Doctor Charles Hoffe of Lytton BC, one of the few doctors in our province willing to speak about that which is forbidden to discuss. Because of this, Charles has sacrificed a great deal. Thank you for all you’ve done and continue to do, Doctor Hoffe.






  1. Wow, thank you Dr. Hoffe for speaking out. It is unbelievable that you lost your job at the hospital. The problem is also once a person gets sick from the vaccine the doctors in emergency or clinics have no idea how to treat these people. They have become totally incompetent, why, because they will not even discuss the elephant in the room. What is the elephant you ask? The Vaccine is the elephant. My husband got the vaccine so he could see his Mom in the senior home. Now he is having health issues, emergency has no idea, the clinic doctors have no idea. Then when you ask them could it be the vaccine they have no idea what to say to that. Now that is scary. Thank you again Dr. Hoffe.

  2. So they removed the Docto’s video and expect people to just roll up their sleave and say here place your experimental poison right in my arm? Where is the transparency. This is no how they expect to build trust? If they want to
    make sick – I mean kill oops i mean vaccinatee more people than they need to stop deleting the videos and adds of people who are trying to voice important info about the vaccine and their experience with it.
    If there is nothing to worry than why are they making silent the voice of people who did what they told them trying to be good citizens but they lo et them down.

    You want more people vaccinated – than get the real vaccine and be transparent about it in every way ( it’s effect, it’s ingridients, ket those who have family members who died do to the vaccine speak and those who are suffering side effects we all need to gear them. We the vaccinated ones and we the anti-vaxx and we those who are thinking to get the vaccine – we all need to get informed before getting the jab. And stop manipulating
    People threatening about loosing their jobs.

    It is uncontitutional. Perhaps we shoud start to sue the employers who are pushing their emploees to put in their vains something that is killing, nfecting and making people loose reflext and destroying their body organs.

    The Gov. Should stop lying about getting the vaccine in public and they are just using movie pro needles to pretend they got vaccinated. If it is so safe than why did Bill Gate used a doble and others used the movie/ stage acting needles.

    • Adam, this is Egg from high school… is it you commenting here? If so I concur. Hope you are well, if not contact me as I’ve been on the health topic for over 20 yrs and have high-quality resources.

  3. If more Doctors were brave like Doctor Hoffe and stood up for the truth this pandemic would have been over a long time ago. Thank you Doctor Hoffe for speaking the truth and encouraging those of us holding out against this medical tyranny. Bless you and your family.

  4. “…Censorship does not win arguments. It destroys the credibility of the one doing the censoring, not the censored. Ad hominem attacks further destroy credibility.”

  5. The Bible is the Truth, Always Was The Truth And Always Will Be the Truth! The Bible was penned over 2000 years ago, and is MORE than relevant today!…The reason for the vaccine is simply to kill people. Now folks, thats not me speaking, its directly from God. We are living in the last days. In Revelations the 15th Chapter, the Bible talks about one world government, the fact that unless you take the mark or the beast(666), you will not be allowed to buy sell or trade. That mark is a computer chip inserted in ones forehead or right wrist.(Bitcoin) In Revelations 9:2 through 18 a Scorpion comes out of the Abyss and goes around the world stinging people(The vaccine JAB), killing one third of the world Population!

  6. Dr. VAERS only reports 1% of adverse effects and deaths.( Harvard Study) So 18,000 dead is actually 1.8 million and 900,00 adverse effects is actually is 90 MILLION. All this for a flu with an average 99.7% recovery rate for ordinary people. This is about depopulation, genocide and eugenics. Not safety or health, never was. It’s part of the UN’s Agenda 30, signed by 174 countries incl Canada & USA in Rio de Janeiro in 1992. It’s their plan for Climate Change and Sustainable Development and in that thinking, man is the enemy of the earth and needs to be culled. COVID is not a random event but well planned at the highest levels by the UN, Banksters, Big Pharma, Tech titans, W Economic Forum, TRI Lateral Commission, Bilderburghers, Council of Foreign Relations etc. Everything else you say is RIGHT ON. Thank you for standing up for CANADA and our birthright, our Freedoms, Rights and Civil Liberties. Cheers Robby Smink

    • Thanks for your comment Robby. I share your opinion. There is a compelling pile of circumstantial and direct evidence to support that frightening conclusion. I would caution on the calculation of adverse events by multiplying by 100 though. The Harvard study stated between 1 and 10 out of 100 adverse reactions is reported. It is very likely that the number is high for less serious events, and lower for serious events and death.
      Dr. Jessica Rose undertook an analysis and came up with a fairly reliable multiple of 41. that is multiply the VAERS total by 41 to get a more realistic total. Again, the death rate will probably be less than 41 times the reported mortality, whereas mild and less serious cases will be more than 41 times the VAERS numbers.
      Here is a link to the source of this information:

  7. Wow! This was the best, most complete, most understandable coverage I have heard yet!
    Thank-YOU, Dr. Hoffe, for the risk and sacrifices you have made to put this information out to those who will listen and hear it!
    May God bless you and yours!

