by Keean Bexte

November 24, 2021

As more information pours out over the recent flooding in British Columbia, it is becoming evident that government incompetence played a major role in the ensuing destruction.

A new report by the Vancouver Sun has shut down the BC NDP government’s attempts to hide behind the climate change narrative to avoid the responsibility of dealing with a natural disaster.

For years, the BC NDP government has known that a dike in Abbotsford meant to prevent these exact circumstances was doomed to fail.

They were even consulted in a report from 2015 after the BC government hired consultants to assess the 75 dikes in the Lower Mainland.

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  1. Climate change, climate change, climate change I am so fed up with this non-entity. What it really is, is incompetent government. Our governments claim they are doing everything without doing anything worth while. They talk huge $$$, while little is actually done. What I am now believing is that they are receiving quotes for jobs taking the most expensive quote, but hiring the least expensive and pocketing the excess themselves and for their criminal extracurricular activities, which include crimes against humanity, and treason.
    I have seen some of these ‘blasting sites’ after the fact which leaves walls of dirt and rock exposed to the elements and potential slides, with nothing more than a covering of wire to protect the roads below, often wondered how long that would hold.
    The Coquihalla highway is only 35+ years old and how many areas were completely wiped out? How many people could have lost their lives there? What kind of short cuts were taken? This province has had too many consultations, without taking positive affirmative action. The same can be said federally. How many companies were given “incentives” to take cheaper routes to complete a project? I think we all know that these things do happen, without anything deadly happening immediately and then it being discovered way down the road, when those responsible are no longer around to take responsibility. It is time to take action. And see that these issues are no longer aloud to take place.
    Responsible government is what we need. Every politician needs to take at least 3 lie detector tests. Given by different people in order to run for office. And these tests need to be repeated for each election, and at their own cost. If they don’t have any issues, they shouldn’t have a problem with it. I am tired of the constant lies we are inundated with. Promises never kept, and never meant to be kept. It is now past time for honesty and true responsibility to the people. If you cannot meet the rules than don’t run.

  2. CLIMATE CHANGE,COVID,BUILD BACK BETTER,how much more bullshit are they going to get away with! They are all satin worshippers and cult sucking blood thirsty criminals that need to be taken away from our children and it’s about time we start to do something about it!

  3. Over the past decade, in excess of $15 BILLION has been sucked out of the B.C. economy in the name of provincial government mandates. However, the fact remains that the production of purportedly “bad” carbon dioxide keeps INCREASING every year by the people in the lower main land area in southwester B.C. Apart from the fact that human beings need to produce carbon dioxide because all plant forms require it in order to survive. In return because of a natural process known as photosynthesis ( a grade 10 science knowledge albeit that most people in the southwest corner of B.C. have not been able to achieve that educational standard) the plants return oxygen to the atmosphere. Oxygen is an element that people (even stupid ones) need in order to live. Where has the $15 BILLION been spent on building infrastructure to ensure that naturally occurring disasters are prevented from causing such horrendous destruction of property and loss of life. Oh wait. The B.C. government has used up all that money protecting us from that horrible horrible, Covid pandemic onslaught that is otherwise usually referred to as the “Flu”, or offering subsidies to people who can afford to buy a new Tesla electric vehicle for $90,000 plus, or to hiring university trained “experts” who know how to deliberately light “back burning” fires to ensure that as much carbon based particles as is possible be put into the atmosphere in order to cause respiratory problems for for it’s citizens.

  4. I don’t believe one word that comes out of a politicians mouth. Climate change may be real or not I’m not an expert and I have no monetary gain to expect as to what to do. I believe the that the flooding in the lower mainland is the result of government mismanaging finances.This is not the first time this has happened.