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Justin Trudeau expected only mainstream media sycophants to be asking him questions at the press conference – but after threatening legal action – Keean Bexte was allowed to attend the debates to ask questions that the MSM refused to. www.thecountersignal.com/election-coverage





  1. Awesome job reporting. If we look at Covid as a virus we are victims. If we look at Covid as a bio weapon we are warriors. Until the Canadian Government admits its roll in the Wuhan Virus, along with Fauci the Us and Canada with our Winnipeg lab that it is man made. This covid will not stop. Lets stop this bs fear campaign. Mr. Trudeau we are not anti vaxxers, we are not racist, stop the bull shit.

  2. The security of Canada and Canadians is only to be in the hands of a government that has Canada’s back. The lying SELFIEISH, ( new word ) Trudeau and his circle of devils and decievers are not the ones. Could one call them traitors to everything we hold dear.