FOX News Drops Serious Truth Bombs The Narrative Is Over



  1. It is about time it is finally starting to get out. May this very soon be on Global and CBC. Let’s get the TRUTH out there in all parts of the world.

    • Finally, I just might start watching Fox News again, it has been shut off in my home since election night when they were the first to announce the Arizona result before all votes were in. I pray that honest reporting will be returning to Canada soon. As of now the only true news is through independent news channels.

    • You will never see this on Canadian tv news. They have been bought and paid for. I always thought our government was the best . Now I think Trudon’t is worse than Trump was .
      Trump can claim natural stupidity. Trudon’t wants to be a dictator and must go !

      • Youve got ur head up ur A🍑🍑🍑about trump as he was the first to call them liars snd fake news reporters to their faces so do us patriots a favor and keep your self and your comments about trump in Canada

        • Your right. But I’ve learnt if your blasting someone’s comment, you really must do a spell check of your reply before you post.
          Precision is everything if you want to be taken seriously. Ask Trump!

          • Your right = You are right, therefore, ‘You’re right’.
            Precision is everything if you want to be taken seriously…

        • Trump is just another bankster stooge. The original too big to fail. He’s on the Lolita Express flight logs, along with pals Shillary and Bilious Clinton. Trump supported Shillary from 2006-2008, as a democrat. Doesn’t matter how much you want some external savior. Both fake parties have always been controlled by the banksters. They wrote the conjobstitution.

      • Trump was the best POTUS ever. just b/c you believed the fake media about him, its hilarious you now think the media is fake ion the pandemic, and not trump. wake up. you cant have it both ways.

      • Obviously you known nothing about Trump. He’s the one who blew the lid off Pandora’s box about everything. And he was right all along. Trump is a true patriot and as a Canadian, I would love to someone with his balls run our country. We all need a Trump!

      • I’m happy to see that you shifted, this is absolutely unbelievable and Fauci has created hell for us and it is time for him to pay. So so many countries are all coming together vaxxed in unvaxxed to fight their country and it is so inspiring

      • when did you finally figure that one out? Trump has always been for the people since day one, Just mainstream media lied about him and never showed one full speech so nobody saw the truth. Trudeau, could not care less about his people. when he said your CNN fake news sit down, he was right about every single thing he ever said

      • Should really do your homework on Trump before commenting .. Trudeau on the other hand is under China already. Canadians just have to open their eyes to it now.

    • Won’t happen in Canada. In case you haven’t noticed we are in a communist state now. The f*%#*ers who voted in that POS AGAIN are to blame.

    • How long do you think this will take. They NEED STOP JABBING KIDS IN CANADA

      Ontario GTA public Servant Here, working in Public Health IT Systems specializing in Privacy and Global Data Protection Laws

      • Ontario “top doctor” claims that the double-vaxxed are a public danger to the triple-vaxxed and that people who only got 2 shots are now the same as if they never got shots. Pretty disgusting what the government is doing to the people but people are organizing now and things will go very bad and very soon.

    • It’s my view,they realise there will be payback in the future and they are trying to win back some credibility.
      It’s like causing death and suffering then saying we didn’t know.
      Or just following orders.
      The Nazis at nuremburge tried that.

      • Bill, and people wondering whats the big deal, its only a couple destroyed statues! Along with those statues they destroyed our childrens class about history. How quickly are they going to rewrite it

  2. Lately, Fox News is right up there with Rebel News and other Alternate Media. CBC, Goebbels News and CNN better start paying Attention !

    • Rebel and Fox are not paid by the globalists. The rest of the main stream media will continue to lie as long as they are told to, because there are still sheep that will listen

      • Fox is owned by big shareholders (Blackrock, The Vanguard Group) who are also the biggest shareholders of Pfizer. So if Fox is finally telling some truth, they are doing so against the directives of those shareholders. Let’s just hope they don’t try to shut them as well.

