Jabbed continues to fill their hospitals.
      We also see that India disappeared from the news cycle. Remember how India was a “crisis”? Now? Crickets! Why? Well, they adopted Ivermectin as a widely used treatment. The result, is the wav was demolished, and the country is recovering. Not that the corrupt media would report it, disasters are good for ratings.
      “See the bubble headed bleach blonde with the gleam in her eye,
      It’s interesting when people die, give us Dirty Laundry”
      Dirty Laundry
      Don Henley

      • Thank you for this comment. Your explanation shows how much we are in deep sh… sorry, deep trouble. As you wrote, the media has become evil.

  44. My son has a medical exemption from our GP who highly recommended against taking the vaccine due to a history of severe anaphylaxis. (Wouldn’t want it anyways) He is in the process of waiting to see if he will be allowed to remain on campus. I called Bonnie’s office to explain the situation and was told ‘Doctors are not allowed to write exemptions’ to which I responded ‘are you telling me you know more about my son then his family doctor who has his history’. To which they said ‘ we do not have enough time to vet these medical exemptions’ the basic message I received was not to trust our family doctors.
    I found this gross and completely Hypocritical to what we’ve always been taught which is to trust our family doctors, and on top of that they paid no attention to what I felt as a parent was best for my son. The conversation went on and I explained my son was pursuing medicine. The lady I spoke to laughed and said ‘ he will need a vaccine to study medicine’ 🤯. Please tell me how she is predicting the future of medicine!? The conversation was very cold…..

    protect our future and children….

    Thank you Doctors and health care professionals for standing up and challenging this insanity. Praying for change every single day.

  45. Thank you for taking the time to share this truthful information. I look forward to sharing with everyone, likeminded or not. Ignorance is NOT bliss!!
    I stand for truth Dr. Bonnie and company and the truth will prevail.

  46. I mean… it’s not actually “opinion” when it’s literally quotes and facts taken specifically from each of the government/health sites-they even gave you the easy link button so you can just click on it to read it for yourself…. You literally just have to read it. And it’s not a judgement to ask questions… I’m glad these individuals stand by their oath and are asking the hard questions demanding transparency. It’s been a flip flop shit show since the start of this thing… talking in circles saying masks and hand sanitizer don’t work… then immediately pushing it mandating it like it’s the cure… yet here we are… after being muzzled and sanitized yet “covid” is still a problem… doubled vaxxed and it’s still a problem… once we hit 70% immunization rate we’ll have heard immunity… boasts over 77% vaxxed but it’s now not enough.. we need 100% and boosters every 8 months… you can mix the shots… oh actually no you can’t… and that depends on which vax site go to or which SHA agent you talk to… since they all offer different information (hey can we get an “independent fact-checker” on this?!)

    All I have to say is ENOUGH already. Most everyone has had covid/come in contact with it… it’s run it’s course. And people by now know the risks if they choose not to vax – which is their RIGHT TO CHOOSE! And that is the bigger issue. Why is this vax still in trials being pushed? If it’s so safe why were they offering financial incentives to push people into it? If it’s so safe why are they threatening to punishment on those who choose not to get it? Why did Pfizer change it’s name with the FDA approval… and FDA approval is on the yet to be manufactured and re-labeled vax not the one that is currently on the market (that particular one is still emergency use) and oh… here’s that safety data… but for sure we should stick this in our children!

    Data from approximately 22,000 people aged 16+ who got the vaccine and 22,000 people who had a placebo was used.
    Over half of the clinical trial participants were followed 4 months after the second dose and overall, 12,000 people who had the vaccine were followed for at least 6 months.
    The most common side effects were: pain, redness and swelling at the injection site, fatigue, headache, muscle or joint pain, chills, and fever.
    According to post-EUA safety data, the FDA concluded there is an increased risk of myocarditis and pericarditis, especially within 7 days of the second dose. The risk is higher in males under age 50, with the highest risk in men 12-17. The FDA noted that “available” data shows most people’s symptoms resolved on their own, while others required intensive care support.
    Syncope (fainting) upon administration also received a special address in the Comirnaty’s packet insert, as some people have experienced syncope with the vaccine, although according to the company, it’s not clear why.


  47. Thank you all so much and GOD BLESS🙏But we all know that they will never show this on the government controlled media,we need to spread this far and wide because if we don’t then the rest of the world won’t see what’s really happening. I’m not getting the poison and my children and grandkids are not. The sad thing is that both our daughters are going to end up loosing their jobs, I bet that people still don’t see what is wrong with this but anyway it is what it is and one day very soon we will all be controlled by the government,the mad scientist and can’t forget bill gates the freak that wants to depopulate the world. HITLER never died he continued on worshiping satin because it’s only someone with the devil in them could do what he did,and we are heading that very same path weather people realize it or not . God help us all 🙏

  48. Wonderfully written and researched This should be mandatory reading in Schools At least every teacher and Principal. And kids from 15 and up.

  49. This is the only problem I have with this excellent document;

    Voices Of Silenced Okanagan Health Professionals
    A concerned group of health professionals who choose to remain anonymous due to threats of discipline and termination, by our own various professional governing bodies, for all who dare to question the B.C. government narrative on COVID-19 policies.

    These people must reveal themselves publicly !
    Otherwise their impact is reduced significantly.

    • They are afraid. They could/will likely lose their jobs. I think EVEYONE should go on strike! Then what would our great and glorious leaders do?
      I think I will follow some good advice here and send this on to all I know, and plaster the windshields at Walmart. Maybe a mass mailing in our Post Office. It might hurt our pocket books a bit but then we will be able to look God in the eye!We have to get creative.

    • As a scientist, the who is not relevant. Only the what is important. The information they have published, especially on IVM which is my focus, is correct. That is all that mattters.

  50. Totally agree what has been said…I could of not said it any better…This mandate is also against the ”Nuermberg Code” that Canada signed in 1945, it still stands today…So what is being mandated is illigal, and should not be mandated as it brings us all back to world war 2 all over again…Check out what happened there, and you will see this is happening again..slowly….Big answers need to be answered,,asap…

  51. All I have to say is there is hope for people who believe in freedom of choice and god bless those that stand for they believe in. We all need to make a educated decisions regarding our health and everyone needs to know both sides of the story !!!!Stand up and question unless you know 100% what you are doing is right !!!!

  52. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this very professional and well thought out piece of writing. Right from the beginning this didn’t add up and my logical mind has been questioning why statements made over the last 18 months (precious months as I’m a retired senior and struggling with the prospect of not seeing my beloved son and grandchildren) have been contradictory and non-sensical. We moved from a Doctor in tears and pleading for calm, kindness and safety, to a dictatorial bully. At last some sanity!

  53. Thank you for your voices! I am so sorry that you are being silenced. WE APPRECIATE YOU! This is an amazing read and I really hope we all get the answers and transparency we deserve!

  54. I completely understand these health care professionals for not having their identities published.
    Iam a nurse myself too, and just a week ago we received an email from BCCNM(British Columbia College of nurses and midwives),basically if we don’t play narratives that government and news media are serving to public, drastic punitive measures will be taken against, such a loosing your license.
    My heart is completely broken!
    I can’t even advocate for the sick and vulnerable anymore.
    Iam wondering what is happening with so many caring and intelligent physicians that I’ve been working with.
    Why are they all silent?

  55. Time to stand up for our rights while we still have some. If we cave to this perilous covid scam what will they try next. And thanks to the medical professionals for bringing the truth out. I will not conform to the false one sided information Bonnie trying to enforce on us. We need to stand together and defete them.

  56. Is anybody listening ? I am so deeply appalled that our elected government officials are only responding to one side of the story. This, in my view is criminal and they will eventually be held to account for being complicit in a mass genocid / eugenics program that is global in scope.

  57. Your blood cell before Vax and after!!!!


    Now a company “Profusa” is waiting FDA approval for a hydrogel biosensor to be inserted through the vax in order to “monitor” everyone bodies…claiming to collect data to expose viruses sooner. They will track everything you do. This will be the boosters!

    Check out “profusa.com”

  58. Your blood cell before Vax and after!!!!


    Now a company “Profusa” is waiting FDA approval for a hydrogel biosensor to be inserted through the vax in order to “monitor” everyone bodies…claiming to collect data to expose viruses sooner. They will track everything you do. This will be the boosters!

    Check out “profusa.com”

  59. There needs to be answers and there needs to be action! These are crimes against humanity being perpetrated under the guise of caring and it is anything but. Thank you to this group for compiling this open letter and the resource links- share this like crazy and let’s make sure Henry,Dix and Horgan actually reply. They work FOR US- not the other way around!

  60. This is heartbreaking Wayne, and 1 of too many examples of how these vaccines and tests are seriously affecting previously healthy people. I am sorry for you & your “better half” as you called her. Zeolite can help remove the heavy metals that the vaccines are made of, and may prove helpful. Look into it. Wishing you both all the best – stay strong and firm in your convictions. Too many people are caving, VERY sad…

  61. 3000 to 4000 people die (from all causes) in B.C. every month. So about 54,000 to 72,000 in 18 months. And a little over 1800 have died of Covid. Some of those others could have used some of the attention and funding that has been spent on covid.
    The propaganda from the government and main stream media has been appalling. I am proud to have said no to this useless and potentially dangerous vaccine. I find our leaders and health officials actions and behaviours reprehensible and will have great hesitation in considering positively any further advice or actions they take on this or any other subject.

  62. All one needs to know about Ivermectin:
    “Statistically significant improvements are seen for mortality, hospitalization, recovery, cases, and viral clearance.”
    “Moderate-certainty evidence finds that large reductions in COVID-19 deaths are possible using ivermectin. Using ivermectin early in the clinical course may reduce numbers progressing to severe disease. The apparent safety and low cost suggest that ivermectin is likely to have a significant impact on the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic globally.”
    Bryant, Andrew MSc1,*; Lawrie, Theresa A. MBBCh, PhD2; Dowswell, Therese PhD2; Fordham, Edmund J. PhD2; Mitchell, Scott MBChB, MRCS3; Hill, Sarah R. PhD1; Tham, Tony C. MD, FRCP4 Ivermectin for Prevention and Treatment of COVID-19 Infection: A Systematic Review, Meta-analysis, and Trial Sequential Analysis to Inform Clinical Guidelines, American Journal of Therapeutics: July/August 2021 – Volume 28 – Issue 4 – p e434-e460 doi: 10.1097/MJT.0000000000001402

  63. To further add to this article: Thousands of independent scientists and doctors around the world are issuing warnings about these so called vaccines. Should we believe them or some politically appointed, partisan health official like Bonnie Henry?

  64. I heartily agree that Premier John Horgan, his so-called Minister of Health, Adrian Dix, and his pathetic Provincial Health Officer, Dr. Bonnie Henry, who is in way-over-her-head in both electro-magnetic field (EMF) radiation (i.e., common household 60 Hz electricity), pulsed radio frequency (RF) EMF radiation – which includes all wireless radio devices such as baby monitors, cell phones, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 5G, etc., and EHS, as she is in Covid-19/vaccines etc. All are guilty of Crimes against Humanity! My question: How much was each person offered by the Cabal to adopt such a cruel, heartless, inhuman position on this outrageously evil Covid scam?

  65. This submission is 100%. Great research and I stand in support
    For those vaccinated against their true desires, I’ve read that Pine Needle Tea is helpful – check it out

  66. I agree, but we know the truth will set you free. I hope and pray people will see how bad this vaxx can do to you.Pray that the truth all comes out. This was a great read, I just ask the government to really be honest….It is still our CHOICE, No more mandates…..Fight for your rights…God Bless our nation….

  67. Thank you for this great initiative. I am an Albertan who has a second home in BC for 22 years. I am currently in draft stages of sending a letter to Alberta premier and health officials. When I saw this letter, I couldn’t believe my eyes. I am asking similar questions and trying to attach similar evidence. This will be o great help to me. I am a 73 year old senior with time and anger on her side. I had covid – simile to the flu – and I did an antibody test 7 months later and I’ve got them. Just think of all the natural immunity out there after all the positive “cases” we have Had. Agin, thank you so much. I feel so vindicated,
    going to share this

    • She will never, ever be allowed to share this. The CBC is against treatment. I have tired locally as well as trying to place comments on cbc.ca. Any mention of ivermectin is removed. Links to all research that proves ivermectin is a proven therapy are removed. I have been suspended on commenting 4 times over the previous 18 months; once for an entire month. . https://ivmmeta.com/

  68. You can’t trust the mainstream media you can’t trust the politicians you can’t trust the doctors you can’t trust the pharmaceutical companies people need to get off their butts and do their own research

  69. Maybe just maybe there is hope we are finally waking the hell up. It is unbeliveebale the gullibility of mankind in Canada for ONLY 27,000 deaths from COVID. For the love of God cancer ALONE kills over 80,000 EVERY YEAR! EVERY YEAR. Are we panicking over cancer? Are we forcing everyone to take chemotherapy JUST IN CASE??? They ca nonyl blame the 20-30% unvaccinated for so long before they have to face it the VACCINE IS NOT WORKING. I wonder how many people are aware of the largest criminal fine in history was to Pfizer for misleading a pain medication?? Check it out. The gullible sheep will lead us all to slaughter if we don’t wake up!

  70. Every body should print this letter and mail it to Dr Bonnie Henry, Dix and Horgan so that she is not able to ignore it. It will cost what five bucks to do so but it will have an impact if they start to receive a lot of them…….. spread the words!

  71. I blame the Dr’s for not standing up to the real truth for over 18 months now. In Alberta they were all threatened, (other provinces as well) that if they spoke up they would be fired. What a sham that was. These Dr’s had the power to collectively say ‘NO MORE’ and yet they feared they would get fired. They should all be fired for going against their medical oath. They need to start speaking up a lot more and WALK off right now if teh media doesn’t listen. It is unfortunate that this group of professionals are only now speaking up. Adverse reaction after adverse reaction is being lied and denied – these guys knew it and DID NOTHING to stop it. The fear of losing their licenses instead of realizing the power they had to collectively stop this will be a black mark on the medical profession for decades. Shame on them and Kudos for these Dr’s finally speaking out

  72. Thank you so much for the time, research and deliberation you have put into this open letter. I truly hope that many citizens of BC and all across Canada take the time to read it and to consider what to believe. You have provided alternative fact based information to the popular biased narrative. Hopefully it will help heal some of the division and fear caused by the vaccine mandates.

    We must all demand honest answers immediately from the parties to whom the letter was addressed.

    I definitely will share this.

  73. The British Columbia government has much to be accountable for to it’s citizens. It now depends on whether they have the integrity and courage to reverse their course on the restrictions they have put in place and are planning. An example of their good faith would be to cancel the vaccine passport program scheduled for implementation tomorrow, much like the UK did today.

  74. This is a powerful read. I have been appalled and ashamed of the road our non elected health officials have taken us down. Stripping citizens of our rights and pushing policies that contradict the charter of rights that were meant to protect us all. This has all been a vast over reaction and over stretch of authority. I pray actual science and rational thought prevails before we continue much further down this road that only leads to hate and division.

  75. What astonished me is JT can say the unvax are causing our kids to be sick with no prove and people believe him. JT can say get vax science is right and people believe him and all said without proof, yet one questions a unsigned letter that has proof!!

    • And those questioning the information in this letter do not explain which part of the letter is incorrect and why. There is never an open discussion with anyone in any government in Canada.

  76. Thank you for your collective efforts in bringing more truth to what’s going on. I have read and listened to doctors, nurses, specialists, patients, educators and more speak out and trying to set things straight. Not to mention all the people who have been harmed by the vaccine. I pray that this exposes the truth worldwide, that people are held accountable and that there’s a mass shift in consciousness before things get worse.

  77. I appreciate the research, intelligence and truth seeking done in this document. Your passion for clarity and openness is apparent.
    This paper will be read, reread and shared throughout Canada. You took the time to assemble the facts I’ll take the effort to distribute your paper-so well done!
    You deserve to be acknowledged publicly and I hope someday I could thank you personally.

  78. Regarding my first comment about broken links…I do now have access to the article with restored links. This will help to further digest the material.

  79. 1. If all of the articles are archived, how can anyone verify the information?
    Suggesting an argument is well documented…and then not initially giving the links to the articles is suspect.
    With all the broken links, it is very challenging to prove or disprove what is being asserted. Thankfully, I do now see that the links have been restored. These points were written without having the links to the articles and will refer to some of the information disclosed.

    2. Who are the “Voices of Silenced Okanagan Health Professionals?”
    It is understandable given these health professionals have concerns from their governing bodies, they may want to remain anonymous, however, it doesn’t strengthen their argument.

