If the War on Drugs brought us more drugs and the War on Terror brought us more terror, maybe we should start a War on Natural Cures?

by Jordan Sather

August 29, 2021

The Establishment’s war against natural medicine is rolling full steam ahead.

One thing that must be understood is that it’s always been that way. Many of the Federal Reserve banking families like the Rockefellers and Carnegies were instrumental in setting up the pharmaceutical-industrial-complex in the early 1900s. Natural ways of healing such as chiropractic, herbalism, and more were suppressed and vilified at an ever increasing rate during the 20th century and especially here into the 21st. Endless volumes can be written to describe how the Deep State has centralized control of our sick-care system over the decades.

As of this moment we are dealing with the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic. Or Scamdemic. Plannedemic. Whatever you want to call it. A manufactured problem hoist upon the world with a lab-made virus, manipulated statistics, and never ending fear porn from the fake news press.

On one hand, their plan was brilliant. The Elites have killed a whole flock of birds with one stone. They used COVID to rig an election, using the so-called pandemic as an excuse to roll through last minute, unconstitutional voting changes. “Nobody should go to a polling booth, too dangerous, we’ll just have everyone mail it in! Super safe and secure.”


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