        • Absolutely not! They were allowed to broadcast this in order to control those not buying the narrative. It’s called misinformation. All misinformation contains truth but with lies. Let’s discuss the misinformation. Misinformation 1) Omicron and covid are contagious diseases? False people are having cytokine overreaction due to radiation poisoning: 5g amplifying the chemtrails frequency. Chemtrails contain radioactive barium. No coincidence barium “flu” aka poisoning has same exact symptoms as covid. 2) Contagious diseases exist? No, false. Germ theory is exactly that a theory. Terrain theory on the other hand argues all diseases are caused by nutritional deficiencies and/or exposure to toxins. Polio was caused by DDT poisoning specifically lead arsenate; syphilis & lyme disease by Mercury poisoning, Smallpox lack of vitamin A, Flu lack of Vitamin D & zinc, Scurvy lack of vitamin C, etc..Americans are dying younger than ever before with a median age of 62 and are sicker than ever before. 90% are not in optimal health and over 50% are chronically ill. Rates have been skyrocketing since the 1990s. This according to the CDC. What changed? Heavy chemtrails spraying aka Stars Wars Program and the introduction of glyposate and GMOs. 3) Covid is a distraction from Great Depression II. Millions are losing their jobs. No mention of this at all. Or of the bankers who created the Depression. The fact is if 100% of Americans watched this Fox show, 1/2 would still believe the fake covid narrative. Of the 1/2 that do see the covid narrative for what it is-fake, how many are or would actually organize? And how many would put the blame on the banksters? Which brings me to the last point 4) Communust China is to blame for everything. People are being duped by parroting this CIA line. First China isn’t a communist nation. China is a capitalist nation run by bankers just like the US which is also being affected by Great Depression II. The China blame game diverts attention from the bankers & their political lackeys who destroyed the economy and are trying to chip & kill You with the vaxes along with promoting war with China. Every depression leads to war so that the bankers can reset the economy by eliminating the surplus unemployed. Every time you blame China, you’re giving a get out of jail card to the banksters and ultimately promoting WW3.

          • I am trained in radiation and familiar with electromagnetism… would you share the reference that radioactive barium symptoms are same as covid? Very curious here… also what is “chemtrails frequency? And would you share the lab analysis of Chemtrail residue, that it includes barium. Thanks!

          • Yeah, “germ theory” is a 100+ year scam. “Rockefeller medicine”=sorcery passed off as “science”. There is no “deadly contagious virus”, see “The Contagion Myth” by Dr. Thomas Cowan.
            Poisons, pollution, GMO, and unhealthy lifestyle, including their drugs and “vaccines”, and their poisonous ideas they subliminally install in human’s minds.
            Sickness is symptoms of natural detoxification. Accumulated toxins are cyclically expelled.

      • Here in Quebec, people only see government subsidized news so most have no idea what the truth is. All they know is that there bad, lying and stupid people that will not comply to the rules, like me. I WILL NOT COMPLY! 😉

    • How long do you think this will take. They NEED STOP JABBING KIDS IN CANADA

      Ontario GTA public Servant Here, working in Public Health IT Systems specializing in Privacy and Global Data Protection Laws

  3. I’m surprised they’re still allowing comments here. Most sites are eliminating this tool so the conversations end up all being 1-sided!

    • They the WHO is probably only cares about the UK Commonwealths countries hence why it s turning into an apartheid I m welcoming the USA Army over so we can get our Canada back let s out mr Trump in power and get rid of the stupid borders once and for all

      • Let’s Connect, find me on LinkedIn or Facebook or Instagram

        How long do you think this will take. They NEED STOP JABBING KIDS IN CANADA

        Ontario GTA public Servant Here, working in Public Health IT Systems specializing in Privacy and Global Data Protection Laws

        • Have to wonder why they are pushing jabs when two oral medications were recently approved for treatment. The evaluation studies were halted early for both medications because the results were so good. That is RARE.

  4. Tucker brought attention to Robert F. Kennedy’s latest book “The Real Anthony Fauci” on his Tucker Today show on Fox Nation. Amazing he did that. Kennedy’s team has put into our hands a painstakingly researched history of Fauci and his ilk– which should lead to the takedown of Fauci and Gates, ridding the world of two of the worst evils since Hitler and Mengala.

  5. The truth has been out there for years but people just refused to believe it……
    Evil/Insane people like Soros, Gates and Fauci have been at the “Population Control” game for years it goes all the way back to the AIDS epidemic where Fauci was on the ground floor of that….
    These people need to be charged with Crimes Against Humanity and pay the ultimate price for their actions……

  6. I totally 100% agree these diseases that are made by our own government and then said to be made by another government, are there to thin The herd I’ve said this from the beginning and I’ll say it again they believe there are too many people on this planet and so they are going to get rid of some of us. I pray to God that he take this in his hands and deal to them what they are dealing to the decent people of this world. And yes Dr fauci is a fraud all he wants is money he doesn’t give a crap about the people he doesn’t care who suffers, so I hope his own family suffers and suffers greatly and then they can blame him. Folks hang on to your hats cuz the worst is not over but we can make it through this we can prove to these bastards that we are not the cattle that they believe we are and if we need to go to war with them about it then I guess that’s what needs to happen. I’m not trying to start a war or anything like that I’m just stating that this is bull we have been lied to from day one. And everything that comes out of our president’s mouth to this day is a lie you can’t trust him you can’t trust any politicians. They are not here for the people they are here for the fame and the money. I believe we should go back to the weight used to be, and I believe the sooner we get there the better we’ll be. We need to bring God back into our schools and into our country we need to bring the politicians and our president to their knees they need to do what we tell them we are their boss they are not ours. We elect them if we didn’t elect them they wouldn’t be here. So think twice people on who you vote for next time even for your city governments or your mayor anything like that please think it through this country is a good country and it can be a great country again if we make it that. But just remember folks we are their boss they are not ours. God bless America God bless everyone who reads this. And the very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all.

