by Keean Bexte

November 12, 2021

A month ago, every media outlet was calling this a “pandemic of the unvaccinated,” to shame you into thinking the unvaccinated were lesser-than.

Here is the unfortunate news for the hysteric mainstream media: nearly 50% of the cases in Ontario are now fully vaccinated individuals.

That sure doesn’t fit the slogans they were offering up, does it?

It is becoming evident that we were lied to. We were told that vaccinations were the gateway to our freedom – but in reality, they never intended on giving us our freedom back.

People are vaccinated, and they are still spreading the Wuhan Sniffles around just like anyone else.

The reason I think this is so important is that there are already plans to implement third and FOURTH shots into people’s arms.

When will this massive, on-the-fly medical experiment end?

Keep fighting for what is right,

Keean Bexte

EDITOR’S NOTE: The media doesn’t share stories like this, because they are in Trudeau’s pocket.

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  1. about 50% in Ontario Fully Vaxxed. Probably another 30-40% are partially vaxxed are sick and/or dying or top of which they will likely continue taking all their boosters which will continue to eliminate their overall immunity, and giving the governments and pharma completel control of their lives. Of the remaining 10-20% a good chunk of them have had the “coronavirus” aka FLU, and have a natural immunity. They rest have strong overall immunity and take the necessary supplements. Vitamins and Minerals. Those numbers are probably similar all across the country.
    How long will be be that Canada decides to come clean about lies. That will never happen, because all they want is total control over the entire country.
    Wake-up They will not rest until everybody and everything belongs to them. The only way they will gain complete control of everyone will be by force, and they will be in for a bigger fight than they will every know.

  2. Most of us who were critical thinking enough, found out that this would be true, that these notavaccines will in the end do nothing to help, if not make things worse.

    That said, even if it was true that Covid 19 was a pandemic of the unvaccinated, then who cares if you took the shots? If you believed in these vaccines as sold, you would have been protected and those who chose and choose not to take these shots are making their own informed choice. WHY THE HELL WOULD YOU COVID 19 SHOT TAKERS GIVE A DAMN!?!

    But we who care to investigate more knew these shots were going to be useless if not dangerous in of themselves. Yet all too many of you sanctimonious haters and ignorants attack those who cared to learn enough to weigh the choices that a virus with 99+% survival rate and one where 2-5% those sick end up in hospital where again most recover is less worrisome than taking experimental shots that are more and more useless but dangerous.

    Now many of you will happily send your 5-12 y.o. kids to take these shots where Covid 19 is almost irrelevant at making these kids sick or less so dying. Yet these shots will do WHO KNOWS WHAT to these kids. Yet may of you will offer your kids up as child test subjects… AND THESE PHARMA AND GOVERNMENT AHOLES ARE NOW STUDYING 6 month old to 5y.o. kids for these jabs WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH ALL OF YOU!?!

  3. That’s what I’d like to know. It’s almost as if there has been a sprinkling of numbing and dumbing dust. People have lost the ability to think and ask questions. Is it laziness so they just follow. Thinking critically and doing research takes work and effort. Looks like the vast majority are choosing to just follow because the latter will take time away from their cell phones and computers. So instead we see the threads of the Canadian flag shred as the freedoms and rights and choices of the Canadian people are dissolved. For what? We just had remembrance day, they were the true Heroes. Has everything they fought for worth loosing for a 99.97% survival rate from a virus? Look at what is happening and has happened people. WAKE UP!!!