Rumble — More Hospital Nurses coming forward on how the jab is causing mass genocide.

Huge Coverup

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  1. Evil walks where men and women are sheep. When people are lulled into a collective coma is when the Devil’s hands work the horrors upon our not so wise and easily duped governments, bureaucrats, special interests and media.

    People who have turned away from Christ and the Bible are the ones who set up our society for the potential end times. You see folks in the Bible, Revelations is a playbook for if/when??? humanity so walks away from God’s ways, teachings and our Biblical messages that he finally relents and lets us walk down the path of debauchery, depravity, selfishness, arrogance and blind hate for Our Lord and Savour Jesus Christ. If/when??? this happens is when Revelations will play out.

    There have been many times in history where the path to Revelations was about to play out. But thankfully the spirit of Jesus, the aid of better angels influencing each of our past ancestors and the core of righteousness in the Bible allowed humanity to walk back from the proverbial cliff and pushback Satan’s evil ways. The Lord knew enough not to walk away from his creation of humanity and thus walked with us to save ourselves from Revelations.

    You see folks we are always just one generation away from failing God’s grace to have him let us sew our seeds to our destruction. Only when we come back to God do we stop it from being. Currently I believe we are edging near the absolute moral failure of society to where God may pick up his game pieces and walk away leaving us to be damned by our abhorrent and vile ways through Lucifer’s, his demons and stooges manipulations over us. My question is, are we too far lost lost or will we be able to re-find our Biblical ways (that are the foundation of all western society at the minimum) in the love of desire to keep right and please Jesus Christ and God Almighty?

    Those of you who roll eyes at my points made here, please note I was once just like you are now as I was a blind atheist or agnostic at best. Ten years ago I’d have rolled my eyes too at such post of thoughts. Today I see it so clearly and see how we tempt and keep tempting through our growing smugness, immorality and debauchery to maybe have God walk away from his creation and let the playbook of Revelations play out.

    If this is what we want then it will come to pass. If not it will be because we found our way back to the joy and righteousness of God and our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.