by Ricky Daytona

West Kelowna

(The Information War – Part 3)   –

The Pry Bar

Cracks and fissures continue to open up across the entire world on a daily basis. It’s the equivalent of using a 6 foot iron pry bar at the end of the day when you’re tired and exhausted. Slowly but surely the weaknesses form, even though on the surface it doesn’t seem so. It seems unyielding, such a great mass stands impenetrable to all intents and purposes.

So often social media delights with humour, and intrigues with information. Sometimes it makes you simply roar out loud with hilarity. That happened this week, as I shared the following with a hardened time-served medical professional who is at their wits end with the non-science..


We both laughed at such nonsense because a meme summarized in such simple terms the insanity, mindlessness, stupidity, absurdity and babble of the narrative. It crumbles and collapses because of its utter nonsense.

Just like watching Democrats thinking they’ve won a tremendous victory by squeezing through a raised spending cap, only to realize that they can’t afford the increased budget they had planned. The joke’s on them. The joke’s also on Israelis who realized that booster shots #3 and then #4 are required to maintain the Vaccine Passport of shame. That in itself should send a message to the rest of clown world.

Buyers remorse seems to be setting in now as people realize the trap they’ve been laying for themselves, and vaccine regret becomes a real thing. The level of cynicism is increasing and on the mainstream social media channels that I monitor I’m seeing a significant rise in the level of negativity towards this attack of health tyranny. People are slowly awakening and seeing through it. It’s becoming more cynical, vitriolic, and mocking.

Top phrases of 2022

Mark my words readers, I guarantee that “vaccine remorse” and “vaccine regret” will be up there. Just ask Charissa Klamn, she’s giving you all a heads up. Scroll all the way to see the story reveal itself. This is a textbook example of how the mRNA vaccines are revealing long suppressed immune disorders, because the immune systems becomes weakened and compromised..

Good v Evil

You may or may not be religious, but one thing you can do to remember that the fight is global is to take a read through Archbishop Vigano’s superb and quite moving address to the Italian people on October 9, 2021. It’s a thing of beauty and summarizes everything we know about the Great Hoax. Words of inspiration and great beauty at a time when we need them most. Just as the Black Pope sits silent, complicit in this great evil, the Vatican now impenetrable to the unvaccinated. He endorses the false prophets of big pharma. Italy was used as one of the first phases of global propaganda, and the Italians are now facing horrendous tyranny, but they are fighting back with massive protests every weekend and a looming strike. I hope that Vigano’s speech started the people’s revolution. We need leaders in this fight.

After periods of darkness comes the light. I wonder if Archbishop Vigano will become the next Pope? He certainly strikes me as being an enlightened man of God and a leader. A man to bring us out of these New Dark Ages. A man to lead The Great Awakening.

We have to get out of this maze, dear friends. But we cannot get out of it by simply protesting against the green pass, which is only the most recent tool of repression, and certainly not the last. Of course: the green pass is a legal aberration, a hateful blackmail, a proof of the pretext of the pandemic alarm; but if also revoking the green pass, there would remain the absurdity of considering a curable virus deadly that has not caused more deaths than those of the past few years; the absurdity of wearing masks that are not only useless – by the very admission of the “experts” – but which, on the contrary, cause serious lung diseases and brain pathologies; the absurdity of considering a “vaccine” as a drug that does not serve to give immunity and that proves to have such serious side effects, to overcome the deaths of all vaccines in the last ten years in just a few months of administration; the absurdity of letting us inoculate an experimental drug that acts on our DNA, making us genetically modified organisms; the absurdity of following directions and protocols that seem written by sorcerers and not by conscientious doctors, given the series of counter-orders that have now reached the pathetic. The absurdity of seriously and calmly refuting statements so scandalous and false that they do not deserve an answer.

Archbishop Vigano

Protest or Boycott

Various weapons are at your disposal, including the ability to inflict financial damage. In BC we are seeing a turning point as restaurants are already complaining about lost revenues. Just like Ontario and Quebec the financial pain is being felt. I say bring it on, boycott them further. Hurt them. Putting pressure on those that have accepted the NaziPass of shame for the broken promise of profit can only help our cause. Another pry bar technique is forming now a division between the NaziPass adopters and those that decided to forgo profits in order to treat everyone equally and avoid discrimination. Spend your money wisely, freedom fighters. Of course, the multi jabbed walking dead claimed this would never happen, that the pureblood tiny minority were of no consequence. It turns out that they don’t understand business or human nature very much. They just don’t get it. Remember, we hold the power. We understand humanity.