  7. Yes, they are all corrupt and need to be on trial. Still, what they have created to sell their fear porn and vaccines is not a natural virus… What effect will this have on our species? Soon to see.

  8. The solution is to have every person, vacced and unvaxed to stand together. Lawyers need to get guilty parties identified and locked- up through the judiciary system. Courts must declare this whole pandemic a crime against humanity

  9. I hate to be the bearer of bad tidings BUT the agenda of the New World Order is continuing at pace. The ‘Moronic’ variant has been released to end the first stage of their plans. Most people are double jabbed with a toxin that will lead to acquired immune deficiency syndrome, cancers, and a death toll the world has never seen before. The unelected powers that shouldn’t be, have completed their analysis on how far governments can control their people by instituting draconian laws that the sheeple have gone along with. These self-appointed overlords progress onto their next stage, an economic collapse. Biden has been leading the charge, which will bring down America thereby starting the first domino to fall, ushering in the Great Reset and a worldwide new currency. A One World Leader will immerge, prophecied in the Bible to lead the world into the End Times and destruction before Jesus Christ returns.

  10. It’s about time. But they knew before as well. Fox is just as guilty as CNN and the rest of them preaching this narrative. This sounds like they are trying to save face. The virus doesn’t exist, there is absolute proof of it and yet fox still received payment to play their part in the narrative. They all should be publicly hung for crimes against humanity.

  11. I wondered where they came up with Omicron to name this variant, so I googled it “Omicron Movies”. Surprise, Surprise, a whole load of movies were listed from the early ’60s that popped up, all referring to aliens taking over human bodies. Isn’t that ironic!!! When were Gates and his university roommate, Fauci in school, where they thought up this sinister crap…Hmmmmm!!!

  12. Personally, I think those accountable for this disgusting charade…the politicians, the media, the globalists…all of them should be swinging from nooses for what they have done to the world. These are crimes against humanity!

  13. I don’t care if the MSM has decided to tell the truth at this point. The fact that they’re all guilty of crimes against humanity should have them all hanging by their necks along with every politician.

  14. Im Canadian but my father was born and raised in the USA as well as many relatives going way back.i would give my life for TRUMP to be president again.

  15. This World we live in is a systematic world. Judicial system, educational system, political systems, medical systems, pharma system, there is a system even for racial status and religion. The media makes money as well as all the systems do. We are sheep and the wool has been pulled over our eyes. As a individual like myself wishes to succeed must follow the system and it’s commands. If not I don’t succeed or become successful because I don’t use the system. Everything that makes money in this world is a systematic machine on peoples misfortunes. Tell me one good thing about Systematic development. There is none Greed and total Destruction is what is left behind. When the liars and the wolfs come out they are in packs devouring everything living thing even if its good in site. So, my point is Leader of the systems need to learn what is good for one my not be good for others. Soon. the people will see the truth of the “Only One World System”, and what it stands for to selected amount of people that control these systems pulling the rug out from under your feet!

  16. From NZ. It’s bad here. They’re starting on 5,yr plus next month. Vax passport up and running too well. NZ is piloting the AI new revolution as directed by World Economic Forum. I’ve always felt incredibly lucky to live here and now I just want out. Around 75% vaxxed. The injuries are increasing every day from the VAX but the sheep are do hypnotised by our sick leader they don’t even care. Big divisions.
    However the Resistance is the same rate as the VAX injured. We are organising. Forming strong communities. But this thing is a run away train and I wonder if even young children dying will break the spell.

  17. Trump is doing his best to protect the country he loves. The only problem with Trump is not a lack of courage, and transparency, but rather a lack of information, and intelligence. He is still depending on conventional news sources, and has not yet the ability to question the complete narrative, and do the proper research. This does not make him evil, but rather just naïve, and lacking in wisdom. His intentions are mostly honorable, he simply requires proper counseling from honest, wise, and caring people. As far as Trudeau goes, you could not find a sneakier, more conniving, traitorous, greedy slime ball of a man. He is a coward that would sell his wife and kids to the cabal to save his ass.