    3. Articles and studies on Dr Mike Yeardon and concerns with his credibility and claims

    4. Articles on Dr. Byram Bridle’s comments:

    “What was said in the radio show was completely inaccurate,” Ratner said. “There is no spike protein in the vaccines first of all. The amounts that are made after the mRNA is injected are very small and it almost exclusively stays locally. It is nowhere near the amount he was talking about.”

    https://byrambridle.com This site links to multiple articles to affirm
    There is no spike protein in the mRNA vaccines
    There is no evidence to suggest the vaccines pose a risk to suckling or breastfeeding infants
    There is no evidence to suggest the vaccines affect fertility

    5. Questioning RRR/ ARR

    “However, VAERS is primarily a safety signal detection and hypothesis-generating system and cannot be used to determine if a vaccine caused an adverse event. Through this passive reporting, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the US Food and Drug Administration conduct post-licensure vaccine safety monitoring. This approach is not specific, and most VAERS events are typically not actually linked to vaccinations. Instead, various methods and statistical techniques are used to analyze VAERS data, which the CDC and Food and Drug Administration use to guide further safety evaluations, such as Vaccine Safety Datalink, and inform decisions around vaccine recommendations and regulatory action. Therefore, VAERS data must be interpreted with caution because of the inherent limitations of passive surveillance. VAERS is subject to reporting bias, including both under- and overreporting of adverse events or stimulated reporting that might occur in response to intense media attention and increased public awareness.”

    “Anyone can submit a report to VAERS — healthcare professionals, vaccine manufacturers, and the general public. VAERS welcomes all reports, regardless of seriousness, and regardless of how likely the vaccine may have been to have caused the adverse event.”

    “Anti-vaxxers routinely publicize reports from VAERS as if they are proof that a vaccine is causing clear harm
    On its own, VAERS cannot be used to conclude anything, but it can tip off experts that a particular safety signal might be real and deserves to be further studied.”

    6. Myocarditis Questions:
    “Almost all patients had resolution of symptoms and signs and improvement in diagnostic markers and imaging with or without treatment. Despite rare cases of myocarditis, the benefit-risk assessment for COVID-19 vaccination shows a favorable balance for all age and sex groups; therefore, COVID-19 vaccination is recommended for everyone ≥12 years of age.”

    7. Fact-checking Kary Mullis’s statement:

    8. Why not Invermectin?
    And these clinical trials do not show promising results:

    A study showing that Hydroxycholorquine is not useful for treating covid:

    Studies showing no significant positive outcomes using hydroxychloroquine or Dr. Vladimir Zev Zelenko’s protocol: https://www.acpjournals.org/doi/10.7326/L20-1054
    “Current evidence about efficacy and harms for use in the context of COVID-19 is sparse, conflicting, and from low quality studies, increasing the uncertainty and lowering our confidence in the conclusions of these studies when assessing the benefits or understanding the balance when compared with harms.”

    In one of the studies noted for the use of Invermectin, it was interesting to see that Absolute Risks were not computed due to certainty of evidence being low…given that this letter states this is misleading.

    **The study referenced in the letter also uses a Grade approach to the review…which does come with potential bias:

    • If one’s world view is significantly shaped by Reuters/Facebook/Snopes/Wikipedia/etc “fact checks”, one will never recognize propaganda for what it is. Perhaps dig deeper and consider other points of view, regardless of how uncomfortable that may be.

      VAERS is the only system the US has for tracking adverse events. When it fit their narrative, big pharma was happy to sing the virtues of the system. But when deaths and adverse events in VAERS skyrocketed in 2021, suddenly it can’t be trusted..? Funny how that works.

      On Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine… how about considering the totality of evidence:

      Or see what actual doctors treating actual covid patients have found to be effective:

      These have been around for decades with massive safety profiles. They’re sold over the counter in some third-world countries. It’s curious how these dirt cheap meds (<$4/pill) were suddenly deemed to be dangerous by those that would benefit from such a finding — namely, those wanting to push EUA vaccines or Remdesivir at $3,000/pill.

  80. The vaxinated will be led to believe that unvaxinated are responsible for their growing health problems. Many are fed up and ready for blood. At a time when talk of vigilante action is necessary to force the needle into arms and punish unvaxinated people, our prime minister is dumping gasoline on the flames. He has labeled “av’s” and racist and misogynistic, and science haters.
    I love science, I love math. I do not trust pharmaceutical companies and I do not trust Monsanto. Science has given us nuclear and biological weapons, but its the very makers of bioweapons who are renting us the vaxine, as the boosters will never end.

    • You comment that JT says some of us are “science haters” would be funny if it was not so serious. I am a scientist. I graduated from UBC a long time ago with my first degree. I have the word Science in all of my university degrees. I have worked out side Canada as well as here. Science is about the what. The what is something neither he nor Hadju have any clue about. Science is about open discussion. Open discussion of the what is something NO government in Canada will allow. If they were all so sure they are “right” they would want as much open discussion as well. Then the discussion could end. The battle we have the government (and remember, the word government means “other people I do not know”) is because NO GOVERNMENT IN CANADA WANTS OPEN AND HONEST DISCUSSION.

      • Thank you Bruce. This has concerned me from the beginning. Silencing the scientists that have legitimate concerns? Why not sit down with them, discuss their findings, come up with a plan? Together?

        • “Why not sit down with them, discuss their findings, come up with a plan? Together?”

          Because a different solution removes power from the government(s)

    • Hi Fake News 🙂

      I have seen the Facebook groups. When I read a commentary that has links to support an assumption and I follow those links, but they do not assert or give evidence to what is being asserted, I feel cautious. I have now followed every link in the above letter and there were definitely a couple of evidence-based articles, but the majority were opinion pieces. I believe we can all find someone to back up our opinion, however, this only shows agreement not the efficacy of an assertion.

      When I read that other comment that this letter is: “truth,” “100%” and “well documented,” my thoughts are more “Is it really that well documented…?” I can hold concerns about vaccines and be shocked by the passport mandate and still question the contents of this letter whether I am vaccinated or not.

      • Every article referenced exists or existed until 24 hours ago at teh URL. I know because … in the course of my extensive personal research on COVID, I’ve run across most of them previously.

        I am an Engineer and practicing data scientist. So I:
        – know a bit about math and statistics, plus how to interpret a data set and its statistical treatment ;o)
        – know how to read and interpret complex scientific papers and discern the bogus ones from the spot on.
        – have been trained in testing architecture theory. I know how to construct test to get a meaningful result that either incorporates or excludes particular variables. I know how to evaluate the usefulness ( or lack thereof ) of other scientist’s tests.
        – know how to do deep dive, effective research.

        And I can tell you that the Q’s this letter asks and its references are spot on.

        Legitimately from OK health professionals or not … whoever put this together did their homework. They summarized every key Q my research has been left as unanswered and begging for one.

  81. This is a decades old treasonous Fabian Communist conspiracy in Canada to subvert our freedoms into a Soviet style terror state.

    I have been saying this for over 20 years, having grown up in a prominent NDP family, who also helped found the CCF, and who attained elected office over several decades under wholly false pretenses, in pursuit of State Communism in Canada.

    The NDP is a wholly false and criminally treasonous foreign intelligence operation, not a legitimate political enterprise.

    Maybe now that we are in their endgame, I will be able to have more than two people who still talk to me.

    This is real, it is deep, and the solution is the total abolition of political parties, viewing members as only independents representing ONLY the interests of their immediate voters.

    My family’s work on graduated etc voting is a total fraud, seeking new avenues to water down and render irrelevant our so called ‘democracy’.

    The Charter of Rights is a total fraud, a desk lamp whose sole purpose was the absurd ‘Notwithstanding Clause’.

    I certainly don’t have all the answers. i was forced to flee my home age 15, and never finished high school.

    However, I know what I saw as a kid, and it has haunted me my entire life.

    We are in a huge amount of trouble. I am pretty much a destroyed person, and my information is decades old at this point.

    But we won’t survive unless we address this historical treason that has poisoned and corrupted our culture and laws for almost a century now.

    Canada is a fake country, and the entire political elite is well aware of this fraud by now, or they are woefully stupid and incompetent.

    Call me crazy all you want. Everything I warned of is here now – I was crazy for saying it was coming, now I’m crazy for thinking it’s crazy.

    I am eager to testify, but I don’t think Canada will survive this winter in any meaningful way.


    • The Canadian political elite’s abandonment of ALTA and mismanagement of the oil resource for 40+ years is the most blatant and obvious example of what you speak about. How our political entities are wholly owned and operated by foreign entities. If our representatives really worked for us, there would be at least 3 pipelines, one for each important compass direction, and our oil would be refined here so we were pumping finished, value add products through them.

  82. What a bunch of unmitigated nonsense. Basically a rehash of every bit of anti vaccine and covid denial trash. More holes than a spaghetti colander. Patently obvious a physician didn’t write this. “Concerned group of health professionals” ? Pah! Don’t know who are the bigger fools: those who wrote this or those who are foolish enough to believe the lie that a physician might write this.

    • Will you personally guarantee the vaccine safety in a legal contract? Will you financially underwrite what you say? Post your guarantee and promise compensation to anyone who suffers an adverse reaction. Everyone I ask refuses to assume risk, even my doctor. I am healthy and if something goes wrong, I want to be compensated. Can you guarantee I won’t have an adverse reaction 1, 2, 5 years from now? These are legitimate concerns.

    • You really need to investigate the facts! Do you know how many children have died due to the vaccine/ how many men between 30-45 years old have died due to the vaccine , ALL due to the side effects of the vaccine, blood clots, heart failure etc, so when you look into these issues you will find the vaccines are not as safe as they are being touted!

        • Have you even gone to the VAERS site? Have you talked to people that HAVE lost their children? There are many. More than you think or know. They are not telling us that. The big question is why? Why are they hiding all these deaths and life changing adverse reactions. Some in my family members, my neighbours? Strokes, heart attacks, blood clots. Open your eyes, and most importantly do not believe the government or the MSM.

    • Please clearly and scientifically rebut or A a single point , citation, or Q put forward by the letter. If you are not focusing on the what, rather the who -> and not denigrating via logical arguments but emotional hyperbole … then you are contributing nothing useful to the conversation.

      • Just one for example: Irrefutable fact is that they can’t do math.. “ B.C. has a population of 5.17M people. As of August 21, 2021, there have been a total of 1,804 deaths due to—or related to—COVID-19. These deaths occurred over the span of 18+ months dealing with COVID-19 in our province. Further calculation demonstrates that this represents a 0.023% COVID-19 yearly mortality rate for our entire B.C. population”

        You can’t die from something you haven’t had yet. <5% BC had COVID therefore denominator is <258,500 therefore IFR is 0.7%

        And you all fell for it.

        And that’s barely the fraction of how deliberately and maliciously misleading this letter is.

  83. i had polio when i was 9 years old. All my life i enjoyed living have a lovely family 3 children and 5 grand children. To stay fit by swimming.The only sport i can do and make me feel good.
    All through the pandemic we were allowed , with certain regulation, every day to swim. ( NO PROBLEM )
    Now Dr. Bonnie has now the idea, that i have to be vaccinated in order to continue !?! It is pretty difficult to run or walk with two canes TO STAY HEALTHY AND FIT.

  84. I do not have a medical degree. I have three post-secondary degrees, so I have a public education and know how to educate myself. Educating yourself is far more powerful and useful than what is offered through public education. And since our public education system strives to eliminate all competition, those they endorse are required to maintain the narratives (teachers, PhD’s, researchers, etc.) or face their punishment. Those who insist that only government or the instituions they endorse as the authority do so out of fear and lack of effort to read and use their own mind. The propaganda we have been subjected to is covert and very powerful. Those who control the propaganda are not made known to the public. They have useful idiots who do that work for them. People placed in positions like PMO’s and medical boards.
    I’ve been studying daily since all this began. This letter from these brave medical people is accurate and truthful.

  85. Unfortunately the problem is OUR CANADIAN GOVERNMENT are lairs , they have an agenda and are committed the NEW WORLD ORDER with the WORLDS GOVERNMENTS . They all are using COVID as deceptive, cunning ,craftiness to divide and conquer our nations . This is thwarted by the Chinese government.

  86. I will get the shot if I can sue the gov and the manufacturer if I have an adverse reaction.
    No liability, no compliance. Period.
    If the injection works so well, make the healthcare system liable. I asked friends promoting the shot if they will assume liability in a legal contract… they refused. So if I have no recourse, the shot is not safe. Would you get on an airplane rated “experimental”? Would you live in a house that couldn’t get insurance? If the VAX works, then guarantee it. The issue is simple.
    BTW, I look forward to joining a class action lawsuit against the BC gov and the Canadian gov for discriminating against me because I refused to take a voluntary genetic therapy without liability. I am healthy, ready, willing, and qualified to participate fully in society, but the BC gov says I can’t.

  87. PJ has one of the only sane voices in this discussion when they say:
    “What a bunch of unmitigated nonsense. Basically a rehash of every bit of anti vaccine and covid denial trash. More holes than a spaghetti colander. Patently obvious a physician didn’t write this. “Concerned group of health professionals” ? Pah! Don’t know who are the bigger fools: those who wrote this or those who are foolish enough to believe the lie that a physician might write this.”
    It is unfortunate that some are actually going to be conned into believing this fake news BS. Possibly this will be natures way of eliminating from the human gene pool a good number of the irrational and quack anti-vaccine zealots.

      • As said the whole thing is trash. Just one example

        “ B.C. has a population of 5.17M people. As of August 21, 2021, there have been a total of 1,804 deaths due to—or related to—COVID-19. These deaths occurred over the span of 18+ months dealing with COVID-19 in our province. Further calculation demonstrates that this represents a 0.023% COVID-19 yearly mortality rate for our entire B.C. population”

        You can’t die from something you haven’t had yet. <5% BC had COVID therefore denominator is <258,500 therefore IFR is 0.7%

        And you all fell for it.

        And that’s barely the fraction of how deliberately and maliciously misleading this letter is.

        • Their math is correct, and yours is not wrong. Therefore the comparison is moot. “<5% BC had COVID " is incorrect. There are less than 5% DOCUMENTED cases. No one knows how many people have contracted SARS-CoV-2.

  88. Totally agree with this Open Letter – this Open Letter needs to be saved and distributed widely…
    SUGGESTION: for those of you who already have contact information as to where this Open Letter can be sent – could you please share that in these comments, then many more of us could bombard those responsible for this draconian 2-tier passport system, and STOP this forced “vaccination” for a man-made disease… CHOICE and FREEDOM for all Canadians

  89. This whole covid / corona virus vacpass, masking issues are ridiculous, complete idiocy filled with control and fear mongering…Just another way to control the masses trying to make the focus on this one idotic thing when we need to look at and changing our world which has so many other important issues including being the middle of a climate and humanitarian crisis. People leave and are born all the time and the numbers have increased no more than any other year. This needs to STOP now, end this giant mrna experiment. Take a look at the real data, real figures take a look at the flu, colds and Allergies have all but disappeared and healthcare for anything else is questionable… It is a sick system #bc , time to get healthy. #covidtruths #washyourhands at the very least increase your intake of vitamin c, d .

  90. Thank you for standing up and sharing the truth. I’ve been trying to share with family and friends but most are unwilling to accept the truth and look at me like I’m nuts. Instead they listen to the government’s opinion piece with zero facts to back it up. If this doesn’t wake more up there’s no hope for them.
    Thank you to the brave one’s who’ll be on the right side of history, stay strong!

  91. Angry at all that is going on . If you are healthy & keep exercising , . Stay away from crowds . there no reason the get the shot . It interferes with your own natural immune system ..
    We do not need passports .

  92. I very much appreciate all the time and effort these Interior doctors have spent to gather all the information and facts that are presented in this open letter. I know it takes hours to do this. I advise anyone who have question do some reading of the sights that are listed.
    Thank god..we have brilliant and very concerned doctors and scientists who want to save what will be left of mankind and keep them healthy. If you have any question why all this hysteria is taking place with the vaxxed people, start questioning the source..The New World Order. the World Reset. Trudeau said when we have hit bottom in Canada it will be the perfect time to do the Canadian Reset..”You will Owe Nothing you will Own Nothing. but you can live there and you will be Happy” Check out what that means all disbelievers!!! Sounds Crazy!!!it is but this is why they are forcing this much control on us…Do some reading…

  93. Polyethylene Glycol Functionalized Graphene Oxide Nanoparticles are certainly dangerous and detrimental to consitutents’ health as ingredients in the covid injection
    as well the toxicity of the synthetic and heavy metals components in the GMO injection are compromising greatly fertility, brain / heart, neurological and immune functioning, PLEASE STOP

  94. Lol, lied to for the last 18 months is just part….. the government (Liberals and Conservatives because these 2 are mostly in power) have been lieing to the Canadian people for ever, this all needs to change, we the people need to take our country back and stop giving in to this bs.

