New Brunswick is still working on developing a QR code proof of vaccination system. But the province says the scanning app to actually read the code is still weeks away. (Sylvain Roy Roussel/CBC)

QR code intended to complement current options for proof of vaccination


by Mrinali Anchan


December 6, 2021

New Brunswickers will soon have the option to use a QR code to enter businesses and services requiring proof of vaccination.

But before that option becomes available, the province first has to complete development of the technology that can scan the code.

In an emailed response to CBC, the Department of Public Health noted it should take a couple more weeks to complete the verifier application.

Use of the scanning app is intended to be voluntary for businesses, venues and events, to complement current options for proof of vaccination.

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  1. And the sheep bought into this.

    Those of you who actively accept this QR code COVID PASS crap, think! A mere few months ago you could go anywhere in Canada any public building or business without any need to prove anything to anyone. ITS CALLED FREEDM OF MOBILITY! No business could discriminate your entry without just cause as such as you being a threat or nuisance, you being bared from said businesses due to being caught shoplifting etc. No business, employer or even government dept. had any right to demand any of your personal medical history. This is all a part of our Charter Rights and laws written under these rights.

    FF to today and you are not free anymore, your damned QR code Health/Covid pass does not give you freedom you dolts! You have so willfully chosen to exchange what were your rights to now privileges. FFS why can’t you compliant ones see this?

    Is it your zeal to be good little boys and good little girls that drives you to be so compliant and blind to this exchange of rights into privileges? Do you mentally jack off to trying to show up those of us who do not comply to this growing tyranny? If you do then let me tell you, that you are not making us feel bad for such, you are having us see the foolish little sheep you all are.

    You think you are smug for pulling our your QR code Covid Pass to do things that where once rights now seen as privileges. But you add only to the problem. YOU FREELY PLACE YOURSELF INTO WHAT ARE CAGES EVEN IF YOUR PEA BRAINS CAN’T SEE IT!

    What if your phone breaks before you get to your restaurant, bar, club, concert, pro sports event etc.? Maybe you ran the battery down. Maybe you forgot it at home or lost it. WHAT WILL YOU DO THEN ONCE AT THE VENUE!?! They will not let you in on your WORD. You will then see the loss of your rights as you sit outside and not inside, your family or friends who had the COVID PASS now like sheep on the inside.

    THIS BULLSHIT STOPS WHEN MOST OR ALL NO LONGER TAKE UP THE DAMNED CODE COVID PASS AND OTHER COVID THER NONSENSE! Make the businesses suffer, yes, they may be victims of government over reach, but they are complicit too!

    MASS NON COMPLIANCE WILL END THIS GROWING TYRANNY! You fools who lap up this crap are part of the problem and will suffer the loss of rights and freedoms too, but you are too ignorant or stupid to see this.

  2. The code,like what the f**k do they think,that we are going to take this and not fight back,I don’t think so, I will fight for my family at all cost,even if it’s the last thing I do. I think it’s time Justin Trudeau step down from his pedestal and be locked up in a cage like he deserves and all you scum that is going along with it. I will not have a code to ever be part of this insanity,what happens to my body is my business.