Kasari Govender

Kasari Govender took office as B.C.’s first independent Human Rights Commissioner on September 3, 2019. Her role is to lead the promotion and protection of human rights in British Columbia through the Office of the Human Rights Commissioner.

Open Letter to Kasari Govender, BC Human Rights Commissioner 

cc –  

Dr. Bonnie Henry, Provincial Health Officer for British Columbia 

Adrian Dix, Minister of Health for British Columbia 

John Horgan, Premier of British Columbia 

Canadian Association of Broadcasters 

National NewsMedia Council 

September 12th 2021 

Commissioner Govender, 

In your Policy Guidance of July 2021 you write: 

Ultimately, it is the position of B.C.’s Human Rights Commissioner that duty bearers can in some circumstances implement a vaccination status policy such as a proof-of-vaccination requirement—but only if other less intrusive means of preventing COVID-19 transmission are inadequate for the setting and if due consideration is given to the human rights of everyone involved. 

It is our pleasure to inform you that, there does in fact exist a less intrusive means of preventing COVID-19. A little pill that is adequate in all settings. 

Ivermectin, a Nobel Prize-winning, WHO designated Essential Medicine, anti-parasitic  drug with a 40 year 3.5+ billion dose safety record, has been shown to have significant  anti-viral properties. It has been used successfully by many public health jurisdictions  around the world to flatten COVID_19 curves when vaccine has been unavailable or in  

limited supply. Most notably it was used by India to help knock down their delta-variant driven 2nd wave when their vaccine program was failing due to supply chain issues. It  is still in use there to prevent infection of front line health workers and to treat COVID 19 infections. (1)(4) 

Unlike antibodies from vaccines, Ivermectin, due to its bio-chemical mechanisms of  action against the virus, has been shown to be indifferent to variants. (2) 

Ivermectin has also been shown to have significant efficacy in treating COVID-19 in all  settings and in all phases of the disease including Long Covid. (3) 

The media are happy to conflate human-quality Ivermectin with animal Ivermectin  animal-quality preparations. The recent stories on TV and in print on so-called horse  paste were inaccurate and wholly biased.

Consequently we, the undersigned, call upon you, Commissioner,  

to immediately declare the BC Government’s vaccine campaign to be an infringement  upon the Human Rights of the people of British Columbia, and to require the BC  Government  

to cancel their vaccine passport plans,  

to outlaw mandatory vaccinations,  

to order reinstated any and all British Columbians fired for declining vaccination,  to immediately make readily available all data and information related to the use  of Ivermectin for the prevention and treatment of COVID-19 to all doctors in  British Columbia, and 

to actively encourage all doctors in British Columbia to discuss prescribing  Ivermectin for their patients. 

And, we the undersigned, call upon you to require the broadcast news media in British  Columbia to adhere to the Canadian Association of Broadcasters’ Code of Ethics as it  relates to accuracy and bias, and to oblige the National NewsMedia Council to remind  

its members in British Columbia to adhere to their own Codes of Ethics as they relate to  accuracy and bias. 

To hear the voices of people successfully treated for COVID-19, we commend you to  the Testimonials Section of the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance website  – FLCCC.com


John Mills – Canadian citizen and resident of BC 

Robert McCarter H.BSc M.Sc – Canadian citizen and resident of BC William Majercsik CD, Capt. (Retired) Canadian Citizen – BC Resident Petra Janusas – Canadian citizen and resident of BC 

Joan Doucet – Concerned Canadian citizen and resident of BC


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  1. Apparently the Poor Man’s COVID-19 cure works very well. That would be the Amino Acid Cure. Of course the BIG PHARMA wouldn’t like that one at all, being that it is a Natural Cure, and they can’t make big $$$ off of it.
    Sounds to me like pretty much anything can be used. Why would anyone want to put unnecessary poisonous chemicals into their bodies, just because the government or Big Pharma says to. There are cures available without unproven vaccines.