    • Mike, the Conservative party has been the only fight against the Criminal Liberals & NDP parties running the Country for 2 years. The NDP backed everything that the Liberals did! Including Trudeau’s “We Theft”. A vote for either Liberal or NDP is a vote FOR Trudeau! Wake up!

      • ALLAN … if you think the CAD political system is any different than the US’s , where the DNC and GOP are effectively the same thing … you really need to take you historical political affiliation blinders off and … WAKE UP!

        O’Toole is 100% in favor of medical passports too. He ceded all the premises and therefore the argument to Trudeau in the debate by accepting the climate change scam’s premises. His party would LOVE to get control of the country under these conditions where the Feds can run roughshod over everyone.

        O’Toole and his CONS are just more of the same, an establishment , big bank, WEF owned toadie.

        There is only 1 party truly looking out for the average citizen’s best interests, the PPC. The one NOT invited to the debate, so Canadians couldn’t get a chance to hear what truly new ideas and different perspectives from the mainstream look like.

  95. I am so glad to have a voice through this letter. You need to heed it, because since we began forming groups Id say the number of people who stand for democracy is pretty high. Higher by far than the “few stubborn” people you talk about on TV. And those of us who made a free choice under the constitution have not only lost a few frivolous perks in dinners and movies, but have lost their jobs in their well researched distrust of these vaccines. You cant imagine the fear I have that you would one day insist on poking my one year old great granddaughter with one! I am quite resentful as well that you make statements to set citizens against each other and rattle the community! Our groups contain mature adults both vaxed and unvaxed who all hold mutual respect for each other. Your concern that the vaxed would be infected by the unvaxed does not hold water against the censured top doctor reports I have read. I’m saddened and appalled by a government and health care authority who would set this kind of undemocratic garbage in motion. Canadians treasure their freedom and their democracy. While your in mind of it how about we put the Canadian Constitution back up on line. Though you don’t follow it it sure is nice to look at.
    Most sincerely
    Gail Collins

  96. Great letter. I’m still waiting for dictator Henry to get an academy award for her crying on tv at the beginning of all this bs. One question no one seems to be asking also is that where are all these positive “case” numbers coming from? How easy would it be for them to just make up these numbers? Seems like the population should have been tested about two or three times over by now. If people are actually being tested, where are all these tested idiots that have no symptoms coming from and where are they being tested at? This letter also left out the money that hospitals get for every positive case count, every patient being put on a ventilator, etc. Here’s a video clip of who these evil people worship, he makes it so obvious and then gives a big smile after taking his mask off: https://t.me/AWKCHAT/43185

    • “he money that hospitals get for every positive case count” Yep, kid goes into an ER because of a suspected broken are during a baseball game; still wearing his uniform. First thing, test for Covid. Positive test. Another hospital admission for Covid. No one can make up the stuff that is going on.

  97. Great letter thank you.

    In the meantime we are preparing for civil war, those of us who have followed the predictions for covid for 3 years prior to the release know this isn’t confusion or a coincidence. This was planned and like Hilary Clinton’s victims I doubt there will ever be any justice.

  98. HI I am a Dr also and am appalled on what i am seeing and have been told by this govt, i know of cases of blood clots caused by Phyzer vaccines and not one was reported by the patients doctors, for what reason/ mainly because it takes time to fill out the forms and any doctor who talks about the side effects are gag ordered very quickly and there are other reasons. These vaccines are not SAFE , they do however seem to prevent more serious side effects from the virus but at what cost? We know people who get the virus and recover have about 13 times more immunity compared to the vaccines. There are many side effects to these gene therapies. We have no idea about the long term side effects of these vaccines, older people , 60 plus perhaps should take the vaccines but i question the validity of given such vaccines to younger populations who seem to deal with this virus just fine. Just a note that the govt , Dix and Dr Bonnie Henry have not given any guidance with regards to any treatments that could have saved lives and could have helped keep patients out of the hospital. We know Ivermectin , vit D, VitC and other nutrients have much benefit in helping the body deal with all viruses. Naturopathic physicians , who have the expertise in this area were actually told by the Govt that they could not even discuss or treat patients with Covid-19! Why was that?? There are a lot of questions that need to be answered but the people who are in charge of this whole thing!

    • Hi Dr. Van Horlick,

      Isn’t it also the College of Naturopathic Physicians of BC that has given you and your colleagues guidance around communications and immunizations? On the website it specifically states : The College protects the public interest by ensuring that naturopathic physicians in British Columbia practice safely, ethically, and competently.

      Do you have a link to the studies that suggest that people who get the virus and recover have about 13 more immunity compared to vaccines?

      And the article below outlines the Standards of Practice related to immunizations that directs your practice, correct? So, is it my understanding that you were also told by your College years ago about this standard of practice? This was last updated in 2018 before the pandemic.

      Naturopathic doctors must not:
      This standard clarifies the College’s position on naturopathic physicians’ responsibilities regarding communications about immunization.
      This document is a standard of the Board of the College of Naturopathic Physicians of British Columbia.
      Patients have a right to make decisions about their health care. Naturopathic physicians may encounter patients who are concerned about, or reluctant to obtain, immunizations for themselves or their children. Naturopathic physicians are a resource for patients, and are obligated to maintain up-to-date scientific knowledge so that they may assist their patients in making healthcare decisions.
      “Anti-vaccination” counselling and/or marketing prohibited
      1. counsel a patient, and/or a patient’s parents or guardians, against obtaining immunizations and/or vaccinations in the absence of a sound and properly documented medical rationale for doing so;
      Standards and Guidelines
      2. provide patients and/or the public at large with “anti-vaccination” and/or “anti- immunization” materials or materials regarding potential risks and harms of vaccinations, whether online or in print, other than those materials that would be necessary to obtain informed consent to immunizations;
      3. feature “anti-vaccination” and/or “anti-immunization” content in their advertising and/or marketing materials, including websites and social media platforms, including but not limited to:
      a. articles from scientific, peer-reviewed publications that have been discredited since the time of publication; and/or
      b. other content that promotes the refusal of immunizations, vaccinations or the use of “alternatives” to immunizations or vaccinations, including materials written by third parties.
      Registrants are reminded that 100(2) of the College’s bylaws prohibits marketing and/or advertising that is false, inaccurate, reasonably capable of misleading the public, unverifiable, or contrary to the public interest in the practice of the profession. Marketing is considered to violate section 100(2) of the College’s bylaws if it is calculated

      or likely to take advantage of the weakened state, whether physical, mental or emotional, of the recipient or intended recipient, or if it is likely to create in the mind of the recipient or intended recipient an unjustified expectation about the results which the registrant can achieve.
      Advertisement of “alternatives” to vaccinations prohibited
      Naturopathic physicians must not advertise, offer, promote, provide, or recommend alternatives to vaccinations or immunizations. Prohibited phrases include but are not limited to “flu shot alternative,” “natural flu shot,” “homeopathic vaccination,” and “natural immunization.”
      1. When discussing immunizations with a patient, parent or guardian, naturopathic physicians must:
      Standards of practice for patient consultations
      a) Document the occurrence of a discussion regarding immunization within the patient’s clinical record, noting the parent or guardian’s name, if applicable;
      b) Counsel the patient (or parent or guardian), to the best of their ability and knowledge, about the benefits and risks associated with immunization or the lack thereof, so that the patient can make an informed decision; and
      c) Document the details of the discussion, including the rationale for providing any specific advice, within the patient’s clinical record.
      2. When discussing immunizations with a patient, parent or guardian, naturopathic physicians must convey the following information:
      a) naturopathic treatments are not guaranteed to prevent the childhood diseases or infections that are targeted by vaccines;
      b) there is an inherent risk of contracting the disease or infection if the patient is not conventionally immunized; and
      c) naturopathic treatment is not a substitute for the efficacy or security of an immunization.
      3. When discussing immunizations with a patient, parent or guardian, naturopathic doctors must review the following vaccine information contained in HealthLinkBC Files or other provincial resources, if applicable, as recommended in the BC Centre for Disease Control’s Communicable Disease Control Immunization Program:1
      a) Benefits of vaccination (personal, community)
      1 For more details, see the BC CDC Communicable Disease Control Immunization Program – Section 1B – Informed Consent for Immunization, available online: http://www.bccdc.ca/health- professionals/clinical-resources/communicable-disease-control-manual/immunization
      b) Risk of not getting vaccinated (possibility of getting the disease) c) Eligibility for the vaccine(s)
      d) Common and expected adverse events
      e) Possible serious or severe adverse events and their frequency
      f) Contraindications
      g) Disease(s) being prevented
      4. If a patient, parent or guardian decides not to immunize, and before administering any naturopathic treatments, a naturopathic physician must document the decision, confirming that the discussion included the requirements set out above, and attempt to obtain a signed informed consent that includes this information. If the consent form is more than one page, the patient (or parent or guardian) must initial each page. The original signed consent form must be retained for the clinical record, and the patient (or parent or guardian) must be provided with a copy.
      Only registrants who have met the standards and requirements for College certification in Immunization, and who maintain this certification with the College, are authorized to prescribe or administer vaccines.
      Naturopathic doctors with questions about their obligations regarding immunization may contact the College at 604-688-8236 or qu*******@cn***.ca.
      Updated May 25, 2018
      Page 3 of 3

      • There is nothing about your diatribe that the doctor hasn’t complied with.

        Your post is a toothless veiled threat.

        To A your Q about naturally conferred immunity through recovery being many X superior to vax based immunity … There have been several studies that confirm the Dr’s 13X number. The results from those studies show natural immunity ranging from 10-> 27X more effective. The largest and most recent was done last month in Isreal and encompassed 90000 Israeli patients studied over the month of July 2021 I believe.

        I like my Doctors Jewish ;o).

        • Hi Chinmusic,

          I posted the study below that was missing. I did not imply Dr. Van Horlick wasn’t in compliance with his College. I don’t know Dr. Van Horlick. If asking questions about the standards of practice are a vicious and verbal attack, I did not intend that at all.

          It seems that when information is questioned or pointed out as missing, or possibly left out of an argument, then the “author” is in some way “being difficult,” or “not seeing the truth,” or in my case viciously attacking a Jewish doctor.

          It seems like you seek out information that is accurate, as do I.

          For clarity, the study the doctor referenced and you seem to be referenced states: “Notably, individuals who were previously infected with SARS-CoV-2 and given a single dose of the BNT162b2 vaccine gained additional protection against the Delta variant. The long-term protection provided by a third dose, recently administered in Israel, is still unknown. The study found even greater immunity against the delta variant for people who got a single shot of the Pfizer vaccine and had Covid. The retrospective observational study has not been peer-reviewed and “has not yet been accepted or endorsed in any way by the scientific or medical community.”


          • Oh, I should have scrolled further…, also referred to as a troll.
            Take care Chinmusic and Fake News.

            This has been helpful and informative.

      • “Naturopathic physicians must not advertise, offer, promote, provide, or recommend alternatives to vaccinations or immunizations. Prohibited phrases include but are not limited to “flu shot alternative,” “natural flu shot,” “homeopathic vaccination,” and “natural immunization.””

        Even when these exist? That’s utter nonsense.

    • Hi Dr. Bob,

      If the study you are referring to is

      This is the conclusion: This analysis demonstrated that natural immunity affords longer lasting and stronger protection against infection, symptomatic disease and hospitalization due to the Delta variant of SARS-CoV-2, compared to the BNT162b2 two-dose vaccine-induced immunity. Notably, individuals who were previously infected with SARS-CoV-2 and given a single dose of the BNT162b2 vaccine gained additional protection against the Delta variant. The long-term protection provided by a third dose, recently administered in Israel, is still unknown.

      The study found even greater immunity against the delta variant for people who got a single shot of the Pfizer vaccine and had Covid. The retrospective observational study has not been peer-reviewed and “has not yet been accepted or endorsed in any way by the scientific or medical community.”

      • You do realize these injections you are pushing are experimental?
        Even the mice are going “We’ll pass on this one and see what happens in the human trials.”

        Your booster should be available soon.

        • Good Morning Fake News,

          Sharing a research study and not leaving out part of the information is to offer clarity. You assume I am vaccinated. I am not pushing the vaccine, but I do push for clarity. Picking and choosing from an article or a research study so that it aligns with a personal value or belief is a confirmation bias.

          And I am not sure I fully understand your comment about the College of Naturopathic Physicians standard of practice. Dr. Bob commented that the government is currently restricting how he can communicate and treat his patients. I was highlighting that Standards of Practice have always been in place through his licensing board. And one of these Standards of practice is a directive specific to immunizations. This isn’t new.

          • Good Morning Judy,
            Do you realize the injections are experimental and in human trials?
            Yes or No

            Did you see when this was updated?
            Naturopathic doctors must not:
            Updated May 25, 2018

          • The CLE Health group and the Israeli study show definitely that natural immunity confers far greater protection for far longer ( to date, the end of its robustness has not been witnessed ).

            Period. End of story. That is the main and only germane conclusion of note.

            You are picking at nits and trying use the “BS baffles brains” technique of going deep into the weeds to cloud a topic and conclusion that is both simple and obvious.

            Begone with you troll!

        • Hi again Fake News,

          I understand all the vaccines have all been put through standard safety testing before being rolled out to the public.  I am also aware that given the urgency of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Government of Canada including Health Canada made revisions to expedite the regulatory approval process.

          All four vaccines  have published  results from the final  phase  three trials. 

          Pfizer/BioNTech’s phase three trial began in late July 2020 and the results were published in December 2020 https://www.pfizer.com/news/press-release/press-release-detail/pfizer-and-biontech-announce-publication-results-landmark.https://www.pfizer.com/science/coronavirus/vaccine/rapid-progress.
          Oxford/AstraZeneca’s clinical trials: https://www.thelancet.com/action/showPdf?pii=S0140-6736(20)32661-1  

          Johnson & Johnson clinical trials: https://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/NCT04505722, https://www.cdc.gov/mmwr/volumes/70/wr/mm7009e4.htm?s_cid=mm7009e4_w

          Moderna’s clinical trials: https://www.nejm.org/doi/full/10.1056/nejmoa2035389

          In answer to the updated direction with the College of Naturopathic Physicians: yes, I did see the update was made in 2018. This page on the College’s website outlines some reasons for the changes that informed the amendment to the Standard of Practice.

          I have not been able to locate the archived Standards of Practice but requested them from the College to compare the two documents.

  99. Is this site a joke? Holy crap is it full of shyte. Anyone who believes this article of absolute untruths is only a part of the problem. Thankfully you are the minority. The whining, ignorant but annoyingly loud minority. Literally every point here can be and has been refuted. Nothing here is valid. If you have questions about any of these points, ask a real doctor, not these quacks who supposedly wrote this.

      • Like Brandon says .. all of this letter is unmitigated nonsense.

        Irrefutable fact is that they can’t do math.. “ B.C. has a population of 5.17M people. As of August 21, 2021, there have been a total of 1,804 deaths due to—or related to—COVID-19. These deaths occurred over the span of 18+ months dealing with COVID-19 in our province. Further calculation demonstrates that this represents a 0.023% COVID-19 yearly mortality rate for our entire B.C. population”

        You can’t die from something you haven’t had yet. <5% BC had COVID therefore denominator is <258,500 therefore IFR is 0.7%

        And you all fell for it.

        And that’s barely the fraction of how deliberately and maliciously misleading this letter is.

        • You already posted this and you and the authors are using a different basis for the numbers. And I will say again, no one knows how many people have contracted SARS-CoV-2

    • Then respond to the claims you feel are unfounded instead of shooting off your mouth. You are obviously incredibly ill informed about the issues presented in this letter. Probably the most important event in human history is unfolding before our very eyes, and you haven’t a clue. Pathetic.


  101. There is something very sad about those of you who put more weight on the lack of names/signatures than the content. Did you even read or research any of the content to verify its validity? Most likely not because God forbid any of it might be substantiated.

    • This is a big understatement! “People who focus on the who and not the what, are interested in neither data nor science (as told to me by a NASA/JPL leader about 12 years ago – I am a UBC graduate and have the word Science in every one of my university degrees.)

    • Well that requires a definition. More than 12 months were required to total 1% of the population (of Canada) testing positive. That’s an average of 1 in 36,500 Canadians testing positive each day; which is a pittance. This never was, and is not now, the new plague.

