Health Minister Dorothy Shephard and Chief Medical Officer of Health Dr. Jennifer Russell are scheduled to address the public at 2:30 p.m. (Government of New Brunswick/YouTube)

Three-level plan will remain in place until spring, indoor gatherings limited to 20 people


December 3, 2021

The New Brunswick government has released its winter plan for COVID-19, three days earlier than planned.

In the face of a “very concerning” rise in infections over the past two weeks and a disproportionate number of cases among the unvaccinated, Health Minister Dorothy Shephard said a three-level plan will go into effect Saturday at 11:59 p.m.

It will remain in effect until spring, she said at a live-streamed COVID-19 update on Friday.

(They give a “choice” to the businesses….while they apply pressure behind the scenes.)

The entire province will be in Level 1, the lowest level of restrictions, when the plan goes into effect Saturday. It includes the following rules and guidelines:

  • Informal indoor gatherings limited to 20.
  • Outdoor gatherings limited to 50 people.
  • Unvaccinated residents should avoid informal indoor gatherings.
  • Masks will be required in outdoor spaces when physical distancing can’t be maintained.
  • Malls, grocery stores, salons must enforce physical distancing.
  • Malls, grocery stores, salons have the option of requiring proof of vaccination from all patrons.
  • Schools will follow existing plans at this time.

“The measures are not difficult,” Shephard said, noting “the power to keep us in level one is in our hands.”

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  1. Who’s ass are they licking I wonder. I think some more people should start waking up, but maybe it’s too late. How much further do they expect to push this hoax before someone really gets pissed.

    • Agree! It’s a bloody farce and they are pushing this jab crap! I lost a lot of family and friends recently to sudden deaths! Heart attacks and blood clots!

      • Their are official reports of increased stillbirths 87 in one city alone Waterloo Ontario their worst record ” was 5 ” at most in a year this happened within several months 2021 These so called health ministers & chiefs are INHUMANE they’re now a species without remorse sold Canadians Lives for their profit Trudeau is evil hungry for more power & profit he ordered 10 times more vax injections than there are Canadians & Moose ~ link Jesska Conlon
        Must watch!! Please share or is it shadowbanned

    • Two days in a row the new cases number is higher in vaccinated than in unvaccinated. We are not idiots we know this is all BS.

  2. Totally agree Kim. Very obvious that their numbers are obviously reversed. They could be in for some very big lawsuit for disallowing people from the human rights. Especially that of groceries and prescriptions.
    Obviously then are kissing Turdstools ass. Are you aware that he gets kickbacks from every vax given? Even if that were only $1, we would be talking millions of dollars. He is probably turning around and offer the provinces the same that is why we are being so pressured everywhere.
    I have talked to different onces in my building and they won’t believe anything I say. I know of 4 people including myself that have not taken the jab, in building with 51 units. Everyone is so stuck on MSM, they can say nothing wrong, my family is the same. I am the least educated so I don’t know what I am talking about.
    A good portion of Canada are comatosed.

    • children are already getting sick and dying. Heart attacks? Strokes? vaginal bleeding in toddlers? The non-informed like it that way. I saw where it took 3 ppl for one girl. The jabber, two others to hold her still and hold her arm and a dog on her lap to hug! Let’s not forget about the bribes…ice cream, lotteries…Reminds me of the book, ‘The Lottery.’ That story terrified me but, the fiction is now becoming fact.

    • In Waterloo Ontario ( just one city ) had 87 stillbirths ( jabbed mom’s ) their usual record in a bad year was 5 at most This happened within several months 2021

  3. The derangement continues. How any of this is not a violation of Charter Rights, numerous laws and health acts including health privacy acts signed is beyond me. It’s as if these fcuking sick government officials and politicians could not care less about laws, civil and human rights.


  4. Remember folks in the CBC story. The unvaxxed numbers include anyone who has got TWO jabs and within 14 days if they contract Covid 19 and it’s a good chance they will they will be counted as unvaxxed. Thus skewing the reports by these liars.

    Next, lets count how many double jabbed are in hospital with adverse reactions to the jabs. How many N.B. residents are in that camp and see how it compares with the small numbers of N.B. residents in hospital with Covid 19.

    On a side note just a week or two ago the OTTAWA SENATORS hockey team which is reported to be 100% double vaxxed had 40% of the team in contraction of the Covid 19 virus… EXPLAIN THAT TO ME BATMAN!?!

  5. Wow. Deny groceries to people!!!!! To even think about that is horrendous all because they didn’t want to get a potential death jab.
    THEY certainly look like they get their fair share and more.
    Being politically correct anymore is out the window when you deny citizens of Canada basic needs.
    This farce is so far gone that it’s beyond laughable.
    Being bought off isn’t going to save you from being judged in ALL courts.
    It’s a shame they call themselves Canadian 😢

  6. They are trying to incite a war so they can tell vaxxed to kill any unvaxxed if this does not make the unvaxxed get vaxxed. A purge is coming be prepared

  7. someone is going to go postal absolute bullshit. I hope they’re making enough money out of this crap. They dont care those flying f’s GREEDY GREEDY GREEDY

  8. This is disgusting all of our human rights have been violated. 2 yrs in emergency order, now denying our basic human right to eat. Idk why everyone stops playing this game, no players no game I cannot get over people I once thought were smart are truly dumb. Play with letters of new variant. I c moron or moronic. Enough is enough idk why no lawyers are stepping up. This is breach of medical right sooooo many actually. I’m so disgusted with all this. Nothing that was done warrants any of this.

