Canada’s “progressive” Liberal government has no interest in prejudice which falls outside of their definition of racism–that which is directed toward Anglophones.

by Brad Salzberg

November 25, 2021

A division of Cambridge University has amended its guidance following accusations that it implied white people could not be victims of racism.

Academics at Downing College pointed out that the previous definition of racism was itself racist, because it implied that it was impossible for anyone who was white to be a victim of racism. An article from The Telegraph states that the college has changed its definition of racism:

“An ideology and a set of practices based on ideas of racial superiority that normalise control, domination and exclusion on the basis of racial difference, while legitimating privilege and oppression.”

The previous definition stated that racism is based on ideas of inherited white racial superiority that normalises control, domination and exclusion over people of colour.

Cambridge University’s vice-chancellor issued an apology and said its publication of a “micro-aggressions” list was a mistake.

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  1. Actually the governments real meaning of Racism is Hatred. The government wants everyone to believe that we hate everyone that is on a different race, and that we are being racist against them. Which in fact is untrue. The government Trudeau is pitting one group of people against another. Where in fact the only ones fulfilling the truth is the one proclaiming all whites to be racist, and that would be Trudeau himself. He personally hates everyone in Canada and will do anything and everything to destroy the country. Including pushing illegals into the country that have never been vetted for sickness nor criminal activity, and then handed everything to them at the taxpayers expense, while those born in the country go without. Free transportation, free housing, free food, free education, free clothing, free, free, free.
    Canadians are not a hateful group of people as long as they come into the country legally, without violent intentions, and prepared to support themselves. Just like our ancestors did. My ancestors survived on a sack of potatoes their first winter here. You do what you have to do. But, it needs to be legal.
    Give them a hand up, not hand outs in order to make a go of it. Give a man a fish he will eat for a day. Teach him to fish you feed him for a lifetime.
    So, in reality the only RACIST in Canada is Justin Trudeau, spender of everyone’s money except his own.

  2. Don’t matter what colour your skin is,we’re all the same,we all have blood running through our body and we all have feelings,so anyone who is racist probably don’t even like themselves. God gave us colour,weather it’s white or black or what ever colour it might be for a reason and I don’t think GOD makes mistakes. Everyone needs to focus on themselves and not worry about someone else just because of their colour or whatever the case might be. Try enjoying your beautiful life because you don’t know what day it could be taken away. Focus on you and your family and enjoy it to the fullest! God bless everyone 🙏