    • We should add \ note that all the online dictionaries changed the MEDICAL definition of the word Pandemic around 2018 ( odd that timing ). It used to have this additional sentence and … you’ll still find it any actual medication terminology textbook > 5 years old:

      “With a projected mortality rate across the entire gen pop of > 1 %”.

      Covid comes NO WHERE near that bar. Unless you restrict the “gen pop” only to those > 65.

  102. I’m a nurse that will be put on UNPAID LEAVE at the end of October because I don’t want this vaccine. In my age group the odds are very minimal of dying from COVID.

    • Good luck. FYI, if you are an RN, please consider moving to the USA. More pay, lower taxes. One of acquaintances has a distant family member who moved from Langley to Montana. Best decision she ever made. She left at the beginning of the year. She KNEW what was coming (the mandate) back then!

    • Make them fire you! Go into work every day ready to report for duty and make them send you home. This establishes a basis for an unlawful dismissal case and compensation once these mandates are deemed illegal, which they will be eventually by the courts. They need to feel the pain too in terms of severance costs and all manner of things that come with dismissing an employee w\o cause.

  103. Thank god we have some real medical hero’s to get behind! Thank you for the breath of fresh air in these trying times! It restores my faith in humanity. And I hope we do get the answers we all want to hear!

  104. First, huge thanx to Easton Spectator!

    I couldn’t get through ALL of the comments (only got to #63 from the top), but made note of the supportive and opposing comments. Of the 63, 52 were supportive, 9 opposed and 2 seemed confused/ambiguous.

    Of the 9 opposed, virtually every one of them rather flippantly dismissed the letter — and all of the irrefutable FACTS contained in the links, etc. — simply because it wasn’t signed by the authors. WOW! Did they not read/understand the doctors’ very valid reasons for remaining anonymous. I guess they’ve drunk the Kool-Aid…and the facts be damned!

    Speaking of drinking the Kool-Aid… I’m listening to CKNW (yes, I know, it’s corporrupt govindustry mainstream media, but “know thine enemy”, right?) as I type this…and Katharine Smart, head of the Canadian Medical Association is a guest. She started off by saying, “We’re dealing with two parallel pandemics…covid and the covid misinformation campaign.” If you want to listen to her drivel, you have to wait til about 9:30 pm tonite, then go to https://globalnews.ca/pages/audio-vault-cknw/ , click on Sep 13 and 8:00 pm. Drag the play bar ahead to about 8:05 and hit play. ‘Enjoy!’

    A couple of other things:

    In addition to being the 20th anniversary of 9/11, September 11 was also the 9-month anniversary of the “natural causes” death of Merck (the 3rd biggest pharmaceutical company in the U.S., behind J & J and Pfizer) sales executive-turned-whistleblower Brandy Vaughan, the founder of https://learntherisk.org . She was 44 years old, in excellent health and, just in case you’re wondering, NOT the least bit suicidal. She loved her 10-year-old son too much. That said, she’d received so many death threats, break-ins to her home, phone taps, etc. that she was almost expecting to die (yet she relentlessly kept up the good fight)…and wrote a long and detailed note in which she said, among other things, “If I’m found dead, it’s foul play.” The coroner ‘claimed’ a blood clot killed her. Hmmm, blood clot…sound familiar? Maybe she was unknowingly force-vaccinated?!?

    All of which brings me to “conspiracy theories”. When anybody accuses me of being a conspiracy theorist, I like to remind them that, about 26 centuries ago, Pythagoras had the audacity to suggest that the earth was round. Maybe the term “conspiracy theorist” wasn’t around way back then but, if it had been, I’m sure he would’ve been called one, along with Aristotle a couple of centuries later..

    Keep up the great work, EVERYONE! And check out https://www.canadianfrontlinenurses.ca .

    • Irrefutable fact is that they can’t do math.. “ B.C. has a population of 5.17M people. As of August 21, 2021, there have been a total of 1,804 deaths due to—or related to—COVID-19. These deaths occurred over the span of 18+ months dealing with COVID-19 in our province. Further calculation demonstrates that this represents a 0.023% COVID-19 yearly mortality rate for our entire B.C. population”

      You can’t die from something you haven’t had yet. <5% BC had COVID therefore denominator is <258,500 therefore IFR is 0.7%

      And you all fell for it.

      And that’s barely the fraction of how deliberately and maliciously misleading this letter is.

      • “can’t do math”. This is a nonsense statement. The basis is different. You don’t have to like that, but that does not means they “can’t do math”

      • You point is only half valid. If you want to to do proper “death projection” math, you need to take the # who have passed, then pass it through the serological prevalence #’s issued by the likes of CDC and Prof Ioannides at Stanford ( world’s leading immunological statistician ) while dividing by the total gen pop.

        So the Docs who wrote this are more accurate than your method is. Just not perfect.

        I’d also add that all those BC residents who have not registered an infection … have not all been hiding at home alone … the fact they have not caught it is actually part of the dynamic and calculation. This is what serological prevalence stats account for.

  105. “A concerned group of health professionals who choose to remain anonymous due to threats of discipline and termination, by our own various professional governing bodies, for all who dare to question the B.C. government narrative on COVID-19 policies.”


  106. Brandon might just be a bot not sure anybody could actually be that stupid with all the information that was just put out do some research Brandon check every link before you open your big mouth

  107. mid 50’s, 1 immune disorder, had C19 a few months ago (PCR+), brought home by frontline worker partner, we both used full early treatments + sups (FLCCC / Zelenko etc.) and it was 2 days of slight flu and fatigue for a few days after that. If early treatments were offered soon after symptoms start there would have been very few deaths except for those dying anyway. It was all suppressed just to get the experimental gene clot shots emergency approved, huge crime against humanity. Canada knew about iverm. in March 2020 when a whole floor with scabies had zero cases/deaths meanwhile carnage all around, but it was gagged up by gov and media.

  108. I want to forward this important letter to the three people addressed in the letter, and also to others (MLA and MP, friends & family), but I think there are still a few problems with your references and links. Could you please make the necessary corrections?
    Here are some things that need fixing:
    – where are references 5, 6, 8, 15, 42, and 43?
    – 19, 20, 22 and 41 may not be properly referenced
    – 29 and 39 leads to empty pages

    Thanks for your work! I appreciate it.

  109. Love how all the naysayers can do is name-call and insult. Thanks for the reasoned debate! LOL

    “When the debate is lost, slander becomes the tool of the loser.” – Socrates

  110. Excellent Article!

    Two comments:
    (a) People say “the truth comes out”. My response to that it will never happen. The elite, the corrupt, fascist medical organizations, the governments and all those who used this “pandemic” as an excuse to control the people, are emotionally, morally and financially involved too much to admit they were wrong. They never admit it, therefore when the truth is about to come out they will fight it tooth and nail to squash it.

    (b) I would add to the article another point, and that is the sacrosanct aspect of the doctor-patient relationship which should be ONLY between the doctors and patients, governments have no place to get in between them. Doctors should be able to prescribe any medical method and/or medication to heal the patient. Government should not dictate to them as to what they can or can not do. This is medical fascism directed to silence doctors and tell them what medication or healing method they can prescribe. As a result 100s of thousands of people died and their blood is on the hands of unelected bureaucrats such a Henry, Fauci, Tam and others. Doctors are bound by their Hippocratic Oath and these unelected bureaucrats are preventig them to exercise their best medical judgement they were trained for. Free up doctors from medical fascism, so they can use their best judgement they have been trained for to save people!

  111. And now it appears that in AUstralia hospitals are treating breakthrough Covid cases ( of vaccinated individuals) with Ivermectin and the unvaccinated get to go blue lip and die if necessary. All to prove a point that the vaccines work. If you take the jab you get the Ivermectin when you need it. And you will likely need it!

  112. Thank you so much for all that you have done. I totally understand being anonymous. I retired in May of 2020 after 40 years in health care. I have felt bullying but not on the level it is today. Every year when it was flu shot season those of us who chose not to get the flu shot were very bullied. We saw our coworkers get sick a fair bit while we stayed well for the most part. At times after the flu shot they told us it was the sickest they had been. Our manager was constantly on us as were some of our coworkers. A list was sent by email to supervisors in our department with those not vaccinated highlighted in yellow. We also were told to hound our staff that had not had the flu shot. We had to wear masks everywhere in the hospital even the cafeteria and only pull it down to eat even though we were not sick. The vaccinated did not wear masks and sometimes came to work sick. When we told them to wear a mask they refused saying they had had the flu shot so were exempt. It was so sad to see. Many years the flu shot was only 50% effective and one year way less but they still did not have to wear masks but the healthy ones did. We had to take Tamiflu or not be able to come to work when there was an outbreak even though we were not sick. Our jobs were stressful enough without all of the bullying we went through during flu season. I am not speaking against flu shots but the bullying we experienced. I am so sad to see it worse that ever today. My neighbours 12 year old son was the last in his class to get the COVID vaccine. He was so bullied by his classmates and his teacher that his Mom finally relented and took him to have it even though she never wanted that for him. He got very sick after it. My friend, in health care who got both shots early in the year is still suffering from it now. My daughter who held out so long, got the shot 17 days ago because of the new orders that came out yesterday so she could do to restaurants with her friends. She spent over 10 hours in ER last Thursday with severe chest pain and shortness of breath. They did some tests and sent her home with a puffer and antibiotics. None of it is working and she can barely function. She is 28. My brother has had severe weakness and dizziness since his shot 2 months ago.When will this end!!! Time to get on our knees and pray that this insanity will stop. Thanks so much for being so brave to do this letter!

    • That is outrageous. I’m sorry for everything you’ve gone through. This is can not be the way that we live. Thanks for sharing your story. I hope your family will be well.

  113. Late but wonderful take by the brave Doctors.
    I am an epidemiologist with expertise in Vaccine Preventable diseases including COVID19.
    We have been shouting out loud since last summer but no one is going to hear to us and the only means of spreading awareness is being harsh towards many. We are being slammed and banned for letting the people know that this is quackery in practice. This is not science and it is not about the disease but people being ripped off of their basic human rights.
    Those who have tasted the charms of the seats of authority and power have decided to expand their circle of authority and they have kept so many fools for months and now years.
    Some of the worst fools have been unveiled and exposed in the so called developed world and civilized nations. They have been made nude. Wow

        • @PJ And who really cares? There are pro-vax doctors out there that I quite literally would NOT trust with my life, soooo…
          It is prudent today to question where your information is coming from.
          Consider this information right here. Read it yourself and decide. Quit waiting around for someone else to tell you if it is right or wrong and whether everything is going to be ok. IT IS NOT OK. Decide for yourself and take responsibility.

  114. I 100% agree with all your concerns, this Hitler version 2 needs to be ended quickly. This is a Devil agenda that will lead all humanity to hell if not stopped.
    There is never a good road when your dealing with psychopaths that represent all Elite, Governments and their different divisions that support the insanity.
    Great work creating this open letter.

  115. Deep Gratitude to the doctors who sent this open letter. I wish we knew who you were so we could become a patient. If anyone knows a doctor that supports the above in the Kelown/Lake Country/Vernon area please post their name. Thank you

  116. “I want to emphasize that the study of propaganda must be conducted within the context of a technological society. Propaganda is called upon to solve problems created by technology, to play on maladjustments, and to integrate the individual into a technological world.
    As education is primarily preconditioning for propaganda, those most educated are most easily propagandized.”
    – Jacques Ellul

  117. I too am so grateful for the way this letter. If one was to open all the links there would be enough reading for a month or more. I really feel for the people who have been vaccinated and perhaps they are finding it heartbreaking to find it is all a hoax. The flu is there and is very dangerous but can be taken care of by our doctors who took the time (a huge lot of time) to write this for us. There is more and more news coming to light. The Pharma too will come to light. If you believe in our God? Let those of us who believe, PRAY.

  118. Thank you for this letter, even though I don’t reside in BC and live in Ontario. I have had quite intense adverse reactions (numbing in all limbs and unexplained spine pain, to name a couple) to the second dose of the vaccine, which have caused me quite a bit of concern. I have seen three doctors and none of them refuse to believe my reactions are vaccine related, even though I never had any of these issues prior to taking it and they all showed up right after I received the shot. For those of us who have reactions, we have no where to go for help from a traditional medical standpoint. In addition to that nothing is being recorded in our files and the system regarding these reactions. How are the vaccines supposed to be improved if no one is taking in the information? It is beyond frustrating.

  119. In all the websites I visit I have never seen so many paid trolls out to destroy a good article. This article was well written, provides excellent arguments and back up data from World Renowned Professionals that have integrity. We must be over the target.

  120. Dr. Bonnie Henry, Adrian Dix and especially John Horgan and Justin Trudeau are high on indoctrination, spreading random false information (which often changes daily), intimidation, divisiveness and threats of unconstitutional fines and prison. They are especially high on power. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. These wannabe dictators will not back down without extreme measures to force them. Canadians, whether vaccinated or not can no longer be silent. Justin Trudeau is constantly using executive orders rather than the democratically elected parliament to bring Canadians to heal. This Nazi-like behaviour mixed with a highly-Socialistic group must be brought to heal by the people they are sworn to serve. Kick these asses out NOW. Horgan, Dix, Trudeau, the criminal and their minions. Government, especially Ministers of Health, Premiers and Prime Ministers are supposed to receive as much scientifically proven data from as many reliable sources as possible and then personally go before the people on wide-coverage media and present the information and any rules or regulations (punishment) him or herself. NOT put one soft-spoken, unelected “doctor” in the spotlight to present their lies, intimidation and indoctrination as well as punishment. Sure, Dr. Henry seems to be a pleasant, likeable woman, but she was NOT elected by anyone. You can quote the doctor or even play clips of her opinions and orders, but the buck stops with YOU, Premier Horgan and Prime Minister Trudeau. Even though you both spout continuous lies and deceitful, non-scientific information, it should be you who presents it, not an unelected lacky.
    Come on fellow Canadians. Stop always being sweet, unoffending followers and sheep, as our world repution shows, and stand up NOW, before it’s too late.
    David G.

  121. Thank you for your efforts in trying to get the truth out and fighting for our rights! We need people to think for themselves! One of our largest challenges right now is that we need to remove Justin Trudeau who is a bought & payed for New World Order Shill! Bill Gates has his lobbyist from GAVI calling on Justin and all Liberal MP’s lobbying full time to promote everything from Vaccines to Digital ID’s, Carbon Cards to the coming Chinese style Social Score System. We need to stop the take over of our Country by self appointed World Dictators! We are free citizens of Canada and we will fight to keep it that way! Thank you!

  122. On January 1, 2021 I logged on to the BC web site to inform myself on covid 19.
    Here are the numbers that I copied.
    Confirmed case…….51983………..100%
    Active cases = Confirmed – Recovered – Deaths……8953……17.22%
    That is when I decided to trust my immune system.
    Our leader say not to take ivermectin because we’re not horses or cattle,
    but I’m not a guinea pig either, so I’m not taking an experimental drug to fight off the flu.

  123. Here’s some fun data for the pro-vaxxers, from Health Canada. Scroll down to table 2.


    Doing some simple sixth grade arithmetic, which is needed to calculate absolute risk:

    (unvaxxed cases/(unvaxxed hospitalizations x 100)) etc. You’re just doing simple percentages here. So:

    Confirmed cases ending up in hospital: Unvaxxed: 5.1% Vaxxed: 11.2%
    Confirmed cases ending up dead: Unvaxxed: 1.05% Vaxxed: 3.4%
    Confirmed HOSPITALIZED cases that then end up dead: Unvaxxed: 20.5% Vaxxed: 30.6%.

    Check the numbers for yourselves. So much for your “less severe outcomes” if vaxxed.

    This is the third data set they’ve put out, afaik. I did screenshots of the last two and this one. There hasn’t been much change since the first release. Every time, the vaxxed fare much worse than the unvaxxed. Note that Canada Health likes to terrorize you with relative risk figures: always big numbers that tell you nothing about how you will actually fare if you get this virus. Good enough to get the sheeple to comply though, so mission accomplished.

    As for your variants, vaxxers, you are the ones putting selective pressure on the virus, forcing it to adapt of die out. It has responded with multiple variants in order to escape your vaccine, thereby turning you into firehoses blasting out variant after variant. Your are the danger here, not the unvaxxed, if natural selection is still a thing.

    Lastly, for those here who are interested in details like this, the Pfizer study protocol, on p 67/68/69 instructs study participants to report any exposure via inhalation or skin contact their pregnant partners may have had to said participants. To me, this indicates that Pfizer either strongly suspects or already knows that S protein is shed by the vaxxed.

    These people are criminals, and this will end badly. Pfizer et al need to get their snouts out of the public trough now. Enough.

