On top of that, Justice Adam Germain ordered the pastor and his associates to utter lines of compelled speech when talking about COVID-19, to protect the government position in the future.

This is COVID-1984.

by Keean Bexte


October 13, 2021

In court proceedings today, Germain called Pawlowski’s comments a taunt and said that Pawlowski was practically begging for more jail so he could make himself out to be a “martyred Christian.”

It is clear at this point that the state will stop at nothing to stamp out any opposition to their mandates and growing authoritarianism.

Comply or face the wall. That is what the courts have said today. 

The media, of course, is rejoicing. Pawlowski has been a target of theirs for years, and they are only just getting started.

Our job here at TheCounterSignal.com is to do whatever we can to counter their narrative and fight for freedom.

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Pawlowskis, Scott get hefty fines for fighting COVID restrictions
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Listen to Pastor Artur after court this morning. This is NOT Good!






  1. Justice Adam Germain needs to be arrested and charged with uttering threats in favour of a government that does not pay his salary, and are forcing the people to take a experimental gene alternating bio-weapon. This is an illegal move on behalf the the government, and their for him if he follows their dictates. His salary is paid by WE THE PEOPLE, and should be immediately cut off and removed from the bench. Anyone that defends him should do so with extreme caution.