by Harvey Oberfeld

Keeping it Real…

December 6, 2021

China’s leaders know us better than we do.

We TALK human rights; we HUFF and we PUFF about standing up against genocide; we HOLD RALLIES, MARCHES and CANDLELIGHT VIGILS.

But our leaders, our politicians, our corporations … and, yes, we ourselves as consumers … like China’s cheap imported goods, lucrative export markets and available bottomless investment funds far MORE than we actually LIVE by any international principles, standards or values we pretend to hold high.

And President Xi Jinping knew that.

And not even Chinese aggression in the South China Sea, China’s military threats and financial blackmail of Taiwan and any country that deals with it or China’s attempts to bully and bring Australia to its knees financially, the silencing and/or imprisonment of its citizens who dare to question actions or abuses of the state … or its illegal, arbitrary kidnapping and abuse of the two Michaels for more than 1,000 days will see the “democracies” actually stand up for what they profess.

Just read what SEVERAL Human Rights monitoring organizations say about China’s worsening human rights record/actions:

Terrible! Horrible! Unacceptable in a modern civilized society!

With MILLIONS of victims!

Yet, Canada and other Western nations will NOT boycott China’s Winter Olympics … and our athletes, organizers and thousands of media will make their pilgrimage to Beijing in February to become part of the triumph of President Xi Jinping’s will.

A Gold Medal in Propaganda for the world’s largest dictatorship!

While a million China’s Uighurs remain in concentration camps … many tortured, sterilized, forcefully relocated; while hundreds of China’s artists, activists, bloggers and even their lawyers are intimidated, their works blocked or destroyed, as they remain in jails or under house arrest; and, while churches are destroyed and religious leaders/believers are persecuted.

China’s Winter Olympic Medals will be stained by the blood of innocents … but Western nations will get in line with the world’s dictatorships to pay homage and perform on Xi’s stage.

Watch how our own red-faced (how appropriate!) Western leaders will soon try to save face … announcing their countries will not boycott the games, but they will personally NOT attend the Opening or Closing Ceremonies.

Big deal!

(Probably more afraid of catching a new strain of Covid than standing up pathetically proclaiming they want to support Human Rights!)

As if Xi will care!

The images that China will send around the world will show hours of colour and pagentry; thousands of smiling faces from a multitude of nations celebrating in Beijing; hundreds of Gold, Silver and Bronze medals hanging from the necks of Chinese athletes; and, of course, dozens of videos showing the People’s Republic flag being raised in triumph … a HUGE propaganda victory for Xi.

China will be able to show off to its own people … and to the developing world … how its repressive governance, military-style discipline, strangulation of free speech and human dignity and forced domestic rigid compliance produces success … and how thousands of athletes and delegations from around the world travelled to Beijing to humble themselves and parade before him and China’s Commissars.

It will be a truly Golden event for Xi and China!

And a shameful display of the lack of REAL principles or REAL action by Canada and the Western “democracies” … just encouraging China (and its neighbour Russia too) to expand their brutality, increase their human rights violations and extend their military aggressions in 2022.

Let’s keep it real: through loans, Treasury bill and bond purchases, investments and imports China literally owns us now and has most of our democracies serving ITS interests more than OUR principles.

And none of the shallow talk and meaningless rhetoric by the politicians before, during and after the Beijing Olympic Games will change that reality.

How sad.

Harv Oberfeld



  1. So,so sad that we the people of our free country will allow someone like that to destroy us and let’s not forget mr Justin smug face is a BIG BIG PROBLEM in all of this crime has will. If we all don’t stick together on this, it will never stop. Let’s not forget the men that died for our freedom.🙏

  2. Boycott the damn games you idiots, we have people becoming homeless loosing their jobs, lockdowns that don’t work, masks that are a complete joke. It is disgusting that people at this point are more concerned that athletes continue to compete. This is fucking non essential and should not be happening. After the long imprisonment of the two Micheal’s, not one country should consider going and they should be cancelling no if or buts. No Games. Since they continue to let all sports teams, tennis matches, golfing which is all non essential. Their is in pandemic.

  3. Hey Harv, we held that Chinese exec for more then two years on some Trumped up charge that she eventually pled cown to. So, are we any different?