    • Aren’t you ignoring the fact that the vaxxed have a much lower infection rate? 90,000 vaxxed versus about 720,000 unvaxxed infections. Yes, sure, maybe you can make a case that if you are vaxxed, and then get Covid, your risks may be a bit higher…but you also have a much lower risk of getting infected in the first place. I’m not vaccinated, but if my decision was just based on risk-reward ratio, I probably would be.

      • The higher numbers only matter from an infrastructure perspective. Are there enough hospital beds to go around? The data provided by Canada Health starts from vaccine roll-out to August 8, so the hospitalization figure spans that entire period. (Won’t go into misclassifying covid cases. Recent study out indicates half of admissions were for reasons other than covid.)

        No, you don’t have a much lower risk of getting infected in the first place if you’re vaxxed. The calculations done are per 100. Doesn’t matter the actual number, high or low. I know this is hard to wrap your head around, but it is what it is.

        Absolute risk is percentage. That means you are comparing apples to apples. If you are vaxxed, out of every hundred of you, so-and-so many will die. If you are unvaxxed, out of every hundred of you, so-and-so many will die.

        If I were a roofer, I’d want to know how many roofers out of 100 die per year, not how roofer death rate compares with cops, accountants or housewives. (That is a calculation I’d do when deciding whether I want to be a cop or roofer. And in this case, the ‘cops’ (vaxxed) have a higher death rate than ‘roofers’ (unvaxxed), so I’d rather be a roofer.)

        But before deciding whether I want to be a cop or roofer, I need to know how dangerous each profession is. The absolute risk tells you how what percent of each group will die.

  124. Oh, and for anyone who says these variants pre-date the vaccine rollouts: There were multiple vaccine trials going on all over India since approx. mid 2020. So yes, already vaxxed bodies to act as incubators for variants before rollouts. And no, you don’t need a large or widespread population for this to happen.

    As for the Pfizer ‘study’…they offered the vaccine to the placebo group. Most apparently took it. The control group no longer exists, in other words. No long-term comparisons can be done.

    • AstraZeneca was trialled in South Africa, Brazil and England. Weeks after these trials the first variants came out – of South Africa, Brazil and England. And we’re expected to believe this is a coincidence.

  125. Thank you for having the courage to come forward with this letter. Let’s remember Dix & Horgan at the next election for their contribution of misery and divide they have put this Province and country through. Bonnie what a stool pigeon basking in the administration of her unsuspecting sheep. Good luck Bonnie the history books will not be kind.

  126. Truly sad that there are nitwits that actually believe this bogos open letter trash. The authors of this fake news are so cowardly and deceptive that they refuse to identify themselves and the pathetic unthinking sheep that have written in to support this fake news blindly follow along. Wake up! This open letter is nothing but fake news and you are following cowards who will not identify themselves. These are not doctors, these are quacks posing as doctors It is impossible to understand how gullible the anti-vaccine zealots have become. So for all of you anti-vaccine nitwits rest assured that mother nature, via the covid-19 virus, will eventually find you and you will receive your just reward for being amazingly stupid.

    • You know, this letter is thoroughly referenced. When I was grading undergraduate term papers as a grad student (no, the professor doesn’t grade your paper, silly) I did not GAF what the name on the paper was. Didn’t know them, didn’t care. All I cared about were intelligent arguments and supporting references for those arguments.

      I know you’re scared. The numbers are not good if you’re vaxxed. You’ve been had by the powers that be. Don’t take the booster. And don’t take the pills coming out. The Merck pills are known mutagens. That fact has been hand-waved away by saying they’re only used for a short time (2/day for 5 days).

  127. This letter is too long. And why the chickens don’t sign their names? I am not against vaccinations,
    but I am not going to waste my time with chickens.

  128. I don’t understand why so many people are so blind to the fact. Why is there no discussion on the negative effects that so many have had, when they are trying to post their health issues to others, the now growing communist government style has the cyber world put in a fact checker, to remove true cases of so many patients. So we only hear and read what they want us to start to believe. Wake up and allow the facts from both sides to be circulated. Never has this been the case till now! Please start to think for yourself and make informed decisions. Sheep are animals, we are humans and discuss issues to solve them instead of following the one sided views forced on the media to broadcast.

  129. A group of extremely concerned health professionals!!! that are silenced! whose lack of understanding the science can be seen every page or paragraph of this text.

    Come out chickens, we like to see what your real background and degree is!

  130. Excellent open letter – applies all over the world and not just BC.

    And who else here is old enough to remember when the media used to hold the government to account? These days the media is a one-way channel spewing propaganda from the regime onto the people. Investigative reporters used to be brave and cool. They used to make films about them. What deep shame must accompany anyone working for the media today.

  131. Bruce Sanders why don’t you and all the other anti-vaccine zealot sheep spend the time and actually research the total garbage, deception and fake news that litters this open letter trash? I’ll give one very obvious fake news and deception piece in the open letter that proves the open letter was NOT written by a sane and competent medical person. Item # 6 in the open letter falsely and deceptively compares RRR to ARR as being contradictory when in fact they are complimentary. This link explains it clearly: https://www.reuters.com/article/factcheck-thelancet-riskreduction-idUSL2N2NK1XA.
    It is clear that even honest facts and logic will not dissuade the anti-vaccine zealots. Thankfully good old mother nature will, over time, eliminate a good number the anti-vaccine mob via covid-19 or one of the many other illnesses that vaccines protect sane people from.

    • finally, a cogent rebuttal. However .. regards RRR … what your fact check “facts” neglect to emphasize are;

      1. Those trials and #’s come from drug manufacturer managed trials. Not real world data.
      2. They are based on the vaxxes vs VERY early strains
      3. Since those trials, many real world efficacy trials and samples and comparisons have been conducted against newer variants. The results from those should supercede these now irrelevant trials.
      4. Those real world #’s put vax efficacy against transmission at near 0 after 6 months and against hospitalization \ death at somewhere between 50-75% ( and falling over time and across new variants ). This is clear and indisputable based on the #’s coming out of Israel. Yet …. the 95% early trial # continues to be trotted out by the government and media and folks like YOU.

      So neither the 1% # nor 95% # are anywhere close to true \ accurate. The CURRRENT truth lies almost exactly in between and its falling. THIS is an important that should be informing public health policy.

    • Wow, you need a holiday. They do not say anything you stated here. They simply asked why the RRR is not shown. Honestly, you need a holiday. Since you are now vaccinated you can travel to Phuket, Thailand and only have to spend 1 night in a hotel before your negative test upon arrival. I strongly suggest you go there. It will make you less of a bully.

      • FG,
        Sorry to burst your bubble, but the sheep are the ones getting the genocide juice jabs.
        Are you anxious to get your 3rd herd thinning injection?

  132. Could you please explain this report.
    Fact Check-Fact check: Ex-Pfizer scientist repeats COVID-19 vaccine misinformation in recorded speech | Reuters

  133. Hi, how do we turn this fantastic letter into a petition for all to sign and then send to the politicians?
    This letter resonates because most of us have read and watched the vids they are referring too.
    All of the politicians and practitioners, police, teachers and whoever else is on the covid enforcement
    narrative should be charged and the people should all for Nuremberg Trials 2 for the 21 century to counter act
    Agenda 21.

  134. I reported a severe reaction to my dr in Salmon Arm,,following the first vaccination of Pfizer for Covid 19 after receiving it 25 days previously. I had ringing in my right ear and initially a sinus type allergy symptom, the next day abrupt severe pain behind my right eye and pain to my right temple. Then over the next few hours I developed severe creanial nerve pain on the right half of my head and major pressure and pain occiptally. Over the next few weeks I had severe brain fog and distorted vision. I Waldo feeling odd mini vibrations through various parts of my chest back and lower abdomen.
    My Drs reply was, it’s prob a reaction to the vaccine but imagine how sick you would be if you had caught Covid 19 and she flushed my right ear and sent me out the door without any mention of reporting my symptoms. 3 1/2 months later I have somewhat recovered but have severe fatigue and ringing in my ear and CS back headaches
    I tried emailing Dr Bonnie Henry’s off but received a generic rejection of reply and so I will not receive a second dose,
    I am in full agreement that our information and our rights are being removed through deception and skewing of information. Just part of building back better, right?
    Go away Justin Trudeau and all the so called world leaders. You have bought the lie and will ultimately be swallowed by your own deception and evil intentions

  135. My partner received first the Phizer and then the Moderna vaccine. The second jab send him to the hospital with cognitive impairment. He forgot how to walk. He had memory loss before due to several strokes but his condition has worsened dramatically after the second jab. I just hope his condition will improve but I’m not sure it will.

  136. finally, a cogent rebuttal. However .. regards RRR … what your fact check “facts” neglect to emphasize are;

    1. Those trials and #’s come from drug manufacturer managed trials. Not real world data.
    2. They are based on the vaxxes vs VERY early strains
    3. Since those trials, many real world efficacy trials and samples and comparisons have been conducted against newer variants. The results from those should supercede these now irrelevant trials.
    4. Those real world #’s put vax efficacy against transmission at near 0 after 6 months and against hospitalization \ death at somewhere between 50-75% ( and falling over time and across new variants ). This is clear and indisputable based on the #’s coming out of Israel. Yet …. the 95% early trial # continues to be trotted out by the government and media and folks like YOU.

    So neither the 1% # nor 95% # are anywhere close to true \ accurate. The CURRRENT truth lies almost exactly in between and its falling. THIS is an important that should be informing public health policy.

  137. The covid death statistics are incorrect. Each age group has the death count from the row above it in the official report. E.g., deaths for 40-49 is mixed up with deaths for 30-39. This should be corrected given the coverage this letter is receiving.

  138. Ridiculous comments above, directing open disdain even hatred and hysteria against “vaccine-deniers”. When somebody comes along with a view contrary to my own, provided they present it politely (what could be more agreeable than to sit and read through a letter at one’s own speed) then I will question my own view. Not everyone does this, but reasonable and prudent people do, in my experience. 51 years old, consulting professional. I have found the best policy is to move forward with doubt, and question everything. Simply embraced the Socratic principle. The medical dissenters are increasing in number and there are too many to ignore, thus I am questioning the narrative that media, government and many (not all) doctors are feeding us. I have to say I am immediately put on my guard when people insistently appeal to my credulity rather than my skepticism. In my experience these people are usually trying to sell something. That is not the way to convince people.

  139. This document is extraordinarily well-written and factual. Good on all those who put this document together. It is a gift to every citizen in Canada for democracy. It should be sent to EVERY BUSINESS OWNER, MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL (PHYSICIAN), UNIVERSITY AND COLLEGE PRESIDENT, SCHOOL PRINCIPAL, LAWYER, JUDGE, HOSPITAL AND NURSING HOME ADMINISTRATOR, MAYOR AND CITY COUNCIL, MLA, PASTOR, POLICE DEPT., ETC. in BC., IN FACT THROUGHOUT CANADA.

    How do we make this happen? In addition, letters should be written to every business owner, school, etc, letting them know that if they try to impose the passports, vaccines, and masks, they can be held legally liable under Canadian law.

    The biggest problem is misinformation.

    WOW! WE NEED TO RALLY A TEAM OF PATRIOTS AND MAKE THIS HAPPEN. We need a strategy to get truth to people. We may need material much pared down that people can quickly review. The larger document can be included, but some people may not read it through. We need to get people’s attention. A team could make this happen. Can you connect me—pass my name on to people who have the passion for getting this done? I have been thinking about this for months. We must do this asap. With all hands on deck, we could do this. Getting info out to key people will have a massive impact on countering the false narrative. TRUTH is POWER.


    Surrey, BC
    Email: sz*******@gm***.com

  140. In the Pfizer study, 8 vaxxed got the covid, 162 unvaxxed got it. That’s 170. So, 8 is approx. 5% of 170, and 162 is approximately 95% of 170. This tells you nothing about the risk of getting the rona in the first place. That’s number of study participants ~18000/170 x 100)= less than 1%.

  141. If you get any answers, can you please share them here? I suggest placing a banner near the top of this excellent web page, saying THE RESPONSE to a new web page that presents all of the answers and feedback that you get back. Thank you so much for your efforts. <3

  142. Our doc commented to someone I know that a vaccinated person associating with an unvaccinated is like getting in a car with a drunk driver! Thanks for all your work in creating this letter!

  143. We are about to find out that the purpose of all this is the destruction of mankind, But God is still in charge. Evil always destroys it’s self, and the good news is there will be a physical healing for all those who have taken the vaccine.

    I’m so encouraged by these great Canadian’s for putting themselves out like this. I was wondering where they were, now I know!!

    • Hi Mike,

      No disrespect, but God, really!!!?

      Millions of people are dying and you can say something like that. There will be no physical healing from the jab. This version of the vaccine will cause long term serious side affects in peoples lives. The guy you are waiting for has been here for 80+ years and we’re running out of time, he probably won’t be here for much longer.

  144. I have written myself, as a family physician, about this before, constantly looking over my shoulder to make sure no one is coming to put me in Room 101:

    By Dr. Julie Connolly

    My parents are both only months shy of turning eighty. Both are staunch Catholics. And both are hell-bent on not dying anytime soon.

    They still live on the Quebec farm I grew up on, in a stone farmhouse on a hill, 177 rolling acres. They’re in impressively good health, my father perhaps more than my Mom. He doesn’t take any medications and is rather slighted by his multiple seborrheic keratoses, a threat to his imagined youth fountain. In spite of reviewing these with him from time to time, I really enjoy our phone calls; we talk about current events, the stock market, my children’s latest antics and, of course, COVID-19.

    This topic can get heated.

    My Dad plans on living ‘til he’s 100. For him, it is a competition with his septuagenarian peers, figuring out everyone’s odds. Whereas my mother simply states that she doesn’t want to die. Gently, I remind her that that is an impossible wish. She promptly gets off the call and probably secretly thinks I’m actively accelerating the death march of my elderly patients. Quietly, she hinted at this the other night, with a weighted question: “Do you have a lot of elderly patients in your practice?” If she had a penchant for tech, I wonder if she’d ever consider robo-calling them with a warning to change doctors.

    My father believes COVID is a serious affront on humanity, bodies everywhere, a calamity of tsunamic proportions. I remind him that I am on the front-line of health care and have been privy to only two COVID cases, now resolved, in my practice so far. I also describe for him the growing plantation of white crosses at one of our city’s intersections. My twins and I went to count them and pay our respects the other day. There are 155 at last count. They are not COVID deaths. These white crosses represent overdoses.

    I remind him and re-remind him that—at least before the sickly vaccine roll-out that is now fueling the emergence of Darwinian COVID variants—over 70% of coronavirus deaths were in people 80 years and over, with a disproportionate number of these people in long-term care. People who had long lives by most estimations and who were predestined for less life going forward by accumulated co-morbidities.

    He gets this. But he chuckles. He still wants to live to 100. The other night I gave him an analogy: “Dad, imagine that suddenly all unborn babies decided in concert that they do not want to be born? Come hell or high water, they are going to resist the natural forces and timeline for delivery. After all, birth, the very notion of it, is terrifying. And it’s an infringement on their right to remain fetuses!” He laughed. He gets my point. But I’m not sure if the majority of people, especially in Western culture, do.

    My parents, like most of us, have a moderate case of thanatophobia, a fancy term for death anxiety. In my mental meanderings since last winter, I’ve thought about our collective recoil from the notion of death. Thanotophobia, as a term, hasn’t yet made it into the DSM spiralled bible of mental illnesses. But colloquially, there are two types: predatory (that even single-celled organisms can lay claim to, through adaptations like external receptors to certain environmental threats) and existential (an aversion to the fact that human lives ultimately end).

    It is the second subtype that fascinates me. Where does it come from? I can think of two possible drivers. One is perhaps a life unfulfilled. The other, within the camp of people who, by all parameters, have had complete and relatively unscathed lives, is a spectrum of suspicion that our aliveness is all there is.

    I get death anxiety. I spend most of my waking days contemplating the notion of my own mortality. I have a particular penchant for avoiding the likes of Thanos myself.

    What I don’t get is why death by COVID has created such hysteria.

    At this point, Canada lays claim to about 23 000 deaths attributed to the novel coronavirus. North of 70% of these are in people 80 years old and over — more than 16 100 of these deaths have occurred in this age cohort. Approximately 3.5% of these fatalities are in people younger than 60. That’s about 805 people in over a year of counting. Putting this into context, in 2019, there were 387 Canadian murders, 4012 Canadian suicides and 13 746 people died of an accident (I assume overdose deaths are included in here). Statistics Canada. Table 13-10-0394-01 Leading causes of death, total population, by age group

    Those latter deaths are what our chaotic, spiritually-dazed human endeavour (ie modern society) has dealt us. Those tragedies are not virally-caused, they’re us-caused. So let’s look at us. But it’s hard to look at our own face when we’re peering out of it, eyeballs facing the wrong way.

