Now I know why this vid was labelled ‘A Must Watch’. This funeral director knows what is going on, and what is to come and it ain’t nice, but deadly…  Jesus, Come Quickly!

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John Olooney

So today I have been suspended from the S.A.I F. – for honesty. This typifies what this country has become.






  1. Thank you John for sharing your viewpoint . We can only hope that people are waking up to this reality and will stand up to the government to put a stop to this insanity here in British Columbia ,Canada and around the world !

  2. Thank you! This was right in line with what my brother who works at a US hospital has seen. The “Delta” variant seems present in fully vaccinated patients who are now being intubated – and the Delta bit? Merely a guess, as there are no tests to determine if this is, indeed, a new variant. In his words, “We’re just guessing at this point.” Plus, last year, doctors at that hospital were instructed by Hospital administrators to write down Covid as cause of death, even though the patients my brother was caring for clearly died of heart attacks or cancers. It’s just so ugly what evil roils in the hearts and souls of those who are using their power for destruction instead of life. We need to stand up and just say NO – but too many people are too compliant, to their own detriment. .

  3. John, thank you so much for speaking out into this insanity. I’ve noticed that TPTB have been behaving very irrationally and suspiciously throughout this “pandemic”, which has made me even less inclined to take the vaccine than I was already. I fervently hope the people worldwide will wake up and find their voices. Yours may be the catalyst. Blessings to you.

  4. Thank you John,
    you have confirmed what I am hearing coming from nursing homes in Australia. We have families fighting with nursing homes for falsifying course of death as “covid” when in fact it was either long term terminal illness or natural courses.
    Your integrity will be rewarded. Good man.

  5. I must say, I believe you because you have nothing to gain and everything to lose. May God protect you and your family. Truth may cost us our lives, our jobs, our reputations and imprison us. Jesus is Truth and look what the world did to Him when He spoke Truth.

  6. Thank you so much for the information it’s something myself and my family suspected anyway and it kind of validates this now.
    It’s also very worrying what they are doing to kids trying to force them to be vaccinated. they will have blood on their hands.

    • unfortunately these madmen have no empathy and do not care about you or your children. all they are interested in is MAKING MONEY most of them are connected to vaccines or medical. EVIL TYRANTS THAT WILL BURN

  7. Hi John,
    My Wife & I just viewed your video, both of us were constantly nodding our heads & totally believe what you’ve stated. Our immediate family think we are nutters & sadly it is splitting families apart. Down here in Un Zudd ( NZ ) Auckland is in another level 4 “Lockdown” imposed by our Labour “Socialist Regime” & Tyrant Dictator – Jacinda Ardern – The remaining North / South Island are @ level 2 – 2m distancing & masks must be worn – ahhhh !!!! Sadly it seems the populace think the sun shines out of her rear end & she can do no evil, time will tell – but alas, policies are being changed to suit their mandate & we are currently facing them en-forcing 12 year old’s being vaccinated with the Pfizer vaccine, shit oh dear !!! Its sad to see so many “Professional’s go along with their Bullshit Rhetoric. A vaccine passport is the next step being mentioned from the daily pulpit, that will divide us even more. This is all due to this “Samient” Delta, which Ironically isn’t killing people here, no worse than a flue, oh – that kills +/- 550 kiwis each year, we can live with that,Covid has taken – hmmmm 28 deaths, that’s since March 2020 – Go figure ? A huge thankyou from us & all that will hopefully view your video, you have stood up against this in humane atrocity – like so many people have & will continue to do. I believe they will be held accountable. Peter

  8. What does it take to wake people up to see what is really happening. When you give up your hard earned freedoms, you will never get them back. When you say a lie over and over, eventually you will take it as truth, realize now the lie and stand up for the truth.

    I pray for all God’s creation
    Where ever you are

  9. Bless you, John. You’re one of the bravest people I’ve ever come across. Standing tall for truth, speaking up for truth, regardless of the consequences, because the truth needs to be heard. You’re an example for the rest of us, because many of us know that unless the world wakes up to the truth, we will choose to die on this hill rather than dishonor ourselves by complying with tyranny.

  10. NWO. A mask WONT protect you from a virus. Virologists wear full body & breathing protection. WHY does Gov have them play with viruses to make them more deadly IF Gov is there to serve us & protect us ?

    • True, A mask wont protect you from the virus .But if you have the virus ,by covering your mouth ,it may prevent you infecting other people . If everyone wore a mask and kept their distance when possible , from other people ,we could be protecting each other .

  11. Thank you John for your courage to speak out. God bless you and protect you going forward. I only hope that there will be a ground swell of support for you in your local community. Its only if we come together and support one another that we can bring about changes.

  12. Its the Crown. Its that simple. Want to live England? dont get stuck talking like Watt Tyler go in like the Furies.
    Woad up and don’t stop until its worn off.

  13. Thank you John for speaking out with brave men like you we will defeat the evil people who are pulling the strings

  14. I don’t believe what he said or what this gentleman in video is trying to convince people, we are not living 800 BC, people were unaware when polio vaccine introduced, they had the same feelings about not having polio vaccination for their kids, cuz they said this vaccination idea is to stop reproductive in new generation so they unable to have babies in future. Well I don’t believe, I believe what exactly I saw from my eyes and I am witnessed the Covid is real, and vaccination is the only solution to get rid of this virus, even after vaccination you will get Covid but the force of virus is only less than 10% so it won’t effect you or even if you pass it to other that won’t effect them. It will be less then 5% so you are safe. Stop misleading people. If you don’t want you don’t do it simple as that.

  15. remember when millions walked into showers believing they were going to get cleaned, these people have been experimenting with MK ULTRA since the forties, do you not think for yourself