The explanation for this influence probably lies in the fact that the purebloods are more likely to be extrovert socializers, whereas the fearful shuffling mumbling multi-masked prefer to stay home and hide behind the couch, fearing the virus, worrying about the next pandemic, multi-masking their infants, slathering them in noxious sanitizer, ordering take out, because of the “deadly pandemic”.


In the fight against totalitarianism, tyranny and oppression we must leverage tools (information, and facts) to help us stay positive and confident. Our enemy uses lies, deceit, fraud, misinformation, and falsehoods on a massive scale. We must use only truths and reality.

Propaganda is the dissemination of information—facts, arguments, rumours, half-truths, or lies—to influence public opinion’”

Widening the fissures

Even the mainstream media is helping the cause now, showing that we have finally broken through. An indigenous band in BC with a 92% vaccinated rate (back in January, so likely to be higher now) is being ravaged by Covid. Immunity is fading and the narrative is failing.

We have seen higher rates of COVID among fully vaccinated individuals – as high as three times the rate among the general B.C. population,” said Dr. Shannon McDonald, acting chief medical officer for the provincial First Nations Health Authority (FNHA).

It’s hard to keep up to the daily influx of positive narrative-decimating stories each day. Here’s my best attempt at capturing the highlights. I want you to understand just how much positivity there is and to have hope and keep your faith in the fight against this tyranny. The tribe is massive!

Canada Summary:

Canadian doctor and medical professor speaks out against COVID-19 vaccines and mandates

Head of Public Health Agency of Canada quits:

Suspension of health-care workers to be challenged in court:

Fake, woke & authoritarian: Why does Canada continue to take the insultingly insincere Justin Trudeau seriously?

Three emergency rooms temporarily closed, citing “unforeseen limited staffing availability”:

Canada’s overworked healthcare sector brace for staff shortages as vaccine mandates loom:

End of days for Dictator Trudeau?

Freeland admits most federal employees exempt from proof of vaccination requirements:

Four local unions representing municipal employees filed grievances over City of Ottawa’s mandatory vaccination policy:

US Summary:

Federal court approves New York religious exemption for healthcare workers:

Southwest Support Forum Taken Over by Trolls:

Washington State Ferries cancels 157 sailings over crew shortage

CDC iFinally Being Called Out for Covid-19 ‘Statistical Manipulation’:

Reuters Destroys Covid Myths: Delta Does Not Make Children Sicker, Vaccines Not as Strong as Natural Immunity:

Southwest Airlines pilots sue to block vaccine mandate:

Covering their backs already? The PREP Act confers immunity from liability on specified persons for certain activities related to covered countermeasures:

Newsom Admits Daughter is Not Vaccinated Despite His Mandate for Students:

Florida Federal Air Traffic Controllers conduct ‘mass sickout’ to protest vaccine mandate:

Biden’s ‘vaccine mandate’ doesn’t actually exist:

Good news: mild COVID-19 induces lasting antibody protection:

Nancy Pelosi not safe to walk the streets:

New York Times forced to admit it inflated number of children hospitalized by COVID to 14 times higher than reality:

Angry dad serves School Board $200m medical malpractice lawsuit:

Los Angeles sheriff won’t enforce ‘politicized’ vaccine mandate:

871 Los Angeles firefighters filed a notice of intent to sue for $1.7bn over vaccine mandate.

Crowd boos Lindsay Graham for promoting vaccine:

Court sides with unvaccinated Michigan athletes in mandate case:

100-200 Members of Congress treated for COVID-19 with Ivermectin:

Merck & Co. sued over Gardasil HPV vaccine deceit:

World Summary:

Queensland Police officers begin quitting service over COVID vaccine mandate:

“Vaccinations shouldn’t be mandatory” – Orthodox bishop:

Infection rates soar in Singapore despite 83% vaccination rate:

Cases in Indonesia plummet after government authorizes Ivermectin:

NSW court bombshell: Government admits by default vaccinations are not mandatory:

Covid no more dangerous than the flu:

EU Commission identifies five promising candidate therapeutics:

Taiwan death from COVID-19 vaccination exceeds death from COVID-19:

Ricky Daytona,

West Kelowna