    • We cannot depend on the Courts to give us Freedom. Never worked that way.

      Recall the “tree of Liberty” speech by the American Founders.

  9. Nazi Germany all over again. Checkpoints and papers issues by the government to determine who can go where. If people don’t stand up now, it will be too late.

  10. Pretty tough measures considering that of the few who will get the disease 99.8%+ will survive WITHOUT treatment. And as a rule the dead are older than the average life expectancy of the country they live in!

    COVID is the easiest form of flu that can be treated according to Dr. Peter McCullough et al. By March 2020 he had a protocol in place that healed 85% of his patients after they had been fully infected (i.e., 5-7 days after they contracted the disease). It became obvious that patients had to be treated as soon as possible so they would not even have to go to a hospital.


    As unbelievable as it may sound the governments around the world have made it illegal to treat the disease in its early stages. You are told to stay home, isolate yourself and maybe take a Tylenol. That’s it! If you don’t recover on your own and turn blue, then go to hospital and good luck there. The governments HAVE TO PRETEND THERE IS NO TREATMENT to issue a “vaccine” under EUA (Emergency Use Authorization). This is how we ended up with a “gene therapy” that was never properly tested on rats. We are the guinea pigs.

    Prophylactic and early treatment with something like Dr. Zelenko’s Z-stack can cut down the number of deaths by 99% without hospitalization.

    Speaking of Dr. Zelenko please watch the documentary trailer from The Greatest Reset:

    where he says “The response to the management of COVID is consistent with the agenda of the World Economic Forum. I think this is genocide and a crime against humanity. … The culprits who have orchestrated this should be hung at the Hague.” For more on the criminal activities surrounding the management of COVID see

    Tucker and Dr. McCullough talk about the ongoing suppression of information about early treatment.

    Dr. Zelenko’s basic protocol include:

    Elemental Zinc 25 mg 1 time a day, Vitamin D3 5000iu 1 time a day, Vitamin C 1000 mg 1 time a day, Quercetin 500 mg 1 time a day. I personally add Nigella Sativa (aka Black Seed), NAC (N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine) and get my vitamin D and A from cod liver oil.

  11. This is criminal .Forcing a vaccine on a human against their Will by restricting food ? How low can these leaders get ? This was why we had the newenberg trail so people like this can never do this to any human again and the people responsible got hanged .This is not the Canada I once knew .They must be criminally charged and fast .These power grabbing fools must be stopped .I am ashamed of our country at this time

  12. I’m so sorry Danny about your losses. But you’re right, it’s a genocide. We have to stand up & say NO. Take off the fucking masks! Speak out every chance we can! 🙁

  13. This will not end until we stand up to these tyrannical people and put an end to this. To deny people the basic necessities of life, because of a personal medical decision is beyond belief.

    I am disgusted to be a Canadian in this once great country. This is unbelievable that there are people in this country in influential positions that are making these types 9f decisions.

    When did these health officials get the right to decide who lives and who dies? Where do they get the power to allow some to shop for food and deny others. If you think this makes sense you are part of the problem.

  14. This is beyond disgusting! 😡 unvaccinated of vaccinated, no one should be allowing this!!! I don’t think any grocery store owner in their right mind would demand vax pass as they are setting themselves up for people becoming violent and stealing. The peaceful protests are going to be a lot less peaceful if they keep this shit up.

  15. Just remember folks, those vax mandates done ILLEGALLY and IMMORALLY by your government and as such any employers, that all your years of work, your contributions to a company’s success in all your work and skills is all now determined by taking for now, 2 $20 USD Phizer shots or 2 $30 Moderna shots….. THAT IS ALL YOUR DAMN EMPLOYERS THINK YOU ARE WORTH TO THEM!

    Massive lawsuits must be pushed against governments and employers who so willfully and IGNORANTLY violate our laws, Charter rights and are acting immorally in doing so. If you took the jabs out of coercion and got sick SUE YOUR EMPLOYER! IF YOU WERE TO DIE FROM SAID SHOTS THE MAKE SURE YOUR FAMILY KNEW TO SUE YOUR EMPLOYERS POST YOUR DEATH!

    • How are you going to prove in court that the vaccine caused the damage or death when the entire establishment is claiming that the shots are “safe and effective?” Even if you could prove it, the employer would just claim that the victim took the jab voluntarily.

  16. Non medical people can see how poorly Covid has been handled. Just protect the vulnerable as best as you can and let the healthy live their lives. If you’re sick stay home. Take some supplements to boost your immune system. Get out in the fresh air. Take a walk. Lose a few pounds.
    If lockdowns and mandates are all the government has figured out since this all started then shame on them. Perhaps the medical and non medical Canadians that they fired for not taking the jab could help illuminate them on the latest scientific studies and abstracts. Then they can make an informed decision on how to best move forward. It’s more than they’ve given to us.

  17. You all need food. Easy. Get a bunch of ya together. Grab the guns. Go to store. Enough said. Time to stand or be planted. You decide

  18. How does history get taught but never learned from?
    You all might as well burn your poppies you bought this year because WW2 was only a cover up for the real war at hand…

  19. This is pure TYRANNY – and that these Satanist witches want to destroy and separate more ppl from their God given rights even TO GET FOOD FROM A STORE. They need to be EXPOSED for the #genocideNazis they are. Watch the newest PLANDEMIC movie #3 – these ppl are murderers 💉👿