  8. Thank you so much For Everything that you are doing in this life. You are te real hero. You are the real doctor.

  9. Oh how I wish you could be my doctor. My doctor has in my opinion abandoned me for my freedom of choice over my body. I was diagnosed in the middle of this pandemic with fibromyalgia. I’ve never been properly treated for that other than some flexiril for at night. Recently I can barely lift my legs off the floor in sitting position. I’ve had some breathing issues that I’ve requested a lung function test for. Truthfully I don’t know if she even ordered the test. I’ve been told my blood pressure has been quite high. Very abnormal for me. She just told me to go the pharmacy and see if their machines are operating to take my pressure daily. Who has time for that? I had many questions the day I actually got to see my doctor in person. But I was ushered out the door and told to call back for another appointment to discuss all my pains and ailments. I haven’t yet because I felt so humiliated that day. I left crying. This doctor once healed my hand and hugged me through pregnancy losses. And now I’m no one. Just an unvaccinated person.

  10. I thought both HCQ and Ivermectin were banned across Canada for treating the kung flu. This doctor seemed to indicate it was only in BC and Alberta?? Does anyone know if you can acquire Ivermectin in another province like Saskatchewan for example?
    I read somewhere that Nigella Sativa, or Nigella seeds are a potential replacement for Ivermectin if you can’t get any. I have stocked up on these. I will include a simple home remedy to make your own Hydroxycloroquine. Quinine works well, and is the basic ingredient found in tonic water. other than that you can make your own with lemon and grapefruit peels.
    Take the rind of 2-3 lemons and 2-3 grapefruits. Take the peel only and cover it with water 3″ above the peels. Take a glass lid and cover your pot, if you don’t have one a metal lid will do fine. Simmer for two hours. Do not take the lid off the pot until the solution has completely cooled, as this will allow the quinine to escape into the steam. Add honey if needed. Take one tablespoon every two hours to bring up the phlegm from your lungs. Discontinue once you get better.

  11. Where is doctor Hoffe clinic now that Lytton has burned down
    I no longer trust any doctor because their fear of reprisal make them do and say things they do not want to do or say but to keep their job their income they comply…it scares me I need a doctor I can trust 100%

    • Unfortunately doctors are being coerced to toe the line. It is a struggle to trust mine now as she refused to consider an exemption for my wife(previous Bells Palsy episodes) or me (heart/aorta issues). Did not even let me finish my request…just an immediate NO. I do not completely blame here as she has a family and career that could be jeopardized if she gives the exemptions. Now we are both unemployed with no EI or severance available due to the federal gov’t policies. What a world we have created.

  12. Please share widely and subscribe to my SubStack Newsletter. At 33 pages this is probably my longest essay to date and possibly one of the most important for people to understand. Even if you scan through it there is much to be learned. It has been nearly 90 years since the German Holocaust. In this latest essay I describe the Parallels between the Holocaust and the Plandemic. This is the 15th essay that I have written on the SubStack platform focusing on the Plandemic. I began writing on SubStack in July 2021. If you have been reading my essays it should be clear that the secret agenda behind the Plandemic is Forced Vaccination, Vaccine Passports and Digital Currency. This agenda is an existential threat to every human on planet Earth and must be resisted and defeated. And thankfully we are now seeing growing global resistance to the plan. Get involved.

    Parallels between the Holocaust and the Plandemic. And why the Plandemic could be worse

  13. I am trying very hard to conclude from the text that Dr Hoffe does indeed believe that the dire consequences he describes are only for the mRNA type vaccines ?
    Can you confirm ? The parenthesized comment above seems to strongly suggest that.
    Thanks, John Dutcher

  14. I’m not doctor or scientist. Just by my life experience. First of all I’m optimistic.
    Here is my story:
    At the end of 2019, when this madness started, along with the others in the company I’ve got a flu symptoms – leaky nose, physical discomfort. “Well, another flu season”. I continued with normal daily routines – work, home and wear mask for people’s around safety.
    Cure: Vitamin C, D, Tylenol/Advil, Cepacol and a bottle cup whiskey before going to bed.
    Three days and I forgot about it.
    Doesn’t matter natural or engineered virus, be positive and trust your immune system!
    As authorities admit: “Vaccines” defend symptoms not disease.
    That’s Global VACCINISM – society war.