    The pandemic has put a floodlight on how self-obsessed we are as a species, how incapable we are of recognizing our greater demons, within and without, and our maniacal aversion to the notion that we are not immune to the elements of a life cycle.

    I asked a good friend the other day why she was so mortified by the notion of an 85 year old hypothetical loved one passing of this viral illness as opposed to a similarly timed alternate death by congestive heart failure. Her thoughtful response was that COVID could have been prevented, that someone else infected them and, as a result, was unfair.

    So I tried the fetus analogy on her. And I went a little further. I suggested that while all the fetuses are trying their darndest to not get born, insulted by every perceived tightening, they take particular offense to birth by scalpel. They’re incensed that someone would try expelling them from the womb via Ceasarian section. Little do they grasp the potential dangers they face by remaining unborn are looming larger and more real, as they continue to deny themselves the freedom and potential of a life as a baby on the outside. She kind of got my point but still feels that COVID-19 is an assault on everyone’s right to life. So I didn’t get anywhere.

    Pandemic lockdowns, the forced slowing of the proverbial rat wheel, may offer a golden nugget of time to get off the viral band wagon and figure out what really matters. And I’m pretty sure it’s backstage, not out here with all the distressing lights and an audience drunk on the potion of humankind’s egotism.

    We just can’t get our heads around the fact that we are subject to the same biological forces as everybody else out there. I have encountered more than one doctor who will argue til they see red that we aren’t, in fact, animals. I only know of two kingdoms and the last time I checked, we don’t grow leaves. Our indignation, no matter how much we panic about the virus sweeping through crowded cities and nursing homes, will not save us from ourselves. And like others have pointed out, it is not the planet that’s endangered. It’s us.

    We’re being culled. And we’re mad about it.

    Societal apoptosis.

    Off in my usual reveries the other day, I imagined an agitated crowd yelling, “Tree! Tree! Tree!” Arms up over their heads in a protective stance, visibly scared. Quietly, Chief Grand-Scheme walks over to one of the people, taps them gently on the shoulder and whispers, “Forest.”

    But humanity is hard of hearing. Not for any intrinsic flaw but because of the deafening din of what we have created around us. The din of denial. The noise of the distractions we create is so overwhelming that we no longer appreciate the goings-on behind the tapestry. We have forgotten that this is all a production.

    Our smallness, by definition, gives us a small perspective, if we are relying solely on our physical nature to guide us.

    I think our brouhaha about an even smaller entity that’s got us flung by the coattails is just another way we fight against the dark night that is every living thing’s reality. We all die. Whether that’s at 78 or 84 is a really tiny deal.

    Even country music songs croon about the certainty of death. (Think Death and Taxes and Me Lovin’ You, Carroll Baker; Go Rest High on that Mountain, Vince Gill; If Tomorrow Never Comes, Garth Brooks; He Stopped Loving Her Today, George Jones.)

    This is a pandemic of fear and indignation over the notion of dying. Time and again, we see interviews on the news of family members of elderly people, 82, 86, 95. Incensed that their loved one passed away of a viral illness, one of dozens of natural causes of death.

    The COVID-19 era should unearth a few lessons in the obvious:

    There are too many of us
    We don’t honour our elders (we stow them away in long-term care homes and then get irate when these are understaffed or otherwise inadequate)
    We foster cultures that, in their imbecility, deny the natural order of things, which includes the notion that we are animals and that all animals ultimately die. We do not have a monopoly on life, nor an indefinite trip on the train. One day, at one stop or another, we’ll be asked to get off.
    Maybe all of us need to tune in to a country music station from time to time for a reality check
    Having said all of this, I am neither immune to thanotophobia. Especially now, when my children are young. I also can admit that I am horrified by the notion of my body one day going to rot (cremation is no longer an option due to the emission issue and gifting my descendants with further environmental warming).

    But going forward, I can see castles.

    Dr. Julie Connolly is a family physician and single mother of five, living and practising in Sudbury, Ont.

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    author picture
    4 months ago
    Julie It is a sobering thought that when Robbie Burns was my age he had been dead for 38 years. And that our molecules will get back into the environmental soup …. eventually …. however they get disassembled. Please keep writing ….
    author picture
    4 months ago
    Our fear of death is getting in the way of our living.
    author picture
    4 months ago
    “What I don’t get is why death by COVID has created such hysteria” Take a close look at India and ask yourself if we are all being hysterical. Another article by Julie that does a disservice to her readers.
    In reply to by MARTYN.CHILVERS1 (not verified)
    author picture
    4 months ago
    No,she is absolutely correct.
    author picture
    4 months ago
    Agree that our culture is death-phobic. Strongly disagree that we should let COVID cull the herd. First of all, not all COVID deaths are elderly: the US stats are currently at 610 people died under age 45. Closer to home, a 13-year-old died recently in Ontario. Secondly, if they were all elderly, that would not be okay. If I were over 80, I wouldn’t want to pop off because idiots want to party. Thirdly, you’re ignoring the morbidity of COVID long haul. I also don’t want fatigue, chronic respiratory problems, etc. In myself or my family. Fourthly, BIPOC, the poor, the homeless, prisoners, and essential workers who can’t afford to stay home are all disproportionately sickened and killed by COVID. That would be you and me in an Amazon warehouse, or our kids on the streets. Fifthly, “the sickly vaccine roll-out that is now fueling the emergence of Darwinian COVID variants”: no. People congregating fuels the creation and spread of variants. The poor vaccine roll-out does little to prevent it, but this line makes it sound like the vaccines are creating VOC. Whew, I feel a column coming on.
    In reply to by M.YUAN-INNES.1 (not verified)
    author picture
    4 months ago
    She did not say ‘let covid cull the herd’. She said …. ‘we are being culled’ Therein lies the problem ….. our reaction and attempts to prevent being culled. First do no harm….our overreaction to covid has in fact done harm and harms going forward that we have not yet recognized.
    In reply to by M.YUAN-INNES.1 (not verified)
    author picture
    4 months ago
    If 610 have died of Covid under the age of 45 in the US, to put this in perspective this only represents .11% of all their deaths and what might be the whole story including other contributing factors that led to these deaths? To put this number in further perspective, in the 1st three months of 2021, 485 people have died of overdose deaths in BC, up 97% from the first three months of 2020, yet you hardly hear a peep of this through our governments and media. The overall reaction and response to Covid in some ways, has arguably overshadowed and had likely led to a decrease response to other causes of morbidity and mortality affecting people.
    author picture
    4 months ago
    Hi Julie, Your Dad has a wonderful attitude. Thanks for sharing your stories and your reflections. I have learned that it is not the “fear of death”; rather, it is the self-identification with the thoughts of “the fear of death”. Look at how many people kill themselves by suicide every day to escape their ruminating and damning thoughts of the “fear of death’. Wait! So I kill myself because I am afraid to die?? The madness doesn’t end there; it’s also the “fear of life”, “fear of not being good enough”, “fear of an uncertain future”, “fear of pain”, “fear of just about anything and everything imaginable”, etc…… the list is long. Why? Because minds are just brilliant at everything, including ways to suffer. The only problem thinking can’t solve is thinking too much. Those who have learn to be unconditionally happy have also learn to be present (or objective) with thoughts (and emotions, and sensations). This objectivity with thoughts can be uncovered through mindfulness training. Serenity is unconditional, Covid or no Covid. Fear is existential and its hardly the challenge. The real challenge that a self-identified mind lack the objectivity to weigh the relative importance between 1. the needs of the body and its interdependencies (the collective and the environment) and 2. the insatiable wants of the mind (only limited by the human imagination). This results in situation where the obvious and imminent needs of the body to breath is being ignored by a mind paralyzed by fear or imagined possibility. It is also the root cause of the metabolic, chronic physical and mental health pandemics. Pharmacist next door told me he got 66 doses of AstraZenecaOxford yesterday and offered to my patients over age of 40. So, I made a list of diabetics in my practice between 40-50 yesterday and proceeded to call them. I abandoned the project after being turned down by the first 5 people on the list. Soon we may hear of stories where people with Covid lamenting that they should not have turned down vaccine. This is just one more example of “minds” unable to let go of its “insatiable wants” (for absolute safety) that are denying the “need of the body” from a RCT proven intervention that is nearly perfect in its ability to prevent COVID death. There are so many other examples. The minds will even deny the body’s need for the most basic public hygiene interventions (such as masking and distancing) against microbes for its insatiable wants for its imaginary “freedom” to enjoy the “good old times”. These inability to discern the needs of the body from the insatiable wants of the mind is at the root of almost all major human challenges. The reason why the mind is destroying the planet which the body depend upon is because the mind has forgotten the body. This is a recurring theme in our human condition. Somehow, out of all these unnecessary sufferings, the minds will finally awake from its delusion and discover that it can’t exist without the body and its interdependencies. “Before you heal someone, ask him if he’s willing to give up the things that make him sick.” ― Hippocrates
    author picture
    4 months ago
    “ But going forward, I can see castles.” — Julie. “We shall not cease from exploration And the end of all our exploring Will be to arrive where we started And know the place for the first time.” –from Little Gidding by T.S. T.S. Eliot
    author picture
    4 months ago
    There is an excellent article about “lifespan through the ages” upcoming in this weekend’s New York Times. https://www.nytimes.com/2021/04/27/magazine/global-life-span.html?campaign_id=9&emc=edit_nn_20210430&instance_id=29989&nl=the-morning&regi_id=84366264&segment_id=56889&te=1&user_id=9be2473c43b707b8abf85fb1db16a687 If you can’t get through the NYT pay firewall, try here for tips …. https://www.lifehack.org/articles/technology/how-to-continue-reading-the-new-york-times-online-for-free.html
    author picture
    4 months ago
    Thank you Julie,for beautifully writing down thoughts I have had throughout this pandemic. Agree with all you’ve said.
    author picture
    4 months ago
    At what age should doctors refuse to stop treating people because they refuse to go quietly into the night or refuse to be culled by a virus, a bacteria, an amoeba or cardiac disease? At what age should relatives be joyous that a loved one has died whatever the cause? People telling others not to fear death are usually between the age of 35-60 and it doesn’t help them to dispel their own fear.
    author picture
    4 months ago
    Julie, Julie, Julie…It’s time I met your folks. Death may be the next great adventure. Perhaps another term, Peter Pann Perpetuity Proclivism (P to the fourth)could be used to describe our desire to remain youthful forever. Making peace with our bodies, the fact they continue to change, whether we invite that change or not, and embracing our brief role on this earth with diligence and desire, rather than imagining what could have been, and pining for our loss of fantasy may be a first step. However in an evolutionary world that has no forward directional compass, in the circle of life that has no change from the previous 100 generations of lions to the next 100 generations (if they survive), fantasy remains a viable option. The concept of garden to city as an indicator of progress only resonates while taking the reality of the first garden and the promise of the final city into account. Otherwise it is much noise about nothing.
    author picture
    4 months ago
    Thank you Julie! Brilliant thinking and brilliant article! Your parents are inspirational and I think wise people! My grandfather used to tell me; you get the wisdom when you don’t need it anymore. I am now a grandmother and still reflecting on his saying!

    • This is all well and good, Dr. Connolly, with some artful phraseology, but the more serious issue is missed — that the always-in-flux “Covid” narrative was merely the made-up bogeyman, epidemiological Al Qaeda for herding the sheeple toward the real threat, an injection, the contents of which remain strategically shrouded and obfuscated, the adverse effects of which are mounting despite best efforts to conceal, and which was promoted avidly for years by eugenicists and outright sociopaths hellbent on wiping out vast numbers of us but who — absurdly — are somehow to be considered trustworthy within the context of these unlawful injection “mandates.”

      It’s going to be a dark winter, and the problem will NOT be fabled SARS-Cov-2.

  145. I have been sharing information concerning the Coronavirus and the vaccine since February 2020. Our information was always shared days, weeks, and months before anyone outside our community knew anything and basically corroborated what we had said earlier.

    I don’t want to post everything we know here, but I will share some information .
    1) The incubation period of this vaccine is actually up to 4 weeks to 3 months
    2) There will be NO HERD IMMUNITY for this Virus
    3) This is extremely dangerous, once you get it it’s with you for life and it can undo all your childhood antibodies. Can cause Cancers and other diseases that we don’t even know exist yet.
    4) A majority of cases pre-vaccine were mild to moderate and did not require medical attention
    5) The Morons are saying that the vaccine will reduce the symptoms should you catch it, see Number 4
    6) The Vaccine is not actually a Vaccine but a Drug Experiment and all the people that took the jab are part of a Global Clinical Trial.

    There so much more!!!!

  146. People, you can play around with the numbers any way you want. The fact remains people are sick and dying from Covid.
    Here’s what I’m having a hard time understanding when people espouse their right to NOT have the Covid vaccine.
    We’ve been putting chemicals and by-products into and on our bodies our entire lives. Most often we have no idea what the contents of these products are, or what the side affects of the chemicals in them are.
    We take aspirin, Advil, Tylenol, Claritin, antibiotics and a range of other medications for a broad range of ailments and discomfort. Most of us have no idea how these products were developed, what’s in them or what the side effects will be.
    Think about loved ones (or yourself), who have required emergency intervention. In these situations we don’t always ask what’s being put into our bodies or what we’re being hooked up to, we trust ( and are grateful for) the healthcare system, we trust the technology, and we trust the science being used to save us and our loved ones.
    We don’t always know what’s in the treatments for cancer, aids, asthma, kidney disease, arthritis or heart disease, but we trust the science and the people providing or prescribing the treatment.
    We eat frozen and processed food filled with more by-products than they contain real food. Most often we have no idea what’s in these foods. We trust they are safe.
    We drink coke, red Bull, alcohol and liquid energy enhancers filled with chemicals and we don’t blink an eye or question what’s in them or who manufactured them.
    We put shampoo, conditioners and cosmetic chemicals on our faces and bodies, all of which have cancer causing properties.
    We pump our bodies with fillers, Botox and implants, having no idea how these things were engineered, who produced them, what’s in them, yet, we do it anyway. Again, we trust the science and those performing the procedures.
    We get on airplanes. Most of us have no idea how they’re built, how they fly, how they are engineered, but we trust the science and we trust the pilots.
    We get in our cars every day ( or on a bus or train). Chances are most of us have no idea how the technology works, who built these machines, what’s actually “under the hood” but again, we trust the engineers who designed them and the people who built them.
    The rates of diabetes and heart related illness and death, are at an all-time high, largely due to what we blindly and willingly put into our bodies.
    Childhood obesity is at the highest rate it has ever been. Yet we continue to pump kids with sugar, one of the most dangerous, toxic and additives chemicals we consume. Yet, a vaccine is offered to help us save ourselves, and people are loosing their minds. It makes no sense.
    And, if people want to talk about human rights and the fact they think getting this vaccine is a violation of human rights, they should take a look at the clothing labels on everything they wear, and take a look at everything in their homes and then ask themselves if they are really a supporter of human rights or just selfish. Because, if someone supports human rights, they shouldn’t be wearing or consuming anything from a country where children, women or men (even animals ) are stripped of their rights and enslaved to produce almost everything we consume in our privileged western society.
    World governments are not trying to control us or track us. If they wanted to do that they already can through our cell phones, our credit cards and our tax returns.
    Seat belts are mandatory, no smoking in public places is mandatory, drinking and driving is against the law. There are many things we all do or don’t do, to make each other safe.
    Mandatory vaccines have been in place for decades when traveling to other countries.
    We had mandatory vaccines in place for mumps, chicken pox, polio, rubella, measles when we went to school in the 60s, 70’s and 80’s which is why we’re alive today.
    Diseases like Covid will continue to spread more quickly than they ever have because we travel more, we interact more and because there’s more of us on the planet.
    To those who think this vaccine is untested, or that you’ve been used as experimental guinea pigs, you’re wrong. The science behind the COVID-19 vaccines has not been rushed. In fact, these vaccines are building on decades of scientific research.
    And to those who think there is a dark force out there trying to kill us off, For god sake it would be easier to put something in the air or in water, rather than have us line up for vaccines.
    We are now seeing nurses, respiratory therapists and doctors walking off the job from exhaustion or leaving their profession because Covid has exhausted the system.
    Some hospitals have had to close their emergency wards due to staffing issues.
    So the next time you show up in emergency with stomach pain, or a cut requiring stitches, or a broken limb, or you’re having trouble breathing, don’t be surprised if your wait time is doubled or tripled or your emergency ward is closed altogether, because there is no staff to take care of you.
    Do what you feel you need to do, because you have that right. But please don’t be a hypocrite and tell me you’re refusing the vaccine because it’s a violation of your human rights, or because you refuse to put anything into your body you don’t understand.
    Yes, we all have the right “to choose”. With that right comes responsibility and consequences.
    My god humanity is messed up.
    The greatest threat to humanity, is the lack of our collective humanity😔.

