by Ricky Daytona

West Kelowna

October 17, 2021

The fear weapon

The narrative only has fear as an effective weapon. Fear of an invisible virus. Fear of a terrible pandemic. Fear of “the other”. Fear of the unvaccinated. Fear of consequences, as they make their veiled threats such as “there will be consequences” aimed at the fearful vulnerable outcasts. Fear of the dirty soiled item they dare not touch. Fear of the unknown, huddled in the basements of their hovels demanding more lockdowns and curfews, living off delivered take out, because the virus is a nocturnal entity. Demanding vaccine passports for restaurants then not using them because they are hypochondriac hermits.

Morphing into fear of human contact, fear of crowds, and fear of strangers. Moving onto fear of losing your job unless inoculated with experimental serums. As the ancients feared omnipotent invisible gods, as the serfs feared famine or pestilence, and as merciless invaders from distant countries babbling in strange tongues were feared. The one thing the Cult leaders fear most is the truth. It terrifies them.

Hope of humanity

Humanity requires hope and optimism. The narrative offers nothing. It is a dark cloud sitting over all of mankind. There is never an end in sight, no light at the end of the tunnel. Masks forever, healthcare systems being deliberately destroyed, vaccine take up is never enough and now they demand over 90% compliance. Booster forever. Restrictions never seem to end, the misery seems unrelenting and now they issue mandates of experimental treatments with no long term studies in order to keep your job. The demands expand to passes required for work and access to anything. Employers implement mandates for people working from home. The insanity and idiocy spreads like an infectious disease. Corporate boardrooms engineer the ideas of madmen and maniacs, psychopaths in cheap suits and bright socks celebrate in glee at the increased levels of misery they can dictate to the serfs. The crazed obsessed vaccinated dictating how the unvaccinated shall live.

People need hope. That’s what we exist for. We want opportunities and we want to see the end of the pandemic. We need goals and timelines and plans for delivery of the exit from the medical tyranny. The dedicated and devout fundamental Covidians can pretend up to a point, but there is also a breaking point where they have to accept that this cannot continue. Even if they haven’t reached that point yet, even most of the diehards have a personal “line in the sand”.

The differentiating factors between those that want hope and optimism and those who are dedicated to all the cult demands are personality, values, mindset and attitude. We do not want to be restricted, detained, controlled, and forced into cages of misery for the foreseeable future. Rat traps are not for us, nor are psychological prisons. We do not want health tyrants dictating orders to us. We need to be free to make our own choices and let others make theirs, should they choose lives of servitude and unhappiness.

A miserable world

The world has “gone dark” over the last 21 months. Misery and suffering is seen in most people’s faces. Whether they are compliant or resistant, the world is a miserable unhappy place now. The hope has been crushed from people’s souls. Collective stress accumulates on peoples spirits. As in wartime, as the battle rages on, the spirits of the people wane over time to a point where unless they are winning, they risk collective defeat and the entire things will come crashing down along with the masters and warlords. In the battle against the evil cabal and globalist totalitarianism, several factors will drive the awakening. Inflation, unemployment, supply chain, supply shortages, rising gas and heating costs, and energy blackouts are all practical logistical issues.

As the people begin to further question the narrative, they will get sick from Covid and question efficacy. They will sicken and have vaccine remorse and regret. Booster shots may appear and they will question their value. They will sicken their filthy multi-use masks and the virtuous rituals of distancing, handwashing, and fear driven procedures. They will start to mock flu and “super cold” season, as is already happening with the health tyranny propaganda we are seeing in the media. Once satire, sarcasm and mocking of the narrative begins, it’s a clear signal that there’s a collapse of credibility.

This is not a civilized world to live in, rather it is repressive, inhumane and barbaric. They ban the unvaccinated from the Vatican and from grocery stores in Germany. In Lithuania they ban them from any sort of meaningful life. They prevent them from accessing medical services and essential life saving treatment. They show their true colours, their true nature and their sheer inhumanity and arrogance. Some of them are medical professionals sworn to uphold Hippocratic oaths yet they act like repulsive monsters. Lawyers, judges and the legal system permit revolting reprehensible laws, orders and rules to be decreed. We found out this week that Australia doesn’t have a basic bill of human rights. The machine and apparatus of the narrative are broken people, subhuman, and we see this in their attitude and actions. Pawns. Useful idiots, disposable once the masses wake up and rise. They will be brought to account for their crimes, of this I have no doubt.


The narrative is unsustainable, because it feeds and thrives on a world of misery and unhappiness. The vast majority of humanity do not want that, for it is no sort of existence. “Two weeks to flatten the curve” was sold as a commitment, a request. Nobody at that time of total confusion and uncertainty seemed to object to a reasonable collective contribution to help work through the pandemic. But that has morphed into changing our entire way of life, introducing restrictions on freedom and movement, the loss of employment, and general tyranny from governments. We were sold a lie. Never build a sales pitch on a lie. And that has generated the growing lack of trust that we are starting to see unfold. A lack of trust in government that started a decade or more ago and now accelerates. 56% of the US population now believes the 2020 election was fraudulent. That’s a major attitudinal marker. 55% of people in Canada want Justin Trudeau to leave the leadership position. That’s significant.

