The gloves are off and it’s time to pull no punches.

by Ricky Daytona

West Kelowna

October 26, 2021

People are awakening. Now it’s your turn. I spent a bit of time recently talking to a few people I hadn’t seen for a few years. The obvious topic was the casedemic and getting into discussion about it was easy. The question about the “awakening” arose quite soon into the conversation.

Are they awakening?

The common response was “yes” “at last”. People who were thus far supportive of the health measures and restrictions seemed to have hit a wall. The common theme seemed to be the introduction of the vaccine passport, with concerns around the discrimination and dual society/health apartheid. Secondly, the thought of booster shots, and then subsequent booster shots, was a definite awakening moment. People who “did their part” felt betrayed by further burdens and demands.

Failure of the program seems to be a further awakening. When the population were told that two weeks will flatten the curve, when masks will end the pandemic, when lockdowns will end the pandemic, when business closures will end the pandemic, then when 70% of the population being vaccinated will end the pandemic, when 80%, when 90% and on and on and on.

Now we see that all metrics related to the pandemic are significantly worse than 12 months ago, the healthcare system is being prepared for dismantling, businesses are preparing to fire people who will then not get any government support despite paying their contribution into that fund.

People are awakening because they are seeing through the narrative. They see the holes and the inconsistencies. The common factor seems to be doubts being raised about the whole narrative approach, the broken promises, the failure to make progress and the concerns that our healthcare will crumble.

The biggest question: in a pandemic, would it be reasonable to fire healthcare workers?

No hope

If you are still deeply embedded into the cult of Covidius, there is no hope for you. You are lost to us. You are unable to use critical thinking skills to analyze situations and to plow through data, research, and undertake analysis. There is still a place in society for you. You can watch TV, listen to mainstream narratives. Obey demands and diktats, comply with every government whim.

The awakening

It will now gather pace. The reason for this is that you cannot hide the truth. Take for example, the data about vaccinated healthcare workers in Alberta. Claims of 93% by AHS were revealed to be 66% in reality. People awaken to the truth after many months of being hypnotized by fear and lies.

If vaccines work, why are all the pandemic metrics significantly negative, why is the pandemic worsening. Why are countries such as Israel and the UK (ahead of Canada in the vaccination timeline) finding that vaccinated people are now in the region of 80% of cases and hospitalizations. We have seen data that shows that the vaccinated are losing 5% of immunity each month and the situation is worsening. UK data shows that the efficacy of vaccines is now in the negative range.


We still have hope, faint hope that you awaken. That someone you know can be awakened. That we can gently shake people out of their zombie-like state.

But we will no longer suffer the dead weight of the unawake. Their attitude to the casedemic is the same general attitude they have to life. It is nothing short of laziness, ignorance and stupidity. It is an excuse not to use one’s cognitive and analytical skills and ability. It is the domain of degenerates. If you still need to wear a mask in your car, more boosters, more PCR tests, social distance, stay home, and wait for the next new public health order, then you are beyond help. Stick with your fear, your division, your insecurity, and your love of government control. Cling to your compliance and submission.

We must awaken those that have the potential to exit the trance, help them, encourage them and support them.

But we must caution ourselves against wasting time by trying to awaken lost souls. Time is running out. We must hit home runs. We must create a return on any time invested.

Steve Kirsch is a warrior. Be a warrior like Steve.

Corporal Daniel Bulford is a legend. Be a legend like Daniel.

Ricky Dayton,

West Kelowna




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