    • And then there are people who believe that we should have let the virus run it’s course and it would have been over last summer and the country would much stronger for that.

      I “choose” to ensure I am healthy and follow safe proven out-patient therapy, even if every government in Canada prohibits access to these medicines; which I can procure outside of Canada.

      “Covid has exhausted the system. Wrong, the rules have exhausted the system. The rule about prohibiting the use of safe out-patient treatments being one.

      Government scientists at all levels here have been negligent and not better understood innate and acquired immune strength, early signals related to blood type, those that have had the mumps or TB, and those with low vitamin-D levels to name a few.

      “No staff to take care of you”. Perhaps if everyone of the provincial premiers allowed access to safe out-patient medicines, and stop telling people to put fluids into their body they don’t want to, staff would be available.

      Finally, the numbers are exceptionally low for a virus that was to cause the next plague. It took 12 months for 1 in 36,500 Canadians to test positive on a daily basis. Excess deaths are not statistically outside the envelope of the previous 50 years. Hospitalizations would be significantly lower if governments at all did not prohibit the use of safe out-patient treatments.

      See the theme here? Governments were incompetent and negligent. Best thing Canada could do is allow for -pay health care. Then you might not feel as if you need to worry about everyone else.

    • “People, you can play around with the numbers any way you want. The fact remains people are sick and dying from Covid.”

      Play around with the numbers? You mean the numbers (official government figures) that show very clearly that out of every 100 Covid cases more will be hospitalized or die if they’ve been vaccinated? That’s in addition to deaths or injuries from the vaccine itself.

      Those numbers?

      • The vaccine is of very low quality. And in fact it is cause more outbreaks and infections. The only people who should be vaccinated are the high risk group. It’s the vaccinated that are causing the problems. Isn’t it curious that the more vaccinated a country is the more hospitalization there is? Think about it.

  147. They are pushing the vaccine on everybody because it’s not about health – it’s about crowd control & controlling human behavior – once they get everybody on the app they can be tracked 24/7 thru their phones … so in the future, when there is a disruptive protest (like trying to block a train or highway), they will be able to zoom in on the GPS location of the protest, and pin-point exactly who the trouble-makers are that they need to apprehend at later date and take to the covid (protester) prisons.

  148. If you know what is coming down the road let’s say its the scamdemic, then you invest in the pharma that makes it. You are going to be very wealthy. On top of that you are paid by the big pharma to enforce it. So you don’t look stupid you push the narrative. You’ll live your life, but the peons must comply. They know exactly what they are doing and what is happening and they are complicit in these crimes. They just do not care. We do not matter. When we realize this the only thing to do is fight back, at all costs!

  149. I completely agree with the idea of taking Henry,Dix and Horgan to court over this. This is an unacceptable situation ! They are destroying businesses , families and friends.
    My partners thirteen year old grandson was asked to leave a private gym after the operator questioned him about being vaccinated and he responded that he had not been vaccinated. He was devastated. A complete emotional wreck .
    This coerced compliance and passport scheme is ripping communities apart and should be stopped immediately.

  150. My heartfelt thanks to to the healthcare professionals of the Okanagan for this well-researched open letter to our government officials. Thank you for showing us the science!
    My added admonition to Henry, Dix and Horgan:

  151. These people are either being threatened or paid off. No one could push such propaganda and outright lies for any other reason. We are on the edge of losing everything to a medical tyranny. Brave men and women fought for our freedoms throughout history only to have their sacrifices thrown away by lesser individuals turned now into monsters by masters in the shadows.

  152. If enough people in professions of all walks of life (nurses, doctors, teachers, public servants, servers, etc. get fired or quit because of refusal to take the poisonous jab, then the country will be on the verge of going belly up. Long wait times for health services, empty supermarket shelves, homeschooling will continue, very few hospitality businesses open, few restaurants. Long waiting times for items needed in daily life because of breakdown of supply chains… We will turn into a so called third world country very quickly. Maybe we have to let this happen to show the government that they cannot run this country without us. We all are important. We have to help and support people who are brave enough to get fired for refusing to get jabbed. The government may quickly change their course to keep the ship from sinking. Together we can do it. Lets not allow them to divide us, which is unfortunately already happening. Only together we are strong!

  153. Uh, Doctors, they are going to spit in your eye and ignore this letter. I WOULD TOO, EVEN THOUGH I AGREE WITH YOU AND STAND WITH YOU. The letter is anonymous, and will be ignored as such, no matter how true the content is.

    Freedom is built on the blood of martyrs. You are not ready yet to lead the charge. Gord Lucas is my name.

  154. Why around the world has rallies against passport? Simple answer is something wrong for sure! Let people has own choice. If the vaccine works why need passport. Treat the COVID 19 as a seasonal flue.

  155. At last the truth is getting out for too long we have been silenced and just because our beliefs don’t align with the ‘truth’ we are shunned. I happen to believe the world is flat and I have seen zero evidence to convince me otherwise. Big tech and big media are quick to mock us but as you all say how can we trust them. Anyway I will continue to fight vaccine mandates and mask mandates in any way I can. Praise god.

  156. stop mandatory vaccination ( No vaccine card)

    It’s very ridiculous that boss needs the vanccined who cannot be with the unvaccined in the same office, why? It showed that the vanccined cannot trust the vanccine and worry to be infected by virus from unvaccined… Sounds weird for the thinking of the vanccined boss

    -Since the director of the US CDC pointed out that vaccinated and non-vaccinated have the same infectious power to spread virus, why do you need a vaccine card (vaccine passport) to distinguish the vanccined from the unvaccined??

  157. “There are hundreds of publications showing that early treatments work: there’s hydroxychloroquine, azithromycin, ivermectin, zinc, Vitamin D, and so on—it works! There are publications!

    So all these products, so-called “vaccines”, are useless, because we can perfectly well control an epidemic. And the best example is in India: there, you have a billion and a half people, with many different states. In the states where they treated people with ivermectin, zinc, Doxycycline and Vitamin D, the epidemic [remained] at a very low rate: it was quite [soon] finished. But in the states where they banned these antibiotic and antiviral treatments which work on the virus, and [where] they promoted the “vaccine” and also promoted Remdesivir (coming from France and Belgium, because Remdesivir was so toxic and not efficacious: the French and Belgians sent planeloads of Remdesivir to the Indian people!), in these areas of India where they used “vaccines” and Remdesivir, the epidemic came back, with new cases of mortality. That’s proof that if you treat early, you can succeed and the epidemic will be over very rapidly.”


  158. Thank you so very much for the vast time and attention to writing such a letter!!! It is important that our population sees this, and gets curious about what is not being shared, and what is being distorted.
    To those who want to throw out this entire letter because the authors chose anonymity (for now), or for a few errors that were not edited: I hope you will begin to talk to people who have risked everything (their careers, reputations, families, safety and perhaps even their lives) in an effort to reveal the truth. Perhaps then, you will begin to develop a ounce of awareness regarding oppression and the many forms it takes. Even “privileged” people can be oppressed when they possess information that shines light into the dark and disempowers the corrupt puppeteers.

    These are brave people who wrote this letter. Please understand how difficult it is to speak out against a tidal wave of propaganda, censorship, misrepresentation and a hysterical and desperate society that is hanging onto whatever thread of control they can find, during a time when the wool is being intentionally pulled over our eyes.

    The truth has way of revealing itself. Sometimes it just needs to rise up from the depths and shake everything to it’s core.

  159. Only to add a side diversion but one that would help people here.

    Most people who cave to the immorality of a government or employer forcing you to inject an invasive substance onto your body do so because of your own personal or family financial state. We have been brainwashed to be a blind over consumption society that LIVES now off CREDIT! Your job is what keeps you and yours out of the proverbial or literal ditch financially. But ask yourselves if you did not have as much consumer debt, credit cards, cars, home equity loans, maybe even a paid off mortgage that you never went too deep in terms of beyond your mortgage means, would you be so easily coerced to take any invasive medical procedures? I’d say not likely or much less so.

    Let me offer you all a way to better reduce others notably creditors keeping a boot to your throat.

    I’m not paid to say the following but live by it now and sadly it took many years of me riding the credit and debt lifestyle to finally come across this man and his system. He is Dave Ramsey.

    If one accepts and follows his baby steps plan to get out of debt and KEEP out of debt, then one builds more financial security and likely true wealth. SO HERE IT FOLKS!

    Step 1: Build up $1000 cash in bank for any simple home emergency. It’s a token amount to start, designed to get you going on the plan while allowing you to be able to cover with cash any simple home/car emergency.

    Step 2: Line up your debts from smallest to biggest. In a debt snowball pay only minimum payments on any debts except for the first smallest one. THROW AS MUCH CASH AS YOU CAN FROM YOUR BUDGET ( BTW HAVE A WRITTEN BUDGET TOO) TO THIS SMALLEST DEBT FIRST UNTIL IT’S PAID OFF! Then move the debt snowball up until each debt is paid of not including a mortgage if you have one.

    Step2a: Stop any and all investments into your retirement while you are doing this. DON’T FRET. IT’S ONLY TEMPORARY! The only goal once you have your $1000 in bank is to pay off all debts in a smallest to largest debt snowball except a mortgage if you have one. OBTW if you own a car or cars that are more than 50% of your annual income YOU NEED TO SELL THEM OFF OR CLOSE OUT THE FLEECE even if you are under water on the amount. Then budget as minimal cars you can buy after you sell these or return the too expensive to own cars by using as little of credit needed to buy as Dave calls em. a Hoopty type care or cars. PRIDE! SCREW PRIDE YOU ARE IN DEBT! The hoopties only need to be for a while not forever! OBTW taking on a second job is not a bad thing at this moment too! Oh yeah, sell off other toys such as boats, campers, atv’s motorcycles etc. YOU ARE IN FRIGGING DEEP DOO DOO DEBT! SCREW VANITY AND PRIDE FOR NOW!

    Step 3: Once all debts are paid of short of any mortgage debt then you build up that $1,000 start up emergency fund into one what is now between 3-6 months of ALL household costs. This is where your WRITTEN budget comes into play. For myself I was more comfortable at 6 or so months emergency fund in bank.

    Step 4: Now that your debts are paid off short of any mortgage you may have begin invest at 15% income into growth positive mutual funds. inflation rate + future cash out rate equals minimum of average growth needed. ie: average inflation rate say 3% plus the cash out rate in future say 2% equals 5%. Your mutual fund must average growth higher than that.

    Step 5: Be intensive to paying down your mortgage as quickly as you can now. And since all your other debts are paid off, cash should be piling up now. If you want a newer car or truck you can now quickly save cash for a few months to buy a new car or truck or whatever toy cash only. But focus on getting your mortgage paid off as timely as you can.

    Step 6: If you have children start putting money into an education fund early as you can after steps 1-4. This by the time they graduate high school this should help then with tuition into any post secondary institution they may look at.

    Step 7: Your debt free and mortgage free now. You have at least 3-6 months cash in bank, a 15% investment yearly into your retirement funds, so now you can accelerate wealth outside your retirement funding. You should be very cash flow positive by now. STAY OUT OF EFFING DEBT! SCREW THOSE CREDIT CARDS! SCREW YOUR LINE OF CREDIT AT THE BANK! BUY CARS, TOYS, CRAP n’ STUFF CASH ONLY!

    Outside of your retirement funds investments, invest in growth orientated funds or such. In Canada we have Tax Free Savings Accounts, yes stupidly pegged at $5,000 per taxpayer per year. IT WAS $10,000 under PM Harper but pinko Commie Trudeau lowered it back to $5,000. Anyways Step 7 is where you accelerate financial growth and if you do this especially when younger you will become millionaires and likely sooner than you think.

    Now ask yourself if you did this plan noted here and your employer the assholes they are then tries to force you to take an invasive medical injection or lose your job, would you not be better off now to tell them to go fuck themselves?

    Ask yourself this especially if you think Dave Ramsey (btw he is worth hundreds of millions of $$$ ) is a kook and that you handle credit well enough. If you had no credit would you be able to buy that $1200 iPhone or similar competitor’s phones CASH ONLY! I bet you’d say no you would need a credit card. So as such you would have to buy a cheaper phone then (WHICH ALL WORK AS SIMILAR TO THOSE $1200 PHONES TOO) Cash only right?

    So don’t tell me you know how to handle credit folks. Ladies I see you bought those $600 Louie Vuton high heels, that $400 Versacce (SP?) purse that $1000 leather jacket and dudes I see you bought those $1000 golf clubs, $400 Cold Air Intake for your vehicle and that Canuck’s game worn jersey for $200+ ALL OF IT ON YOUR EFFING CREDIT CARDS!

    Stay out of consumer debt (not including a responsible mortgage) and you are less likely being beholden
    to other assholes in your life. Sadly did not know this in my 20’s so suffered along like many of you. But know the truth now.

    Good Luck and best wished to you all.

  160. We applaud this group of honourable doctors for leading us in exposing the truth and holding our provincial and country leaders accountable for their criminal agenda. You will be rewarded for your courage and boldness and we agree 100% with your statements.

  161. If you have to be persuaded, bullied, coerced, reminded, lied to, pressured, guilt tripped, socially shamed, censored, paid, punished, and criminalized to gain your compliance, you can be absolutely certain that what is being promoted is not in your best interests.
    I really hope these Doctors do what is right and come out and stand up to this tyranny. If not you who? If you feel like you have something to say you should say it. Might be your last chance.

  162. The letter is good in that it instigates dialogue but to blindly accept it is wrong! Since I’m a bit of a slow learner I’ve plodded along and have managed, so far, to confirm the stats in question #1. On the surface, it seems like a reasonable thing to ask why those under 60 should be restricted and pressured to get vaccinated if 94% of the deaths in Canada are people 60+, many with comorbidities. To me, the answer is pretty simple.

    There is overwhelming proof that vaccines work to stop the spread of the virus. This is straight from the Canada Health site:


    Quote: “Since the start of the vaccination campaign on December 14, 2020, PHAC received case-level vaccine history data for 80.6% (n=725,291) of COVID-19 cases aged 12 years or older.
    Of these cases:

    629,774 (86.8%) were unvaccinated at the time of their episode date
    36,579 (5.0%) were not yet protected by the vaccine, as their episode date occurred less than 14 days after their first dose
    39,764 (5.5%) were only partially vaccinated, as their episode date occurred either 14 days or more after their first dose or less than 14 days after their second dose
    19,174 (2.6%) were fully vaccinated, as their episode date occurred 14 days or more after their second dose”

    So, roughly 92% of cases were unvaccinated/unprotected and only about 8% were vaccinated or partially vaccinated.

    So, my best guess answer to Question#1 is:

    Vaccines help stop the spread of the virus and prevent unnecessary deaths. The governments are doing a balancing act between being too restrictive leading to more public outcry and a curtailed economy, versus being too lenient leading to overwhelmed hospitals and unnecessary deaths. They are striving to keep the number of patients our health services are able to accommodate in beds and ICU’s at or below capacity.

    I’ll tackle the other questions, one at a time, if I get intelligent, objective responses. Disagree if you like, the goal is to learn from each other. Thx.

    • “There is overwhelming proof that vaccines work to stop the spread of the virus.” No, if that were the case there would be NO ONE who has had these injections in the hospital; NONE. The real issue is there are other alternatives that the governments across Canada prohibit the use of.

  163. Myles B,
    Have you read the above comments in this thread?
    You should be able to get a lot of info that refutes your claims, and provides you new research rabbit holes to go down.

    • Yes, I have read a great deal of the comments but I don’t make any claims. I’m just reproducing facts from the Govt of Canada website. Please tell me where you disagree?

      Do you also disagree with my answer to Q1? If so, where? Thx.

      “Vaccines help stop the spread of the virus and prevent unnecessary deaths. The governments are doing a balancing act between being too restrictive leading to more public outcry and a curtailed economy, versus being too lenient leading to overwhelmed hospitals and unnecessary deaths. They are striving to keep the number of patients our health services are able to accommodate in beds and ICU’s at or below capacity.”