The reason that the narrative is unsustainable is that eventually, the majority of people will awaken and desire a normal life, a return to democracy, the removal of the rancid fetid mask and end of the health restriction orders. Like the already awakened and the long awakened, they will question why vaccines are not working, they will challenge the growing numbers of sickly and dying immunocompromised vaccinated people. They’ll be concerned about collapsing healthcare systems seemingly designed to cause even more suffering. They’ll wonder why so many people are reluctant to go to their doctor or hospital for things they might ordinarily check up on. I would avoid the death factories at all costs if unvaccinated.

It becomes unsustainable for the narrative when for example for the second time in just a few days Nancy Pelosi is chased, heckled and harried by a mob this time heckled out of a church in Rome. Project Veritas hunted down a terrified Pfizer executive who ran and did everything but squeal like a pig.They cannot walk the streets, they are unsafe and they will exist in prisons of their own making. Then the Inquisition will come for them.

Credibility waning

Data from all over the world is showing reduced effectiveness of vaccines, reduced efficacy to minus figures, the deaths now in the majority being vaccinated. Iceland has banned Moderna for all ages, and we can expect over the next few days further collapsing. Over the last few weeks the cynicism on social media has accelerated rapidly. Pushbacks are beginning and some legal action is starting to have an effect. Research is being better produced and locked down, much easier access to data critical of the pandemic handling is surfacing and new names appear on the scientific scene. More doctors write publicly to criticize the approach and to raise ethical concerns.

Anger and resentment grows, and will increase over the next few weeks. Public frustration will turn away from venting at the unvaccinated to the powers that be and the disposable middlemen, the “useful idiot” health tyrants and politicians. They will “get” the situation and put all the various pieces together that we have been assembling over the last few weeks. As we saw the bigger picture it was hard to sell this to the unawakened, as frustrating as that was, we should remember that not everyone has the time or inclination to dive through so much information. Busy lives are a deterrent to finding out inconvenient and uncomfortable truths. We must continue to help and inform, unless they are the stubborn die hard Covidians. Let them rot in their life of misery and servitude. They can continue their rituals until the last day of their unhappy existences, solemnly chanting their mantras in the name of the Fauci, and of the Jab, and of the Holy Boost and being baptized in the holy hand sanitizer.

My enemy’s enemy is my friend

In China an interesting situation is brewing. Xi is shutting down the border, closing ports and exports, stopping raw material supplies, denying western economic investment and protecting Chinese assets (for example Evergrande has ringfenced Chinese investments). The globalists made substantial profits from building up China’s economy and industrializing them, since 1972. Now Xi is dismantling this apparatus and relationship, closing down the globalists supply chain and economy. Halting the globalists profit and growth. The entire concept was based on cheap production models and maximized profits, so now the only recourse is nationalized in-country or smaller regional collaborative production models. This is the total inverse of globalization. Increased production costs, reduced margins, increased labour costs, living wages, and fuller employment. Most of this benefits states and workers. It will enrage the globalists and their gluttonous world bankers. Forcing companies to invest in their own country and pay living wages to people is abhorrent to the globalists. We know Xi’s plan is working. Germany is being affected in the auto sector by magnesium supplies affecting aluminum production, and the warning signs are already being issued.

Notably it’s also antithesis to the Great Reset/Agenda 30 movement. So is the enemy of my enemy actually my friend? Putin has publicly resisted the Great Reset and kicked world bankers out of Russia. It seems Xi may be aligning with Russia. We don’t know the full true story about Wuhan yet but we do know the audit trail of funding, involvement, research, and the who how, and why. It is a story of US and western interests collaborating out of scope of all moral and ethical practices. Is Xi’s actions a response to false allegations that this was a Chinese bioweapon? A cover story invented by the globalists to cover their tracks? That they are the architects of this bioweapon attack on humanity? I assume from this scenario that Xi is no longer willing to be a partner of Globalist Inc.

I’m by no means a China apologist, but I am curious where the truth will eventually take us. Stay open minded and curious, friends. This has a few more twists and turns to go yet.

Long dark winter

No doubt about it, it’ll be tough. Be prepared to hunker down in defiance. Keep the hope burning in your hearts.

Ricky Daytona,

West Kelowna

We have hope, in many areas of the fight. Below is just a snapshot of things to give you hope and confidence. Stay positive, maintain your spirits and look for the light. They fear it because light shines a beacon and exposes the truth in a world of evil and darkness.

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US summary:

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FDA delays Moderna for adolescents to review rare side effect:

Chicago police union head urges cops to defy vaccine mandate:

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World summary:

Australian nurse says country on the brink of collapse due to understaffed and overworked healthcare workers:

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