  164. Myles B
    Regarding “Vaccines help stop the spread of the virus and prevent unnecessary deaths.”
    Unfortunately there is not enough data to support the idea of prevent unnecessary deaths yet. The charts state that data start date is “The range of dates (January 31st, 2020 – present date) “. There were very few people vaccinated on February 1, 2021 yet, so they are not comparing apples to apples. We would need to see the number of people that tested positive, were hospitalized, died each day and how many off those were unvaccinated as compared to vaccinated. Please remember that there were almost no people vaccinated at the beginning of the reporting period, whereas today there are a reported 80%+ vaccinated. That skews these reports to the point of being misleading.

    I have seen enough evidence to believe that the vaccines are reducing serious symptoms, hospitalizations, ICU patients and deaths, which helps to solve the first problem our health system was faced with. However I have not seen much evidence to support that vaccines reduce the spread of COVID yet, quite the contrary. As long as vaccinated people can be infected with the virus and spread the virus to other people, COVID will continue to evolve and create more variants. I believe that we need better vaccines or a different strategy to eradicate COVID. More science, less policy and mandate.

    I applaud these doctors for writing this letter and it is unfortunate that they can not sign their names, whether it is two or twenty, for fear of retribution from our government and the health system’s governing bodies. The best solutions are always found when there is open respectful discussion, multiple points of view from brave critical thinkers, and less dictatorship.

  165. The concern I have heard Dr Henry etc state is the concern that the hospital system cannot handle the potential load from citizens requiring hospitalization and ICU care AND since the vaccines reduce the severity of the symptoms this means less demand on the hospital system…. I would be great if the Health Care Professionals who wrote this Letter could address this issue. I wonder, given the massive amount of $ spent by the government and the negative impacts on the economy, perhaps the better response wb to sufficiently improve the hospital systems? This option, combined with the likely fact (stated in this Letter) that UNvaccinated individuals who get covid and survive (which is MOST of them!!!) end up with a stronger immune response AND dont likely spread any varients (unlike the vaccinated individuals)… may be a far better (and less costly) option both in terms of $ and negative health impacts!

  166. I would love to hear the responses. I have asked countless people why everyone MUST get this flu shot (because it is not a vaccine). No one knows they just know they should think they should. This is what happens when people are locked up in their houses away from other influencers with only the media telling them what’s going on and putting the fear so deep in them that they believe this is a highly dangerous horrifying flu that is going to kill their children. If you read carefully you know that simple things like a regular regimen of vitamin D can greatly reduce serious illness yet when you get a Covid positive test nobody tells you to take vitamin D vitamin C zinc they don’t give you antivirals they tell you to wait till your lips turn blue and then check yourself in the hospital. It’s pretty clear that we will never get hurt immunity or any such and unity there for quality treatments or what we need to be focussed on. As far as I’m concerned the cost governor to put out to pay for every human being to be inoculated must be much higher than it would be to hire more doctors and nurses and educate people on better health and immunity. But I guess there’s no money in immunity

  167. Myself (age 56), my husband and our 17 year old have all had covid and convalesced at home. None of us are jabbed and I hope that our child does not go against our wishes and bows to peer pressure social coercion and duress. My husband and I are not antivaxers as we have been vaccinated and our child is as well. What we are, are people that will not tolerate a corrupt government forcing us to submit to a drug that has not legally been approved for use. I try not to eat GMO food, why would I choose to be a GMO human.

    Below are a few numbers that are readily available should anyone claim that they are not fact, rather numbers I pulled from a hat.

    Directly from Statistics Canada
    2018 deaths from influenza & pneumonia = 8511
    2018 deaths from chronic lower respiratory diseases = 12998
    Totalling 21509 in 12 months (average 1792 deaths per month)

    First reported covid ‘related’ death in Canada was on March 8, 2020 in North Vancouver. From March 8, 2020 to stats from yesterday October 7, 2021 there have been 28,156 covid deaths in Canada. Average per month is 1482

    As the medical authorities are not disclosing whether people are dying directly “from” covid or dying “with” covid I imagine that the 1482 is not an accurate number.

    I will be curious to see what Statistic Canada’s numbers are for 2020, 2021 and future years for both the above mentioned reported deaths.

    Stay strong in your beliefs!!!

  168. I don’t know why Canada and United States learn from China to perform green pass card policy as to live in the communist country. If the covid-19 virus like flu…did we have mandatory flu shot for everyone in the past??

    Why do we learn a lesson from super bacteria? The problem is from abusing antibodic medicine. It sounds like super virus might come from the booster vaccines in the future. The ruler of the government only creates hate and discrimination to treat unvaccinated people. The unvaccinated people is not virus. Could you blame the people without taking antibodic medicine for causing super bacteria??

    Please cancel all vaccine card ( vaccine passport ). The vaccined people are not guaranteed not to get the covid-19 virus and spread the virus among people so that they need booster vaccines in the future. It is not wise to manadte vaacine policy in the world without the other solution.

    STOP vaccine card, STOP vaccine passport!!

  169. To the authors of this Open Letter – thank you, thank you, thank you. Thank you for your time and research, and mostly, for speaking out.

    One element that I didn’t read in this letter, is the safety of the COVID-19 vaccine on pregnant women. On the BC CDC’s website, and the Immunize BC website it communicates that this vaccine (although experimental and the first of its kind) is safe – especially safe – for pregnant women. To be taken ANY time during pregnancy.

    Is there any advice you as readers and medical professionals can give on the safety of this vaccine on pregnant women? I believe that this is not the right thing to do while pregnant, based on the lack of information, testing and trials on pregnant women, but also “they” have no idea what the long-term (side)effects will be on the baby.

    I am for this reason very concerned. I am a soon-to-be new mother, I am 8 weeks pregnant, and stand to lose my job as my company is enforcing all staff to be vaccinated by November. Being pregnant is not a medical exemption according to the Provincial Health Office.

    I am asking for any advice or guidance on this matter …

  170. First of all I would like to say is good job and the research that went in to this was extensive, backed with sources. I hope that many people read this. Thank you

  171. Hi, Is this correct? “At the time that Dr. Henry advocated in favor of the policy, she was the Deputy Provincial Health Officer for **British Columbia**”, or should it be Ontario?
    cheers, Jark

  172. A Wildcat strike would help if the majority of each union member agreed. For those of you too young to remember what that is, a wildcat strike is a work stoppage undertaken by employees without the consent of their respective unions. It would debilitate the country’s essential services with the Teamsters not delivering essential supplies, the Longshoremen not unpacking anything from our ports, the police, teachers, nurses, etc. Government would be then be pressured to get the country back and running ASAP.

    But I guess things aren’t bad enough for some people to do this. They’re bad enough for those of us that can see the bigger picture as stated in the doctors’ letter. I think that’s the only thing that could help put an end to it. Turn it around back on government to realize just how important all these employees are. And that they did their jobs quite effectively without a so called vaccine all last year, that’s proving less and less effective. 50% of cases in Iceland are from vaccinated people according to their “Chief Epidemiologist: Rise in COVID Cases a Reason for Concern” in The Iceland Review.
    Governments would order these employees back to work, saying they provide essential services. Union members reply would be: we don’t work for free, end the mandate, and take punished employees off of leave without pay so they all can get back to work.
    It’s the government that has stopped some employees from working, not the employees, so it’s one solution (sadly one that won’t happen).
    One thing our provincial and federal governments know how to do well, is to cut off their own noses to spite their faces. It’s only going to backfire on them in the long run. Eventually people who are currently turning their outrage at one faction of society will turn it back where it belongs.

  173. Petition to the Government of Canada
    The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, section 6, guarantees Canadians freedom of mobility inter-provincially, and the right to leave and enter Canada, without a forced injection;
    A fully vaccinated person can be infected with the Covid-19 virus and transmit it to others, and an unvaccinated person isn’t necessarily infected with the Covid-19 virus;
    Canada has prided itself in being an inclusive, tolerant, and welcoming society;
    Vaccine passports exclude and punish millions of people who decide not to receive the Covid-19 vaccine for whatever reason;
    Forcing people to make a particular medical decision in order to retain their freedom of mobility is authoritarian, violating free medical choice and bodily autonomy;
    The airline industry has suffered enormous financial losses the past year-and-a-half and a vaccine passport will exclude millions of existing and new customers, both nationally and internationally; and
    Loved ones have been separated from each other for the past year-and-a-half due to the government’s travel restrictions, and requiring vaccines to travel will continue to keep many separated.
    We, the undersigned, Citizens of Canada, call upon the Government of Canada to: Not mandate vaccine passports for international travel to or from Canada, nor for inter-provincial travel within Canada;
    Not discriminate against Canadians, including non-Canadians wishing to visit Canada, who choose not to get the Covid-19 vaccine for whatever reason, in the form of being prevented from entering or leaving Canada, or from travelling inter-provincially, whether via air, land, or sea transportation; and
    In lieu of a vaccine passport, proof of a negative antigen test could be requested from travellers, regardless of vaccination status.


  174. Taiwan’s Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) mentioned that there were 3 cases of breakthrough infections that had been imported from abroad with AZ mixed with BNT. Among them, the combination was AZ+BNT, and the other was one dose of AZ+two doses of BNT in the past. This time, the combination of two doses of AZ and BNT Two doses of one BNT is the first time I have seen it on Nov. 2, 2021.

    Although there have been cases where 4 doses of the vaccine were still confirmed before, it was just 4 doses of BNT vaccine.”


    The facts are in front of us, shall we still need the mandatory vaccine policy and continue taking the 3 rd , the fourth covid-19 vaccine? ? Is it reasonable to implement vaccine passports or vaccine cards to cause asymptomatic infection vaccinated to spread the virus everywhere? ?

  175. I have been listening to Dr.’s around the world voice their concerns about giving young children these Vaccines. They are very concerned with the health repercussions showing evidence of inflamed hearts, Heart Attacks, Myocarditis, pericarditis, concerns about infertility. They all agree that these vaccines are dangerous to give to young children being there is ZERO long term trials that have been done. Four innocent Children died in Australia from these Vaccines. The evidence is already showing these Vaccines don’t prevent anyone from getting Covid, They don’t prevent the Vaccinated from Spreading Covid, These vaccines do not prevent the vaccinated from dying from Covid, and the Vaccines effectiveness drops significantly after 6 months. Three people I know died after getting the vaccine two passed from Heart attacks, one died from a brain bleed. Another three lived through heart Attacks & a Brain bleed. My neighbor lost his friend to a Heart Attack in his early thirties. My cousins BF who is in her early thirties ,has had every test available and has been given the grim news her Organs are shutting down after getting the vaccine. Personally I don’t know anyone that has died from Covid. Young children have a better chance of getting hit by lightning than they do dying from Covid. The Risks far out way the benefits of vaccinating any child under the age of 12. Ontario has decided to not Mandate the Vaccines for Healthcare workers ,to avoid a Nursing Shortage like what’s happening in BC. Its Criminal this Government would mandate Vaccines in BC when there already was a shortage of Nurses. Nurses have been crying out for years, nothing has been done about the shortage. How dare Bonnie Henry say that any one in healthcare refusing the vaccine is in the wrong field??? I know of nurses who are very passionate about their jobs who have been working in hospitals for 35 plus years who are being fired for not complying to a vaccine that has ZERO long term trials. India has been using Ivermectin with amazing results. The Indian Bar association in India took the Chief WHO Scientist to court when the WHO stepped in and no longer allowed Ivermectin to be used as a prevention or a treatment. The Indian Bar association WON their case and the WHO allowed Ivermectins use. There is ample studies & peer reviews showing how successful Ivermectin is. Its time we start focusing on Prevention instead of getting 3,4,5 to 8 boosters of these Vaccines. Its time the FDA changes its ruling ,change the language so Ivermectin can be used. The Studies the CDC did of Ivermectin was Flawed. The right dosage was not given according to weight. STOP giving these Vaccines to young Children NOW. END the Mandate for Vaccines. I have severe COPD ,I had a bad case of Covid ,just after it was deemed a pandemic. I self treated at home with lots of Bed rest & Vitamins. I survived. The recovery rate from Covid is very high. I got the flu vaccine last week and I plan on getting the vaccine for pneumonia but I refuse to get the Covid Vaccine solely due to its a NEW gene therapy with ZERO long term trials. The S1 Spike Protein did not stick. Its leaking! I have seen autopsies of the Vaccinated that show how the blood is clumping, and being deprived of Oxygen. Its time this governments starts funding our Hospitals so they can run efficiently.

  176. Change the counting for Covid Policy. In order to get an accurate rate of Adverse Reaction cases to these Vaccines, its imperative that ANYONE having had the 1st vaccine be recorded as Vaccinated. The first 14 days after being vaccinated is when adverse reaction symptoms start to occur. There is less room for error when recorded this way. When notifying the general public include the data from the unvaccinated, to the 1st vaccine to the fully vaccinated. Blood clotting, Heart attacks, Strokes, Seizures, Neurological disorders, Paralysis, tremors, blindness, Myocarditis, Pericarditis, brain fog, are just some of the adverse effects. Keep track of each adverse reaction. Hospitals need to be more transparent with the data. Make people aware of the risks associated with these vaccines.
    It should not be up to the Medical Board or the CDC what Dr.’s are allowed to use to treat their patients with.??? Let Dr.’s use their own discretion of what protocol they feel their patients need. If they feel ie: Ivermectin & Vitamins, etc. will help their patient, then those drugs should be made available. Dr.’s have taken an Oath. Let them treat their patients by that oath. Do No Harm!

  177. What I find very disturbing is how the FDA & The WHO & the NIH have allowed these vaccines to continue, with the amount of people that have died or had life altering reactions to these Vaccines. Any Vaccine in the trial stages that has killed over 50 people has been stopped until deemed safe. My question is with the Hundreds of Thousands maimed because of these Vaccines & the hundreds of thousands(Minimal) of deaths from these vaccines, WHY HAVE THEY NOT BEEN STOPPED?????

  178. Any Vaccine in the trial stages that has killed over 50 people has been stopped until deemed safe. My question is with the Hundreds of Thousands maimed because of these Vaccines & the hundreds of thousands(Minimal) of deaths from these vaccines, WHY HAVE THEY NOT BEEN STOPPED?????

  179. Currently government only choose these testing vaccines ( mRNA, J&J Vaccine and Guillain-Barré Syndrome: Information on the FDA Warning…) for people without alternatives such as early treatments.

    I found the research showed that all
    Covid-19 vaccines may worsen covid-19 diseases via ADE.

    “Results of the study: COVID-19 vaccines designed to elicit neutralising antibodies may sensitise vaccine recipients to more severe disease than if they were not vaccinated. Vaccines for SARS, MERS and RSV have never been approved, and the data generated in the development and testing of these vaccines suggest a serious mechanistic concern: that vaccines designed empirically using the traditional approach (consisting of the unmodified or minimally modified coronavirus viral spike to elicit neutralising antibodies), be they composed of protein, viral vector, DNA or RNA and irrespective of delivery method, may worsen COVID-19 disease via antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE). This risk is sufficiently obscured in clinical trial protocols and consent forms for ongoing COVID-19 vaccine trials that adequate patient comprehension of this risk is unlikely to occur, obviating truly informed consent by subjects in these trials.”


  180. Petition to the Government of Canada
    Section 6 of the Charter of Rights and Freedom says Canadians have the right to enter, remain in and leave Canada;
    Section 2(a) of the Charter of Rights and Freedom says Canadians have freedom of conscience and religion;
    Section 15 of the Charter of Rights and Freedom says Canadians are not allowed to be discriminated against based on, for example, mental or physical ability (health);
    Canadians have the right to informed choice when it comes to vaccines and other medical treatments, they cannot be forced or coerced;
    Canadians want their freedom of movement and right to privacy of their personal health data to be positively affirmed by the government;
    Vaccine passports or certificates could impact different sectors of the economy (travel, tourism, hospitality for instance) and the quality of life of many Canadians and residents of Canada;
    Vaccine passports do not recognize the robust immunity of those with previous infection, and coerce those with natural exposure to become vaccinated, despite limited data on the safety of these vaccines for these people; and
    It is the sacred duty of the Government of Canada to guard against discrimination and guarantee the freedoms secured to Canadians.
    We, the undersigned, citizens of Canada, call upon the House of Commons to:
    1. Ensure that freedom of participation in life and access to public spaces in Canada is not contingent on being vaccinated or having a vaccine passport or certificate; and
    2. Protect the fundamental civil rights of Canadians by disallowing vaccine passport certificates nationally.


    • Yes! I was just going to say that it is indeed JUST a vaccine passport NOT a health passport showing health and safety. As we have seen over the holidays with vaccinated people both transmitting and getting sick (thankfully now mildly) it is clear all this passport does is tells us who is vaccinated not who is safe to travel etc because of their immunity!